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August 15 Peaceful Solitude

Scripture Reading: Psalm 9:1–5

Key Verse: Psalm 9:1

I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart;

I will tell of all Your marvelous works.

Clearly, we live in a loud society. This is not simply a problem in some parts of the world; rather, industrialized society and fast-paced living have filled the world’s airwaves with what can only be described as “noise.” Some of the noise is useful; for example, a late-breaking news report on all channels that warns of an approaching storm. However, many things that fill our ears are practically pointless. Why is the noise there, and why do we need it?

In Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster speculates, “One reason we can hardly bear to remain silent is that it makes us feel so helpless.… If we are silent, who will take control?” Very often, words are not only our means of communication, they are our means of control. We use words to manipulate our environment, to indelibly set our fingerprints on any given situation. If we don’t speak up, someone else will swoop in and take charge.

Sometimes, this is exactly what needs to happen. Foster continues, “If we are silent, who will take control? God will take control.” Our prayer lives are too often marked by an overabundance of talking, petitioning, and posturing. It is of extreme value to spend time daily talking with the Lord. However, it is also necessary to spend time in utter solitude before Him, allowing Him to speak to you uninterrupted. Take a moment to filter out the noise, and listen for God’s voice.

Lord, am I guilty of using my voice to control situations? Give me the will to silence my voice so that Yours can be heard and You can have control.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 238). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

August 15 Checking Your Progress

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 4:17–24

Key Verse: Psalm 37:37

Mark the blameless man, and observe the upright; for the future of that man is peace.

Like physical growth, spiritual growth is not necessarily something you feel yourself doing. You detect growth by seeing where you are now and looking back at where you’ve been. You can check your progress along the way as well if you know what to look for.

Increasing awareness of sin. You will develop a keener sense of sin in your life, a sharper awareness of your private motivations. As you expose your innermost thoughts to the truth of God’s Word, reality comes into clear focus, and it is much more difficult to justify wrongdoing.

Increase in spiritual battles. The heat is turned up when you begin to wrestle with issues of obedience in everyday life. Attacks may come from all sides, even from those you thought supported you. You will learn to rejoice as you “get dressed” in spiritual armor (Eph. 6).

Increased desire to serve. When you possess love overflowing, you want to give it away. That’s the nature of God’s grace—it’s a gift to be shared. Whether it’s a deed people can see or a commitment to praying for someone, you will develop a heart for others.

Decreased desire to be critical. The more you are aware of God’s grace for you, the less inclined you are to be harsh with others. Mercy breeds mercy, and you become a bearer of love.

Father God, increase my awareness of sin. Give me new desire to serve. Keep me strong for the spiritual battles I encounter as I continue to grow in You. Make me a bearer of love.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 238). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

August 15 Strongholds for Satan

Scripture reading: 2 Corinthians 10:3–5

Key verse: 1 Timothy 6:12

Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, to which you were also called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

Another word for fortresses is strongholds, which, in the context of warfare, means “fortified places.” In the spiritual realm, aspects of your behavior and thinking can become strongholds for Satan—hard-to-penetrate positions that furnish excellent ground for him to assault your inner being.

A stronghold may be found in any area of your life, from your speech to interpersonal relationships to eating habits. It may involve a weakness or a predisposition to a certain sin. In any case, a stronghold is something that you have never completely surrendered to the lordship or control of Jesus Christ.

Can you identify any strongholds in your life? It’s not a mysterious subject. When you ask God to reveal His truth to you, He will reveal strongholds through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Lord wants you to understand spiritual warfare so that you can end Satan’s influence and move forward in your relationship with Him.

