June 25, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump views this week’s meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping as a chance to see where Beijing stands on the two countries’ trade war, and is “comfortable with any outcome” from the talks, a senior U.S. official said on Monday.

President Trump has no plans to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un when he travels to South Korea over the weekend after attending a summit of the Group of 20 leaders in Japan.

President Trump on Tuesday reassured Japan he was committed to a military treaty that both nations have described as a cornerstone of security in Asia, after a media report said he had spoken privately about withdrawing from the pact.

The U.S. House Oversight and Reform Committee moved to hold two top Trump administration officials in contempt of Congress for defying lawmakers investigating whether the administration was seeking to discriminate against certain groups by adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will tackle a host of delicate issues when he gets into New Delhi on Tuesday for talks with Indian leaders, from trade to India’s long standing defense and energy ties to Russia and Iran.

Iran will never pursue a nuclear weapon, Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said.

The United States will continue with its maximum pressure campaign against Iran until Tehran changes its behavior, and will look for ways to impose even more sanctions.

Iranian fishermen have found parts of the U.S drone shot down by the Islamic Republic last week, Iran’s ambassador to Britain, Hamid Baeidinejad, said on Tuesday.

NATO urged Russia to destroy a new missile before an August deadline and save a treaty that keeps land-based nuclear warheads out of Europe or face a more determined alliance response.

Facebook’s fledgling cryptocurrency faced mounting scrutiny on Tuesday as European central bankers and regulators demanded more detail on the social media giant’s Libra project.

SpaceX launched its Falcon Heavy rocket on Tuesday from Kennedy Space Center in Florida, carrying 24 experimental satellites in what Elon Musk’s rocket company called one of the most difficult launches it has attempted.

The United States is “not where we need to be” on increasing employment levels of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people, a top economic policymaker said on Tuesday.

AP Top Stories

Iran said on Tuesday US sanctions on its leaders represent the “permanent closure” of diplomacy with Washington, after President Donald Trump tightened the screws on a nation he has threatened with “obliteration”.

The price of gold and bitcoin was jumping on Tuesday morning as the US hit Iran with fresh sanctions.

The Navy is planning to launch a massive, 50-ton Orca undersea drone to expand mission scope, increase attack options, integrate large high-tech sensors, further safeguard manned combat crews and possibly fire torpedoes — all while waging war under the ocean surface.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Monday encouraged Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to do more to ensure maritime surveillance with Iran, which days earlier shot down an American drone.

A Missouri judge ruled on Monday the state’s only abortion clinic can remain open for at least five more days, but he ordered Planned Parenthood to take its fight against closure to a state arbiter.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton on Tuesday described as “deafening” Iran’s apparent silence on an offer to negotiate with Washington. “The president has held the door open to real negotiations,” Bolton told journalists in Jerusalem. “In response, Iran’s silence has been deafening,” he added.


A UN expert has warned of a possible “climate apartheid”, where the rich pay to escape from hunger, “while the rest of the world is left to suffer”.

The arrest of a Florida woman who turned in her estranged husband’s guns to police after he was held on domestic violence charges has provoked uproar. A Florida state congresswoman has asked prosecutors to drop the case against Courtney IrbyDemocratic lawmaker Anna Eskamani said charging Mrs Irby, 32, would set “a scary precedent” for victims of abuse. Prosecutors say they have not yet decided whether to pursue the case.

Some 250 migrant children have been moved from an overcrowded border station in Texas where they had been held for weeks. Lawyers given access by a judge said the children were “severely neglected”. One of them told the BBC that children were “locked up in horrific cells where there’s an open toilet in the middle of the room” where they ate and slept.

Italian mafia boss Rocco Morabito has escaped from prison in Uruguay, where he was awaiting extradition to Italy, the interior ministry has said.

Unauthorised drone flying has prompted disruptions at Singapore’s Changi Airport for the second time in a week. The country’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAAS) said 18 flights had been delayed, and seven flights diverted due to drones and bad weather.

Arabs are increasingly saying they are no longer religious, according to the largest and most in-depth survey undertaken of the Middle East and North Africa. The finding is one of a number on how Arabs feel about a wide range of issues, from women’s rights and migration to security and sexuality.


