June 18, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump on Tuesday formally launches what may be an uphill
battle to persuade voters to give him four more years in office, as he bets
a strong U.S. economy will outweigh voter concerns about his unorthodox
style and polarizing policies.

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday Iran would not wage war against
any nation, while Russia told the United States it should drop what it
called provocative plans to deploy more troops to the Middle East.

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday signaled the end of a controversial
extradition bill that she promoted and then postponed after some of the
most violent protests since the former British colony returned to Chinese
rule in 1997.

The Christian hymn “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord” has emerged as the
unlikely anthem of Hong Kong’s protests against an extradition bill that
have drawn millions of people onto the streets.

President Trump said on Tuesday he had spoken to Chinese President Xi
Jinping and that the two leaders’ teams would restart trade talks after a
long lull in order to prepare for a meeting at the G20 summit later this

The U.S. solar energy industry lifted its installation outlook for this
year and beyond thanks to robust demand for large-scale projects by
utilities buying the clean energy source for its low cost, according to a
report published on Tuesday.

Facebook plans to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra next year as part of
its wider efforts to expand beyond social networking into e-commerce and
global payments.

AP Top Stories

President Donald Trump said on Monday that U.S. authorities would begin
next week removing millions of immigrants who are in the United States

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is standing by China over a collision
involving the two nations’ boats in the South China Sea, with his spokesman
casting doubts on local fishermen’s accounts of the incident.

A magnitude 6.0 earthquake that hit Sichuan province in southern China late
Monday night killed 11 people and injured 122, the local government said.

Israel approved in principle on Sunday a new community named “Trump
Heights” after U.S. President Donald Trump on a contested frontier zone
with Syria – but construction looked likely to lag given Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu’s political stumbles.

“Wild” like a rock concert. That’s how President Donald Trump envisions his
campaign kickoff rally in Orlando, Florida, on Tuesday night. Trump says
his re-election launch will be a political spectacle. Opponents are
launching their protests at a gay bar in Orlando. The city is home to a
large Puerto Rican population and it’s also where a shooting at a gay
nightclub killed 49 people three years ago.

The U.S. government reported that China’s holdings of Treasuries fell to a
two-year low, a slump that’s coincided with an escalation in tensions
between the world’s two largest economies. China’s stockpile of U.S. notes,
bills and bonds declined by $7.5 billion in April to $1.11 trillion

The Vatican formally opened debate Monday on letting married men be
ordained as priests in remote parts of the Amazon where priests are so few
that Catholics can go weeks or months without attending a Mass.

Japan has protested what is says was an unauthorized Chinese maritime
survey within its economic waters near disputed East China Sea islands,
officials said Monday.

Russia has uncovered and thwarted attempts by the United States to carry
out cyber attacks on the control systems of Russian infrastructure, Russian
news agencies cited an unnamed security source as saying on Monday.

Turkey has ordered the arrest of 128 military personnel over suspected
links to the network accused by Ankara of orchestrating an attempted coup
in 2016, state-run Anadolu news agency said on Tuesday.


Ecuador has agreed to allow US military planes to operate from an airport
on the Galapagos Islands, reports said. They will “fight drug trafficking”
under a deal with Ecuador’s government.

In countries such as Zambia, Senegal and Tunisia, everyday drugs like
paracetamol can cost up to 30 times more than in the UK and USA.

Children were used as suicide bombers in a triple attack in Nigeria on
Monday, Unicef has said. Two girls and a boy carried out the bombing
outside a video hall in Konduga village in north-eastern Borno State, the
UN children’s charity said.

The southern Indian city of Chennai (formerly Madras), India’s sixth
largest, is in crisis after its four main water reservoirs ran completely
dry. The acute water shortage has forced the city to scramble for urgent
solutions, including drilling new boreholes. Residents have had to stand in
line for hours to get water from government tanks, and restaurants have
closed due to the lack of water.

