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July 26 Experiencing God’s Love

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 5:6–10

Key Verse: Hebrews 5:8

Though He was a Son, yet He learned obedience by the things which He suffered.

What happens when you ignore God? In your mind, do you picture Him just walking away, looking forlorn and rejected? Or do you have a mental image of God getting mad at you and banishing you to forty years of wilderness wandering?

Neither is correct. God loves you perfectly. And His love for you is not based on your obedience. Though He tells us in His Word that obedience is better than sacrifice, the thing that God wants most from you is a love that comes from your heart.

He doesn’t stop loving you just because you do something wrong. None of us can earn God’s love by being good or trying to be perfect. For one, we do not have the ability to do either of these on our own. We need a Savior. And this is why Jesus came to die for you and me. He does the very thing that you cannot do for yourself. He makes you acceptable in God’s eyes. He sets you free from sin.

When we ignore the Lord, we are the ones who suffer and miss a great opportunity for blessing. God is not a strong and mighty taskmaster who waits for us to do something wrong so He can pounce. He is a loving God who listens for our cry. When He draws you to Himself, He uses love, not a rod of thunder. God knows that once you drink of His love, the world’s appeal will fade. Give Him your heart, and you will be blessed by what you receive from Him.

Thank You for Your love, Father. It sets me free from sin and makes me acceptable in Your sight. I rejoice in that![1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 217). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

July 26 Jealousy

Scripture Reading: 1 Samuel 18:1–12

Key Verse: James 3:16

Where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there.

Both Paul and James almost invariably used the same companion adjective or noun when describing jealousy. Wherever there is jealousy, there is also strife. Jealousy breeds conflict. It incites anger and bitterness. It promotes emotional and physical hostility.

Are you envious over another’s success? Do you covet the looks or possessions of another? Do you feel as if you have been given a raw deal—while others seem to have a china closet full of silver spoons?

The emotional tangle of jealousy can be prevented when we understand God’s principle of contentment. Biblical contentment means we thank God that He has given us everything we need. Others may be promoted while we languish. Others may have great physical talents or appearance while we are plain and mediocre.

But God, our Creator and Provider, will give us all good things as we trust in Him. Our lives can be fully satisfying when we know our Father is not impartial or unjust, but gives to each the full measure of grace needed for a productive, joyful life.

Father God, free me from the grasping tentacles of jealousy. Help me realize that I have all I need to live a productive and joyful life.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 217). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

July 26 When God Says Go

Scripture reading: Genesis 12:1–9

Key verses: Genesis 12:2–3

I will make you a great nation;

I will bless you

And make your name great;

And you shall be a blessing.

I will bless those who bless you,

And I will curse him who curses you;

And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.

Hannah Whitall Smith once wrote, “Sight is not faith, and hearing is not faith, neither is feeling faith; but believing when we neither see, hear, nor feel is faith … Therefore, we must believe before we feel, and often against our feelings if we would honor God by our faith.”

As you read the account of Abram’s life, you realize he was a man of extreme faith. God asked him to do something many would find difficult, and that was to leave his family and friends and go to an unfamiliar land.

Yet God’s reassuring words in Genesis 12:2–3 lessened Abram’s fear.

Abram—or Abraham as he was later called by God—gave little thought to the fact that his name would be made great. The most important thing to him was the exercise of his faith through obedience.

When God calls you to move in a certain direction by faith, He will provide you reassurance. Your responsibility is to obey and follow Him. Abram left everything because he heard God say, “Go.” Are you willing to do the same? Pray that your response to the Lord is always one of faith, love, and obedience. That way you will never miss a single blessing.

God, give me the faith to obey and follow You when You say, “Go.” I don’t want to miss a single blessing You have for me![1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 217). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Trump Campaign Posts Hard-Hitting New Video Ad: “The Squad – Meet the Leaders of the Democrat Party” — The Gateway Pundit

The Trump reelection campaign posted a new hard-hitting video Friday on ‘the Squad’, a group of four loud-mouth, radical freshman Democrat House members pulling the party to the far left. The video is titled, “The Squad – Meet the Leaders of the Democrat Party”.

The ad features President Trump at a recent campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina quoting the words of the four Squad members followed by video clips of the Squad using those words, illustrated with hipster graphics.

The video was posted to Trump’s YouTube channel with the statement, “I don’t believe the four Congresswomen are capable of loving our Country. It’s sad that they are the new leaders of the Democrat Party!”

The Squad is comprised of:

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN)

Omar is called out by Trump for pleading for compassion for ISIS recruits and for looking down on Americans as ignorant.

Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI):

Tlaib is cited by Trump for calling him a “motherf***er” at an event in 2019. Tlaib is also shown acting like a crazed lunatic while being thrown out of a 2016 Trump rally.

Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA):

Trump pointed out Pressley’s recent racist comments that people of the same skin color must think the same, saying that black and brown people must be black and brown “voices”.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY):

AOC is called out by Trump for saying illegal aliens or more American than Americans trying to secure our borders.

Video was also posted to Twitter by the campaign’s Trump War Room:

via Trump Campaign Posts Hard-Hitting New Video Ad: “The Squad – Meet the Leaders of the Democrat Party” — The Gateway Pundit

After Mueller’s Testimony and His Obvious Dementia Issues Rod Rosenstein Should Be Immediately Arrested and Charged with Running a Scam — The Gateway Pundit

On May 17, 2017 Deputy and Acting Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed the document to appoint former FBI Chief Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate President Trump on collusion with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Rosenstein knew there was no collusion but ordered the Special Counsel anyway.  Rosenstein then approved controversial far left Democrat Andrew Weissmann to run the Special Counsel.  Rosenstein knew Rosenstein would run the operation because he knew Robert Mueller was suffering from severe dementia.

Weissmann then hired all far left Hillary supporting attorneys and went to work.  Weissmann indicted and jailed Trump associates on process crimes.  He refused to investigate the criminal actions of the Obama administration’s spying on candidate Trump.  Weissmann indicted Russian operatives and companies to appear legitimate.  Weissmann harassed Trump officials for two years in the hope that someone would fabricate a story so he could indict Trump.

Shortly after Rosenstein hijacked the Justice Department from Jeff Sessions and became the de facto Attorney General, he penned his first scope memo on May 17, 2017 authorizing Robert Mueller to investigate the so-called (non-existent) Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, authorized Mueller to investigate three areas: “i) any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump; ii) any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation; [and] iii) any other matters within the scope of [obstruction of justice laws].”

In the Spring of 2018, it was revealed that Rosenstein penned his second scope memo on August 2nd, 2017 and from what we have seen in the unredacted portions, he authorized Special Counsel Robert Mueller to investigate allegations that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort “committed a crime or crimes by colluding with Russian government officials with respect to the Russian government’s efforts to interfere with the 2016 election for President of the United States, in violation of United States law,” as well as allegations that Paul Manafort “committed a crime or crimes arising out of payments he received from the Ukrainian government before and during the tenure of President Viktor Yanukovych.”

It’s important to note that Rosenstein’s scope memo giving Mueller authorization to hunt down Manafort was 2 weeks after the FBI raided Manafort’s home looking for bank records.

To this day, that second ‘scope memo’ is redacted and only a handful of lawmakers have seen it.

Rosenstein, Weissmann and Mueller used the bogus Steele dossier from 2016 to 2019 knowing it was a bogus report.

Rosenstein withheld information that the FBI had opened an obstruction of justice probe o President Trump before the Mueller investigation.

Rod Rosenstein lied to President Trump and said he was not under investigation.

Rod Rosenstein plotted to oust President Trump by wearing a wire to a White House meeting.

And on Wednesday the country found out Rod Rosenstein and Andrew Weissmann used Robert Mueller in their plot to remove President Trump.

It was very clear from Mueller’s testimony that he is suffering from severe dementia.

Rosenstein and Weissman knew this.

That’s why Mueller was NEVER at the meeting with Trump lawyers.

Rosenstein and Andrew Weissmann knew Robert Mueller was suffering from severe dementia.  They used him anyway to con the American public that their nefarious plot to remove the president was legitimate.

Rod Rosenstein should be arrested immediately

via After Mueller’s Testimony and His Obvious Dementia Issues Rod Rosenstein Should Be Immediately Arrested and Charged with Running a Scam — The Gateway Pundit

Liberalism’s Warm Fuzzy god (Reprise) — Christian Research Network

This article by CRN managing editor Marsha West was first published May 11, 2015.

For a number of years a woman I know, I’ll call her Rachel, has wrestled with giving her life to Christ. She admits she really wants to, but how can she when she’d have to serve a God who allows murderers into heaven and sends “good people” to hell? It would be awkward to have to explain to her husband, family and friends that they’re bound for hell if they reject Christ. In other words, Rachel won’t play by God’s rules because His rules make her uncomfortable. In her way of thinking the God of the Bible is too punitive for her sensibilities. And besides, what kind of God would allow a serial murderer into heaven who professed a belief in Christ only minutes before going to the gas chamber while at the same time condemn “good people” to hell for their unbelief?

Liberals like Rachel require a more palatable religion, one that’s all-inclusive and, of course, fair. They desire a warm fuzzy God. The liberal’s ideal God is a sort of jolly ol’ St. Nick figure. The liberal’s jolly ol’ god has a Naughty and Nice list but his heart is so big that he often overlooks naughty children’s indiscretions (even the ones who are unrepentant) and delivers the goods to them anyway. He’d be unloving if he didn’t bend a little.

Rachel has yet to place her faith in Christ because it’s unthinkable that God would send “good people” to hell. Her major stumbling block is that she’s acquainted with a number of “good people” who aren’t Christians — and are a whole lot nicer than some Christians she knows.

Rachel contends that a just God wouldn’t send nice folks to hell for all eternity simply because they reject Jesus Christ.

