July 19, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump tried to distance himself on Thursday from supporters’ chants of “send her back” at a rally where he blasted Somalia-born U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar, as Republicans worry the incendiary mantra could set the tone for the 2020 campaign.

Massive and at times violent protests in Puerto Rico showed no sign of stopping as labor unions on Thursday organized a Friday march to keep up pressure on the governor to resign, while dozens of guns were stolen in a raid on police firearms center.

Benjamin Netanyahu makes history this weekend by becoming the longest-serving Israeli prime minister, surpassing a record held by the country’s founding father David Ben-Gurion.

Germany’s Angela Merkel threw her weight behind her embattled new defense minister and heir-apparent on Friday, while insisting she herself was fit to carry on serving as chancellor through to the end of her term in 2021.

An unmanned aircraft dropped explosives on a base belonging to Iran-linked Shi’ite paramilitary groups in northern Iraq on Friday, killing at least one person, the army and paramilitary sources said.

A man suspected of torching an animation studio and killing 33 people in Japan’s worst mass killing in two decades had been convicted of robbery and carried out the attack because he believed his novel had been plagiarized, media said on Friday.

Gibraltar was granted the power on Friday to detain Iran’s Grace 1 oil tanker for another month, keeping the vessel at the center of a big-power quarrel between Iran and the United States and its allies.

AP Top Stories

Ukraine’s president on Friday outlined the details of an impending prisoner swap with Russia, saying that Kiev is willing to release a jailed Russian journalist in exchange for a Ukrainian film director.

Italian police said Thursday they had arrested 19 suspected members of a Nigerian mob, including the leaders of a clan which forged alliances with other mafias and violently punished anyone who rebelled.

A 5.3 magnitude earthquake hit Friday near the Greek capital of Athens, causing residents to run into the streets in fear and firefighters to check for people trapped in elevators.

38 percent of Democrats say they do not believe they will achieve the American dream in their lifetimes, compared to just 11 percent of Republicans, according to a new Gallup poll.

In 114 pages, over 70 groups recently laid out a legislative agenda in their “Blueprint for Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice” that is, in a few words, focused on one goal: abortion anywhere, anytime, for anyone – at any cost.

A Philadelphia man more than 25 years into a life sentence has been freed after prosecutors admitted they had evidence at the time that showed the man was “likely innocent” for a murder.

The Navy is currently analyzing air frames, targeting systems, AI-enabled sensors, new weapons and engine technologies to engineer a new 6th-Generation fighter to fly alongside the F-35 and ultimately replace the F/A-18.

Israeli archaeologists said Thursday they had unearthed the remains of a rare ancient rural mosque from the seventh and eighth centuries AD in the country’s south.

Russia has said it may join a European Union payment system aimed at salvaging the Iran nuclear deal if it is expanded to include oil purchases. The system, called Instex, is designed to facilitate payments to Iran despite the US trade sanctions reimposed on the country after Donald Trump pulled out of the landmark agreement in 2018.

The United States is preparing to send hundreds of troops to Saudi Arabia where satellite images appear to show a buildup of American forces on the ground.

The agency that manages the Great Barrier Reef broke ranks with Australia’s conservative government to call for the “strongest and fastest possible action” against climate change to save the world heritage marine wonder.

Germany is marking the 75th anniversary of the most famous plot to kill Adolf Hitler, honoring those who resisted the Nazis – who were stigmatized for decades as traitors – as pillars of the country’s modern democracy amid growing concerns about the resurgence of the far-right.

Three Cambodian women have been charged with violating surrogacy and human trafficking laws after they gave birth to babies they delivered to Chinese nationals in Vietnam, a court official said Friday.


Large areas of central and southern Russia have seen a major decline in their bee populations in recent months. The head of the Russian beekeepers’ union, Arnold Butov, said 20 regions had reported mass bee deaths.

Dozens of dead beached pilot whales have been spotted by sightseers during a helicopter flight over western Iceland.

One of the world’s earliest known mosques, built around 1,200 years ago, has been discovered by archaeologists in Israel’s Negev Desert.


Florida’s new requirement will require students to take courses aimed at helping them to identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness, find resources if they are battling with depression or other issues, and teach them how to help peers who are struggling with a mental health disorder.

President Trump’s administration hammered China over the repression of Uighur Muslims and other religious minorities for the second day in a row, at a forum that has Beijing’s communist rulers fuming.

The Foundation

“It should be your care, therefore, and mine, to elevate the minds of our children and exalt their courage; to accelerate and animate their industry and activity; to excite in them an habitual contempt of meanness, abhorrence of injustice and inhumanity, and an ambition to excel in every capacity, faculty, and virtue.” —John Adams (1756)

Pride in America, Then and Now — Apollo 11

The 50th anniversary of the first step on our moon and the decade of danger and failures it took to get there.