Dear heavenly Father, please reveal any spiritual strongholds in my life, and give me strength to deal with them.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 238). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

August 15, 2019 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

5. For if we have been ingrafted, &c. He strengthens in plainer words the argument he has already stated; for the similitude which he mentions leaves now nothing doubtful, inasmuch as grafting designates not only a conformity of example, but a secret union, by which we are joined to him; so that he, reviving us by his Spirit, transfers his own virtue to us. Hence as the graft has the same life or death in common with the tree into which it is ingrafted, so it is reasonable that we should be partakers of the life no less than of the death of Christ; for if we are ingrafted according to the likeness of Christ’s death, which was not without a resurrection, then our death shall not be without a resurrection. But the words admit of a twofold explanation,—either that we are ingrafted in Christ into the likeness of his death, or, that we are simply ingrafted in its likeness. The first reading would require the Greek dative ὁμοιώματι, to be understood as pointing out the manner; nor do I deny but that it has a fuller meaning: but as the other harmonizes more with simplicity of expression, I have preferred it; though it signifies but little, as both come to the same meaning. Chrysostom thought that Paul used the expression, “likeness of death,” for death, as he says in another place, “being made in the likeness of men.” But it seems to me that there is something more significant in the expression; for it not only serves to intimate a resurrection, but it seems also to indicate this—that we die not like Christ a natural death, but that there is a similarity between our and his death; for as he by death died in the flesh, which he had assumed from us, so we also die in ourselves, that we may live in him. It is not then the same, but a similar death; for we are to notice the connection between the death of our present life and spiritual renovation.

Ingrafted, &c. There is great force in this word, and it clearly shows, that the Apostle does not exhort, but rather teach us what benefit we derive from Christ; for he requires nothing from us, which is to be done by our attention and diligence, but speaks of the grafting made by the hand of God. But there is no reason why you should seek to apply the metaphor or comparison in every particular; for between the grafting of trees, and this which is spiritual, a disparity will soon meet us: in the former the graft draws its aliment from the root, but retains its own nature in the fruit; but in the latter not only we derive the vigour and nourishment of life from Christ, but we also pass from our own to his nature. The Apostle, however, meant to express nothing else but the efficacy of the death of Christ, which manifests itself in putting to death our flesh, and also the efficacy of his resurrection, in renewing within us a spiritual nature.[1]

5 Verse 5 affirms what has been implied in v. 4b: the participation of the believer in the resurrection of Christ. The verse takes the form of a conditional sentence, in which the protasis (the “if” clause) states what is already known—the believer’s connection with Christ’s death—as the basis for the conclusion drawn in the apodosis (the “then” clause): that this connection with Christ in death assures participation in his resurrection.381 Complicating Paul’s assertion, however, is his use of the phrase “the form of [Christ’s] death.” Two issues must be resolved.

First, what is the syntactical function of the phrase (a dative in Greek)? Many scholars think that “likeness of his death” is the means by which the believer is united with Christ or, more generally, the location at which this union takes place. See, for instance, the rendering in the NAB: “if we have grown into union with him through a death like his [my italics].” But this is not the most natural reading of the syntax. It is preferable to take “likeness of his death” as the object with which we are “joined”; see our translation: “we have become united with the likeness of his death” (so most English versions).

Second, what does Paul refer to with the phrase? The decisive issue is the meaning of the Greek word homoiōma. Two basic meanings are possible.

(1) Homoiōma can refer to something that resembles something else: a “copy” or “image.” Many scholars argue that this “something” here relates to baptism, in the sense, perhaps, of the “copy” or “image” of Christ’s death that is present in baptism (vv. 3–4). But this interpretation suffers from two serious drawbacks. First, “likeness of his death” makes sense as a reference to baptism only if it refers to the means by which we are joined to Christ. But I have argued that this is not the most likely reading of the syntax. Second, the movement of Paul’s thought in this passage is away from baptism. Other scholars who argue that homoiōma here means “image” assert that Paul is referring to the Christian’s own death to sin, a “copy” of Christ’s death (which was itself a “death to sin,” v. 10). But the language “become joined with” seems too strong if the union is with our own death to sin.