Eight years on from the start of the war, Syria’s universities are
suffering from corruption, under-funding and a brain drain, a report has


Already known for articles advising youth how to hide an abortion from
their parents and how to engage in anal sex, Teen Vogue magazine has
published an op-ed advocating prostitution to its young readers. The author
of the article, Tlaleng Mofokeng, calls for prostitution to be
decriminalized and for children to “fund public campaigns to decrease

The U.S. Senate has voted to curtail the nearly unchecked ability of the
Internal Revenue Service to confiscate cash from someone, make a few
allegations but never file any charges and then keep the money.

Mid-Day Snapshot · June 18, 2019

The Foundation

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” —First Amendment

SCOTUS: First Amendment Contradictions?

Two cases of leftists either suppressing or compelling speech illustrate a big battle.

Harvard Demonstrates Leftist Double Standard

The university hypocritically rescinds Kyle Kashuv’s admission over past racist comments.

Conservatives Must Be Good Bureaucrats?

The movement needs “people who will reliably advance a conservative vision of government.”

Russian Cheating a Reason to Let New START Lapse

Time to drop the pretense that arms-control treaties are of any use in securing this country.

Immigration Bullet Points

Deportation kerfuffle, Mexico acts to quell illegal migration, Democrats undermine national sovereignty.

Cop Talks Suicidal Man Off Bridge With Hug

The officer calmed the man by offering his name and a hug. He saved a life.

Video: Why Break Up YouTube, Google, and Facebook

Bill Whittle finds three reasons to break up companies that use algorithms to suppress free speech.

Video: Who Cares About the National Debt?

The national debt is so massive that most Americans cannot comprehend it, much less solve it.

Today’s Opinion

Tony Perkins
For Bakers, a Measured Response at SCOTUS
Joe Bastardi
Leftist Agenda and Climate Change Linked by Indoctrination Tactics
Stephen Moore
Without Mining There Is No ‘Green Revolution’
Dennis Prager
Did Your Child Return From College a Better Person?
Hans von Spakovsky
Congress Has No Right to Trump Tax Returns — Justice Department Makes Right Decision

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Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

Deportations, foreign aid, Iran response, free speech, Harvard mischief, and more.

Tuesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from David French, Clarence Thomas, AOC, lhan Omar, and more.

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Today’s Cartoon

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News – 6/18/2019

Sanhedrin Mints King David Coin to Usher in Davidic Dynasty
As the next stage in the Messianic process, the Sanhedrin of Israel released a new coin honoring King David in preparation for re-establishing the Davidic Dynasty. “Throughout history, governments issued coins to establish their sovereignty and to mark the passage of an era,” Persoff told Breaking Israel News. “We initially issued a coin honoring President Trump and his recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s eternal capital. That was undoubtedly a major step in the geula (redemption) process so we issued a Trump-Cyrus coin to mark the entrance of the new era. But that was just a preparation for the Temple, the Davidic Dynasty, and the Messiah. We are symbolizing that upcoming era by minting this coin.”

Erdogan Expecting Delivery of Russian S-400s in July
Turkey’s ambitions to purchase the S-400 system has constrained relations between NATO members. The US is concerned that the sale could provide Russia with access to sensitive technical data if it is operated adjacently to US fighter jets. The country could be facing crippling economic sanctions if it carries out the exchange. “We discussed the S-400 subject with Russia. Indeed the S-400 issue is settled,” Erdogan said to journalists upon returning from Tajikistan. There, he met with Russian leader Vladimir Putin. “I think they will start to come in the first half of July,” Erdogan explained.

Permanent Rainbow Coming to Central Reykjavík
A temporary rainbow has been painted – and removed – for several years as part of the annual Reykjavík Pride celebrations in August. Gunnlaugur Bragi Björnsson, a substitute city councillor for the Reform Party and director of Reykjavík Pride, put forth the proposal, which was approved unanimously by the council.

