July 23, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump’s administration pushed ahead with its attempts to
crack down on migration at the southern border on Monday, defending in
court a virtual ban it imposed on asylum seekers and issuing its second
sweeping order within a week.

President Donald Trump said he is now considering a “ban,” tariffs and
remittance fees after Guatemala decided to not move forward with a safe
third country agreement that would have required the Central American
country to take in more asylum seekers.

The Trump administration on Tuesday will propose a rule to tighten food
stamp restrictions that would cut about 3.1 million people from the
program, USDA officials said.

Boris Johnson, the Brexiteer who has promised to lead Britain out of the
European Union with or without a deal by the end of October, will replace
Theresa May as prime minister after winning the leadership of the
Conservative Party on Tuesday.

Democratic White House hopeful Kamala Harris will introduce a Senate bill
on Tuesday to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, erase past
convictions and use funds from marijuana sales to invest in communities hit
by the decades-long “war on drugs.”

Around 120 coal miners with black lung disease were due in Washington on
Tuesday hoping to pressure Congress to restore a higher excise tax level on
coal companies to help fund their medical care, as rates of the progressive
respiratory disease rise in parts of Appalachia.

A top adviser to Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Tuesday
praised Iran’s recent downing of a U.S. drone and seizure of a
British-flagged tanker as turning points in “Muslims’ struggle”, the
semi-official news agency Fars said.

Saudi Arabia said on Tuesday that Iran’s interception of commercial
vessels, including its seizure of a British tanker, in Gulf waters was a
violation of international law and urged the global community to deter such

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a large newly built submarine,
state news agency KCNA reported on Tuesday, potentially signaling continued
development of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) program.

Venezuelans in Caracas woke up on Tuesday with the lights back on after the
worst blackout since March knocked out power in half the country a day
earlier, though service remained down in other states and cities.

U.S home sales fell more than expected in June as a persistent shortage of
properties pushed prices to a record high, suggesting the housing market
was struggling to regain its footing since hitting a soft patch last year.

AP Top Stories

Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib called for a federal minimum wage of
up to $20 an hour at a “One Fair Wage” event in Detroit on Sunday.

Regime and Russian air strikes killed 50 people in northwest Syria on
Monday, most of them in a crowded market, a war monitor said, in the latest
violence to plague the opposition bastion.

The United States is placing a leading Chinese oil importer on its
sanctions blacklist for trading in Iranian crude, Secretary of State Mike
Pompeo announced Monday.

The Mexican government said Monday it has reached agreement with the United
States for a joint operation to combat gun smuggling along the U.S. border
after seeing a spike in the number of illegal firearms detected.

Venezuela’s socialist government is blaming a nationwide blackout on an
“electromagnetic attack” against the nation’s hydroelectric system.

Turkish authorities confiscated about $271 million in fake U.S. $100
banknotes in a raid on an Istanbul printing press – the country’s biggest
counterfeit currency seizure in recent years, Hurriyet newspaper reported
on Monday.

Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will cut staffers’ hours so
they can effectively be paid the $15-an-hour minimum wage he champions on
the campaign trail.

A tiny shark captured in the Gulf of Mexico was identified as a new species
of pocket shark that shoots glow-in-the-dark fluid from pouches near its
gills, researchers said.


South Korea said its jets fired warning shots at a Russian surveillance
plane that entered its airspace on Tuesday. South Korea’s ministry of
defense said it scrambled fighter jets in response and fired 360
machine-gun rounds.

A prominent LGBT rights campaigner has been found dead with multiple stab
wounds and signs of strangulation in the Russian city of St Petersburg.

A suspected drug carrier has been arrested after crashing a van packed
$140m of methamphetamine into a patrol car parked outside a police station
in Sydney, Australia.

Singapore authorities have seized 8.8 tonnes of elephant ivory, its largest
ever seizure to date. Authorities estimate that the tusks, valued at
$12.9m, have come from nearly 300 African elephants.

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Puerto Rico to
demand the resignation of the island’s embattled governor, Ricardo

The US government is introducing a new fast-track deportation process that
will bypass immigration courts. Under the new rules, migrants who cannot
prove they have been in the US continuously for more than two years can be
immediately deported.