(2) Homoiōma can also mean “form,” in the sense of the outer appearance, or shape, of the reality itself. “Likeness of his death” may, then, simply be the death of Christ itself.389 Substantiation for this can be found in the parallel v. 8, where Paul speaks simply of “dying with Christ.” However, while I think this interpretation is on the right track, Paul’s use of homoiōma suggests that he wants to portray Christ’s death in a particular light. Some think that Paul uses it to designate Christ’s death as the death that is sacramentally present in baptism. But, again, this ignores the plain teaching of v. 4 that baptism mediates our union with Christ—it does not “contain” it. A better alternative, then, begins with the recognition that, as we have seen, the believer’s death and burial “with Christ” is a redemptive-historical association that cannot be precisely defined in terms of time or nature. Homoiōma, while not differentiating the death to which we are joined from Christ’s, nevertheless qualifies it in its particular redemptive-historical “form.” Further, by speaking of the “form” of Christ’s death, Paul may also be reminding us that our “dying with Christ” initiates a conformity with Jesus’ death that is to have a continuing effect on our existence. Reference to this ongoing conformity to the death of Christ explains the perfect tense of the verb Paul uses:394 we have been joined to the form of Christ’s death and are constantly being (and need to be) conformed to it. We may, then, paraphrase: “we (at ‘conversion-initiation’) were united with the death of Christ in its redemptive-historical significance, and are now, thus, in the state of conformity to that death.”

The “but also” introducing the second part of the verse stresses the certainty that our union with “the form of Christ’s death” will mean union with the form of Christ’s resurrection.396 But what are we to make of the future verb “we will be”? Paul may put the matter this way because being “joined to the form of Christ’s resurrection” follows logically upon “being joined to the form of his death.” In this case, the reference could be to the already realized “spiritual” resurrection of believers “with Christ” (as in Col. 2:12 and Eph. 2:6), or to the imperative of living in the “form” and power of Christ’s resurrection life in the present.399 Either of these options is possible, considering the fact that Paul himself infers in this text that believers in this life live in the resurrection power of Christ (vv. 4b, 11, 13). However, I believe the scales are tilted slightly to a true future here by v. 8, which asserts a similar point but with a construction that is more difficult to read as a “logical” future. With most interpreters, then, I take it that Paul is referring to the physical resurrection of believers “with Christ” (see 2 Cor. 4:14)—to that time when God will transform our earthly bodies, “making them conformed to the body of his [Christ’s] glory.”

This does not mean, however, that all allusions to the present are eliminated. For, even as union with the “form” of Christ’s death at baptism-conversion works forward to the moral life, so the union with the “form” of Christ’s resurrection at death or the parousia works backward. It is in this sense that the believer can be said to have been “raised with Christ” and to be living in the power of that resurrected life. Perhaps, then, as our union with Christ’s death cannot be fixed to any one moment, so we should view our union with Christ’s resurrection as similarly atemporal. But, while the spiritual effects of resurrection are felt now, we must not commit the mistake of some in the early church (see 2 Tim. 2:18) and spiritualize the resurrection. We await a real, physical resurrection, and this physicality destroys the parallel at this point with our “dying with Christ.” The futurity of our resurrection reminds us that complete victory over sin will be won only in that day; until then, we live under the imperative of making the life of Jesus manifest in the way we live (see 2 Cor. 4:10).[2]

5. For if we have been planted together—literally, “have become formed together.” (The word is used here only).

in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection—that is, “Since Christ’s death and resurrection are inseparable in their efficacy, union with Him in the one carries with it participation in the other, for privilege and for duty alike.” The future tense is used of participation in His resurrection, because this is but partially realized in the present state. (See on Ro 5:19).[3]