Today marks the 30th consecutive day that the sun has been without spots. Images of the sun look like a big orange billiard ball–utterly blank. This is a sign of Solar Minimum, a phase of the solar cycle that brings extra cosmic rays, long-lasting holes in the sun’s atmosphere, and a possible surplus of noctilucent clouds.

Earth Is Moving Toward The Same Meteor Swarm That Scientists Believe Caused The Tunguska Explosion Of 1908
Over the next several weeks, our planet will have a close encounter with the Taurid meteor swarm. It will be the closest that we have been to the center of the meteor swarm since 1975, and we won’t have an encounter this close again until 2032. So for astronomers, this is a really big deal. And hopefully there will be no danger to Earth during this pass, but some scientists are absolutely convinced that the Tunguska explosion of 1908 which flattened 80 million trees in Russia was caused by an object from the Taurid meteor swarm. As you will see below, the last week of June will mark the point when we are the closest to the center of the meteor swarm, and so that will be when the risk is the greatest.

I Agree with This Evil Socialist Dictator
Hugo Chavez was one of the most evil socialist dictators ever. Nicolas Maduro. Maduro ran the country the exact same way. Things got much worse. The people eat from garbage dumps and are forced to drink sewage water. In an oil rich country, there is no gas for cars. I agree with something an evil socialist dictator said. “New Yorkers have to eat garbage too.” Well for once I agree with this evil socialist dictator. America’s inner cities- run 100% by Democrats- are rotting cesspools of misery. They are third world hellholes. What Maduro missed was that the reason those cities resemble Venezuela is because the policies in place are socialist- just like Venezuela.

Latest findings continue to provide clues into possible fraud of Ilhan Omar
During a recent ruling by the campaign finance board which resulted in a fine for Rep. Ilhan Omar, a new detail emerged that showed that Ilhan Omar filed a joint tax return with her current husband while being legally married to a man who is alleged to be her brother.

More troops and photos: America’s message to Tehran
At least 1,000 US troops are on the way to the Middle East after a request from US Central Command, acting US Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan said on Monday. The US also released new photos showing Iranian involvement in the June 13 attack on two oil tankers. The photos and the request for troops are a message to Tehran and the region that the US is serious about defending its interests and proving Tehran’s involvement.

Nigeria: ‘Children used’ as suicide bombers in Borno attack
Children were used as suicide bombers in a triple attack in Nigeria on Monday, Unicef has said. Two girls and a boy carried out the bombing outside a video hall in Konduga village in north-eastern Borno State, the UN children’s charity said. Their ages are not yet known. Officials say at least 30 people were killed and 40 injured in the attack.

Chennai water crisis: City’s reservoirs run dry
The southern Indian city of Chennai (formerly Madras) is in crisis after its four main water reservoirs ran completely dry. The acute water shortage has forced the city to scramble for urgent solutions, including drilling new boreholes. Residents have had to stand in line for hours to get water from government tanks, and restaurants have closed due to the lack of water.

Deadly earthquake hits China’s Sichuan province
At least 12 people have been killed and more than 100 injured in a strong earthquake which shook the south-western Chinese province of Sichuan. The 6.0 magnitude earthquake struck near Yibin in Changning County, south-east of the provincial capital Chengdu, late on Monday, officials said. It was followed by several powerful aftershocks.

Another Earthquake Shakes Ohio Near Lake Erie
Another earthquake shook Ohio over the weekend. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the 1.5 magnitude quake happened near Willowick, Ohio, around 10:30 p.m. Sunday. CBS station WOIO reports that no damage has been reported at this time. Last week, a 4.0 magnitude quake hit near Cleveland. It was centered just off of the city, in Lake Erie.

Tech giants head down ‘dangerous’ censorship path
Social media giants have responded to mounting pressure from politicians and activist groups…refereeing content of the angry, polarizing and downright crazy public space those giants themselves created. These platforms are private entities, so they can officiate pretty much as they please. The trick now is for Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the others to conduct their cleansing operations in ways that are transparent and sensible.

