Congressman accuses Pelosi of sedition | WND

A Texas congressman accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of sedition for urging illegal aliens to resist the Trump administration’s plan to enforce existing deportation orders.

“Suggesting that people break the law in this country is sedition,” said Rep. Lance Gooden, R-Texas, in an interview Friday with the Fox Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

“And I think we are going down a very difficult path that we, and I say we to represent Nancy and the gang, that we cannot turn back on.”

The New York Times reported Thursday that a massive deportation operation delayed two weeks ago will be carried out this Sunday.

Pelosi on Thursday urged illegal immigrants to resist deportation, contending they have the right to refuse to open their doors to ICE officers, the Washington Times reported.

“These families are hardworking members of our communities and our country. This brutal action will terrorize children and tear families apart,” Pelosi said during her weekly news conference.

In the interview with FBN, Gooden noted Democratic Rep. Veronica Escobar of Texas allegedly instructed her staff to cross the border into Mexico and encourage migrants to break the law by crossing into the United States.

Hillary Clinton also has urged illegal immigrants to resist the deportation.

The former Democratic presidential nominee and secretary of state posted “legal advice” in Spanish on how to evade ICE agents, saying, “Por favor comparte (please share).”

The document advises illegal aliens not to answer the door if an ICE agent knocks, letting the agents know they have “the right to remain silent,” and to not sign anything without talking to a lawyer.

Clinton also instructs illegal aliens to take photographs and video of the ICE agents, and write down their badge numbers and type of car.

Schumer: ‘Cruel policy’

The deportation operation is focused on illegal immigrants who have been ordered deported after completing their court hearings and have ignored ICE efforts to schedule an orderly departure.

But other illegal immigrants encountered at the same time also could be arrested and deported, ICE officials said.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was among others who urged resistance.

“No matter who you are or what your status is, this is the United States of America — where ALL people have rights. Know yours,” she wrote via Twitter.

A coalition of lawyers has rushed to a federal court in New York to ask a judge to stop the deportations, the Washington Times reported.

The lawyers argued that anyone who was ordered removed in absentia and without an attorney should be granted an automatic new hearing.

“We will not stand by and let the Trump administration arrest and deport thousands of Central American families and children without giving them a fair day in court,” said Judy London, a lawyer at Public Counsel, one of the activist groups, according to the Times.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York predicted that when photos of the deportations go viral, Trump will have to cancel the operation.

“I warn President Trump, the pictures of these raids aren’t going to be pretty,” Schumer said on the Senate floor. “You’re going to have to back off from this cruel policy because the American people are a lot better than you.”

Trump’s campaign team accused Democrats of “sabotaging” the deportations and embracing an “open-borders” policy.

“If people who ignore court orders & stay in the U.S. illegally are not deported, we do not have rule of law,” the Trump campaign war room said via Twitter. “Democrats have become the party that puts illegal immigrants first!”

Source: Congressman accuses Pelosi of sedition

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