That Time FDR Told Republicans to Leave America

Democrats have a long history of not only issuing invitations to leave but of demonizing their opponents.

American Leadership in Religious Freedom

Trump’s second annual Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom was important.

Mulvaney’s White House

President Trump’s acting chief of staff has had a positive influence on executing policy.

Berkeley’s Double Shot of Regulatory ‘Wokeness’

From banning natural gas to the word “manhole,” science is definitely not part of the equation.

Border Crisis Brings More Drugs Into U.S.

As Border Patrol is overwhelmed with migrants entering illegally, drug cartels have taken advantage.

U.S. Downs Iranian Drone, Iran Denies It

Meanwhile, Trump plans to send Sen. Rand Paul as emissary to Iran.

‘You Can’t Handle the Truth!’

Apparently, much of our mainstream media feel the need to protect us from the truth.

Video: ‘Squad’ Star’s Brazenly Bigoted Remark

Ayanna Pressley made one of the most bigoted statements from an American politician in decades.

Video: Exposing the Truth About Republicans

Which party founded the KKK, supported slavery, and opposed civil rights? Not the GOP.

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Michael Reagan
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David Harsanyi
Why Media’s Normalizing of White Nationalists Matters
Tony Perkins
Out of the Mountain of Despair, Hope
Gary Bauer
Pence Defends Religious Liberty
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Friday Top News Executive Summary

“Send her back” repudiated, Labor nominee, minimum-wage legislation, Iran drone, and more.

Friday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Victor Davis Hanson, AOC, Cory Booker, Ilhan Omar, and more.

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News – 7/19/2019

IRGC deputy commander: U.S. forces entering Persian Gulf are entering ‘hell’
When the American forces enter the Persian Gulf they enter “hell,” said Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Deputy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi on Thursday, according to Tasnim news agency. “Whenever they [Americans] enter the Persian Gulf, they say among themselves that ‘We entered hell.’ Also, whenever they leave the Persian Gulf, they say ‘we got out of the hell,’” he said. “They are under tough mental and psychological conditions.”

Iran state TV: Iranian forces seize foreign oil tanker, crew
Iran said Thursday its Revolutionary Guard seized a foreign oil tanker and its crew of 12 for smuggling fuel out of the country, and hours later released video showing the vessel to be a United Arab Emirates-based ship that had vanished in Iranian waters over the weekend. The announcement solved one mystery — the fate of the missing ship — but raised a host of other questions and heightened worries about the free flow of traffic in the Strait of Hormuz…

Violent confrontations rock Puerto Rico protests demanding the governor step down
One of the largest protests in Puerto Rico’s history erupted into violent clashes late Wednesday night between demonstrators who said they will keep coming back to demand the governor’s resignation and officers in riot gear who shot tear gas and rubber bullets into the packed crowds…hundreds of protesters gathered and blocked the narrow streets surrounding Gov. Ricardo Rosselló’s Fortaleza mansion, clamoring for him to resign.

Firefighters battling blaze at entrance to Jerusalem
Firefighters were battling Thursday to control a fire that broke out in the afternoon in the area of the Lifta nature reserve at the entrance to Jerusalem. A dozen firefighting and rescue teams and four firefighting planes were deployed to the scene. Israel Railways suspended the train line from Jerusalem to Ben-Gurion Airport as the fire spread near the tunnels, providing buses instead for travelers.

House Chaplain Casts Out Demons During Morning Prayer In Capitol Building
Reverend Patrick Conroy serves as the House of Representatives Chaplain in Washington, D.C. and regularly starts the day off for lawmakers with prayer. Thursday’s invocation was a little more serious than most days for Rev. Conroy. The Roman Catholic Priest prayed specifically to cast out the demons inside Capitol Hill.

Trump Says American Warship Destroyed Iranian Drone as Tensions Escalate
A U.S. warship on Thursday destroyed an Iranian drone in the Strait of Hormuz after it threatened the ship, President Donald Trump said. The incident marked a new escalation of tensions between the countries less than one month after Iran downed an American drone and Trump came close to retaliating with a military strike.

Christchurch explosion: Rescuer reveals scene horror
One of the first people on the scene of today’s gas explosion in Christchurch has spoken of the horror that they encountered.

Rivers at highest levels since records began, 60 000 homes destroyed or damaged, Bangladesh
At least 60 000 homes were washed away or damaged in 13 districts across Bangladesh after a heavy monsoon rains hit Bangladesh and neighboring countries over the past week. At least 26 people have been killed and 3 million marooned. Over the past couple of days, rivers overflowed in 122 upazilas, flooding thousands of villages.