Fury as Ukraine okays new homes on site of Jewish massacre during the Holocaust
The city of Poltava in Eastern Ukraine has decided to sell the site of the massacre of thousands of Jews during the Holocaust to property developers to build homes, prompting an outcry from Ukraine’s Jewish community as well as government officials. The decision caused outcry from the Ukrainian Jewish community and was addressed by the Ministry of Culture in Kiev, but so far to no avail.

Hong Kong leader signals end to extradition bill, but refuses to step down
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Tuesday signaled the end of a controversial extradition bill that she promoted and then postponed after some of the most violent protests since the former British colony returned to Chinese rule in 1997. In a closely watched press conference, Lam apologized for the turmoil but refused to say whether the bill would be withdrawn, only that it wouldn’t be re-introduced during her time in office if public fears persist.

Bihar: Heatwave Kills 47, Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Death Toll Rises to 80
Bihar is grappling with twin challenges as 80 children have died till Sunday due to Acute Encephalitis Syndrome in Muzaffarpur district while at least 47 people have lost their lives due to heat stroke in several districts of Bihar on Saturday.

Israel blocks access to 1,700 pedophilia websites
Israel blocked access on Monday to about 1,700 websites displaying pedophile pictures and videos, the Justice Ministry said.

Potentially deadly valley fever is hitting California farmworkers hard, worrying researchers
Victor Gutierrez contracted valley fever, an illness caused by a soil-borne fungus, and he thinks he got it in the summer of 2011 when he worked in the nectarine orchards of California’s dry, dusty Central Valley.

Pentagon Sending 1,000 More Troops To Middle East As Tensions Between The United States And Iran Approaching Seemingly Unavoidable Flash Point
The United States appears to be moving ever closer to a military conflict with Iran after sending a massive show of force last month and now today we read that the Pentagon has requested an additional 1,000 troops be dispatched to the region.

Iran claims it uncovered spy network run by CIA
Iran claimed on Monday it had exposed a large cyber espionage network which was allegedly run by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), adding that several US spies had been arrested in different countries as the result of this action, Reuters reports.

Children’s Cartoon ‘My Little Pony’ Joins The LGBTQ+ Movement With Introduction Of Lesbian Couple Aimed At Grooming Little Girls
Eight years of having the ‘first gay president‘ Barack Obama in the White House created a very powerful and highly-funded LGBTQ+P for Pedophile army who has decided that now is the time to take control, and why not? They have the financial backing of every major Fortune 500 corporation in America, Liberals control the media, control social media, and are able to effectively silence any and all who dare stand in their way? But guess what? I dare to stand in their way, hopefully you do as well.

Reasons Behind the Border Invasion and War with Venezuela Serve the Same People and Purpose
Americans have been told that they under an invasion through the latest round of massive illegal entries into the United States. However, many of the people are not her to wait on our tables and provide landscaping. Many of these people are here to destroy us and our country. Even James Comey has admitted to the fact that ISIS has a huge presence in the United States (February of 2016).

Earth Is Moving Toward The Same Meteor Swarm That Scientists Believe Caused The Tunguska Explosion Of 1908
Over the next several weeks, our planet will have a close encounter with the Taurid meteor swarm.  It will be the closest that we have been to the center of the meteor swarm since 1975, and we won’t have an encounter this close again until 2032.  So for astronomers, this is a really big deal.

German Green Party Calls For BAN on Industrial Farming to Fight Climate Change
The Green party in Germany has proposed a full ban on all industrial farming as part of efforts to fight climate change, according to reports.

Iran nuclear breakout closer as Trump deploys more troops
The Pentagon said Monday night that it will deploy another 1,000 troops to the Middle East to counter an increasingly emboldened Iran — an announcement that came after Tehran threatened that it is now just 10 days away from surpassing international limits on its enriched uranium stockpile and could soon ramp up nuclear production to near weapons-grade levels.