An organization that has provided its services to a library for eight
years, organizing nursery-rhyme sing-alongs for the under-5 set, has been
banished from ever doing it again. Because the songs occasionally mentioned
God. They objected to songs such as “Mr. Noah Built an Ark” and “God Has
Made a Rainbow.”

Mid-Day Snapshot · July 23, 2019

The Foundation

“A wise and frugal government … shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government.” —Thomas Jefferson (1801)

Promise Exceeded: Trump’s Deregulatory Record

“We’ve hit 13 to 1,” said the OMB’s Russ Vought of regulations cut for each one added.

Warren Hopes for Economic Doom

She holds out the promise of economic “security” in exchange for giving up individual freedom.

China’s Economy Is Feeling Trump’s Tariffs

Its growth is at a three-decade low as Beijing is under increasing pressure by the U.S.

Royal Navy Weakness a Warning for America

America has a vested interest in the latest flap between Great Britain and Iran.

Military Recruitment Down, So Recruit Younger?

There are proposals floating around for lowering the recruitment age to 16.

Navy SEAL Fixes American Flag Barely Hanging on Pole

“This country continues to have great men and women willing to step up to do what is right.”

Video: Why Can’t America Fill a Pothole?

Kyle Smith of National Review has the surprising (and frustrating) answer.

Video: America’s Issue With Spending

Politicians continue to spend hundreds of billions of dollars more than the government takes in.

Today’s Opinion

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Congress Borrows Trouble With Debt Deal
Cal Thomas
End Immigration to Mend It
Ken Blackwell
Attacks on Conservative Speech Take Many Forms
Hans von Spakovsky
Maine and Nevada Show Why the Electoral College Helps Small States, Not Red States
Dennis Prager
America, Google and Me: My Senate Speech
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Budget agreement, deregulation, Comey’s surreptitious witch hunt, food-stamp reform, and more.

Tuesday Short Cuts

Notable quotables from Brian Riedl, Erick Erickson, Debbie Stabenow, AOC, and more.

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News – 7/23/2019

NEW WORLD ORDER Cyborgs will rule the planet within 80 years – but they won’t kill us, British scientist claims
Mr Lovelock believes the rise of the cyborgs to becoming the dominant species is part of evolution. And since the fitness survive, it will be them who inherit the world.

Microsoft Joins Project On Ethical Artificial Intelligence
Microsoft on Monday announced a $1 billion investment in an OpenAI ethical artificial intelligence project backed by Tesla’s Elon Musk and Amazon. The partnership will be devoted to developing advanced AI models on Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform while adhering to “shared principles on ethics and trust,” the companies said in a joint release. OpenAI and microsoft expressed a vision of “artificial general intelligence” (AGI) working with people to help solve daunting problems…

Elon Musk’s Neuralink unveils device to connect your brain to a smartphone
Neuralink seeks to build a brain-machine interface that would connect human brains with computers. No tests have been performed in humans, but the company hopes to obtain FDA approval and begin human trials in 2020. Musk said the technology essentially provides humans the option of “merging with AI.”

Read a Harvard geneticist’s plan for redesigning humans
Harvard geneticist George Church makes a list of genes that could be modified to enhance human abilities. The list tracks both positive and negative effects. Redesigning humans can lead to posthumans or transhumans. Here are some selections from the so-called Transhumanist Wishlist, leading to a transformation of what it means to be human:

Netanyahu: Iran is ‘just waiting’ for my opponents to come to power
“We’ve blocked it up until now but it hasn’t been permanently blocked,” he said. “No one knows what will happen… the Iranians are banking on it being only a little while more until they’re free of [us]… The Iranians are just waiting, they’re waiting for our opponents.” “Who will stop [them]?” he said. “Benny Gantz? Who will stop it, Yair Lapid?” Netanyahu said. “These people who said we mustn’t walk away from the [nuclear] deal? That it was alright?”

Leaked docs show China’s Huawei secretly developed North Korea’s 3G network
Documents obtained exclusively by The Washington Post this week revealed Huawei’s workings with Chinese state-owned Panda International Information Technology Co. to provide the equipment used to build the Koryolink cellular network for North Korea. “All of this fits into a general concern we have about corporate responsibility and a company like Huawei that is not trustworthy because of its company culture and numerous incidents indicating a willingness to evade or outright violate laws,”

UK: Europe-led mission will protect vital shipping in Gulf
Britain announced plans Monday to develop and deploy a Europe-led “maritime protection mission” to safeguard shipping in the vital Strait of Hormuz in light of Iran’s seizure of a British-flagged tanker in the waterway last week. Briefing Parliament on the budding crisis, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt accused Iran of “an act of state piracy” that must be met with a coordinated international reaction.