Ver. 5.—For if we have been planted together in the likeness of his death, we shall be also in the likeness of his resurrection. So the Authorized Version. But the English word “planted” (though the idea expressed by it has the support of Origen, Chrysostom, and other ancient Father; also of the Vulgate, and, among moderns, Beza, Luther, and others; while some, including Erasmus, Calvin, Estius, Cornelius à Lapide, understand “engrafted”) probably suggests what was not intended. Σύμφυτος is from συμφύω (not συμφυτεύω, and need only express being made to grow together in close association. In classic authors it commonly means innate. It seems here used, not to introduce a new figure, whether of planting or grafting, but only to express the close union with Christ, already intimated, into which we entered in baptism. The Revised Version has “have become united with him,” which may perhaps sufficiently express what is meant, though hardly a satisfactory rendering of σύμφυτοι. Tyndale and Cranmer translate “graft in deeth lyke unto him;” and perhaps “graft into” may be as good a rendering as any other. Meyer, Tholuck, Alford, and others take the dative τῷ ὁμοιώματι as governed by σύμφυτοι, equivalent to ὁμοίως ἀπεθάνομεν ὥσπερ αὐτὸς (Tholuck). But it may be better to understand Χριστῷ: “Graft into Christ, in the likeness of his death,” τῷ ὁμοιώματι being added because Christ’s death and ours, in the senses intended, are not the same kind of death literally, ours only corresponding to, and in a certain sense like his. The main purpose of this verse, as of ver. 4, is to press resurrection with Christ as following death with him. But why here the future ἐσόμεθα? Did we not rise with Christ to a new life when we emerged from our baptismal burial? Future verbs are used also with a similar reference in ver. 8 and ver. 14. Now, there are three senses in which our resurrection with Christ may be understood, (1) As above (cf. Col. 2:12, etc., where the expression is συνηγέρθητε). (2) Our realization of our position of power and obligation in subsequent life—actually in practice “dying from sin and rising again unto righteousness” (cf. below, vers. 12–14). (3) The resurrection of the dead hereafter. Some (including Tertullian, Chrysostom Œcumenius) have taken sense (3) to be here intended; but, though the words themselves, ἐσόμεθα and συζήσομεν in ver. 8, suggest this sense, it can hardy be intended here, at any rate exclusively or prominently, since the drift of the whole passage is to insist on the necessity of an ethical resurrection now; and it is evident that the clause before us corresponds with οὕτω καὶ ἥμεις, etc., in the previous verse, and to ver. 11, et seq. The future ἐσόμεθα is understood by some as only expressing consequence—a necessary conclusion from a premiss, thus: If such a thing is the case, such other thing will follow, If so, sense (1) might still be understood; so that the idea would be the same as in Col. 2:12, etc., viz. that of our rising in baptism itself to a new life with Christ, in which sin need not, and ought not to, have dominion. But still the repeated use of the future tense (especially ἁμαρτία ὑμῶν οὐ κυριεύσει in ver. 14), together with the whole drift of what follows, seems rather to imply sense (2); that is, our realization of our position in our actual lives subsequent to baptism. If it be objected that in this case we should expect “we ought to be” rather than “we shall be,” it may be replied that it is what God will do for us, rather than what we shall do for ourselves, that the apostle has in view. If he has made us partakers in the atoning death of Christ, having forgiven us all trespasses, etc. (Col. 2:13, seq.), he will also make us partakers, as our life goes on, in the power of his resurrection too, delivering us from sin’s dominion. Further, if this be so, the thought may also include sense (3). For elsewhere the future resurrection seems to be regarded as only the consummation of a spiritual resurrection which is begun in the present life, Christians being already partakers in the eternal life of God, of which the issue is immortality; cf. Eph. 1:5, 6; Col. 3:3, 4; Gal. 2:20; also our Lord’s own words, which are peculiarly significant in this regard, “He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life. Verily, verily, I say unto you, The hour is coming, and now is, when the dead shall hear the voice of the Son of God: and they that hear shall live” (John 5:24, 25). Again, “I am the Resurrection, and the Life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die” (John 11:25, 26).[4]

5. For if we have become united with him in a death like his, we shall certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his.

The close connection between verses 3, 4 and verse 5 is indicated by the word For. Hence, the idea of some, that verse 5 refers to the future bodily resurrection of believers must be rejected. Verse 5 repeats the thought of the immediately preceding context, namely, the believers’ union with Christ in (a) his death and (b) his resurrection, considered respectively as the source of (a) their death to sin, and (b) their resurrection to newness of life. But it also adds something to the thought expressed in the preceding. Note the word certainly.

The meaning of verse 5, then, is as follows, “For if we have become united with Christ in a death like his, so that his death brought about our death to constantly living in sin, we shall certainly also be united with him in a resurrection like his; that is, then surely his (bodily) resurrection (understood in its most comprehensive sense, as explained above, see p. 196) will bring about our spiritual resurrection; that is, our walking in newness of life.” The emphasis Paul placed on this fact must be ascribed to the ominous character of the antinomian heresy.[5]

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August 15 A Supernatural Tool

scripture reading: Ephesians 3:14–21
key verse: Ephesians 3:16

That He would grant you, according to the riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man.

As Great Britain faced the German might alone in the initial stages of World War II, Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill sent this urgent but concise message to President Franklin Roosevelt: “Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.”