But the Bible says otherwise. “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

People like Rachel sincerely believe they could do a far better job of running the universe than the One who created it. Talk about chutzpah!

No human being has the wisdom to determine if a person is fundamentally good or evil for the simple reason that no one knows for certain what’s in a person’s heart! No one can ever truly know a person’s motives.

For those who hold to a relativistic worldview, good and evil, ethics and morality are simply cultural inventions and cannot be objectively defined. Liberals perceive the Bible as a book of myths and fables, thus it mustn’t be taken seriously. Those who do take the Bible seriously are considered “unenlightened” – a bunch of addlepated dunderheads.

Unbelievers carp that the Bible should not be the standard by which we judge good and bad. So my question is, if not the Bible, then what standard do we use to determine ethics and morality? And how should right and wrong be determined? By consensus opinion?

Another one of Rachel’s grievances against Christianity is that many so-called Christians behave the same as unbelievers. In other words, the lives of Christians she comes in contact with are inconsistent with what they profess to believe in. They claim Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, but they lie, cheat, steal, binge drink, sleep around, view pornography, plus they’re lazy. In other words, they act like heathens.

Rachel has a point.

Many people want Jesus to be their Savior — because they know they’re dirty rotten sinners. But they’re unwilling to humble themselves before the throne of God and put their complete trust in Him. Obedience comes at a cost (take up your cross and follow me) and the price is too high. They may believe in Jesus Christ, that He’s the Savior of the world and all. But their pride gets in the way of allowing Christ to take the helm of the ship. As poet William Earnest Henley noted:

It matters not how strait the gate,

How charged with punishments the scroll:

I am the master of my fate:

I am the captain of my soul. 

Contemporary Christians

In order to make my point, I created three typical Christians.

Michelle professes faith in Christ. She attends church every Sunday, sings in the praise band, mans the coffer bar, and attends an occasional Bible study. She rarely shares Christ with anyone, unless she’s forced into it, whereby she quickly spouts the condensed version of the gospel to avoid making the person feel uncomfortable. Her excuse is that evangelism is not her spiritual gift. Michelle believes God has gifted her with the ability to sing. Her voice rivals Judy Garland’s so she really belts out a song in church. But when it comes to sharing her faith she’s as timid as a mouse. She feels that as long as she’s in a committed relationship, having sexual relations is not sinful. Nor is aborting a child. Michelle became pregnant and had an abortion so as not to bring an unwanted child into the world. She also swears like a sailor and dresses like a Hollywood pop-tart.

Jeff accepted Christ at a Billy Graham Crusade when he was a teen. Ever since then he has tried to be a good person and lead a moral life. Unless his kids have a sports event, the family is in church most Sundays. He and his wife participate in a small group that meets in their home for Bible study and prayer. Jeff is generous with his time, talent and treasure. He tithes 10 percent of his income and he’s always there to lend a hand. One thing Jeff enjoys is getting together with the guys for Monday night football at a local sports bar. He limits his beer intake to two schooners because any more than that could impair his driving. Jeff believes he has the spiritual gift of evangelism and often brags about sharing his faith with dudes he meets at sports events or bars. When Jeff does his income tax he uses “creative accounting practices.” On occasion he views pornography on the Internet and thinks it’s no big deal. Unbeknownst to his wife he regularly emails a woman he met in a chat room.

Michelle and Jeff profess Christ. They both consider themselves good people and for the most part they try to live godly lives – but they’re quick to admit they’re not perfect! They reject the “fundamentalist fringe” of Christianity and the “fundies” constant harping on God’s holiness. God knows we all have our faults, so why does a pastor need to belabor the point? Michelle and Jeff do the best they can, and at least their hearts are in the right place. In the long run going to heaven is what really counts anyway, and since they accepted Christ (on their terms), they’re there! They may get through the pearly gates by the skin of their teeth, but at least they’ll be in!

Michelle and Jeff typify a lot of church-goers. All they need is enough of God to feel comfortable. Neither one of them want the fire and brimstone God the “fundies” preach about. That God is too harsh, too judgmental – way too scary! That God can be mean!

Wilber Reese sums up the attitude of a large number of contemporary Christians:

I would like to buy 3 dollars worth of God, please. Not enough to explode my soul or disturb my sleep, but just enough to equal a cup of warm milk or a snooze in the sunshine. I don’t want enough of him to make me love a black man or pick beets with a migrant. I want ecstasy, not transformation. I want the warmth of the womb not a new birth. I want about a pound of the eternal in a paper sack. I’d like to buy 3 dollars worth of God, please.

Far too many Christians are looking for an ecstatic experience – they’re not looking to be transformed. Why? Because transformation involves change. Change takes work. It’s often slow and at times painful.

For transformation to occur believers must immerse themselves in the Bible. It’s the instrument God uses to conform His people to the image of Christ. And by the way, there is no such thing as a solitary Christian. No one should try to do Christianity on their own. Christians are a part of a body — the Body of Christ — with Christ as the head. Members of the church body are designed to function together as a whole. Moreover, they are meant to lean on each other when the going gets tough. Every believer should have a friend they can call at a moments notice. This friend can assist with good advice and hold them accountable.

It’s not uncommon for the Christian to “crawl off the alter” and slink back into the world every once in a while. Some believers can’t seem to shed what Paul calls our “flesh” because it’s like slipping one’s feet into a favorite pair of shoes. But God will deliver us “out of the body of death.” (Romans 7:24-25)

Listen to what Paul has to say about transformation:

I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect (Romans 12: 1-2).

If you’re a Christian, you must present yourself “holy and acceptable to God!” Offering your life to Christ, holy and pleasing, is a prerequisite for discernment. If this was happening, discernment wouldn’t be almost non-existent in the visible Church. Sadly, professing Christians are dependent on the government for their education, health care, food, shelter, retirement, and all sorts of other “stuff.” And it doesn’t help that God’s people are involved in a whole host of unbiblical practices, including Eastern mysticism, which God expressly forbids. I’ve already covered this topic in “Got Meat?” so I won’t belabor the point.

Returning to Rachel, it hasn’t been lost on her that most professing Christians she knows share her liberal worldview. And they behave like heathens! This means (a) they’re unaware of God’s rules; (b) they’re aware of what the rules are but lack the will to conform. A religion that breeds hypocrites turns Rachel off. For that reason she has chosen to concoct a user-friendly religion with an open-minded god that has very few rules, a god that loves and accepts everyone. Before I move on, it’s important to point out that Christians who have no desire to live their lives in accordance with what the Bible teaches could very well be false converts.

Rachel’s generic god does not require an atoning sacrifice for our sins. I mean, please. The atonement thing is so yesterday! “Self” has replaced the Savior of mankind. In other words, “I” will go to heaven, but “I” will make it on “my” own, without anyone’s help, because “I” deserve it. So move over Jesus!

Generic god is very cool.  In fact, he/she is so cool that there’s no penalty for sin!  Man is judged solely on his good deeds….or whatever.  Rachel assumes her performance on Earth will pass muster and that generic god will welcome her into his/her kingdom when the time comes.  But what happens if Rachel’s performance doesn’t pass muster?  Wishy-washy Generic God can always be persuaded to change his/her mind.

Rachel is well aware that the God of the Bible offers no hope for those who reject His Son:

Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness’ (Matthew 7:23).

What did Jesus mean by, “the will of my Father?”  God’s will is that we repent of our sins and put our faith in Christ.  Performing miraculous signs and wonders, doing good deeds, and being a “good person” does not cut it with God.  Here’s the reason:

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life (John 3:16).

I’ll close this with one last comment about Michelle, one of the women mentioned above. If you recall, Michelle claims she doesn’t have the gift of evangelism, so she’s off the hook when it comes to sharing the gospel. Really?

Not according to Paul:

I am under obligation both to Greeks and to barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish. So I am eager to preach the gospel to you also who are in Rome.  For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. For in it the righteousness of God is revealed from faith for faith, as it is written, “The righteous shall live by faith” (Romans 1:14-17). (emphasis added)


Does the Bible really say we’re not to judge? By Marsha West

A culture of counterfeit Christians By Marsha West

Book: The Holiness of God By R.C. Sproul

Copyright by Marsha West, 2015.  All rights reserved.

via Liberalism’s Warm Fuzzy god (Reprise) — Christian Research Network

July 26, 2019 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

4. There is no doubt but that God by thus reproving Jonah condemns his intemperate warmth. But since God alone is a fit judge of man’s conduct, there is no reason for us to boast that we are influenced by good intentions; for there is nothing more fallacious than our own balances. When therefore we weigh facts, deeds, and thoughts, by our own judgment, we deceive ourselves. Were any disposed rhetorically to defend the conduct of Jonah, he might certainly muster up many specious pretences; and were any one inclined to adduce excuses for Jonah, he might be made to appear to us altogether innocent: but though the whole world absolved him, what would it avail, since he was condemned by the mouth of God himself, who alone, as I have already stated, is the judge? We ought then to feel assured, that Jonah had done foolishly, even if no reason was apparent to us; for the authority of the Supreme Judge ought to be more than sufficient.

Now God expressly condemns his wrath. Had Jonah modestly expostulated, and unburdened his griefs into the bosom of God, it would have been excusable; though his ardour would not have been free from blame, it might yet have been borne with. But now, when he is angry, it is past endurance; for wrath, as one says, is but short madness; and then it blinds the perceptions of men, it disturbs all the faculties of the soul. God then does not here in a slight manner condemn Jonah, but he shows how grievously he had fallen by allowing himself to become thus angry. We must at the same time remember, that Jonah had sinned not only by giving way to anger; he might have sinned, as we have said, without being angry. But God by this circumstance—that he thus became turbulent, enhances his sin. And it is certainly a most unseemly thing, when a mean creature rises up against God, and in a boisterous spirit contends with him: this is monstrous; and Jonah was in this state of mind.