Comey Under DOJ Investigation For Misleading Trump While Targeting Him In FBI Probe
James Comey has been under investigation for misleading President Trump – telling him in private that he wasn’t the target of an ongoing FBI probe, while refusing to admit to this in public. According to two US officials familiar with Horowitz’s upcoming report on FBI misconduct, Comey was essentially “running a covert operation” against Trump – which began with a private “defensive briefing” shortly after the inauguration.

Ex-Ohio judge dragged from court after being ordered to be taken into custody
Tensions reportedly flared inside a Cincinnati courthouse on Monday as a bailiff dragged a former judge out of the courtroom after she was ordered to be taken into custody. The chaotic scene occurred after a judge announced his decision regarding Tracie Hunter’s 2014 conviction and six-month sentence for using her ex-job as judge to help a family member.

Israel begins toppling Palestinian housing in East Jerusalem
Israel said the homes violated a construction ban because they were too close to the West Bank separation barrier, which it considers a security risk. A year-long legal fight over the buildings went to the Israeli Supreme Court in May, when the court cleared the way for demolition.

Whole Foods, A Retailer That Once Promoted Organics And Purity, Is Now Sponsoring ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ That’s Aimed At Grooming Young Children For Pedophiles
Not only are Whole Foods’ product offerings filthy from a food science point of view; its cultural indoctrination programs are rooted in filth and child “grooming” that prepares children to be sexually molested by adult perverts dressed as women. Drag Queen Story Hour is a front for the pedophilia wing of the extreme transgender pervert community.

Boris Johnson set to become next UK PM as Conservatives announce new leader
Boris Johnson is expected to be elected leader of Britain’s governing Conservative Party and the country’s next prime minister on Tuesday, tasked with following through on his “do or die” pledge to deliver Brexit in just over three months time.

U.S. to expand rapid deportation nationwide with sweeping new rule
The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said on Monday it will order more speedy deportations of immigrants who crossed illegally and are caught anywhere in the United States, expanding a program typically applied only along the southern border with Mexico. The rule set to be published in the Federal Register on Tuesday would apply “expedited removal” to any illegal crossers who cannot prove to immigration agents that they have been living in the country for two years. Legal experts said it was a dramatic expansion of a program that cuts out review by an immigration judge.

77% of Religious Zionist Israelis Want the Right to Pray on the Temple Mount
A survey conducted by the Direct Polls Institute last week revealed that in Israel’s religious Zionist communities, there is an across-the-board consensus regarding the Temple Mount reports Makor Rishon. The survey was backed by entrepreneur Shlomo Ben-Zvi and included 569 Religious Zionist (Israeli) participants. 77.6% of those surveyed support or strongly supports (25.4% support and 52.2% strongly support) allowing freedom of worship to Jews in the Temple Mount area as opposed to only 9.7% who oppose or strongly oppose it …

Greek Orthodox Church Uses Nefarious Replacement Theology to Protest Legal Sale of Jerusalem Hotel to Jews
A real estate deal in Jerusalem has pitted the Greek Orthodox Church against Jews who want to live in Jerusalem and like many such conflicts, the real issue may go much deeper than money.

Houthi rebels raise close to $300,000 for cash-strapped Hezbollah
A radio station broadcasting in support of the Houthi rebels in…Yemen has raised close to $300,000 in fundraising campaign for Lebanon’s Hezbollah which is facing increasing financial pressure from American sanctions on Iran. The radio station…published a video…showing…bundles of cash alongside…men chanting “From Yemen the faith to Lebanon’s resistance, salute to the well-being of Yemen,” “Death to America, death to Israel, curse the Jews.”

MI6 fears Iran used Russian GPS tech to send UK tanker off course – report
MI6 and GCHQ are investigating the possibility that Iran used Russian GPS “spoofing” technology that produces incorrect location data to send the British-flagged Stena Impero off course into Iranian waters before it was seized by IRGC forces… “Russia has the technology to spoof GPS and may have helped Iran in this venture as it was extremely brazen,” said an anonymous security source in a report published by the Daily Mail.

