Weekend Snapshot · July 27, 2019 – Top Stories This Week

Executive Summary: Mueller’s Capstone Testimony

“Far from breathing life into his damning report, the tired Robert Mueller sucked the life out of it.”

Does Anyone Care About the National Debt?

Congress and White House negotiators are working to spend ever more of your money.

Is Being Poor a Good Reason for Asylum?

Making money to build a bigger house back home doesn’t fit the historic definition.

The Demos’ Socialist Cloward-Piven Pivot

What objectives and strategies do the Democrat Party and CPUSA have in common?

Omar to America: ‘You Bunch of Racists’

Stop being bigots, she says, and start implementing the Left’s socialist agenda.

Democrats Demand Economy-Killing Marxist Wages

Even $15 an hour isn’t enough for some Democrats, who want a minimum wage of $20.

DOJ Opens Antitrust Probe of Big Tech

Social-media giants are on notice as government opens second antitrust investigation.

Groupthink Campus Culture

“Inclusive” language standards on campus are all about crushing free thought.

Promise Exceeded: Trump’s Deregulatory Record

“We’ve hit 13 to 1,” said the OMB’s Russ Vought of regulations cut for each one added.

The American Dream or an American Nightmare?

Republicans are running to lead America. Democrats are just running it down.

Today’s Meme

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Today’s Cartoon

For more of today’s cartoons, visit the Cartoons archive.

Quote Of The Week

“Allow me to reiterate my unpopular opinion that it is ridiculous to have a prosecutor produce a 400-page report for public consumption and then testify for the TV cameras over a matter that he couldn’t decide was a crime or not.” —Rich Lowry


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