We hence see why an express mention is made of his anger,—God thus intended to bring conviction home to Jonah, that he might no more seek evasions. Had he simply said, “Why! how is it that thou dost not leave to me the supreme right of judging? If such is my will, why dost not thou submissively acknowledge that what I do is rightly done? Is it thy privilege to be so wise, as to dictate laws to me, or to correct my decisions?”—had the Lord thus spoken, there might have remained still some excuse; Jonah might have said, “Lord, I cannot restrain my grief, when I see thy name so profaned by unseemly reproaches; can I witness this with a calm mind?” He might thus have still sought some coverings for his grief; but when the Lord brought forward his anger, he must have been necessarily silenced; for what could be found to excuse Jonah, when he thus perversely rebelled, as I have said, against God, his Judge and Maker? We now then understand why God expressly declares that Jonah did not do well in being thus angry.

But I wonder how it came into Jerome’s mind to say that Jonah is not here reproved by the Lord, but that something of an indifferent kind is mentioned. He was indeed a person who was by nature a sophister, (cavillator—a caviller;) and thus he wantonly trifled with the work of falsifying Scripture: he made no conscience of perverting passages of holy writ. As, for instance, when he writes about marriage, he says that they do not ill who marry, and yet that they do not well. What a sophistry is this, and how vapid! So also on this place, “God,” he says, “does not condemn Jonah, neither did he intend to reprove his sin; but, on the contrary, Jonah brings before us here the person of Christ, who sought death that the whole world might be saved; for when alive he could not do good to his own nation, he could not save his own kindred; he therefore preferred to devote himself and his life for the redemption of the world.” These are mere puerilities; and thus the whole meaning of this passage, as we clearly see, is distorted. But the question is more emphatical than if God had simply said, “Thou hast sinned by being thus angry;” for an affirmative sentence has not so much force as that which is in the form of a question.

God then not only declares as a Judge that Jonah had not done well, but he also draws from him his own confession, as though he said, “Though thou art a judge in thine own cause, thou canst not yet make a cover for thy passion, for thou art beyond measure angry.” For when he says לך, lak, with, or, in thyself, he reminds Jonah to examine his own heart, as though he said, “Look on thyself as in a mirror: thou wilt see what a boisterous sea is thy soul, being seized as thou art by so mad a rage.” We now then perceive not only the plain sense of the passage, but also the emphasis, which is contained in the question, which Jerome has turned to a meaning wholly contrary. I will not proceed farther; for what remains will be sufficient for to-morrow’s lecture.


Grant, Almighty God, that as thou seest us implicated in so many errors, that we often fall through want of thought, and as thou also seest that the violent emotions of our flesh wholly blind whatever reason and judgment there is in us,—O grant, that we may learn to give up ourselves altogether to obey thee, and so honour thy wisdom as never to contend with thee, though all things may happen contrary to our wishes, but patiently to wait for such an issue as it may please thee to grant; and may we never be disturbed by any of the hinderances which Satan may throw in our way, but ever go on towards the mark which thou hast set before us, and never turn aside from thee, until, having gone through all dangers and overcome all impediments, we shall at length reach that blessed rest, which has been obtained for us by the blood of thy Son. Amen.[1]

4 Yahweh responded incisively with a rhetorical question which both condemned Jonah’s attitude and at the same time struck home to the audience. “What right do you have to be angry?”, three simple words in the Hebrew (ההיטב חרה לך), conclude the section forcefully and serve the didactic point of the narrator admirably. Jonah is angry, but without merit.

Note that Yahweh ignored Jonah’s request to die. It was a stupid request, voiced out of frustration and pettiness, and Yahweh did not honor it with a response. The heart of the issue was not Jonah’s status, but his narrow attitude. Could Jonah then provide any logical rejoinder to Yahweh’s question? Of course not. His own confession in v 3 has condemned him. If Yahweh is a forgiving God, and Jonah is his servant, what right indeed does he have to be angry at what Yahweh has done for Nineveh? It is upon this question that the coda which concludes the book is based, the flashback serving to heighten and expand the divine challenge to Jonah, and to the audience as well.[2]

RebellionThe Lesson of God’s Pity (4)

Had you been writing this last chapter, you probably would have shown Jonah in the city of Nineveh, carefully teaching the people and helping them in their spiritual decisions. But God does not write it that way. Instead of meeting a rejoicing preacher, we meet a rebellious preacher, angry at the people and angry at God. We see an adult acting like a child, a believer acting like an unbeliever. We see Jonah sitting outside the city, trying to make himself comfortable, and actually hoping that God’s judgment will fall on the people. Here is an amazing thing: God sent a great awakening under the preaching of a man who did not even love the souls of the people he preached to!

This is the key lesson of the book: God’s love and pity for lost souls. Jonah felt sorry for himself, and even felt sorry for the plant that sheltered him and then died, but he had no heartfelt love or pity for the multitudes in the city of Nineveh. It is possible to serve the Lord and yet not love the people. How unlike Jesus Christ he is in this chapter, for Jesus looked upon a city of lost souls and wept. God could control the wind and waves in chapter 1, the fish in chapter 2, and the gourd, worm, and wind in chapter 4, but He could not control Jonah without the prophet’s surrender. Everything in nature obeys the Word of God except human beings, and human beings have the greatest reason to obey. It would seem that Jonah did get right with God, confess his sins, and continue his ministry. And God did spare the city of Nineveh for another century and a half.

Of course, Jonah is a type of Jesus Christ (Matt. 12:39–41) in His death, burial, and resurrection. Christ was greater than Jonah in His person (He is the Son of God), His outreach (the whole world, not one city), His sacrifice (He did die to save others), and His love for those who did not deserve it. Some also see in Jonah a picture of the Jewish nation: disobedient; cast out of the land; “swallowed up” by the sea of Gentiles; preserved in spite of opposition; brought back again and given another chance.[3]

[1] Calvin, J., & Owen, J. (2010). Commentaries on the Twelve Minor Prophets (Vol. 3, pp. 129–132). Bellingham, WA: Logos Bible Software.

[2] Stuart, D. (1987). Hosea–Jonah (Vol. 31, pp. 503–504). Dallas: Word, Incorporated.

[3] Wiersbe, W. W. (1993). Wiersbe’s Expository Outlines on the Old Testament (Jon 4). Wheaton, IL: Victor Books.

Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint against Rep. Ilhan Omar over Potential Immigration, Marriage, Tax, and Student Loan Fraud | Press Releases – Judicial Watch

(Washington, DC)Judicial Watch announced today that it hand-delivered ethics complaint to Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics David Skaggs calling for a full investigation into potential crimes tied to allegations that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have married her biological brother.

“The evidence is overwhelming Rep. Omar may have violated the law and House rules.  The House of Representatives must urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing by Rep. Omar,” stated Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “We encourage Americans to share their views on Rep. Omar’s apparent misconduct with their congressmen.”

The Judicial Watch complaint is reprinted below:

Ethics Complaint Against Rep. Ilhan Omar Concerning Possible Violations of Federal and State Law 

Dear Chairman Skaggs,

Judicial Watch is a non-profit, non-partisan educational foundation, promoting transparency, accountability and integrity in government and fidelity to the rule of law. We regularly monitor congressional ethics issues as part of our anti-corruption mission.

This letter serves as an official complaint with the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE).

Substantial, compelling and, to date, unrefuted evidence has been uncovered that Rep. Ilhan Omar may have committed the following crimes in violation of both federal law and Minnesota state law: perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, state and federal tax fraud, and federal student loan fraud.

Such violations would also breach the Code of Ethics for Government Service, to which all federal officeholders are subject, “Any person in Government service should uphold the Constitution, laws, and legal regulations of the United States and all governments therein and never be a party to their evasion.”) Rep. Omar actions in this suspected immigration fraud, marriage fraud, perjurious statements on her Minnesota divorce filings, and falsifications on her tax returns, merit your immediate investigation.

In the words of investigative reporter David Steinberg: “The facts describe perhaps the most extensive spree of illegal misconduct committed by a House member in American history.”

The evidence developed against Rep. Omar was the result of a three-year-long investigation in both the United States and the United Kingdom by Mr. Steinberg and his investigative reporter colleagues Preya Samsundar and Scott Johnson. It is supported by information gathered from public records, social media postings, genealogy databases, computer forensic analysis, unaltered digital photographs, discussions between the investigative reporters and the subjects of the investigation themselves, and information supplied by confidential sources within the Somali-American community.

Documented-based reporting by Steinberg, et al. has developed the following information: Rep. Ilhan Abdullahi Omar, a citizen of the United States, married her biological brother, Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a citizen of the United Kingdom, in 2009, presumably as part of an immigration fraud scheme. The couple legally divorced in 2017. In the course of that divorce, Ms. Omar submitted an “Application for an Order for Service by Alternate Means” to the State of Minnesota on August 2, 2017 and claimed, among other things, that she had had no contact with Ahmed Nur Said Elmi after June 2011. She also claimed that she did not know where to find him. The evidence developed by Mr. Steinberg and his colleagues demonstrates with a high degree of certainty that Ms. Omar not only had contact with Mr. Elmi, but actually met up with him in London in 2015, which is supported by photographic evidence. Ms. Omar signed the “Application for an Order for Service by Alternate Means” under penalty of perjury. The very document that Ilham Omar signed on August 2, 2017 bears the following notation directly above her signature: “I declare under penalty of perjury that everything I have stated in this document is true and correct. Minn. Stat. § 358.116.”

Of particular importance are archived photographs taken during a widely reported trip by Ilhan Omar to London in 2015, posted to her own Instagram account under her nickname “hameey”, in which she poses with her husband/presumed brother, Ahmed Elmi. These photographs from 2015 are documentary evidence that in fact she met up with Mr. Elmi after June 2011 and before the date she signed the divorce document in August 2017, thereby calling into question the veracity of her claim that she had not seen Mr. Elmi since June 2011.