Trump claims ‘Obama had to know about’ efforts to undermine presidency
President Trump, in remarks broadcast Sunday, said former President Obama “certainly must have known about” what he characterized as high-level efforts by “FBI guys that were low-lifes” and other intelligence operatives to undermine his presidency.

Los Angeles Facing An Outbreak of…Bubonic Plague?
Los Angeles has gained quite the reputation of being a literal s— hole as of late. The city’s homeless problem has gotten so bad that there are interactive maps that allow residents and visitors to avoid stepping in mounds of human feces. City Hall is suffering from a rat infestation so severe that jokes drawing comparison to the local politicians have become rather boring.

Kmart bans ‘Jesus,’ ‘church,’ ‘Bible’ at photo kiosk – WND
Kmart has come under fire after certain religious words including “Jesus,” “church,” and “Bible” were banned at photo printing kiosks while the words “mosque,” “Islam,” and “Koran” were not.

100-Gallon ‘Agent Orange’ Drums Found at Bottom of Scenic Oregon Lake
No evidence of leaks had been found during a survey by a remote vehicle and divers, the Oregon DEQ said.

Daughter of famed sci-fi author reveals sexual horrors she suffered growing up in LGBT home
The daughter of famed science fiction author Marion Zimmer Bradley has written an autobiographical account revealing the horrors of growing up in a home raised by LGBT parents who repeatedly sexually abused her and her brothers.

Headlines – 6/18/2019

White House confirms Israeli officials not invited to Bahrain workshop

PM’s office says decision not to invite Israeli officials to Bahrain coordinated with Jerusalem

Israel will only send business delegation to Bahrain summit – report

Fatah calls off strike planned to protest US-led conference in Bahrain

Arab League head warns no Mideast peace deal without Palestinian state

Official New Zealand government website wipes Israel off the map

Gantz slams Netanyahu over Gaza cash infusion: ‘Deterrence has collapsed’

Qatari cash arrives in Gaza, but payouts to Palestinians delayed

PA advisor on Islam warns world ‘will pay’ unless Muslims save Al-Aqsa

Israel lays fourth water pipeline to Gaza, the largest yet

Ukraine city plans real estate project on top of Holocaust victims’ burial site

Romania hosts inaugural summit for global anti-Semitism envoys

Quebec bans new public servants from wearing kippot, other religious symbols

Egypt agrees to pay Israel $500 million to end gas dispute

Egypt’s ousted President Mohammed Morsi dead after collapsing in court

Hamas, Qatar mourn Morsi

Egyptian authorities refuse Mursi’s burial in family cemetery: son

Mohammed Morsi: A turbulent presidency cut short by the army

Lebanon arrests Syrian IS suspect accused of planning attacks

Report: Mortars land on Iraqi military base near Baghdad

Iran official hints that US could be behind ‘suspicious’ tanker attacks

U.N. officials: U.S. planning a ‘tactical assault’ in Iran

Pentagon approves sending 1,000 more troops to Mideast as US releases new photos of tanker attack linked to Iran

US to send 1,000 more troops to Middle East, citing ‘hostile behavior’ by Iran

After enrichment threat, US accuses Iran of ‘nuclear extortion’

Iran says it is responsible for Gulf security, calls on US forces to leave

Iran government advisor warns of ‘unavoidable war’ if sanctions not ‘abandoned’

Democrat senator says leaving nuclear deal was ‘foolish’

Netanyahu: World must reimpose sanctions if Iran breaches nuclear deal

Germany, UK warn Iran over uranium plans as EU urges caution

France’s Macron urges more dialogue with Iran, regrets announcements on enrichment

Iran says it will break nuclear deal’s uranium stockpile limit in 10 days

EU to await IAEA report before deciding on any Iran breach

Iranian official calls IAEA inspectors ‘roaches,’ says Tehran should quit NPT

US: Iran should still comply with nuke deal Trump derided

Iran: We will stop all export of oil in Gulf if we want

Iran Says if It Decides to Block Strait of Hormuz, It Will Do It ‘Publicly’

