Fewer Millennials Accepting of LGBTQ People, Study Finds | Newsweek

Young people are often assumed to be progressive, especially when it comes to gay rights. But a new study reveals that acceptance of the LGBTQ community by adults 18 to 34 is falling.

A new Harris Poll commissioned by GLAAD found that 36 percent of respondents in that demographic reported they’d be “very” or “somewhat” uncomfortable learning a family member was LGBTQ. That’s up from 29 percent who said the same in 2018.

According to the 2019 Accelerating Acceptance Index, 39 percent would be unsettled by their child learning about LGBTQ history in school, compared to just 30 percent in 2018. And finding out their doctor was LGBTQ made a third (34 percent) uncomfortable—an uptick from 27 percent last year.

“The younger generation has traditionally been thought of as a beacon of progressive values,” GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis said in a statement. “We have taken that idea for granted.”

Conducted online earlier this year, the poll quizzed 1,970 U.S. adults on their comfort level with seven theoretical situations: Learning a family member is LGBTQ, learning their doctor is LGBTQ, having LGBTQ members at their place of worship, seeing a LGBTQ co-worker’s wedding picture, having their child placed in a class with a LGBTQ teacher, seeing a same-sex couple holding hands, and learning their child was learning LGBTQ history in school.

The number of young Americans who were comfortable across all seven situations dropped from 53 percent in 2018 to 45 percent this year, the second consecutive dip for the age bracket.

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