Rep. Omar’s potential crimes far exceed perjurious statements made in a Minnesota court filing.

Rep. Omar’s conduct may include immigration fraud. It appears that Rep. Omar married her brother in order to assist his emigration to the United States from the United Kingdom. The same immigration fraud scheme may have aided Mr. Elmi in obtaining federally-backed student loans for his attendance at North Dakota State University. Mr. Elmi and Rep. Omar simultaneously attended North Dakota State University and may have derived illicit benefits predicated on the immigration fraud scheme.

The State of Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board has already determined that Rep. Omar violated state campaign finance laws for improper use of campaign funds. She was forced to reimburse her campaign thousands of dollars. More significantly, the Board discovered that the federal tax returns submitted by Rep. Omar for 2014 and 2015 were filed as “joint” tax returns with a man who was not her husband, named Ahmed Hirsi, while she was actually married to Ahmed Elmi.

Under federal law, specifically, 26 U.S. Code & 7206.1, “Any person who willfully makes and subscribes any return, statement, or other document, which contains or is verified by a written declaration that it is made under the penalties of perjury, and which he does not believe to be true and correct as to every material matter … shall be guilty of a felony and, upon conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than $100,000 ($500,000 in the case of a corporation), or imprisoned not more than 3 years, or both, together with the costs of prosecution.”

Rep. Omar’s federal tax returns must be examined to determine whether any additional falsifications were made.

Mr. Steinberg, et al. have engaged in meticulous research and reporting over a period of years. They have demonstrated with a high degree of probability that Rep. Ilhan Omar has violated House Ethics Rules, federal and state laws.

We call upon the Office of Congressional Ethics to launch an investigation into Rep. Omar’s conduct immediately.


Tom Fitton, President, Judicial Watch

Source: Judicial Watch Files House Ethics Complaint against Rep. Ilhan Omar over Potential Immigration, Marriage, Tax, and Student Loan Fraud

Information Enigma: 21-minute video explains intelligent design


Can random mutation and natural selection create new functional information? Can random mutation and natural selection create new functional information?

The video is here:

I have read and listened and watched a lot of material on intelligent design, but I have never seen so much value packed into such a short lecture. I really hope you’ll watch this and that it’s helpful to you.


  • the big question when discussing the origin of life: where did the information in living systems come from?
  • Until 530 million years ago, the oceans were largely devoid of life
  • In a 10 million year period, many new forms of animal life emerged
  • New biological forms of life require new information
  • the discovery of DNA shows that living systems work because cells have information that allows them to build the components of molecular machines: cell types, proteins, etc.
  • can random mutation and natural selection create new functional information?
  • normally, random mutations tend to degrade the functionality of…

View original post 620 more words

These are the ‘Most Post-Christian Cities in America’ — Faithwire

Eight cities in the Northeast and New England just made the top of the Barna Groups yearly most “post-Christian” cities list, despite the rich history of religious ties the area has.

The list is curated by Barna in order to show the distribution of Christians in the United States, and what kind of specific beliefs and practices they follow.

Among the cities on the list were: Springfield-Holyoke, Portland-Auburn, Maine; Providence, Rhode Island; New Bedford, Massachusetts; Burlington, Vermont; Boston, Massachusetts; Manchester, New Hampshire.

Springfield-Holyoke in Western Massachusetts was number one on the list due to the fact that about 60 percent of its residents said they “never made a commitment to Jesus,” and another 65 percent “had not attended a Christian church in the last six months.”

A staggering 87% in the town said they had not read the Bible over the course of the past week.

Michael Kriesel, the lead pastor at Vibrant Church in South Burlington, said that the list did not come as a surprise to him, especially seeing his town move from fifth to fourth place this year.

“It doesn’t surprise us,” Kriesel said. “It’s hard to get people to go to church in New England.”

“What we found was that we were living all of this [resistance to religion], and then the research came out, and put words to it,” said Diana Kriesel, Kriesels wife and assistant pastor at Vibrant Church/

Instead of shying away from the locals because of the statistics, they’ve used the research from Barna as a tool in ministering to the community around them.

“It becomes a mission field…the prayer of the Northeast: Lord, wake up New England,”’ Kriesel said.

The findings should come as little surprise, given Barna’s recent study showing the most Biblically literate cities/towns in America. According to that survey, Chattanooga was tops for putting Bible upfront in their lives, while New England barely registered a blip on the radar, with New Haven narrowly cracking the top 100.

via These are the ‘Most Post-Christian Cities in America’ — Faithwire

Body Language Expert Says Mueller Was Defiant and Deceptive As His Russia Hoax Sham Was Exposed — The Gateway Pundit

The body language expert reviewed Robert Mueller’s responses and actions during his recent hearing before Congress.  Based on this review, Mueller was deceptive and very defiant.

The body language ghost on YouTube relaesed a number of videos where she reviews the actions and responses on Robert Mueller in front of Congress attempting to defend his corrupt and criminal Russia Collusion coup.  The results are as expected.

In her review of Mueller in response to the grilling from Republican Jim Jordan, Mueller comes of defiant and misleading –

In a second video, where Mueller is grilled by Representatives Gaetz, Gohmert and McClintock, Mueller is just plain old deceptive.  The former FBI Director lied numerous times in front of Congress –

It is absolutely frightening knowing that Robert Mueller was a member of the DOJ and FBI for decades.  It’s worse knowing that he was FBI Director and the Head of Special Counsel set up in a coup to remove President Trump from office. Mueller is a crook!

via Body Language Expert Says Mueller Was Defiant and Deceptive As His Russia Hoax Sham Was Exposed — The Gateway Pundit

Countries are Beginning to Wise up to US Operatives Like Weissmann and Mueller – Refuse to Deal with Deep State Crooks — The Gateway Pundit

Some foreign governments are waking up the fact that the US has some very dishonest and criminally calculating individuals within its DOJ, FBI and other Deep State government agencies.

It’s time for US courts and agencies to do the same.

Earlier this week it was reported that one of the leaders in the DOJ for the past few decades, Andrew Weissmann, allegedly committed criminal acts in his interactions with a Russian in Europe at the beginning of the Mueller investigation.

The Daily Caller reported

The ink was still drying on special counsel Robert Mueller’s appointment papers when his chief deputy, the famously aggressive and occasionally controversial prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, made a bold but secret overture in early June 2017.

Weissmann quietly reached out to the American lawyers for Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash with a tempting offer: Give us some dirt on Donald Trump in the Russia case, and Team Mueller might make his 2014 U.S. criminal charges go away.

Weissmann is anything but ‘occasionally controversial’.  Attorney Sidney Powell was on the Mark Levin Show in January and discussed dirty cops and attorneys Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissmann from their years overseeing the Enron and Arthur Andersen cases. Their actions were corrupt and criminal and cost the jobs, savings and careers of more than 85,000 individuals at Andersen and Enron.

Weissmann and Mueller are dirty, so it comes as no surprise that they offered a Russian incentives to lie about President Trump.

The shocking piece of information in the report from the Hill about the latest criminal action by these two gangsters, is that a foreign national brought their illegal actions to a foreign court and the foreign court listened and responded accordingly.

In the Hill’s piece, they report that:

Remarkably, Firtash turned down Weissmann’s plea overtures even though the oligarch has been trapped in Austria for five years, fighting extradition on U.S. charges in Chicago alleging that he engaged in bribery and corruption in India related to a U.S. aerospace deal. He denies the charges.

The oligarch’s defense team told me that Firtash rejected the deal because he didn’t have credible information or evidence on the topics Weissmann outlined.

But now, as Firtash escalates his fight to avoid extradition, the Weissmann overture is being offered to an Austrian court as potential defense evidence that the DOJ’s prosecution is flawed by bogus evidence and political motivations.

In a sealed court filing in Austria earlier this month, Firtash’s legal team compared the DOJ’s 13-year investigation of Firtash to the medieval inquisitions. It cited Weissmann’s overture as evidence of political motivation, saying the prosecutor dangled the “possible cessation of separate criminal proceedings against the applicant if he were prepared to exchange sufficiently incriminating statements for wide-ranging comprehensively political subject areas which included the U.S. President himself as well as the Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

After years of litigation, the U.S. Justice Department won a ruling in Austria to secure Firtash’s extradition to Chicago. But then his legal team secretly filed new evidence that included the Weissmann overture, and Austrian officials suddenly reversed course last week and ordered a new, lengthy delay in extradition.

The Austrian government is on to the Deep State and their actions show it.

Other countries like Italy and the UK are yet to act.   This is because they worked with the corrupt individuals within the US Deep State entities for decades.

Italy did fire its top intelligence operatives earlier this year so they are coming around.

As the pendulum swings towards justice these countries may come around as well. 

Recent changes in leadership in these countries might help too.

Slowly the world and the US are beginning to see the corruption and destruction emanating from the US intelligence and justice systems.  Some countries are beginning to act.

Hat tip D. Manny

via Countries are Beginning to Wise up to US Operatives Like Weissmann and Mueller – Refuse to Deal with Deep State Crooks — The Gateway Pundit

July 26, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation touted by
President Donald Trump that would accelerate rising federal budget deficits
and suspend limits on Washington’s borrowing powers over the next two

The top U.S. general said on Friday he was cautiously optimistic about
efforts to reach a negotiated end to the nearly 18-year-old war in
Afghanistan, in remarks that followed talks in Kabul with Afghanistan’s
president and the top U.S. negotiator.

Flights were being delayed at Britain’s two busiest airports, London’s
Heathrow and Gatwick, following technical problems at the main air traffic
control center for southern England on Friday.

The resignation of Puerto Rico’s governor after mass protests has sparked a
succession battle, and the winner could be a Washington corporate lawyer
not directly linked to his administration, which has been dogged by
corruption scandals.