Moving Moments in the Oval Office as Trump Extends Session to Hear from More Religious Persecution Victims
It was an extraordinary and moving scene in the Oval Office as President Trump took the time to listen to the stories from people around the world who have been targeted for their faith.

Canadian PM urged to speak out on Quebec religious symbols bill
B’nai Brith Canada on Thursday called on Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to speak out against Quebec’s religious symbols bill, after a legal effort to block it temporarily came up short.

WHO declares Ebola in Congo to be emergency of ‘international concern’
The World Health Organization took the rare step Wednesday of classifying an ongoing Ebola outbreak in eastern Congo as a “public health emergency of international concern,” just days after a first case of the virus was confirmed in the major city of Goma on the border with Rwanda.

Normalcy Bias Will Keep One From Seeing the Modern Day FEMA Camps (CMU’s) Operating In Full View (Part 3)
This is the third part of a series on  the psychological processes which are leading to the literal enslavement of the American people by Leftist tyrants.

Facebook says posting about dietary supplements is a “violation,” but issuing death threats against conservatives is a-okay By Ethan Huff
Just when we thought that Big Tech couldn’t get any more blatantly hypocritical with its “community standards,” Facebook comes along and issues a new policy stating that it’s now okay to issue death threats against people you don’t like online, just so long as they’re conservatives.

Manholes in Berkeley will now be called ‘maintenance holes’
At a Tuesday night city council meeting, Berkeley became the first city in America to ban the use of natural gas piping in new construction. But that was not the only utility-related issue they saw fit to attend to. No, there was another matter on deck: Eliminating the gendered connotations of words like “manhole” in the city municipal code.

Thousands Attend Opening Dedication Ceremony Of $134 Million Dollar New Age Catholic Church On Site Of Robert Schuller’s Old Crystal Cathedral
The Catholic Church has just opened a glittering, dazzle New Age temple in California that will undoubtedly serve as the western headquarters of Antichrist during the time of Jacob’s trouble. It is the old Crystal Cathedral created by Prosperity preacher and false teacher Robert Schuller. I find it funny that the Catholic Church is always saying how poor they are, but have no problem spending $134 million for a church building ($57M) and renovations ($77M) while hundreds of thousands of homeless in California are eating garbage out of the dumpster. But that’s a story for another day. Many thanks to eagle-eyed NTEB reader Josie for making us aware of this.

Pentagon Fears Turkey To Retaliate Against US Troops In Syria Over New Sanctions
As expected, Turkey blasted the White House’s prior day announcement that it has killed Turkey’s involvement in the F-35 joint strike fighter program after Ankara received a first batch of S-400 Russian-made air defense components starting last week. Turkey’s foreign ministry called on the US to rectify its “mistake”.

As Iran Forces Seize Foreign Oil Tanker, United States Preparing To Deploy 500 Troops To Expanding Saudi Arabian Air Base In Event Of Iranian Attack
First the United States got involved with growing Iranian aggression, then the UK, sent three warships to the Gulf, and now we see Saudi Arabia also preparing for what more and more is looking like unavoidable conflict with Iran. President Trump has shown great restraint thru far, calling off a strike at the last minute, but his patience with the terror state is wearing thin.

Omar: End ‘Capitalist System.’ Guarantee Jobs, Housing, Medicare and Abortion for All
In the new nation that Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota seeks to create, the “capitalist system” will be left behind in pursuit of a “fair and just economy” where the federal government guarantees everybody jobs, housing, health care and free abortions.

Headlines – 7/19/2019

‘This is the Deed to Our Land’: Israel’s Ambassador Takes Out Bible at UN to Prove Jewish People’s Claim to Israel

Marking 25 years since Jewish center bombing, Argentina blacklists Hezbollah

US senators push resolution to help Argentina probe 1994 Jewish center bombing

Jay Sekulow and Mark Goldfeder: Ilhan Omar’s outrageous anti-Israel resolution should be defeated in House

Former Democratic chair Howard Dean: ‘Israel’s government has lost its soul’

Israeli demolition order on Jerusalem outskirts stokes Palestinian fears

Poll: Alarming Number of Arabs Living in The Middle East Deny the Holocaust

Bahrain applauds Argentina for blacklisting Hezbollah as terror organization

Netanyahu: Israel Will Deliver ‘Crushing Blow’ in Any Future War With Hezbollah

Report: Syria benefits from Israeli drone technology sold to Russia

End Syria hospital attacks, Russia told at UN

Israel, Bahrain foreign ministers talk Iran in groundbreaking public meet

US warship shoots down Iranian drone in strategic Strait of Hormuz

Iran denies Donald Trump claim that US destroyed drone in Strait of Hormuz

Iran’s deputy foreign minister says Tehran has not lost any drones

Iran deputy FM: US downed ‘own’ drone ‘by mistake’

