Hillary fan warns: Google gave Hillary millions of votes in 2016 – WND

Hillary Clinton (video screenshot)

A “liberal professor” and self-avowed “strong public supporter of Hillary Clinton” is warning that Google manipulated millions of votes for Clinton in 2016.

And he expects the company to go “all out” in 2020.

BizPacReview reported Robert Epstein made the comments to the Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution.

“You testified before this committee that Google’s manipulation of votes gave at least 2.6 million additional votes to Hillary Clinton in the year 2016, is that correct?” asked Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, at the hearing.

He confirmed that is correct.

He explained that it was done through biased search results.

“I believe in democracy. I believe in the free and fair election more than I have any kind of allegiance to a candidate or a party,” Epstein said.

He said he expects that influence factor could reach as high as 15 million votes next year.

“In 2020, if all these companies are supporting the same candidate there are 15 million votes on the line that can be shifted without people’s knowledge and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to trace,” the professor said.

Part of that is that the chiefs of Google and Facebook – leftists to an individual – were too confidence in 2016 and really allowed the pressure to drop off.

“In 2018, I’m sure they were more aggressive,” he told the committee. “We have lots of data to support that and in 2020 you can bet that all of these companies are going to go all out.”

He said the methods being used online are invisible, subliminal, and “more powerful than most any effects I’ve ever seen in the behavioral sciences.”

He explained that Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg, for example, could “send out a ‘Go Vote’ reminder just to Democrats on Election Day” and that wouldn’t cost him a dime.

Epstein actually told the senators that the 2.6 million figure for votes influenced by Facebook in 2016 was a “rock bottom” estimate.

It actually could be as high as 10.4 million, he explained.

Besides search engine manipulation, the online company used search suggestion results and answer bots, he said.

Which means that instead of the “popular vote” win Hillary Clinton fans have boasted about since she lost hugely in the Electoral College in 2016, without the outside manipulation she might have suffered a crushing loss there too.

— Read on www.wnd.com/2019/07/hillary-fan-warns-google-gave-hillary-millions-of-votes-in-2016/

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