Somewhere on its journey from the waters off Iran, around Africa’s southern
tip and into the Mediterranean, the Grace 1 oil tanker lost the flag under
which it sailed and ceased to be registered to Panama. Iran later claimed
it as its own.

Azerbaijan rescued all nine crew members of an Iranian cargo vessel on
Friday before it sunk in the Caspian Sea, Azerbaijan’s state maritime
agency said on Friday.

A California judge on Thursday reduced a $2 billion jury verdict, slashing
the award for a couple who blamed Bayer AG’s glyphosate-based weed killer
Roundup for their cancer to $86.7 million.

National Australia Bank said 13,000 customers are being contacted after a
data breach where personal data was uploaded without permission to two data
service companies.

AP Top Stories

The U.S. Air Force’s new B-21 stealth bomber could fly as early as December
2021, Air Force vice chief of staff Gen. Stephen Wilson said.

From October through the end of June, the Border Patrol apprehended more
than 688,000 people, over half of them families and unaccompanied children.

FBI agents working to uncover how dismembered body parts were coming to be
illegally trafficked reportedly found buckets full of heads, arms and legs,
refrigerated heaps of male genitalia and different people’s body parts sewn
together at a science lab in Arizona.

Iran has freed nine of 12 Indian crew from a Panama-flagged tanker seized
on July 14, India’s foreign ministry said Friday.

Eight armed men carried out a sophisticated heist at Sao Paulo’s main
international airport and managed to escape with some 750 kilos of gold,
airport authorities said Thursday.

A Polish court on Thursday ordered a weekly news magazine to temporarily
halt the distribution of anti-LGBT stickers with its current edition.

Paris soared to a record high of 108 degrees as most of Europe sizzled
under its second heat wave of the summer.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte offered a bounty to anybody who can
deliver to him the head of the communist rebel leader behind the killings
of four police intelligence officers last week in an insurgency-hit central

The World Bank announced Wednesday it was deploying another $300 million in
crisis aid for DR Congo to help contain the Ebola outbreak.

President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign store sells “Make America Great
Again” hats, T-shirts, cups, towels and even dog leashes. But one of its
newest items might be one of the campaign’s biggest attempt to troll:
Trump-branded plastic straws.

Underwater ice melt from glaciers could be happening faster than previously
thought, according to new research published in the journal Science. That’s
a dangerous finding as melting glaciers linked to climate change threaten
to raise sea levels dramatically by the end of the century.


More than 100 people, including 26 children, have died in government
attacks on hospitals, schools, markets and bakeries in the past 10 days,
the UN’s human rights chief said.

A woman in a blonde wig is suspected of carrying out a hit on two alleged
Israeli underworld figures in a busy restaurant in Mexico City.

Wildfires are ravaging the Arctic, with large areas of Siberia, northern
Scandinavia, Alaska and Greenland in flames. Lightning frequently triggers
fires in the region but this year they have been worsened by summer
temperatures that are higher than average because of climate change. Plumes
of smoke from the fires can be seen from space.

The US federal government’s move to resume executions after a 16-year
hiatus has drawn sharp criticism from rights groups and leading Democrats.
Several candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination called for
the death penalty to be abolished.

US officials have accused Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro and his
allies of profiting from a food subsidy scheme as the country suffers acute

Kenya will for the first time collect data on intersex people in its
national population census, in a major victory for rights activists.

A major electricity supplier in South Africa’s largest city has suffered a
ransomware attack, leaving some residents without power.


A Christian group is suing a Georgia county for withdrawing approval of the
purchase of land for temporary housing of men recovering from addictions.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence joined the welcoming
ceremony Thursday for new Defense Secretary Mark Esper, at which all three
pledged to carry out the creation of the U.S. Space Force as the sixth
branch of the military.

Mid-Day Snapshot · July 26, 2019

The Foundation

“However weak our country may be, I hope we shall never sacrifice our liberties.” —Alexander Hamilton (1790)

Omar to America: ‘You Bunch of Racists’

Stop being bigots, she says, and start implementing the Left’s socialist agenda.

A Facebook FaceApp Reality Check

Facebook violates your privacy by collecting your information and selling it.

Is Being Poor a Good Reason for Asylum?

Making money to build a bigger house back home doesn’t fit the historic definition.

Automakers Adopt CA’s Rigged Fuel Standards

California seeks to pressure Trump’s EPA with its own efficiency standards for the entire country.

Another Bogus Study on ‘Racist’ School Discipline

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights falsely denies a different rate of misbehavior among races.

Boris Pledges Leadership on Brexit

But that doesn’t mean British politics aren’t even messier than America’s.

‘Why I’m a Never Trumper!’

Actually, as a supporter of Donald Trump, here are the reasons for it in 2020.

Video: Mueller Legal Standard Fail

Andrew Klavan says it hinges on whether someone must be proven innocent.

Video: Mueller’s Testimony Super Cut

Refusals to answer, requests to repeat questions, stumbling over words. It was a mess.

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Notables quotables from Andrew McCarthy, Jim Geraghty, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, and more.

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News – 7/26/2019

Earth had a near-miss with a ‘city-killer’ asteroid
An asteroid about 100 metres in diameter and racing at 24 kilometres a second has just missed the Earth. The rock, called Asteroid 2019 OK, sped by our planet on Thursday, passing within about 70,000 kilometres – which is a long way away but closer to us than the moon’s orbit. Due to the position of the asteroid – flying towards us from the direction of sun – astronomers had no warning it was headed our way.

The Progressive Plot to Impose Genetic Enhancements
Despite clear public opinion to the contrary, progressives in Congress are eager to eliminate even the weak regulations that prevent a chaotic explosion of research into genetic engineering of human embryos. Hidden away in a House appropriations agriculture subcommittee, Democrats in May repealed the spending bill rider that prohibited the FDA from considering requests to approve any clinical trial “in which a human embryo is intentionally created or modified to include a heritable genetic modification.”

Substantial’ evidence Omar committed federal & state crimes
Judicial Watch hand-delivered an ethics complaint to David Skaggs, chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics, calling for a full investigation into potential crimes tied to allegations that the Minnesota lawmaker may have married her biological brother. Judicial Watch claims it has “substantial, compelling and, to date, unrefuted evidence” that Omar may have committed crimes in violation of both federal and state law.

Jeffrey Epstein Visited Clinton White House Multiple Times in Early ’90s
Now, a Daily Beast investigation has uncovered ties between Epstein and the Clinton administration that date back to the president’s earliest days in the White House, casting doubt on the oft-circulated narrative that the two only began associating after Clinton left office. As early as 1993, records show, Epstein donated $10,000 to the White House Historical Association and attended a donors’ reception hosted by Bill and Hillary Clinton. Around the same time,…

Top FBI Agent, Investigated Clinton Foundation, Commits Public Suicide at Dance Club
FBI agents are mourning the death of one of the Bureau’s top financial crimes supervisors who reportedly shot and killed himself on a crowded nite-club dance floor, according to top FBI insiders.

DOJ To Resume Capital Punishment, AG Barr Immediately Schedules Five Executions
Attorney General William Barr said Thursday the Justice Department will resume executions of federal prisoners after a nearly 20 years lapse, and immediately scheduled executions for five federal death row inmates convicted of murdering children and the elderly, while promising more to come.

Turkish military chiefs discuss possible offensive in Syria
Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar met military officials on Thursday to discuss a possible offensive east of the Euphrates River in Syria as Ankara ramped up warnings of a cross-border operation. The meeting came a day after Turkey said it would launch an offensive unless agreement on a planned safe zone in Syria could be reached with the United States, saying it had run “out of patience” with Washington.

Peace doesn’t exist; neither do the Palestinians
Salah Abu Miala, a Hevron businessman, traveled to Bahrain to attend the Bahrain peace conference. When he returned home, he was arrested by the Palestinian Authority. A security official for the Islamic terror group admitted that there was no actual charge. “It was a warning,” he said. “He must understand the implications of this sort of collaboration.” Collaboration, under Palestinian Authority law, can be punishable by death. The message is that the Palestinian Authority really doesn’t want peace.

Cathedral Fire Exposed Catholic Paganism
The recent fire at the 800-year-old Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris exposed some of Roman Catholicism’s dirty laundry and unbiblical rituals. News of the progress of the fire carried deep concern over some priceless “relics” endangered by the flames. One was supposedly the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during the mocking by the Roman soldiers. Another was a splinter and a nail said to be from the cross. The story of their rescue emerged after the fire was extinguished. A fire department chaplain, who happened to have keys and access codes to the cathedral, organized a human chain to get the relics out of the burning building.

U.S. official: Iran test-fired medium-range missile
Iran test-fired a medium-range ballistic missile on Thursday night, a US official told Fox News. The missile was reported to be a Shahab-3 missile that flew a distance of 1,000km (Approx. 600 miles) to an area outside Tehran…The US official suspected the test was part of Iran’s efforts to improve the range and accuracy of their missiles.

Kim Jong Un oversees test-firing of two ballistic missiles
North Korea said on Friday its latest missile launch was a warning to South Korean “warmongers” to stop importing weapons and conducting joint military drills, a message that analysts said was also aimed at the United States. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un personally watched the test-fire of two short-range ballistic missiles on Thursday, the first test since Kim met with US President Donald Trump last month and agreed to revive denuclearisation talks.

Palestinians have ‘halted’ all agreements with Israel, says Abbas
Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced on Thursday that the Palestinian leadership has decided to “halt” all agreements signed with Israel. Abbas reached out to Hamas, offering to end the dispute between the movement and his ruling Fatah faction. “We announce the leadership’s decision to stop dealing with agreements signed with the Israeli side,” Abbas said during an emergency meeting of PA leaders in Ramallah.

