Brannon Howse: July 17, 2019 | Worldview Weekend

The Truth About Hamas. (Part 2) Topic: CAIR is Hamas operating in the United States. Topic: In 1987 Hamas was created and their own charter admits that Hamas is an extension of Muslim Brotherhood. Topic: CAIR was established at a secret meeting of the Palestine Committee in October of 1993 in Philadelphia. The goal of CAIR includes raising funds for Hamas as well as carrying out propaganda and brainwashing for Hamas right here in the United States of America. Topic: If ten years ago someone had written a novel about evangelical leaders engaging in interfaith dialogue with and defending Muslim Brotherhood and CAIR leaders that are tied directly to the terrorist organization Hamas and that these same evangelical useful idiots were being defended and embraced by well-known Bible teachers and their ministries this would have been crazy talk. Yet, this is exactly what has happen. Brannon explains why he believes the proliferation of Hamas in America as well as evangelical leaders that are defending them and the evangelicals that are defending their compromised colleagues is proof that God is judging America. America is under Siege at all levels and yet most Americans and evangelical Christians are completely unaware of the facts presented in today’s programs.     

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