The power of the Holy Spirit is the supernatural tool God has given to equip and enable each believer. The power of the Holy Spirit is to do the work God calls you to accomplish.

Serving others, loving even your enemies, building up one another in the faith, sharing Christ, and exercising your spiritual gifts are possible only through the Holy Spirit’s enabling ministry. Trying to do such tasks in your own wisdom and strength and by your own methodology will eventually lead to failure and burnout.

The power of the Holy Spirit is also available for you to become the person God wants you to be. How can you possibly be loving, kind, gentle, patient, joyous, self–controlled, or peaceful apart from the Spirit’s help?

Depend daily on Him, and the task of becoming Christlike and building His kingdom can be achieved.

I’ve tried it in my own strength and failed. Lord, I need Your enabling power to accomplish the task. I’m depending on You today.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1998). Enter His gates: a daily devotional. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

15 august (1858) 365 Days with Spurgeon

The way of salvation

“Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12

suggested further reading: Isaiah 12

What a great word that word ‘salvation’ is! It includes the cleansing of our conscience from all past guilt, the delivery of our soul from all those propensities to evil which now so strongly predominate in us; it takes in, in fact, the undoing of all that Adam did. Salvation is the total restoration of man from his fallen estate; and yet it is something more than that, for God’s salvation fixes our standing more secure than it was before we fell. It finds us broken in pieces by the sin of our first parent, defiled, stained, accursed: it first heals our wounds, it removes our diseases, it takes away our curse, it puts our feet upon the rock Christ Jesus, and having thus done, at last it lifts our heads far above all principalities and powers, to be crowned for ever with Jesus Christ, the King of heaven. Some people, when they use the word ‘salvation,’ understand nothing more by it than deliverance from hell and admittance into heaven. Now, that is not salvation: those two things are the effects of salvation. We are redeemed from hell because we are saved, and we enter heaven because we have been saved beforehand. Our everlasting state is the effect of salvation in this life. Salvation, it is true, includes all that, because salvation is the mother of it, and carries it within its bowels; but still it would be wrong for us to imagine that is the whole meaning of the word. Salvation begins with us as wandering sheep, it follows us through all our confused wanderings; it puts us on the shoulders of the shepherd; it carries us into the fold; it calls together the friends and the neighbours; it rejoices over us; it preserves us in that fold through life; and then at last it brings us to the green pastures of heaven, beside the still waters of bliss, where we lie down for ever, in the presence of the Chief Shepherd, never more to be disturbed.

for meditation: Past salvation from sin’s penalty (justification): present salvation from sin’s power (sanctification): prospective salvation from sin’s presence (glorification)—what a great salvation (Hebrews 2:3). Don’t miss it.

sermon no. 209[1]

[1] Spurgeon, C. H., & Crosby, T. P. (1998). 365 Days with Spurgeon (Volume 1) (p. 234). Leominster, UK: Day One Publications.

Thursday Briefing August 15, 2019 – AlbertMohler.com


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 The Hypocrisy of SoulCycle, by James Hamblin



 When Did Self-Help Become Self-Care?, by Kate Carraway



Worshiping the False Idols of Wellness, by Jen Gunter


15 AUGUST 365 Days with Calvin

Drawn to Evil

For there must be also heresies among you, that they which are approved may be made manifest among you. 1 Corinthians 11:19

suggested further reading: Titus 3:9–15

Observe what Paul says here: there must be heresies. By this he teaches that heresies do not happen by chance but by the sure providence of God. That is because God has it in view to try his people as gold in the furnace. If using heresy for that is agreeable to the mind of God, it is consequently expedient.

At the same time, we must not enter into thorny disputes or into labyrinths of despair as if heresy were our fate. We know there never will be a time when reprobates do not exist. We know that reprobates are governed by the spirit of Satan and are effectually drawn to what is evil. We also know that Satan actively leaves no stone unturned in trying to break up the unity of the church. From this—not from fate—comes the necessity for heresy that Paul mentions.

We also know that the Lord, by his admirable wisdom, turns Satan’s deadly machinations to promote the salvation of believers. Hence comes the purpose of which Paul speaks, that God allows heresies so that the good may shine forth more conspicuously. For we should not ascribe the advantage to heresies, which, being evil, can produce nothing but what is evil. Rather, the advantage belongs to God, who, by his infinite goodness, changes the nature of things so that even those things which have been contrived for the ruin of the elect become salutary to them.