Boris Johnson’s Brexit policy ‘unacceptable’ – EU negotiator
Top European officials have rebuffed the Brexit policy of Boris Johnson after his first speech to UK MPs. The new prime minister said he was committed to “getting rid” of the Irish border backstop, which has long been a bone of contention in negotiations. The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said removing the backstop guarantee was unacceptable.

Russian police raid opposition ahead of big Moscow rally
The homes of several opposition politicians have been raided by Russian police ahead of an unauthorised rally demanding fair elections. Moscow officials barred opposition candidates from running in 8 September local elections, then arrested key Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny ahead of Saturday’s planned mass protest. Police then raided four candidates’ homes, calling in more for questioning.

Designer Protein Acts as a Switch for Cellular Circuitry
Scientists have invented a synthetic protein designed to control the inner workings of cells. In a pair of papers, published yesterday (July 24) in Nature, the researchers demonstrate how the tool can be used to tweak gene expression, orchestrate protein binding events, and cue functional changes in the cell in response to environmental conditions.

North Korean defector says cousin’s entire family executed for sharing Gospel
A North Korean defector detailed what it’s like to live as a Christian in North Korea, telling President Donald Trump and the State Department’s religious freedom ministerial about the execution of his cousin’s family for sharing the Gospel.

Drug-resistant malaria ‘spreading aggressively’ across South East Asia, scientists say
Drug-resistant malarial parasites are spreading rapidly across South East Asia amid fears the new strain could reach Africa.

We have 18 months to save world, Prince Charles warns Commonwealth leaders
The Prince of Wales has warned global leaders they have 18 critical months to solve climate change and restore the balance of nature, ensuring the survival of the human race.

Paris breaks all-time high temperature as deadly heat wave grips Europe
Paris on Thursday joined the growing list of all-time high temperatures being broken as the second blistering heat wave of the summer gripped a wide swath of Europe.

Pennsylvania: School Board Would Rather Put Kids In FOSTER CARE Than Take a Donation for Overdue Lunch Bills
You’ve probably heard about the school board in Pennsylvania who sent a letter to parents with overdue lunch money tabs threatening to take their children away because of the debt. But did you hear that a local CEO offered to pay off every dime of the bills and the school board refused to take it?

City Removes Memorial to Fallen Officers After Complaints Over Word “Lord”
A memorial to slain police officers which bore references to the “Lord” was first edited and then completely removed by city officials in South Carolina after complaints.

16 California Marines Arrested On Charges Of Human Trafficking, Drugs And Other Crimes
Sixteen US Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton in California were arrested on a series of charges ranging from human smuggling to drug-related offenses, according to Fox News, citing officials.

Unusually strong cold front brings record-low July temperatures to southern U.S.
An unusually strong cold front for the time of a year hit much of southern United States on July 24 and 25, 2019, bringing record-low July temperatures to numerous cities throughout the region. Lower temperatures will continue across much of the region through the rest of the week.

Pentagon Wants 16-Year-Old Kids To Fight The Empire’s Wars
Recruitment numbers are down, and the elite doesn’t send its Harvard-bound kids into its neoliberal meat grinder.

Headlines – 7/26/2019

Jordan’s King stresses importance of ‘two-state solution’ – restates his position that creation of Palestinian state is the only way to end the conflict

Jordan’s Double Game with Israel: Its public hostility toward Israel enables it to preserve its popularity while, behind the scenes, it maintains close ties with Israel

Palestinian President Declares End to All Agreements, Security Coordination With Israel

Abbas: a committee will examine how to cease cooperation with Israel

Things are heating up between Israel and Hezbollah in the Golan – analysis

Netanyahu, Barak engage in Photoshop battle on Twitter

New ‘Squad’ talking point: Boycotting Israel like boycotting Nazi Germany

Goliath’s birthplace more giant than believed, new excavations show

Turkish military chiefs discuss possible offensive in Syria

6 Iranians among 9 dead in Israeli strike on Syria, monitor says

Iran fueling friction on the Golan Heights

In fresh challenge, defiant Iran tests medium-range missile – report

Too early to talk about Germany joining Hormuz naval mission – ministry

Britain begins escorting all UK vessels through Hormuz Strait

Court ruling over tanks debt deals new blow to UK-Iran relations

Pompeo says he’d go to Iran if needed as he asks U.S. allies to join maritime force

Iranians manage to surf the web despite tide of censorship

Erdogan: Turkey will turn elsewhere to meet security needs without US jets

Saudi prince’s US$500-billion megacity shows signs of life

British Airways to resume flights to Cairo after security review

Libya: 115 feared dead after worst Mediterranean shipwreck of the year

N. Korea says missile test was ‘solemn warning’ to S. Korea

Fake news war divides, confuses in Hong Kong

Boris Johnson Talks Tough on Brexit in Combative First Speech

Maduro asks Colombia’s military to ‘disobey’ orders against Venezuela

Trump Administration Considering ‘Travel Ban’ On Guatemalans After Asylum Snub

Trump’s New Treasury Spokeswoman Monica Crowley Claimed Obama Was Muslim and Loyal to Terrorists: Report

Justice Department resumes capital punishment after nearly two decades, orders executions of five inmates

Russia targeted 2016 state elections with “unprecedented level of activity,” Senate Intel report says

Senate report on 2016 election interference faults FBI, finds ‘extensive activity’ against ‘US election infrastructure’

Democrats second-guess calling Mueller, divided on path forward

Republicans aware of Mueller ‘frailty’ ahead of hearing

Lindsey Graham Says Mueller Just Made Trump Stronger than ‘at Any Time in His Presidency’

Move on? No thanks. Both sides aim to keep talking Mueller

U.S. Democrats and Republicans can’t even agree on the weather

Pelosi warns Dems: Don’t trash colleagues who won’t back impeachment

Schiff: ‘I Would Be Delighted If We Had a Prospect of Removing Him Through Impeachment But We Don’t’

House Dems cite Nixon in push for Trump tax returns

House Dems back subpoenas for Ivanka, Jared private emails

How Ransomware Attacks Are Forcing Big Payments From Cities, Counties

Facebook co-founder campaigning to break up tech ‘monopoly’ he helped create

Big Tech antitrust review: tough policy or publicity stunt?

How vulnerable are the undersea cables that power the global internet?

Possible meteor reported over N.J. after fireball rips across East Coast skies

San Andreas fault is a 730-mile monster. Ridgecrest earthquake was tiny taste of possible destruction

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Chagos Archipelago region

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Pangai, Tonga

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 25,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Ubinas volcano in Peru erupts to 19,000ft

Karymsky volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Asosan volcano on Japan erupts to 10,000ft

Tropical Storm Nari to bring downpours, gusty winds and floods to Japan this weekend

Europe melts under Sahara heat wave, smashes heat records

Paris breaks all-time high temperature as deadly heat wave grips Europe

Record 42.6C (108.6F) in Paris as Europe heatwave hits blistering peak

A Heat Wave Bakes Europe, Where Air-Conditioning Is Scarce

UK heatwave: Second hottest day on record leads to travel chaos

Record heat in Alaska melts glaciers, hints at bigger problems that may be to come

Fall-like air breaks record lows from early 1900s in parts of southern US

Two dead, 768 ill amid Salmonella outbreak affecting 48 states, CDC says

Soon There Will Be Unlimited Hair – New uses of stem cells and 3-D printing could make baldness obsolete (for the wealthy)

Tinder introduces safety feature to protect LGBTQ travelers

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther

RenewAmerica Newsletter for July 26, 2019

July 25, 2019
Former special counsel ‘clearly did not want to be on Capitol Hill’; he was there only because Nadler made him
BRYAN FISCHER — One could almost feel sorry for Robert Mueller, whose reputation as a man of unimpeachable integrity and straight-shooting law man burned to the ground in front of him during his testimony before Congress. He appeared frail, uncertain, and feeble. He simply was not up to the challenge. He fumbled simple questions, paused awkwardly on numerous occasions, and repeatedly made it clear that he was almost completely unfamiliar with his own report…. (more)

July 25, 2019
‘Can you repeat the question, sir?’
GRABIEN — Former Special Counsel Robert Mueller frequently appeared confused during his much-anticipated Capitol Hill testimony Wednesday. Mueller, who is often celebrated in the media for laser-like thinking, had to ask lawmakers to regularly repeat their questions, seemingly struggling to pay attention. At other points, Mueller got confused about whether the members of Congress were asking him questions or if they were reading from his own report. In just the first 90 minutes of the hearing, Mueller needed help understanding questions more than 10 times…. (more)

July 25, 2019
WASHINGTON TIMES — Robert Mueller made it just minutes into the questions from Congress Wednesday before Republicans drew blood, trapping the former special counsel over his familiarity with his own 448-page report. Rep. Doug Collins, the top Republican on the Judiciary Committee, asked a seemingly easy question about whether “collusion” and “conspiracy” were essentially the same. Mr. Mueller said that wasn’t necessarily true…. (more)

July 25, 2019
REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) presses former Special Counsel Robert Mueller on the origins of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation. Jordan says maybe a better course of action is to figure out how the false accusations started…. (more)

July 25, 2019
REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Rep. John Ratcliffe (R-TX) admonished former special counsel Robert Mueller for not following the regulations by writing about decisions that weren’t reached. From Wednesday’s House Judiciary Committee hearing:… (more)

July 25, 2019
REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) asked former special counsel Robert Mueller several questions about Christopher Steele and the Steele dossier at today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing. Mueller declined to answer Rep. Gaetz’s repeated questions about the Steele dossier and often responded, “That’s beyond my purview.”… (more)

July 25, 2019
REAL CLEAR POLITICS — Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) gave a statement Wednesday at the beginning of the House Intelligence Committee hearing on Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. “There is collusion in plain sight. Collusion between Russia and the Democratic party,” the ranking member said. “The Democrats colluded with Russian sources to develop the Steele dossier and Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya colluded with the dossier’s key architect, Fusion GPS head Glenn Simpson.”… (more)

