Homosexuality and the American Church | CARM


In any era and in any culture, certain sins arise and take hold of public thought, calling for a Christian response. When Paul entered Athens, he saw how pervasive their idolatry was. It so provoked his spirit that he proclaimed the truth to anyone who would listen, (Acts 17:16-17). Their idolatry was sinful and dangerous. To a large extent, what idols were to Athens, sexual sins are to our culture today. These days, it seems impossible to go anywhere or watch anything without being exposed to some sexual immorality. As Christians, we can’t remain silent. While most sexual sins are regarded as acceptable in today’s world, homosexuality is celebrated and literally paraded around as something good. Not only that, its advocates wield considerable political and corporate influence which they use to silence anyone who dares speak against homosexuality. Some street preachers and evangelists have even been arrested for speaking against it. Unopposed, things are only going to get worse.

Unfortunately, many pastors and evangelical leaders have begun to equivocate or back down altogether. On a recent Apologetics Live podcast, our own Matt Slick along with Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity discussed this issue in detail and the importance of a strong Christian response. You can listen to that conversation HERE.

We must pray for the opportunity to present God’s truth. We must be wise when confronting homosexuality because the unbelievers have gained so much power. But, we are also obligated to speak the truth in love. Are you willing to do that?

Check out CARMs articles on homosexuality, which address issues like:

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