A U.S. school that allowed Muslim students to interrupt classes to “convert” students to Islam now faces a grilling from a constitutional legal team. Two Muslim students who were given permission to interrupt classes during the school day to convert students to Islam “under the guise of teaching them about Ramadan.”

Mid-Day Snapshot · June 25, 2019

The Foundation

“I think all the world would gain by setting commerce at perfect liberty.” –Thomas Jefferson (1785)

Trump: Make Medical Costs Transparent

His executive order isn’t perfect, but the health care system is seriously broken.

Iran Pressured Onto a Precipice

Trump issues new sanctions against the regime after recent attacks bring trouble.

No, Joe, Half of Americans Aren’t Poor

In a huge pander to his base, Biden claims “almost half” are “living in poverty.”

Demo Debt Bill Doubles Down on Insanity

Their $1 trillion spending bill keeps ignoring the $22 trillion gorilla in the room.

Police Officers Lionize Graduate’s Late Father

“A total of 18 officers came to his party. … The officers didn’t come empty-handed either.”

Video: What Is Trump’s Plan for Iran?

Ben Shapiro reacts to President Trump announcing his policy toward Iran on social media.

Video: The Best Book to Read to Your Kids

Read them a Bible story tonight. Who knows? You might learn a few things, too.

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News – 6/25/2019

Hackers hit global telcos in espionage campaign: cyber research firm
Hackers have broken into the systems of more than a dozen global telecoms companies and taken large amounts of personal and corporate data, researchers from a cyber security company said on Tuesday, identifying links to previous Chinese cyber-espionage campaigns. Investigators at U.S.-Israeli cyber security firm Cybereason said the attackers compromised companies in more than 30 countries and aimed to gather information on individuals in government, law-enforcement and politics. The hackers also used tools linked to other attacks attributed to Beijing by the United States and its Western allies, said Lior Div, chief executive of Cybereason. “For this level of sophistication it’s not a criminal group. It is a government that has capabilities that can do this kind of attack,” he told Reuters.

U.S. Kicks Off 19-Nation War Games Drills in Ukraine
The United States military and partners from 19 countries are getting set to kick off a massive series of war drills in Ukraine amid rising threats from Iran and Russia, according to the Defense Department. From July 1 to 12, American military assets will join with “19 nations, 33 ships, 26 aircraft, and over 3,000 troops to participate in a maritime, air, and land exercise that will enhance capabilities, improve interoperability and build upon decades of partnership and friendship,” according to information provided by the Defense Department.

Does America’s next civil war begin in Oregon? Gov. Kate Brown orders state police to round up Republican lawmakers at gunpoint
This story is getting very little coverage in the legacy media for obvious reasons. Just like California, Oregon has gone full authoritarian in trying to force its fake science “climate change” agenda on everyone. Over the last few days, Oregon’s Gov. Kate Brown has ordered the gunpoint rounding up of Republican lawmakers in order to force a vote on a climate change “cap and trade” scheme (HB 2020) that only enriches corrupt Democrat insiders.

Project Veritas bombshell: Google engaged in massive censorship effort to prevent “repeat” of 2016 when Trump won the presidency
According to details published by PV and accompanying video taken by its undercover journalists, Google has managed to hire a gaggle of brainwashed Left-wing sycophants who religiously believe they are ‘saving the country’ by altering AI algorithms to filter out any and all pro-Trump content from independent and conservative media on the world’s biggest search platform. In fact, according to one of them, the AI algorithms are designed to filter (censor) content in such a way so that Google can single-handedly prevent the “next Trump situation” — that is, his reelection next year.

Netflix is stirring up trouble in the Middle East
Not content to simply anger parents in the U.S. with its disturbing content for young people, the on-line streaming giant is now outraging moms and dads in Jordan.

Trump puts sanctions on Iranian supreme leader, other top officials
U.S. President Donald Trump targeted Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other top Iranian officials with sanctions on Monday, taking a dramatic, unprecedented step to increase pressure on Iran after Tehran’s downing of an unmanned American drone. With tensions running high between the two countries, Trump signed an executive order imposing the sanctions, which U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said would lock billions of dollars more in Iranian assets.