In the end, the wicked are impelled by Satan in such a manner that they both act and are acted upon with the consent of their wills. Hence they are without excuse for their wickedness.

for meditation: Given human depravity, we ought not be surprised that heresies surface in the world and even in our own families and churches. As we lovingly yet firmly confront those who depart from Scripture, let us be encouraged that God will bring good out of evil and reward us for our faithfulness in dealing with this unpleasant and sinful reality. Do you walk with integrity before heretics, striving to correct them and lovingly show them their error?[1]

[1] Calvin, J., & Beeke, J. R. (2008). 365 Days with Calvin (p. 246). Leominster; Grand Rapids, MI: Day One Publications; Reformation Heritage Books.

Science Uprising: a revolutionary case for Intelligent Design — Reformed Perspective

The Bible tells us this world and this universe were spoken into being by God Himself, and that Mankind is the pinnacle of His creation (Ps. 8:3-9, Gen. 1:26-28). Meanwhile mainstream science – the sort we read about in the newspapers and get taught in our public schools and universities – says we’re only modified monkeys.

So which is it? Are we a special creation? Or does the scientific evidence show we’re just the products of time and chance?

As the six videos below lay out, there’s evidence aplenty to undermine mainstream science’s modified monkey theory. And while evolution preaches we are matter and nothing more, that turns out to be philosphy, not evidence-based.

Each of the videos are between 6 and 8 minutes long, and all are part of the “Science Uprising” project crafted by the Intelligent Design think tank Discovery Institute to “directly confronts the false views of science held by the growing number of science popularizers like Neil deGrasse Tyson and Bill Nye.

Be aware, though, that Science Uprising is not a specifically Christian argument. In none of these videos is the Bible mentioned, and the Intelligent Designer the series argues for is never specifically named. That means the project, as compelling as its argument is and as professional as the production values are, has a notable shortcoming: it ably tears down evolutionary arguments, but it never raises up God’s Truth. If we share this material with non-Christian friends, we need to also point out everyone’s need for a Redeemer, and share with our audience who that Saviour is, the God-man Jesus.

That limitation noted, this whole series is remarkable. This is as succinct and slick a presentation of the Intelligent Design argument as you will ever find. So grab some popcorn, shut off your phone, and for the next hour kick back and enjoy the show!

Materialism vs. reality – Episode #1

The Bible says that the universe and all that is in it was created by Someone who is more than it and beyond it. But materialist science tells us “the cosmos are all there is, all there was, and all there ever will be.”

So is our universe matter and nothing more, and is it anti-science to believe that non-material things like love and consciousness are real? Dr. Jay Richards weighs in.

No, you’re not a robot made out of meat – Episode #2

Who are we? The Bible says we are physical and spiritual beings – we have a body, but we are more than our body. If I lose an arm and leg, I may have lost 25% of my body, but am still all there – there isn’t 25% less of me.

And the evidence agrees. For example, it shows that our immaterial minds – our thoughts – can actually change our material brains.

The Programmer – Episode #3

The Bible says we were are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by a Master Craftsman.

And what does Science say? The materialist scientists reduce us to mere machine. And yet they have to acknowledge that “our DNA code is more complex than any man-made software…” And as Stephen Meyer explains, our observations of the world show us “information always arises from an intelligent source.”

You don’t suck – Episode #4

The Bible declares that Man is something special, created in the very image of God (Gen. 1:26-28).

Materialist science has a very different perspective. As Bill Nye puts it, “I am a speck on a speck, a whirling speck, among still other specks in the middle of specklessness….I suck!” At the same time, scientists are discovering that this supposedly purposeless universe seems to be especially and improbably fine-tuned to not just support life but to enable us to thrive.

How do the materialists explain that? By proposing this is just one of millions or billions or trillions of universes out there, and this is the one where everything came out just right. One problem: as physicist Frank Tipler explains there’s exactly as much evidence for this “multiverse theory” as there is for the existence of unicorns and leprechauns

The origins of life – Episode #5

The Bible says that life was designed, and came about by an extraordinary supernatural act of God. In contrast, materialist science says that life came about by simple, random, unguided chemical interactions.