July 25, 2019
‘Washington’s focus now shifts to the two investigations into the investigators’
NEW YORK POST — Among his talents, Donald Trump has a special gift for driving his detractors so crazy that they do really stupid stuff. The decision by Democrats to force Robert Mueller to testify before Congress is Exhibit A…. (more)

July 25, 2019
PROJECT VERITAS — “Are we going to just let the biggest tech companies decide who wins every election from now on?” Current Google insider goes public on bias. “It’s time to decide, do we run the technology, or does the technology run us?”… (more)

July 24, 2019
SELWYN DUKE — It’s easy to laugh at people such as Democrat Georgia state representative Erica Thomas and her anguish at being told, as she relates it, that she should “go back” to where she came from. That is, until it happens to you…. (more)

July 24, 2019
NEWSMAX — Boris Johnson, Britain’s blustering Brexit campaigner, was chosen as the U.K.’s next prime minister Tuesday, with a resounding mandate from the Conservative Party but conflicting demands from a politically divided country…. (more)

July 24, 2019
NEWSMAX — Sens. Bill Cassidy, R-La., and Ted Cruz, R-Texas, are introducing a resolution to designate Antifa, a loose organization of anti-fascist groups, a domestic terrorist organization…. (more)

July 24, 2019
Described as ‘unacceptable content’
WORLDNETDAILY — Many expressions of Christian belief have been censored by YouTube, which is owned by Google. But on Tuesday, even the word “Christian” ran afoul of the social-media giant. Chad Robichaux reported an ad for his ministry to veterans was rejected for including the word “Christian.”… (more)

July 24, 2019
‘The evidence is overwhelming’
WORLDNETDAILY — The watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a House Ethics complaint against Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., calling for a congressional investigation of allegations she married her brother in an immigration-fraud scheme…. (more)

July 23, 2019
NATIONAL REVIEW — The percentage of Americans who cite immigration as the nation’s “most important problem” has hit a record high as the Trump administration continues to struggle with an unprecedented influx of migrants streaming across the southern border…. (more)

July 22, 2019
SIENA HOEFLING — Justice Clarence Thomas recently said that all pro-life regulatory laws are useless in overturning Roe v. Wade. Not in so many words. But you may have heard that Justice Thomas joined progressives on the Supreme Court June 28, 2019, in refusing to hear a case on dismemberment abortions. In rejecting Harris v. West Alabama Women’s Center, Justice Thomas laid out the reason behind his vote. Thomas said he denied certiorari because nothing about the case asked the Court to revisit its precedent…. (more)

July 22, 2019
REV. MARK H. CREECH — This week the Washington Examiner reported that Pastor Andrew Brunson said he was “astounded at the speed with which the U.S. is imploding” and that he predicts persecution of Christians will follow. Brunson is the evangelical Presbyterian missionary to Turkey who spent two years in a Turkish prison. He was falsely accused of being part of a failed coup attempt against that country’s President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The charges against Brunson resulting in his unjust imprisonment triggered a war of words and diplomatic struggles between Turkey and the U.S. government…. (more)

July 22, 2019
ANDREW MCCARTHY — The president can be very entertaining, but I don’t pay much attention to political rallies, including his famously raucous ones. For the faithful, the rallies are fun spectacles, like rock concerts or ball games. I don’t think they can be taken too seriously, except perhaps as a gauge of the president’s support. Not in lieu of polls, but in conjunction. And with healthy skepticism: The polls have a history of undercounting Trump supporters, but the ardor of the Trump base on display at the rallies should not be confounded with national enthusiasm for the Trump presidency – – though it may signal more openness to it, especially in light of the increasingly radical alternative…. (more)

July 22, 2019
JOHN FUND — About every other year, I make it a point to stop by Netroots Nation, the annual gathering of thousands of progressive activists, to take the temperature of the American Left. One year, I was even invited to join a panel, and I enjoyed jousting with attendees while playing the role of piñata at their party…. (more)

July 22, 2019
SUSAN FERRECHIO — Democrats are hoping former special counsel Robert Mueller’s July 24 testimony before Congress next week will provide the impetus needed to launch an impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Congress last week voted to table articles of impeachment against Trump…. (more)

July 22, 2019
NATIONAL REVIEW — Leana Wen, the president of Planned Parenthood, was forced out of her job Tuesday…. (more)

July 22, 2019
NEWSMAX — Iran’s ambassador to Britain warned against escalating tensions on Sunday as a UK official failed to rule out sanctions in response to Tehran’s seizure of a British-flagged oil tanker. Britain has called Iran’s capture of the Stena Impero in the Strait of Hormuz on Friday a “hostile act.”… (more)

July 22, 2019
WASHINGTON EXAMINER — There will be furious embarrassment in the British government this evening over Iran’s seizure of two British oil tankers today. One of those tankers is British-flagged, and the other is British-owned. Still, Iran has made a strategic miscalculation here…. (more)

July 22, 2019
NEWSMAX — President Donald Trump said he is confident U.S. forces on Thursday shot down an Iranian drone off Iran’s southern coast, after Iran denied losing any of its unmanned aircraft over the Gulf. “No doubt about it, no – – we shot it down,” Trump said during an Oval Office ceremony Friday…. (more)


July 26 Stars and Servants

scripture reading: Philippians 2:1–11
key verse: Galatians 5:13

You, brethren, have been called to liberty; only do not use liberty as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.

Philip Yancey, an insightful Christian author, reflected in a Christianity Today article on the discrepancy between those who bask in the limelight and those who toil in seeming obscurity:

My career as a journalist has afforded me opportunities to interview diverse people. Looking back, I can roughly divide them into two types—servants and stars.

The stars include NFL football greats, movie actors, music performers, famous authors, TV personalities, and the like. These are the ones who dominate our magazines and our television programs.

I have also spent time with servants. People like Dr. Paul Brand who worked for twenty years among outcasts—leprosy patients, the poorest of the poor in rural India. Or the health workers who left high–paying jobs to serve with Mendenhall Ministries.… Or relief workers in Somalia, the Sudan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, or other such repositories of world–class suffering.

But as I now reflect on the two groups—stars and servants—the servants clearly emerge as the favored ones, the graced ones. They work for low pay, long hours, and no applause, “wasting” their talents and skills among the poor.

But somehow in this process of losing their lives, they have received the peace that is not of this world.

Lord, make me a servant instead of a star! Let me immerse my life in fulfilling Your purposes. Though I toil in obscurity, I know I will not lose anything—I’ll gain![1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1998). Enter His gates: a daily devotional. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

26 july (1857) 365 Days with Spurgeon

A preacher from the dead

“And he said unto him, If they hear not Moses and the prophets, neither will they be persuaded, though one rose from the dead.” Luke 16:31

suggested further reading: 1 Samuel 28:3–19

Spirit that hath returned from another world, tell me, how are men judged? Why are they condemned? Why are they saved? I hear him say, “Men are condemned because of sin. Read the ten commandments of Moses, and you will find the ten great condemnations whereby men are for ever cut off.” I knew that before, bright Spirit; thou hast told me nothing! “No,” says he, “and nothing can I tell.” “Because I was hungry, and ye gave me no meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink; I was sick, and ye visited me not; I was in prison, and ye came not unto me; therefore, inasmuch as ye did it not unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye did it not to me. Depart, ye cursed!” “Why, Spirit, was that the word of the king?” “It was” says he. “I have read that too; thou hast told me no more.” If you do not know the difference between right and wrong from reading the Scripture, you would not know it if a spirit should tell you; if you do not know the road to hell and the road to heaven from the Bible itself, you would never know it at all. No book could be more clear, no revelation more distinct, no testimony more plain. And since without the agency of the Spirit, these testimonies are insufficient for salvation, it follows that no further declaration would avail. Salvation is ascribed wholly to God, and man’s ruin only to man. What more could a spirit tell us, than a distinct declaration of these two great truths.—“O Israel, thou hast destroyed thyself; but in me is thine help found!” Beloved, we do solemnly say again, that Holy Scripture is so perfect, so complete, that it cannot want the supplement of any declaration concerning a future state. All that you ought to know concerning the future you may know from Holy Scripture.

for meditation: The rich man in the account (not called a parable) given by Jesus was full of false doctrine—praying to a saint, seeking some kind of second chance after death, rejecting the sufficiency of Scripture (Luke 16:24, 30). Note the place from which these doctrines come (1 Timothy 4:1; James 3:15).

sermon no. 143[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H., & Crosby, T. P. (1998). 365 Days with Spurgeon (Volume 1) (p. 214). Leominster, UK: Day One Publications.

26 JULY 365 Days with Calvin

Finding No Excuse

For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: which show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another. Romans 2:14–15

suggested further reading: Romans 3:1–19

Paul did not think it enough to condemn us by mere assertion and to pronounce on us the just judgment of God. He proves the rightness of this by reasons to excite us to a greater desire for Christ and to a greater love toward Christ. Indeed, he shows that Gentiles in vain use ignorance as an excuse for failing to obey God’s law, since they prove by their own deeds that they have some rule of righteousness in them. No nation is so lost to everything human that it does not keep within the limits of some laws.

Since, then, all nations, of themselves and without a monitor, are disposed to make laws for themselves, it is evident beyond all question that they have some notions of justice and rectitude, which the Greeks call preconceptions. These are implanted by nature in the hearts of men. Though they are without law, the Gentiles have a law, for though they have no written law, they are yet by no means wholly destitute of the knowledge of what is right and just, for they could not otherwise distinguish between vice and virtue. They restrain vice by punishment, and commend and manifest their approbation of virtue by honoring it with rewards.