Bolton meets Netanyahu in Jerusalem ahead of historic security meeting
While the meeting between Bolton, Israeli National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat and Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev was initially set to discuss security issues pertaining to Iran’s entrenchment in Syria, the focus is now expected to shift to recent escalation in tension between the United States and Iran. On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the summit “historic and unprecedented” and said it “greatly attests to the current international standing of Israel among the nations.”

Iranians say their ‘bones breaking’ under US sanctions
As the U.S. piles sanction after sanction on Iran, it’s the average person who feels it the most. From a subway performer’s battered leather hat devoid of tips, to a bride-to-be’s empty purse, the lack of cash from the economic pressure facing Iran’s 80 million people can be seen everywhere….many Iranians blame their own government, which has careened from one economic disaster to another since its Islamic Revolution 40 years ago.

DEAL OF THE CENTURY: Jared Kushner Just Released His Middle East Plan For ‘Peace To Prosperity’ And The Saudi Kingdom Is Urging The Palestinians To Accept It, They Just Might Do It
…Having the backing of the Saudi Kingdom is a potential game-changer in getting the Palestinians to the table. The close bond between Benjamin Netanyahu and both Jared Kushner and Donald Trump ensures that Israel is already at the table. Are all the elements in place to finally see the ‘deal of the century’ successfully consumated? We shall see, but know this. If it is, then it is not only the ‘deal of the century’, it will be the prophetic ‘deal of the millennium’ and Jared Kushner will be the Antichrist. Let’s see how far it goes, popcorn anyone?

ASCEND WITH PRIDE: New York City Unveils Largest LGBTQ+P For Pedophile 6-Color Rainbow Pride Flag In Its History At Four Freedoms State Park
Pride Month is nearly over, but in its last week be prepared for a 6-color-rainbow onslaught as the festival of Sodom comes to a close. Speaking of that, have you ever wondered why the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement chose a 6-color rainbow as their battle banner instead of the 7-color rainbow that God created? Gilbert Baker, the flag’s creator, will tell  you it’s because of size and space constraints. Hmm. The Bible tells a different story.

Thunderstorm kills more than a dozen in northwestern India prior to delayed start of monsoon
In advance of the delayed start of the monsoon, a thunderstorm in northwestern India killed more than a dozen people on Sunday.

Iran attempted terror attack in Paris, HALF A TON of explosives found
According to the report, the plane arrived from Tehran to Geneva in June 2018, following an Iranian plan to carry out a terrorist attack during a meeting of the Iranian opposition.

UN poised to launch global ban on all criticism of Islam
The world’s largest Islamic supremacist world body, the  Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) has relentlessly pursued resolutions on restrictions on free speech for decades. Back in 2012, Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, then secretary general of the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), said they wouldn’t try again for a ban  at the UN on criticism of Islam.

PARTY OF DEATH: All 20 Democratic 2020 Presidential Candidates Vowed On Saturday To Passionately Support And Defend Planned Parenthood Abortions At All Costs
Look at the faces of the women in the photo at the top of this article, and I don’t know about you, but it really creeps me out. Here you have women, people who are supposed to be defending and protecting their children, clamoring and demanding the “right” to have them put to death. How is this any different from what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did to the 12 million “undesirables” they exterminated during WWII? That’s an honest question, please tell me how this is any different from that?

Headlines – 6/25/2019

Scars on Middle East landscape bear witness to past peace failures

Jared Kushner’s economic blueprint for Palestinians faces boycott and derision

US pushes peace initiative amid doubts, hostility

Bahrain confab set to kick off with loaded schedule, but meager expectations

US plan will not follow lines of Arab Peace Initiative, Kushner says

Palestinian businessman pulls out of US-led conference in Bahrain

Trump’s ‘deal of the century’ falls flat in West Bank

Hamas warns against applying sovereignty in Judea and Samaria

Palestinians burn pictures, clash with troops ahead of Bahrain meet

US envoy: As the US gov’t works to improve Palestinian lives, Fatah threatens an intifada

US envoy slams Palestinian threat of violence over Bahrain

Kushner: We do not have to help the Palestinians. If the PA continues to criticize us, the aid will be stopped.