But if life really could come about by sheer unintended luck, then why haven’t the world’s most brilliant scientists – with their billions of dollars in equipment, awesome computing power, refined chemicals, and ready blueprints all around them – ever been able to create life on purpose?

Mutations break; they don’t create – Episode #6

The Bible says that due to Man’s Fall into Sin the perfect world that God created is broken, and wearing out (Isaiah 51:6, Ps. 102:25-25). In this worldview it is no surprise that mutations are harmful, causing things like cancer. It’s no surprise because Christians understand that we as a species are breaking down.

But evolutionary theory says Mankind is the end result of a long process of beneficial mutations that changed us and improved us, progressing upward from life’s simple origins as a single cell, to eventually evolve into the incredibly complex creatures that we are today. Evolution says that we as a species are improving.

So which worldview fits best with the evidence? Do we see mutations improving us, or harming us? A closer look at the science shows that mutations don’t have the type of creative power the evolution proposes and needs.

The picture at the top of the page is a screenshot from episode #6.

via Science Uprising: a revolutionary case for Intelligent Design — Reformed Perspective

August 15, 2019 Morning Verse Of The Day

3:4 — “Take away the filthy garments from him.” And to him He said, “See, I have removed your iniquity from you, and I will clothe you with rich robes.”

God says, “put off the old man with his deeds,” and “put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him” (Col. 3:9, 10). We must wear Jesus like a garment.[1]

4 The NIV, probably correctly, identifies the unnamed (see MT) speaker as the “angel” of the Lord. The removal of the filthy clothes (apparently by angels—“those who were standing before him”) may connote that Joshua is thereby deprived of priestly office. If so, he is reinstated in v. 5. Theologically, however, there also seems to be a picture here of the negative aspect of what God does when he saves a person. Negatively, he takes away sin. Positively, he adds or imputes to the sinner saved by grace his own divine righteousness (cf. v. 5). The act of causing Joshua’s sin to pass from him (cf. Heb.) represents justification, not sanctification. It is forensic forgiveness that is in view, as seen from v. 9, which interprets Joshua’s cleansing by applying it to the land (i.e., the people)—another evidence that more than Joshua himself is in view here.

Next, Joshua is to be clothed with rich or fine garments—God’s representative clothed in God’s righteousness. God’s servant goes from filthy clothes to festive garments. The “rich garments” (the Hebrew word is used only here and in Isa 3:22) speak of purity, joy, and glory; but their chief significance is that they symbolize the restoration of Israel to her original calling (Ex 19:6; Isa 61:6). There is a contrast here: Joshua in filthy garments, representing Israel as a priest but defiled and unclean, versus Joshua in festive garments, representing Israel’s future glory in reconsecration to the priestly office.

“I have taken away” emphasizes the agent of the forgiveness. It is God who causes sin to be removed, ultimately on the basis of the messianic Servant’s substitutionary death. But here it was actually the Angel of the Lord who forgives sin, thus identifying him with deity (cf. Mk 2:7, 10), or at least as God’s representative.[2]

4 After the slight pause for narrative description of Joshua, the action begins in earnest as the messenger of Yahweh (see translation above) takes the initiative to rectify Joshua’s deplorable condition. This verse introduces a new set of characters: the ones standing before him, who also participate in 3:5 and are referred to in 3:7. These figures are most likely members of the divine court who serve under the messenger of Yahweh, much like the riders on the horses in the first vision report. As members of this heavenly royal court they parallel similar earthly figures who “stood before” (that is, attended) kings in the ancient world (see above, also commentary on 4:14 below).

These attendants in the court are commanded by the messenger of Yahweh to remove the filthy clothes described in 3:3 (see commentary there) from Joshua. Removal here is expressed with the verb sûr Hiphil, which is used for Tamara removing her widow’s mourning garments in Gen. 38:14, for a prophet removing a disguising bandage in 1 Kgs. 20:41, and for David removing Saul’s armor in 1 Sam. 17:39. This normal action of removing clothes, however, has symbolic value according to the messenger’s subsequent words to Joshua, in which he declares that this act has removed his guilt. Although the verb for removal here (ʿāḇar Hiphil) is a synonym for the previous verb and is also followed by mēʿal (from; cf. Jonah 3:6), here it reveals that the physical removal of the clothing is a symbolic act of a removal of something related to sin.

