July 16, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Trump said his administration would investigate accusations that
Google worked with the Chinese government, but gave no other details in his
early morning tweet on Tuesday.

U.S. lawmakers from both sides of the aisle are set to grill Facebook Inc
on its cryptocurrency plans on Tuesday, as the project continues to draw
intense scrutiny from financial regulators and politicians across the
globe. Facebook is fighting a rearguard action to get Washington onside
after it shocked regulators and lawmakers with an announcement on June 18
that it was hoping to launch a new digital coin called Libra in 2020.

Executives from tech giants Apple Inc , Amazon.com Inc , Facebook Inc and
Alphabet’s Google go before the House Judiciary Committee’s antitrust panel
Tuesday to discuss competition in online markets.

The European Union is readying new sanctions against Venezuelan security
forces involved in human rights violations, the bloc’s foreign policy chief
said on Tuesday, following the death in custody of a navy captain amid
allegations of torture.

Hackers have stolen the financial data of millions of Bulgarians from the
country’s tax agency, the government said on Tuesday, in an attack that one
researcher said may have compromised nearly every adult’s personal records.

Iran’s supreme leader upped the ante in a volatile stand-off with the
United States on Tuesday, warning Tehran would continue removing restraints
on its nuclear program and retaliate for the seizure of an Iranian oil

Oil prices steadied on Tuesday as a resumption of production in the Gulf of
Mexico after Hurricane Barry and a boom in U.S. supply from shale oil
countered tensions in the Middle East.

AP Top Stories

The Royal Navy plans briefly to double its number of warships in the
Persian Gulf following an attempted attack by Iranian forces on a British
oil tanker on June 20, 2019. But the temporary increase in British warships
in the region, from one to two, underscores just how few ships the Royal
Navy can deploy even in an emergency.

The founder and editor of the neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer should be
forced to pay more than $14m to a Jewish woman targeted by a “troll storm”
of abusive messages for months on end, a judge has said.

The simple act of walking has become a display of defiance for a young
Iranian woman who often moves in Tehran’s streets without a compulsory
headscarf, or hijab.

Iran will waive visas for Chinese visitors as early as the end of July in a
bid to boost the economy, faltering under the weight of US sanctions.

Searchers and family members are celebrating after finding a woman alive
after she was lost in mountainous terrain near the California-Nevada border
for four days.

The Russian intelligence agency behind 2016’s election attacks is training
its sights on billionaire financier George Soros, The Daily Beast has
learned. The move comes hot on the heels of a surge in U.S.-focused hacking
by Russia’s Main Intelligence Directorate with similarities to 2016 in
targeting and methodology.

A North Korean nuclear negotiator who was reported to have been executed
over the failure of the February Hanoi summit between Kim Jong-un and US
President Donald Trump is still alive, South Korean intelligence said on
Tuesday. They have so far unearthed 313 bodies from the grave since it was
discovered last month, the official said. All of the dead are men, women
and children believed to have been killed or died during the Islamic State
group’s rule over the northern city.

Italian police have seized a large arsenal of weapons, including an
air-to-air missile, in raids on neo-Nazi sympathizers, they said on Monday.

Authorities in California are searching for a 69-year-old woman last seen
Friday wearing a black bikini, a red baseball cap and tan hiking boots with
black socks who went missing while hiking in the Mojave Desert. Arizona
resident Barbara Thomas does not have the means to survive the sweltering
heat expected this week, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Office said.


Shoppers in Brazil found they had unwittingly bought cocaine when they
opened soap powder they had purchased at a supermarket in Sao Paulo. At
least 176lb of the drug was found in the store, police said.

More than 820 million people worldwide are not getting enough food, with
the situation most alarming in Africa, a report said.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has signed a new law criminalizing
catcalling, wolf-whistling and other forms of public sexual harassment.
Those caught under the Safe Spaces Act could face up to six months in jail
and a fine of up to $9,750.


New York City public school students can now change their names and gender
at school without proper legal documentation if they obtain permission from
their parents.

Stetson Baptist Church in DeLand Florida will pay off over $7.2 million in
crippling medical debt impacting over 6,500 individuals and families living
at or below the poverty line in five Florida counties. Additionally, the
church will also fund three foster homes for the next year.