South Korea fires warning shots at Russian military aircraft
South Korea says its jets fired warning shots at a Russian surveillance plane that entered its airspace on Tuesday. Officials said the plane twice violated the airspace over the Dokdo/Takeshima islands, which are occupied by Seoul but also claimed by Japan. South Korea’s Ministry of Defence said it scrambled fighter jets in response and fired 360 machine-gun rounds.

Eight EU nations agree migrants deal, France says
France says eight EU countries have agreed to share the resettlement of migrants rescued in the Mediterranean – but Italy is not one of them. President Emmanuel Macron says another six nations backed in principle a Franco-German plan at talks in Paris. He says he will not agree to releasing EU structural funds to countries that refuse to share the burden.

US expands powers to deport migrants without going to court
The US government is introducing a new fast-track deportation process that will bypass immigration courts. Under the new rules, migrants who cannot prove they have been in the US continuously for more than two years can be immediately deported. Until now, expedited deportations could only be applied to those detained near the border who had been in the US for less than two weeks.

US denounces Venezuela aircraft’s ‘unsafe approach’
The United States military has accused a Venezuelan fighter aircraft of endangering the crew of a US navy plane in international airspace. The Venezuelan plane made an “unsafe approach” and “aggressively shadowed” the US reconnaissance aircraft over the Caribbean Sea, US Southern Command said on Sunday. Venezuela said the US plane had entered Venezuelan airspace without permission.

Massive protests held in Puerto Rico after governor refuses to step down
Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets in Puerto Rico to demand the resignation of the island’s embattled governor, Ricardo Rosselló. It comes a day after Mr Rosselló said he would not step down over a leaked online chat in which he and top aides exchanged obscenity-laced messages. He said he would leave office next year, at the end of his term.

Resistant malaria spreading in South East Asia
Malaria parasites resistant to key drugs have spread rapidly in South East Asia, researchers from the UK and Thailand say. The parasites have moved from Cambodia to Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, where half of patients are not being cured by first-choice drugs. Researchers say the findings raise the “terrifying prospect” drug-resistance could spread to Africa.

Army Lets Slip That It’s Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C.
The Pentagon has revealed a few details about a secret Army mission that has Black Hawk helicopters flying missions over the Washington, D.C., area backed by active-duty and reserve soldiers. The mysterious classified operation was disclosed when the Army asked Congress for approval to shift funds to provide an extra $1.55 million for aircraft maintenance, air crews and travel in support of an “emerging classified flight mission.”

Hamas meets Iran’s supreme leader during warm visit in Tehran
Iran’s state TV says a delegation from the Palestinian militant group Hamas that is visiting Iran has met with the country’s supreme leader. The TV report on Monday says Ayatollah Ali Khamenei held talks with Hamas’ deputy chief, Saleh al-Arouri, who is heading the delegation. The Hamas delegation also met with Kamal Kharrazi, an adviser to Khamenei.

North Korea’s Kim inspects new submarine, signals possible ballistic missile development
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un inspected a large newly built submarine, state news agency KCNA reported on Tuesday, potentially signaling continued development of a submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) program. Kim inspected the operational and tactical data and combat weapon systems of the submarine that was built under “his special attention”, and will be operational in the waters off the east coast, KCNA said.

Japan scrambles fighters to intercept Russian and Chinese planes
Japan’s military scrambled fighter aircraft to intercept Russian and Chinese planes, it said on Tuesday, including an observation jet at which South Korean forces fired warning shots after it entered airspace over an island claimed by both Seoul and Tokyo. Japan, like South Korea, identified two Chinese H-6 bombers and two Russian TU-95 bombers flying over the strait between the countries.

Intense cold front to make landfall in South Africa, Cape Town dam levels soaring to impressive new heights
South African Weather Service issued severe weather warnings and watches for part of the country as an intense cold front, currently positioned SW of South Africa, is expected to make landfall overnight tonight July 22 into 23, 2019 with a second front following closely tomorrow. The cold fronts are expected to result in a significant drop in temperatures, windy and wet conditions as well as snow in the western and southern parts of the country.

Philippines declares national emergency after more than 100,000 people contract Dengue fever
Health officials in the Philippines declared a national emergency this week after a record-breaking 106,630 cases of Dengue fever were reported since January.