The apostle sets nature in opposition to a written law, meaning that the Gentiles had the natural light of righteousness, which supplied the place of that law by which the Jews were instructed. So they were a law to themselves. For why else did they institute religious rites, unless they were convinced that God ought to be worshiped? Why were they ashamed of adultery and theft, unless they deemed them evils?

for meditation: We can argue against it, but there is a law in the heart of mankind that is placed there by virtue of creation. This law is clear enough to condemn us all. None of us has kept God’s revealed will and laws, but neither have we kept the law found in our hearts. Thus, we stand condemned before God and without excuse, no matter who we are. How should this change our understandings of ourselves and our hearts?[1]

[1] Calvin, J., & Beeke, J. R. (2008). 365 Days with Calvin (p. 226). Leominster; Grand Rapids, MI: Day One Publications; Reformation Heritage Books.

Tucker Carlson: The Russia hoax is over and it’s time to hold people accountable for years of lies. | Fox News

Tucker Carlson: It’s time to make people in Washington pay for big mistakes.

https://video.foxnews.com/v/embed.js?id=6064091080001&w=466&h=263Watch the latest video at foxnews.com

Tucker: What should happen to those who lied about Russian collusion?

Adam Schiff has provided no proof of collusion despite claiming to have significant evidence of it.

The Russia hoax ended on Wednesday — we can say that. It ended not with a bang, but with the muddled half-memories of a fading old man slipping in and out of focus.

America sat transfixed by Robert Mueller’s halting testimony before Congress. No honest person could have come away at the end believing that the president of the United States colluded with the Russian government to steal an election. That was the allegation, you’ll remember.

And then, after the most extensive investigation in modern American history, we found the truth. And so, we can say conclusively, once again, what we told you the day this all started, the whole thing is a crock. It never happened. They were lying to you. That’s clear now. The debate is over.


But that doesn’t mean the Russia story has quite ended. There are loose ends. For two and a half years, some of the most powerful people in America — supposedly serious, well-educated people, very smart people — these people made wild and untrue and totally reckless allegations about issues critical to the life of this country, all on the basis of no evidence whatsoever. It’s hard to believe they did that. But they did do it.

What should happen to these people now? Congressman Adam Schiff, for example. Schiff claimed he possessed actual evidence of Russian collusion. And he didn’t just say that one time, he said it repeatedly.

In the end, you know what happened — or didn’t. Schiff did not produce the evidence. He didn’t have it because it doesn’t exist. Schiff was bluffing, which is to say he was lying. He still is, actually. As of Wednesday, Schiff was continuing to claim that the Trump campaign “embraced foreign help, made use of it and covered it up.” In other words, collusion. Schiff still believes the collusion hoax.


Or does he? On Thursday, Adam Schiff went on CNN to carry water for his boss, Nancy Pelosi. “Impeachment might not be a great idea,” he told CNN’s viewers.

But wait, that doesn’t seem to make sense. If Donald Trump is working for a hostile foreign power, as Adam Schiff has told us countless times that he is, how can we not impeach him? No one on CNN asked Adam Schiff to explain that contradiction, unfortunately. Not that it matters. Think about it for a second, and you’ll see exactly what’s going on.

Adam Schiff never believed a word he was saying about Russian collusion. I suppose the good news is Schiff is not delusional. The bad news, though, is that Adam Schiff is a soulless liar. He is a man willing to say literally anything for political advantage, and that’s really the worst of all. Being a lunatic would be much more appealing than that.

Naturally, Washington being the place that it is, Adam Schiff has been richly rewarded for his shameless deceit. He is still the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. That’s one of most powerful jobs in all of government. Schiff is all but certain to be there for years.

But what about his enablers? And there are a lot of them –the journalists, the pundits, the fellow lawmakers who helped Adam Schiff tell his lies. These are the people you’ll remember who blithely accused the sitting president of the United States of treason.


One of them was House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who has said, among other things, the following: “Trump’s eagerness to sell out America proves the Russians must have something personally politically or financially on President Trump.”

It proves that Trump is committing treason. Think about that. Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, third in line for the presidency. She is the country’s most powerful lawmaker, supposedly a wise and sober person. And yet, there she was telling you it’s been proved that the president of the United States is working for a hostile foreign power.

Has any Speaker in American history ever said something that irresponsible? Maybe nothing comes to mind. But if you think that’s shocking, consider this: Pelosi is still saying that. “Tucker Carlson Tonight’s” investigative producer, Alex Pfeiffer, ran into Pelosi Thursday afternoon on Capitol Hill and asked her. Listen to what she told our show.

Alex Pfeiffer, Fox News investigative producer: Speaker Pelosi, Alex Pfeiffer of “Tucker Carlson Tonight.” In January, you wondered what Putin had on Trump. After yesterday, are you any closer to figuring that out? 

Pelosi: We have it up on the courts right now. 

Pfeiffer: Are you any closer to figuring out what Putin has on Trump? 

Pelosi: That’s why we need to have him to answer our subpoena. 

Pfeiffer: You still think Putin might have some sort of blackmail on the president? 

Pelosi: I wonder what Putin has politically, financially or personally. 

Pfeiffer: So our president could be subject to blackmail, you think? 

The exchange isn’t long, but it really tells you everything you need to know. Pelosi told our show President Trump is a traitor who is committing treason. And yet, she doesn’t want to impeach him. How does that make sense?

Adam Schiff has been richly rewarded for his shameless deceit. He is still the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. That’s one of most powerful jobs in all of government. Schiff is all but certain to be there for years. 

Well, it only makes sense when you understand that Pelosi doesn’t mean a single word that she says. Everything is political, meaning it’s only about power.

That’s not just annoying. It’s also ominous. And here’s why.

Fifteen years ago this spring, we invaded Iraq to stop a WMD program that didn’t exist. Thousands of American troops died in the process, trillions of dollars were wasted. It was the single greatest mistake in this country in generations. And yet — and here’s the key — nobody in Washington was ever punished for it.

The people who planned it went on to even better jobs. One of them is now our national security adviser, John Bolton. Five years after the Iraq War, our economy collapsed. Remember that? The subprime meltdown? The specific causes were complex, but the themes were instantly recognizable — greed and stupidity. And yet, once again, no one was ever punished.

Now, fast forward another 11 years to today, right now. America stands on the brink of yet more foolish foreign entanglements, and on the brink of and potentially another financial meltdown. Why is that? Because nobody in Washington has learned anything. And why would they learn anything? When they screw up there are never any consequences. They skate by on the usual mixture of aggression and BS. “Nothing to see here, keep moving.”

Imagine for a second, what would happen if you let your kids act like that? Well, they’d been in prison by now. So, maybe it’s time to stop the cycle in Washington.

How about this? If you get caught lying about the big things, whether it’s about weapons of mass destruction, or subprime mortgages or Russian collusion, you have to admit it and serve penance, — not necessarily prison time, though we’re open. But punishment of some kind.

You can’t stay in Washington, making six times the average American salary. You can’t do that. No, sorry.

You’ve got to leave. You’ve got to relocate to Camden, New Jersey, maybe or Gary, Indiana, and do something useful. Like clean motel rooms for minimum wage, put the little “sanitized for your protection” strips on toilets. Not forever, just for a decade or two, until you’ve learned your lesson. Call us when you’ve done that, but not before.

Adapted from Tucker Carlson’s monologue from “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on July 25, 2019.

Tucker Carlson currently serves as the host of FOX News Channel’s (FNC) Tucker Carlson Tonight (weekdays 8PM/ET). He joined the network in 2009 as a contributor.

Random Ramblings, Ruminations, and Resources

Michelle Lesley

What a summer! From a lovely trip to visit with my family to the Open Letter to Beth Moore(by the way, ladies, you can still sign it if you haven’t already) to podcast interviews to a hurricane (everything’s fine, thanks – praise God!) to both of my young adult children’s cars dying in the same week and my husband and me playing chauffeur for them (please pray that God will provide the vehicles they need), my summer has been a non-stop whirlwind. I can’t believe next week will already be August!

Let’s jump into some Random Ramblings, Ruminations, and Resources, shall we?

Light (Blog) Housekeeping

If you’re relatively new to the blog, you might not be aware of all the features and resources available to you here. Check out Blog Orientation for New Readers and Old Friends.

But even if you’ve been around a while, I’ve updated…

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July 26 – It’s all about God — Reformed Perspective

“When Joshua was by Jericho, he lifted up his eyes and looked, and behold, a man was standing before him with his drawn sword in his hand.” – Joshua 5:13

Scripture reading: Joshua 5:13-15

The name of this book is Joshua, and people have the tendency to read the book as if it is all about him, about how faithful and wise and courageous he was. They do that because that seems to make the message of the book relevant and practical: we should be faithful and wise and courageous like Joshua.

And when we read about this strange meeting between Joshua and the commander of the army of the LORD, and we try to understand how this is relevant to us and our lives, we might imagine that there are several things we should admire about Joshua and that we should imitate. Maybe Joshua was meditating or praying. That shows his faith. Or maybe he was scouting things out. That shows his wisdom. When the man approached him, Joshua challenged him. That shows how brave he was. And in the end, he asked the man what he was supposed to do. Joshua was humble.

Those are certainly admirable qualities. But this story isn’t about Joshua. It’s about this mysterious figure who is called, the commander of the army of the LORD. It’s about God, and what He was going to do at Jericho. That’s what makes the whole Bible so absolutely relevant, and so utterly practical. Because in the Bible, God shows us Who He is, and what He is like, and what He does for our salvation. The Bible is the gospel, the foundation of our faith, and our only comfort.

Suggestions for prayer

Thank God that the story of your salvation is all about Him, and His glory, which He has chosen to reveal by showing grace and favor to you.

This daily devotional is available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional. Rev. Dick Wynia is the pastor of the Vineyard Canadian Reformed Church in Beamsville, Ontario.

via July 26 – It’s all about God — Reformed Perspective