Pompeo to meet with U.S. commanders amid growing crisis with Iran

Pompeo rallies foreign leaders against Iran over alleged oil attacks

UK to send Royal Marines to Persian Gulf to protect British ships

Moscow warns against ‘baseless accusations’ over tanker attacks

Iran Says It Dismantled a CIA Cyber Spying Network, Brought to Arrest of Agents

Iran accuses Saudis of militaristic approach in Middle East

Following Houthis interference, Yemen food aid suspension set to start this week

19 killed by gunmen in Burkina Faso: ‘There’s no Christian anymore in this town’

Terrorist trio, including 2 females, kill at least 30 watching soccer match in Nigeria

China says suspected blast caused minor quake near N. Korea

Hong Kong Activist Leader Freed From Jail, Joins Mass Protests for Leader to Step Down

The Hong Kong Protests Could Be a Prelude to a Big Showdown Over Taiwan

State Department identifies 23 violations, ‘multiple security incidents’ concerning Clinton emails

Flashback: Ex-Clinton staffer once said he’d ‘go to Europe’ to confirm Trump oppo

Tech giants head down ‘dangerous’ censorship path

Accidental cat filter derails political press conference

Argentina and Uruguay reel after massive power outage

Blackout in South America raises questions about power grid

Cyberattacks Make Smart Grids Look Pretty Dumb

Israel enters World Bank partnership to boost cybersecurity in developing world

Israeli tech company says it can break into all iPhones ever made, some Androids

Comcast Launches Eye Control For The TV, An Aid For Physically Disabled Viewers

Airbus is ready for pilotless jets – are you?

6.0 magnitude earthquake hits near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits near Changning, China

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits the Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Watubuku, Indonesia

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Scott Island Bank, Antarctica

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Sikabaluan, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Changning, China

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Changning, China

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits the Southern Mid-Atlantic Ridge

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Saumlaki, Indonesia

Another Earthquake Shakes Ohio Near Lake Erie

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 35,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Manam volcano on Papua New Guinea erupts to 10,000ft

Bihar: Heatwave Kills 47, Acute Encephalitis Syndrome Death Toll Rises to 80

Is climate change to blame for a rise in ‘flesh-eating’ bacteria cases? Doctors say yes

Potentially deadly valley fever is hitting California farmworkers hard, worrying researchers

Clarence Thomas calls for abandoning ‘demonstrably erroneous’ precedent, touching off Roe v. Wade speculation

Supreme Court tosses ruling against bakers who refused cake for gay couple

Dad Gives Out Free Hugs at Pride Parade & Pleads With Parents to be Allies to LGBTQ Kids

Vatican formally opens debate on married priests in Amazon

Israel blocks access to 1,700 pedophilia websites

Alex Jones sent Sandy Hook victims files with child sex abuse images, say lawyers

Pakistani officials claim women trafficked into prostitution in China after marriage

Email sextortion scams are on the rise and they’re scary – here’s what to do if you get one

Beijing says US legalization of marijuana is a ‘threat to China’

In first states to legalize pot, teen use triggers concerns

Religious communities consider how much faith to put in marijuana

Man Runs Into Riverside Church And Allegedly Says He’s Going To Shoot Everybody

Gunman shot dead after opening fire on federal courthouse in downtown Dallas

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Bible Prophecy in the White House

Mark Taylor Says Those Who Call Him a ‘False Prophet’ Are Literally Endangering Their Lives

“Mexico’s Joel Osteen” Arrested for Child Sex Abuse

U.S. Missionary Accused of Killing More than 100 African Children – Anti Missionary Group Behind Charges

Vermont to Pay for Children’s Sex-Change Surgery under New Rule

Bernie Sanders Plagiarizes Stalin With ‘Economic Bill Of Rights’

Christian leaders react to Hong Kong protests: ‘Christ will stand by us’

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