At least 50 dead pilot whales wash up on remote beach in Iceland
At least 50 dead whales were discovered washed up on a remote beach in Iceland by a group of sightseers Thursday.

The Bones Of 15-Year Old Murder Victim Emanuela Orlandi May Just Have Been Discovered Under The Vatican As The Catholic Church Denies Being Involved In Her Disappearance
From the time it was created by Rome in the 4th century, the Roman Catholic Church has always been filled with death, murder and intrigue, with the penultimate part of the RCC being the demon-filled Vatican. Yesterday, the bones of 15-year old Emanuela Orlandi who went missing in the Vatican 36 years ago may finally discovered, but the really gruesome thing is that while looking for her, investigators found piles and piles of bones belonging to untold victims.

IWV – Children are Being Rented Out to Cross the Border With Strangers
It’s hard to believe, but there are hundreds of asylum seekers attempting to enter the United States more easily by “renting” children. This “family fraud,” as it’s called, has become a focus for Arizona border control after at least 700 claims were filed. The individuals in question reportedly were found attempting to enter the country with children who weren’t their own, allegedly rented from smugglers.

Oregon approves ‘mental health days’ for students
Important news about the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has been flagrantly under-reported.

Shroud of Turin: New Test Concludes 1988 ‘Medieval Hoax’ Dating Was a Fraud
Important news about the Shroud of Turin, believed by millions to be the authentic burial cloth of Jesus Christ, has been flagrantly under-reported.

Trump takes action against child trafficking foster care system, dealing huge blow to left-wing deep state pedophilia
Back in February, President Trump quietly signed into law the “Family First Prevention Services Act” which, when it finally comes into effect on October 1, will greatly curtail abuses within the foster care system that facilitate the child sex trafficking and pedophilia rings operated undercover by the evil, left-wing deep state

Viral Russian FaceApp Now Owns the Personal Data of Over 150 Million People
The smartphone app FaceApp has recently gone viral across social media as people all over the world use the eerie photo filter, which uses AI to digitally age your face, to share hilarious images of how they will look in the future.

Severe flooding death toll in India, Nepal and Bangladesh surpasses 300
Death toll from intense flooding in parts of India, Bangladesh, and Nepal surpassed 300 on July 22, 2019.

California’s Homeless Crisis Has Reached “Epic Proportions”
The homeless crisis in the Democrat stronghold of California has reached epic proportions. Even after throwing billions of dollars at the problem, the state is unable to solve the epidemic they created.

Why Is America the Loneliest Nation on the Face of the Earth?
…Many studies show that the Christian religion has declined from 90% to about half of the country actively embrace Christianity. In many cases, Satanic cults have taken the place of Jesus. The net effect is that, in particular, our young people are spiritually bankrupt.

Election Fraud: Brenda Snipes Destroyed Ballots & Allowed Aliens, Felons to Vote
As the controversy swirls around the election results in Florida, at the eye of the storm is an official who has a long history of losing and destroying ballots and breaking laws by allowing felons and illegal immigrants to vote.

Headlines – 7/23/2019

Jared Kushner on Mid-East peace: ‘We’ve turned the battleship, making serious progress’

Khamenei: Palestinians have ‘precision missiles’ to resist US peace plan

Iran: US seeks to destroy ‘Palestinian identity’

Hamas Official Tells Iranian Leader Group Is Tehran Regime’s ‘First Line of Defense’

Liberman claims PM nixed his plan to assassinate Hamas chief

Bahrain, Jordan, France among those condemning Jerusalem area demolitions

Settlement watchdog says West Bank outposts boom under Trump

Ilhan Omar Says Boycotting Israel Is Like Boycotting Nazi Germany

Facing growing anger, Corbyn pushes speedy expulsion of anti-Semites from Labour

Saudi blogger visiting Israel attacked by Palestinians at Temple Mount

Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox riot, block roads over draft-dodger arrest

Lithuanian FM: Israel’s rapprochement with Russia is ‘shortsighted’

IAF jet accidentally fired missile into Syrian territory last month

Israel expects to encounter urban warfare in possible future war in Syria

Netanyahu: Iran ‘just waiting’ for my opponents to come to power

Iran not seeking confrontation, Tehran says in message for Boris Johnson

Iran says it dismantled CIA spy ring, arrests 17, sentences some to death: report