U.S. women’s national soccer team goalkeeper Ashlyn Harris attacked former
teammate Jaelene Hinkle as “intolerant,” and “homophobic” in a tweet storm
Monday. The 26-year-old Hinkle, considered one of the more talented
defenders, is also an outspoken Christian and a supporter of traditional
marriage, and some believe her faith may have kept her off the national
team during its latest World Cup championship.

The Trump administration announced Monday that family planning clinics are
prohibited from referring women to abortion providers if they receive Title
X family planning grants. The rule applies to some Planned Parenthood

Mid-Day Snapshot · July 16, 2019

The Foundation

“No Wall of words … can be so formed as to stand against the sweeping torrent of boundless ambition on the one side, aided by the sapping current of corrupted morals on the other.” —George Washington (1789)

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Call ‘Em Racist

Words mean things. Unless triggered leftists want to score cheap political points.

New Asylum Rule Is Meant to Save Lives

Migrants must now first seek asylum in an intermediary country before entering U.S.

Dems Pull Trump Card With Climate ‘Emergency,’ But…

Leftists look to use climate emergency executive order to foist socialism on U.S.

‘Justice on Trial’: The Backstory of the Kavanaugh Debacle

A new book sheds some new light on Kavanaugh’s Demo accusers.

Iran’s Belligerence Shows Need for Saudi Alliance

When it comes down to it, securing America is often about the hard choices.

Church Pays Off Millions in Medical Debt for 6,500 Families

“To show that the love of Jesus changes lives and to impact the life of One More Child.”

Video: Is The Lion King a ‘Fascistic Story’?

Is the Disney classic a tale that supports fascism and patriarchy? A WaPo journalist thinks so.

Video: How to Become a Dangerous Person

Writer and Portland-based podcaster Nancy Rommelmann answers that question.

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We All Wanted to Love the Women’s Soccer Team
Gary Bauer
The Left vs. Law Enforcement
Tony Perkins
Pence the Center of Detention on U.S. Border
Jeff Jacoby
George Washington Was Right About ‘Baneful’ Two-Party Politics
Cal Thomas
Apollo 11 at 50
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Tuesday Top News Executive Summary

“The Squad” plays the victim, new asylum policy, abortion regulations, Facebook fine, and more.

Tuesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Lindsey Graham, Rush Limbaugh, WSJ, Al Green, and more.

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News – 7/16/2019

America Helps Israel Prepare: 2 More F-35s Touchdown in Jerusalem
Two brand new F-35 “Adir” jet fighters touched down at Nevatim Airbase in southern Israel on Sunday, raising the number of advanced stealth aircraft in Israel’s arsenal to 16. Israel was the second country after the United States to receive the state-of-the-art fighter jet.

FTC Fines Facebook $5 Billion
Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) moved to fine Facebook $5 billion for violating the terms of a consent decree. The settlement represents the largest fine the FTC has ever levied against a company. In early 2018, reports that Cambridge Analytica had detailed information about millions of Facebook users began to spread. The company (through third parties) created an app called “This is Your Digital Life” that claimed to be a personality quiz. Everyone who took the quiz shared information about themselves to Cambridge Analytica. But, they also shared data about every one of their friends to the company as well.

EU agrees sanctions against Turkey for drilling off Cyprus
European Union officials on Monday agreed political and financial sanctions against Turkey after Ankara went ahead with drilling operations off Cyprus despite repeated warnings, European diplomats said. “The conclusions on Turkey have been adopted and they will be made public in the coming hours,” the EU’s foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini told reporters after a meeting with members states’ foreign ministers. The most serious measure is understood to be a cut of 145.8 million euros ($164 million) in the European funds allocated to Turkey for 2020.

Ancient Babylon continues to inspire
The UN World Heritage Committee held its 43rd session between June 30 and July 10 in the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku. The committee deemed the site of Babylon to be “the most exceptional testimony” of the Babylonian civilization, which “exerted considerable political, scientific, technological, architectural and artistic influence upon the human settlements in the region, and on successive historic periods of antiquity.” The designated site includes the ancient city’s surviving structures of walls, gates, palaces and temples, along with the villages and agricultural areas around it.

Senior member of Gaza’s Islamist rulers encourages killing “every Jew possible”
A senior member of Gaza’s Islamist rulers Hamas has encouraged Palestinians across the globe to kill Jews, drawing outrage from both Israeli and Palestinian officials as well as a UN envoy. In a video from a speech to participants of weekly protests on Friday, Fathi Hamad, a member of the movement’s top political body, can be heard calling on Palestinians across the globe to carry out attacks.