Iran seizes ‘fuel-smuggling’ tanker in Gulf

US sanctions five people, seven entities over Iran nuclear program: Treasury

US sets tight travel limitations for Iran’s UN diplomats

Iran foreign minister reported to make nuclear offer; US skeptical

Iran makes ‘substantial’ nuclear offer in return for US lifting sanctions

In US, Zarif offers permanent scrutiny of nuclear sites for sanctions relief

Rouhani urges Europe to ‘accelerate’ efforts to preserve nuclear deal

Zarif: We can shut down Strait of Hormuz, but won’t do it – US “shot itself in the foot” by leaving nuclear deal

Iran’s Zarif says Saudi Arabia, not Iran, is to blame for Middle East instability

Turkey Appears Poised to Retaliate Against the U.S., Prompting Pentagon Warning

ISIS claims suicide bombing that killed 2 in Egypt’s Sinai

Libya’s Mitiga airport halts air traffic after missile strike: Airport statement

Moroccan court orders death penalty for jihadists who beheaded tourists

Explosion outside Kabul University kills 6, wounds 27

Gas explosion in New Zealand’s Christchurch injures several people

Merkel: Britain will remain partner even if it is no longer EU member

Unrest in Puerto Rico enters 2nd week as protesters demand resignation of embattled governor

Man self-immolates near Japan Embassy amid Seoul-Tokyo spat

Man shouting ‘You die’ kills 33 at Japan anime studio

Suspect at the center of Japan’s worst mass killing in decades identified

More than 50 companies reportedly pull production out of China due to trade war

Expect a War Between Russia and China in the 2020s

Times Investigation: Trump administration has gutted programs aimed at detecting weapons of mass destruction

Democrats call for increased security after ‘send her back’ chants

Trump Disavows ‘Send Her Back’ Chant as G.O.P. Frets Over Ugly Phrase

FaceApp under fire as lawmakers ask FBI to review viral app

Area 51 Facebook Prankster Comes Forward For TV Interview, Claims It Was A Joke

Dueling Superpowers, Rival Billionaires. Inside the New Race to the Moon

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Bomdila, India

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Kota Ternate, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits the Kuril Islands

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Frontera Hidalgo, Mexico

Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts to 32,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 18,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 16,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 12,000ft

Mt Etna in Italy erupts to 12,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Tropical Storm Danas to unleash heavy rain on South Korea, Japan into early next week

Widespread flooding in India leaving residents in despair and hungry

Rivers at highest levels since records began, 60 000 homes destroyed or damaged, Bangladesh

Northeast, Midwest to blister in the sun as hottest weather in years grips region

The heat goes on: June toastiest on record, July may follow

Buzz off: breakthrough technique eradicates mosquitoes

Westminster pushes ahead with changes to Northern Ireland’s abortion laws

Transgender man who had baby wants to be ‘father’ on birth certificate. Official rules ‘he could only be registered as…mother.’ Now it’s on.

U.S. Women’s Soccer Goalie: People Who Are Not Accepting of Homosexuality ‘Don’t Belong’ on Team

California city will remove gender terms, including ‘manhole’ and ‘manmade,’ from municipal code

Judge denies Jeffrey Epstein bail in child sex trafficking case, citing ‘danger’ to public

Facebook and Google track what porn you’re watching, even when you’re in incognito

Things have gotten so bad in Congress that a priest prayed to ‘cast out all spirits of darkness’ on the House floor

China’s Schools Teaching Children to ‘Hate God’ and Distrust Christian Parents, Report Says

US declares China’s religious persecution ‘the stain of the century’ as Beijing fumes

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Mike Ratliff – The desire of the false teacher is to deceive

David Dombrowski – My Journey Out of Catholicism

Ben Kinchlow, long time CBN co-host is dead at 83

Beth Moore Has Departed The Faith to Embrace Homosexuality

Occultist Swedenborg’s influence on A.A.’s co-founder Bill Wilson

Judge angrily denies bail for megachurch leader after hearing on alleged sex videos involving minors

Christian Teen Home Relocating to S.C. Mountains Punishes Student on the Woodpile

House Chaplain (RCC) Casts Out Demons During Morning Prayer In Capitol Building

Moon landing: Buzz Aldrin took Holy Communion, read this Bible verse on lunar surface

Judge Upholds David Daleiden’s 1st Amendment Right to Expose Planned Parenthood Aborted Baby Part Sales

Russia Offers Sanctuary for 15000 Christian White South African Farmers

Court in Germany Grants Russian Baptists Right to Asylum

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