Why is Apologetics Needed? Part 1: Answers to Questions

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Why do we need Christian apologetics? Why should believers be ready to give an answer for what they believe and why they believe it? Here are a few reasons why I think apologetics is needed.

I. Apologetics is needed because Christians will inevitably need to answer questions and correct misconceptions about the Way.

The proclamation of the Gospel from the evangelist’s lips always went hand-and-hand with the giving of well-reasoned responses to questions related to why Christians believe what they believe along with why they were doing what they were doing. For example, the Apostle Philip was led by the Holy Spirit to assist an Ethiopian eunuch, who was having trouble understanding Isaiah 53:7-8, Philip seized the occasion of answering to question as an opportunity to proclaim the Gospel, and the Ethiopian received water baptism upon understanding and believing that Jesus Christ was the fulfillment of Isaiah’s messianic prophecy…

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