Saturday Selections – July 20, 2019 — Reformed Perspective

The programmer? (6 min)

Our DNA is more remarkable than any man-made computer program. So who programmed it?

When your kids complain, “That’s not fair!”

Two children plus one toy equals trouble. Or is it an opportunity?

Arguments Creationists shouldn’t use

While it’s important we hold to the biblical truth of a six-day creation tightly, we can hold to individual creationist hypotheses loosely.

Why I wish we hadn’t lived together before getting married

A 34-year-old reflects on what she might have told the 18-year-old version of herself.

The gift of accepting help

There’s a word for thinking we can do it all ourselves, better than anyone else: pride.

1984 is happening in China (11 min)

The BBC reports on how the Chinese government is interning a million of its citizens, mostly Muslim, for thought crimes. That’s why some are calling China “freedom’s greatest threat.”

via Saturday Selections – July 20, 2019 — Reformed Perspective

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