Israel shuts off fuel supplies to Gaza after spate of arson attacks

13 fires sparked in southern Israel by Gazan balloons

IDF soldiers accidentally open fire on nearby troops during exercise

Netanyahu offered Gantz rotating premiership in bid to avert elections – report

Lieberman: Netanyahu will form minority government with Arab factions

Ultra-Orthodox block Jerusalem roads in protest of draft evasion arrests

India again reportedly spikes $500 million missile deal with Israel

Thousands Of ISIS Fighters Must Be Tried Or Let Go, U.N. Rights Chief Says

Hezbollah is now giving orders to Syria’s army – and using it to spy on Israel

Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Let Iran Entrench in Syria or Attain Nuclear Weapons

IDF steps up preparedness as tensions rise in Gulf

Netanyahu meets with Russian National Security Council secretary, applauds cooperation

Netanyahu tells Russian official: We will do ‘anything’ to prevent nuclear Iran

U.S., Israel Look to Coax Russia Away From Iran Alliance

Pompeo in Mideast talks on building a coalition against Iran

Pompeo pushes Gulf allies on chipping in to counter Iran

Zarif: Netanyahu, Bolton, Gulf leaders ‘thirst for war’ between Iran and US

U.S. envoy to U.N.: U.S. policy is to bring Iran to negotiating table

Bolton: Iran just has to ‘walk through open door’, enter negotiations with US

US envoy calls on world to ‘urge Iran to de-escalate’

Europe cool on US talk of coalition against Iran, seeks deescalation

Rand Paul praises Trump, says it ‘really takes a statesman to show restraint’ amid calls for war

Anti-Trump MSNBC host Chris Matthews praises president for calling off Iran strike

Iranian official warns more US spy drones can be blown out of the sky

Trump suggests US should be compensated for protecting tankers from other countries

UN Security Council condemns attacks on oil tankers, but not Iran

US slaps ‘hard hitting’ sanctions on Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei

Iran’s Rouhani: US sanctions on Khamenei futile as he has ‘no foreign assets’

Iran’s hardline media say new U.S. sanctions based on ‘fabricated excuses’

Iran is already in a ‘very dangerous’ economic position as US prepares major new sanctions

Iranians say their ‘bones breaking’ under U.S. sanctions, but regime shares the blame

CNN’s Fareed Zakaria: ‘Thousands’ could die because of Trump’s sanctions on Iran

Iran says latest US sanctions ends ‘channel of diplomacy forever’

Cruz bill would use Iran sanctions cash to pay for downed US drone

Iran shuns talks with US as Security Council urges calm

Iran says U.S. cyber attacks failed, hints talks are possible

Joel Rosenberg: Summer tensions spiking – Is Iran trying to provoke the US into war?

Erdogan Faces Fallout After His Party’s Loss in Istanbul Mayor’s Race

Scores feared dead in Nigeria pipeline explosion

Advanced Russian warship enters Havana harbor

U.S. Kicks Off 19-Nation War Games Drills in Ukraine

One-Third of U.S. Supports Nuclear War on North Korea, Knowing It Would Kill One Million, Report Shows

North Korea’s Kim not ready to denuclearize: U.S. intelligence agency chief

China says will not allow Hong Kong issue to be discussed at G20 summit

Pilot killed as two Eurofighter jets collide in midair

UK’s Johnson admits needing EU support in event of no-deal Brexit

Belgium arrests man suspected of plotting attack against US embassy

‘Burn that rag!’ Activists to desecrate the flag at Trump July Fourth rally

Mexico’s Crackdown at Its Southern Border, Prompted by Trump, Scares Migrants From Crossing

Mexico says it has deployed 15,000 forces in the north to halt U.S.-bound migration

Nearly 900 migrants found at Texas facility with 125-person capacity: DHS watchdog

Almost 300 migrant children removed from Texas facility described as ‘appalling’

A firsthand report of ‘inhumane conditions’ at a migrant children’s detention facility

Column: Quit arguing about what to call the migrant camps near the border. Children are dying. Don’t look away.

