Did Beth Moore Rip Off Joel Osteen’s Mantra? — Reformation Charlotte

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several months, you’re aware of the controversy in Evangelical circles surrounding Beth Moore and her continual tirade against Biblical womanhood. Moore, arguably the world’s worst exegete in Evangelical circles, regularly defies God’s commands to stay low in the Church, not drawing attention to herself and usurps the man’s role as preacher and teacher, not only to women but also to men.

Moore recently preached a sermon at Andy Stanley’s megachurch in Atlanta on a Sunday morning — on Mothers’ Day — which drew the attention of many. While Beth Moore, having a massive appeal to the carnal world — because she preaches from the flesh rather than Scripture — has a massive following. Currently, over 800 thousand followers on Twitter. That’s more than the top three Southern Baptist leaders, Al Mohler, Russell Moore, and JD Greear put together. She is undoubtedly a woman of influence — the jezebel the Church tolerates (Revelation 2:20).

To make matters worse, Beth Moore has been under fire for her refusal to directly label homosexuality as a sin while silently removing a passage from a book she published in 2009 that spoke of the sinfulness of homosexuality claiming that “she exceeded Scripture.” Now, it is being suggested by some that Beth Moore may have ripped off Joel Osteen’s mantra in 2004. One Twitter user, Elizabeth Prata writes,

The more one looks at Moore’s history of output, the more one sees that she has simply followed fads and trends, then matched her teaching to what’s popular at the moment. Not a lot of originality. See below. Osteen & Moore both promote a mantra, & 2 mantras are almost the same.

When we place Osteen’s and Moore’s 2004 mantras side by side, we can see a striking similarity.

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