EU works to save Iran nuclear agreement
European Union nations have thrown their diplomatic weight behind the unravelling Iran nuclear deal, trying to rescue the pact from collapsing under US pressure. The 28 EU foreign ministers insisted recent Iranian actions surpassing uranium enrichment thresholds set by the 2015 deal did not necessarily condemn the whole agreement.

Indonesian tourist hotspot struck by ‘very strong’ magnitude 5.7 quake
A “very strong” earthquake has hit the resort region of Bali, with witnesses saying the “walls of their house were shaking”. Authorities say the quake struck southwest of Bali, however there is no tsunami warning. The European earthquake monitoring agency EMSC initially said the quake was 6.2 magnitude but later downgraded it to a 5.7 magnitude earthquake.

Israel warned: Lift ‘siege’ or we’ll kill every Jew on Earth
Hammad said the 7 million Palestinians who live abroad have been “warming up” and “preparing” to attack. “Enough warming up. … We must attack every Jew on planet Earth and slaughter and kill them,” he said. “We say to the Zionist enemy that it has exactly one week – until next Friday. If it does not lift the siege by then, and if it does not implement the understandings [with Hamas] … we have many methods and means up our sleeves, and they are just waiting for the green light to powerfully explode in the face of the enemy,…

Lindsey Graham unloads: 4 Dem lawmakers ‘bunch of communists’
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has introduced a House resolution calling President Trump’s tweets over the weekend “racist” and “xenophobic,” but Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham said Monday the focus of outrage should be the four “communist” congresswomen Trump was condemning. “Well, we all know that [New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and this crowd are a bunch of communists, they hate Israel, they hate our own country,” Graham said in an interview with “Fox and Friends.”

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal
Within the last 48 hours we have seen large earthquakes going off like firecrackers all along the Ring of Fire. As you will see below, a magnitude 6.1 quake just hit Japan, a magnitude 6.6 quake just hit Australia and a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just hit Indonesia. And of course all of this comes just about a week after southern California was hit by the two largest earthquakes that it has experienced in more than two decades. So is all of this shaking unusual?
Within the last seven days, our planet has experienced an average of more than 677 earthquakes of magnitude 1.5 or greater per day. That means that the number of global earthquakes right now is more than 3 times above normal.
And the number of very large earthquakes is at a frighteningly high level as well. None of this is “normal”. As I keep warning my readers, we have entered a time of tremendous global instability, and the U.S. is certainly not going to be exempt.

Joke or Not, Raid on Area 51 Would be Dangerous: Air Force
More than a million people have signed up to raid Area 51 in a hunt for aliens, a joke event posted on Facebook. Nearly another million indicated they’re interested in going. The Air Force is starting to become concerned that everybody isn’t in on the joke,.. A Facebook post says, “They can’t stop all of us.” That prompted an Air Force spokeswoman to warn that “any attempt to illegally access military installations or military training areas is dangerous.”

Trump Accuses Democrats of Hating Israel With a ‘True and Unbridled Passion’
“So sad to see the Democrats sticking up for people who speak so badly of our Country and who, in addition, hate Israel with a true and unbridled passion. Whenever confronted, they call their adversaries, including Nancy Pelosi, ‘RACIST.’ Their disgusting language and the many terrible things they say about the United States must not be allowed to go unchallenged.

Iran nuclear deal breaches not yet significant, EU says
Iran’s recent breaches of the 2015 nuclear deal are not significant and can be reversed, the European Union’s foreign policy chief says. “We invite Iran to reverse the steps and go back to full compliance,” Federica Mogherini said on Monday. Iran has broken restrictions on its production of enriched uranium, used to make reactor fuel but also potentially nuclear bombs.

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal
Within the last 48 hours we have seen large earthquakes going off like firecrackers all along the Ring of Fire. As you will see below, a magnitude 6.1 quake just hit Japan, a magnitude 6.6 quake just hit Australia and a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just hit Indonesia. And of course all of this comes just about a week after southern California was hit by the two largest earthquakes that it has experienced in more than two decades.

Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards
Thousands of people in Sweden are having futuristic microchips implanted into their skin to carry out everyday activities and replace credit cards and cash. More than 4,000 people have already had the sci-fi-ish chips, about the size of a grain of rice, inserted into their hands — with the pioneers predicting millions will soon join them as they hope to take it global.