Britain says it is planning European-led protection force in Persian Gulf

UK must look after its own ships in the Gulf, says Pompeo

Ships Urged to Alert U.K. Navy Before Sailing Through Strait of Hormuz

Iran says it’s watching all US ships in Gulf, keeping record of their movements

Trump says chance of making a deal with Iran is dwindling

China says it strongly opposes US sanctions on Chinese firm over Iran oil

Libya’s Mitiga airport halts air traffic after it is targeted by air strike

Arab Coalition downs Houthi drones targeting civilian areas in Asir

Experts fear deserted oil tanker off Yemen could explode

Trump, Pakistan’s Khan discuss way out of Afghanistan war

Pakistan PM says country’s intelligence led CIA to bin Laden

Tajikistan says one killed in violence at Kyrgyzstan border

Violent Pro-China ‘Triad’ Mob Attacks Hong Kong Protesters, No Arrests Made

China’s State Media Show Hong Kong Protest Images, Fanning Public Anger

Trump says China’s Xi has acted responsibly on Hong Kong protests

N. Korea’s Kim Jong Un inspects new submarine, points out weapons systems

The Japan-South Korea dispute could push up the price of your next smartphone

South Koreans fire warning shots at Russian jet

Russia denies its strategic bombers violated S. Korean air space

Trump attacks Mueller ahead of testimony on Russia probe

With Mueller testimony looming, Trump predicts trouble for special counsel and Dems

Justice Department tells Mueller his House testimony ‘must remain within the boundaries’ of public report

Democrats hope Mueller’s testimony will make more Americans want to impeach Trump

Tlaib: ‘I’m not going nowhere, not until I impeach’ Trump

Louisiana policemen fired over Facebook post suggesting Ocasio-Cortez be shot

Posting a negative review online can get you sued

Army Lets Slip That It’s Conducting Secret Operation Around D.C.

GOP rep unveils bill to implement DNA testing at border, as officials warn of ‘child recycling’

Puerto Rico’s mass protests were partly sparked by this news outlet’s publication of leaked texts

Venezuela capital in the dark again after massive blackout

Widespread blackout hits Venezuela, government blames ‘electromagnetic attack’

Elon Musk says Hyperloop hit a top speed of 463kmh before exploding

Liftoff! India Launches Ambitious Mission to Land at the Moon’s South Pole

Microsoft invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence project co-founded by Elon Musk

5.5 magnitude earthquake hits near Amahai, Indonesia

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Ishigaki, Japan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Bandar-e Lengeh, Iran

Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 12,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 12,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 12,000ft

Mudslide in remote Nepal mountain village kills 8

Tropical depression forms, could bring flooding rain to South Florida this week

Death toll from India, Nepal, Bangladesh floods jumps to over 300

Con Edison, other utility stocks take a hit after customers lose power in heat wave

Europe Faces Another Record-Setting Heat Wave This Week

Israeli researchers develop algorithm to predict infectious diseases

DR Congo health minister resigns in Ebola row

Study: Malaria Drugs Are Failing At An ‘Alarming’ Rate In Southeast Asia

Texas Governor Signs ‘Born Alive Act’ Protecting Babies Who Are Born Alive following a Failed Abortion

Poland LGBT march: Police arrest 25 after attacks on activists

In Bolsonaro’s Brazil, LGBT people take personal defense into their own hands

In Lebanon, calls to cancel gig by gay-friendly band

Al Franken says he ‘absolutely’ regrets resigning over sexual misconduct claims

Al Franken’s sexual assault is what #MeToo was created to address and now liberals feel victimized by it

Perpetrators of child sexual abuse must be punished, says Pope Francis

Apostasy Watch Daily News

The Left Is Following Communism’s Playbook for Revolution

Why the Rapture isn’t Biblical… And Why it Matters

Christian, do you unintentionally delve in religious superstition and magic?

Please, Women, Stop Reading Ann Voskamp

Pro-Trump Evangelicals Worse for Christianity Than Atheists, Says Former GOP Guru

Klein v. Oregon: Religious Liberty & Freedom of Speech vs. Gay Rights

V.P. Pence pledges U.S. support for North Korean Christians

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