What is the Muslim Brotherhood? FINALLY We Get the Truth Right From the Source

Absolute Truth from the Word of God

For years I have been writing about this Terrorist organization.  I will include links to prior articles I have written at the end of this piece.

Today, a sister in the Lord shared a PragerU video with me called “What is the Muslim Brotherhood?” The Brotherhood will be referred to as MB in the rest of this piece.

Dennis Prager and Ami Horowitz brilliantly collaborated to produce a video which is an exhaustive exposé of the MB from its own members.

Ami Horowitz: What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

For an organization that is so wide-reaching, so prominent, and so recognizable across the globe, very little is known about the Muslim Brotherhood by most Americans. They’re an 800-lb gorilla disguised as a harmless puppy that may occasionally bark or growl but can’t do any real damage. The more we learn about their decades of influence and planning in the United…

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