‘He dropped to his knees and started throwing up blood’: Georgia man, 31, becomes 13th U.S. citizen to die on vacation in the Dominican Republic after complaining about drinking a soda that ‘didn’t taste right’
A Georgia man has died of a ‘respiratory illness’ while on holiday in the Dominican Republic – becoming the 13th American to die there in under a year. Jerome Jester Jr. of Forsyth, Georgia, died on March 17 this year just a day after going sightseeing in the Caribbean nation, according to his family. The 31-year-old had been on vacation with his sister, who called for an ambulance after he started having difficulty breathing.

As Hamas shows restraint, security officials discuss allowing 5,000 Gazan workers into Israel
Secret negotiations between Israel and Hamas became known in recent days, as the Gaza Strip’s ruling terror group showed restraint after one of its men was killed by IDF soldiers on Thursday, later deemed by the IDF as a mistake in a near-apology. Hamas’ decision to launch two rockets into Israel, rather than firing a larger barrage or starting border-fence riots, is considered minor in comparison to earlier events.

Netanyahu: EU response on Iran reminiscent of appeasement of Nazis
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned a European Union response on Monday to Iran’s breaches of nuclear limitations, saying it recalled failed diplomacy with Nazi Germany ahead of World War Two. “(It) reminds me of the European appeasement of the 1930s,” Netanyahu said in a video statement in Hebrew that was posted on Facebook.

North Korea says nuclear talks at risk if U.S.-South Korea exercises go ahead
The United States looks set to break a promise not to hold military exercises with South Korea, putting talks aimed at getting North Korea to abandon its nuclear weapons at risk, the North Korean Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. The United States’ pattern of “unilaterally reneging on its commitments” is leading Pyongyang to reconsider its own commitments to discontinue tests of nuclear weapons and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs)…

50 killed by floods in Nepal; Sweltering heat remains across Delhi
Since Friday, flooding has killed 50 in Nepal while dangerous heat and humidity remain across northern India.

The Number Of Global Earthquakes Is 3 Times Above Normal
Within the last 48 hours we have seen large earthquakes going off like firecrackers all along the Ring of Fire.  As you will see below, a magnitude 6.1 quake just hit Japan, a magnitude 6.6 quake just hit Australia and a magnitude 7.3 earthquake just hit Indonesia.  And of course all of this comes just about a week after southern California was hit by the two largest earthquakes that it has experienced in more than two decades.

UCLA Professor Faces 219 Years in Prison for Selling Missile Technology to China
A UCLA adjunct professor in the Engineering Department faces up to 219 years in federal prison for stealing missile technology and selling it to a Chinese company.

Boston Sued For Booting Christian Flag, While Allowing Islamic Symbols
The city of Boston is facing a federal lawsuit after officials refused to allow a Christian flag to be flown at city hall.

The Number One Reason China Wants to Occupy America with Hundreds of Millions of Colonists
…From a globalist perspective, the US must be destroyed as it is the number one barrier to the full implementation of the satanically inspired New World Order. Further, Americans, themselves, must also be totally destroyed because of their proclivity to believe in individual liberties and their propensity to defend their rights with 300 million gun estimated to be in private American hands. America and Americans are targeted for complete obliteration by both the Chinese and the United Nations.

More Ebola Preparations Underway As CDC, NYC Quietly Brace for Congo Migrant Surge
The nonprofit Greenville Health System in South Carolina recently published a job posting for an Emergency Preparedness Program Manager whose qualifications should include familiarity with “Ebola grants.”

Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry: Boys raped by priests at ‘satanic parties’
A child abuse inquiry witness has told how he was raped by priests during “satanic” drink-fuelled sex parties.

Report: Facebook and Twitter consult with terror-tied CAIR over who gets banned from platforms
The Hamas-tied Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which is best known as an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing case in U.S. history, appears to have access to high-ranking Facebook and Twitter executives and has communicated with these individuals about who should be allowed to stay on their platforms, according to a Wall Street Journal report published Tuesday.