Democrats Agree to Approve Some of President Trump’s Emergency Border Funding

Sex, crimes and incompetence: Smears fly in White House press secretary race

Boston-Based Knitting Site Ravelry Bans Support For Trump On Its Platform

‘A leftward shift’: Communist party USA sees chance as progressives surge

AOC claims it was ‘literally easier’ for her to be elected to Congress than pay off student loans

Google’s Enemies Gear Up to Make Antitrust Case

Guardians of money bristle at Zuckerberg’s new financial order

Artificial Intelligence may not take your job, but it could become your boss

NASA to launch deep-space atomic clock that could transform space exploration

Mars colonisation possible through sperm bank in space, study suggests

5.9 magnitude earthquake hits near L’Esperance Rock, New Zealand

5.8 magnitude earthquake hits the Southeast Indian Ridge

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

5.0 magntude earthquake hits near Abepura, Indonesia

Three strong earthquakes in Bardarbunga volcano

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts to 20,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Manam volcano in Peru erupts to 12,000ft

Colorado’s snowpack is 40 times normal after rare summer solstice dump

‘Hell is coming’: week-long heatwave begins across Europe

France prepares to swelter in record high June temperatures

Inside China’s ‘thought transformation’ camps

New York man becomes 11th Dominican Republic vacation death

After deaths, more tourists to Dominican Republic say they were stricken with illness

Pain patients left in anguish by doctors ‘terrified’ of opioid addiction, despite CDC change

Alarmed by new ‘CRISPR babies’ plan, top science figures say they’re powerless to stop it

U.K. Court Reverses Ruling That Would Have Forced Mentally Disabled Woman to Have an Abortion

Rhode Island Passes ‘Abortion Until Birth’ Bill; Senator: ‘We Will All Be Accountable To God’

Judge rules Missouri’s last abortion clinic can stay open until Friday

Democrats Unanimous As House Passes Bill Forcing Schools To Let Male Athletes Compete In Girls’ Sports

Elton John: Politicians Opposing LGBTQ ‘Away From God’

Catholic school fires gay teacher so it can stay in the Indianapolis Archdiocese

US Continues to Condemn China’s ‘War on Faith’

Donations to ‘religion’ declined $2 billion in 2018 after years of growth: study

Internet preachers rise as more worshipers migrate online

Supreme Court strikes down ban on scandalous trademarks, in dispute over ‘FUCT’ clothing line

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Climate Alarmism is the Left’s Apocalypticism

Breaking: As a Minister, Ravi Zacharias Pressured Teenage Girl to Have Abortion

Beth Moore Refuses to Denounce Homosexuality as Sinful

PC(USA) to ordain first-ever openly nonbinary clergy candidate

American Pastor Charged With Sexual Abuse of Children to Build Religious Complex in Costa Rica

Inside a Connecticut Sex Cult Overseen By a Man Who Claimed to Be Jesus

Elizabeth Warren Comes Out For ‘Gay Reparations’

We Remember: The Charismatic Day of Infamy, June 23rd, 2008

Behind the music: The baffling views about God held by Bethel Music’s Amanda Lindsey Cook

Pat Robertson: Christians Should Just Ignore What Jesus Said About Divorce

Fundamentalist who founded ‘Biblical Flat Earth Society’ busted on 56 counts of child sexual exploitation

Man Calls 911 After Prostitute He Hired Refuses to Leave His Apartment So He Can Go to Church

Internet preachers rise as more worshipers migrate online

Supreme Court upholds cross on public land in Maryland

Clinic Performs Successful ‘In Utero’ Fetal Surgery Against Spina Bifida

Hong Kong protests: How Hallelujah to the Lord became an unofficial anthem

How Christianity Is Helping Keep Hong Kong’s Stunning Protests A Peaceful Beacon To The World

Saudi Official  “…….the age of going to war with Israel is over.”

White House Releases “Deal of the Century” Middle East Peace Plan

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