Weaponized Immigration-Infected Immigrants Are Being Deployed Across the Breadth of the Country
I recently interviewed Paul Martin and he discussed an insider’s revelation that pre-selected immigrants are being “weaponized” in order to infect as many Americans as possible. This ultimately goes back to the Communist Chinese. Here is the complete story…

Headlines – 7/16/2019

PA envoy berates UK’s May for not recognizing Palestinian statehood

Hamas official walks back call to Palestinian Diaspora to kill ‘Jews everywhere’

At Antisemitism Summit, US Attorney General Says He Is ‘Deeply Concerned’ by Rise in Hate Crimes Targeting Jews

An Israeli economic agreement without Judea and Samaria?

PM said eyeing free trade deal with South Korea, sans West Bank and Golan

New Zealand lawmaker says Jesus’ mother was ‘Palestinian refugee’

EU agrees sanctions against Turkey for drilling off Cyprus

Israel says EU’s response on Iran recalls Nazi appeasement

Netanyahu: Some in Europe won’t wake up until Iranian nukes land on them

Ahead of EU talks, UK calls for reduced tensions with Iran

Iran nuclear deal breaches not yet significant, EU says

Former Iranian minister: Iran will not be bullied

At least five dead in Baghdad suicide blasts: medics, security

Erdogan says Turkey aims to produce S-400s jointly with Russia

China holds drills in Taiwan Strait, calls for sanctions against US companies

China’s economic growth slumps to lowest in 27 years as the trade war hits

Companies are fleeing China to escape Trump’s trade war

62 border employees under internal investigation amid posts

IJM cuts third of staff in Guatemala amid concern over Trump admin. cuts to Central American aid

Trump moves to effectively end asylum at southern border

Hollywood Erupts over Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Tweet: ‘Sick Sad Excuse for a Human Being’

Trump steps up attacks on Democratic congresswomen: “They hate our country”

Trump: Democrat congresswomen ‘love’ al-Qaeda, use ‘anti-Semitic’ language

Trump defiant as lawmakers blast his ‘racist’ attacks on four congresswomen

Al Green to force impeachment vote following incendiary Trump tweets

Liberal US Jews say Trump is weaponizing Israel to defend his racist tweets

AG Barr warns of hate created by identity politics

Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards

Investors are more worried than ever that a major recession or market crash is right around the corner

Con Ed can’t explain what caused the Manhattan blackout

Con Ed warns more blackouts could be coming with a heat wave on the way

EU’s GPS satellites have been down for four days in mysterious outage

The Last Lunar Eclipse of 2019 Occurs Tuesday, Just in Time for Apollo 11 Celebrations

More Than 1 Million People Agree To ‘Storm Area 51,’ But The Air Force Says Stay Home

Living in California Is Living on the Edge – For residents, the recent earthquakes are a reminder that the state is always poised on the brink of disaster

Ridgecrest earthquake aftershocks keep rattling: More than 70 measuring 4.0+ since July 4

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Kandrian, Papua New Guinea

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Kendalrejo, Indonesia

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Laiwui, Indonesia

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 27,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 19,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 16,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 12,000ft

Sheveluch volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 12,000ft

Despite widespread flooding, Louisiana was spared the brunt of Barry’s wrath. Here’s why

Barry leaves behind floodwaters and stranded residents

A sunken barge might have saved these Louisiana towns from major flooding

‘Snakes and other critters’ join flooding, tornadoes as Barry’s latest threat

Hurricane Barry rattles Gulf Coast fishermen already reeling from rough season

Floods and landslides kill more than 100 people in Nepal, India and Bangladesh

Tennessee police warn not to flush drugs down toilet for fear of creating ‘meth-gators’

Unplanned smashes Canadian box-office expectations on opening weekend

Gay Israelis come forward to describe predatory, harmful conversion therapy

LGBTQ teachers threaten strike unless ‘dangerous’ education minister sacked

Luxembourg PM boycotts Israeli event over minister’s conversion therapy remarks

Mike Huckabee responds to ‘hateful bigot’ accusations: ‘I refuse to deny God’s law’

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Gary DeMar – Scrubbing America’s History

Dr. Brown Implies His New Book on The Jezebel Spirit is Direct Inspiration From God

Congregation Demands Reinstatement of Pastor Who Used Church Funds to Buy ‘Adult Novelties’

Joni Eareckson Tada announces she’s cancer-free: ‘quite miraculous’

1,700-Year-Old Christian Letter Uncovered – Oldest Outside of the Bible

200+ companies urge Supreme Court to make ‘sexual orientation,’ ‘gender identity’ protected classes

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