The word translated here as guilt (ʿāwôn) can mean the act of sin, the resultant guilt from the act of sin, or the resultant consequence of the act of sin. It appears with the verb used here in 3:2 on a few other occasions in the OT: 2 Sam. 24:10//1 Chr. 21:8; Job 7:21. In 2 Sam. 24:10//1 Chr. 21:8, David asks for removal of ʿāwôn, but since God never says he is forgiven and then offers him three different consequences, it is not certain whether David was asking God to remove the guilt or the consequences. In Job 7:20–21, Job wonders if he has sinned to deserve his suffering and so asks God why he doesn’t pardon his transgression and take away his ʿāwôn. Again, this could refer to the removal of the guilt or to the consequences he was experiencing at the moment. Either of these meanings would fit the present context, because the problem appears to be associated with the earlier destruction of Jerusalem. Either the guilt that stained the community and priestly line and prompted the destruction or the consequences of their sin—that is, the punishment itself—is what has been removed. In either case, the removal of the filthy clothing is far more than an external act which qualifies Joshua for priestly service, but is related to the removal of the guilt which brought on, or the consequences of, the earlier discipline of Judah. Such removal of guilt is key to the future role of Joshua as priest, since the priest was essential to the removal of the guilt of the community according to the Torah (Num. 18:1), and according to Exod. 28:38 the removal of the guilt of the community was related specifically to the high-priestly clothing. This probably foreshadows the expected removal of sin associated with the coming Sprout figure in 3:8–10.

After identifying the symbolic value of the removal of the filthy clothes, the messenger of Yahweh expresses his intention now to replace these filthy clothes with festal clothes. This type of clothing (maḥalāṣôṯ) is only mentioned elsewhere in the OT in Isa. 3:22, where it is part of a long list of fine clothing and jewelry which Yahweh will strip from the daughters of Zion (Isa. 3:18–23). An earlier connection of this noun to the verbal root ḥālaṣ, which in the Qal means to “draw off” (a sandal; Deut. 25:9), led to the understanding that this term referred to a robe which was “taken off in ordinary life,” that is, a robe of state. Winton Thomas connected it to other Semitic roots related to purification (Arabic ḥalaṣa, “to be pure, unmixed”; Akkadian ḫalāṣu, “to purify”), resulting in the gloss “pure vestments.”[3]

4. those that stood before him—the ministering angels (compare the phrase in 1 Ki 10:8; Da 1:5).

Take away the filthy garments—In Zec 3:9 it is “remove the iniquity of that land”; therefore Joshua represents the land.

from him—literally, “from upon him”; pressing upon him as an overwhelming burden.

change of raiment—festal robes of the high priest, most costly and gorgeous; symbol of Messiah’s imputed righteousness (Mt 22:11). The restoration of the glory of the priesthood is implied: first, partially, at the completion of the second temple; fully realized in the great High Priest Jesus, whose name is identical with Joshua (Heb 4:8), the Representative of Israel, the “kingdom of priests” (Ex 19:6); once clad in the filthy garments of our vileness, but being the chosen of the Father (Is 42:1; 44:1; 49:1–3), He hath by death ceased from sin, and in garments of glory entered the heavenly holy place as our High Priest (Heb 8:1; 9:24). Then, as the consequence (1 Pe 2:5), realized in the Church generally (Lu 15:22; Rev 19:8), and in Israel in particular (Is 61:10; compare Is 3:6; 66:21).[4]

Ver. 4.—He answered. The Angel of Jehovah answered the mute petition of Joshua. Those that stood before him. The attendant angels, who waited on the Angel of Jehovah to do his pleasure (see note on ver. 1). Take away the filthy garments. This symbolized remission of sins and restoration to favour, as the following words explain. I will clothe thee with change of raiment; Revised Version, with rich apparel. The word machalatsoth occurs also in Isa. 3:22, and may mean either “change of raiment,” or “costly raiment;” or the meanings may be combined in the sense of “festal robes,” only worn on great occasions and changed after the occasion. They are used here as symbols of righteousness and glory. Not only is the sin pardoned, but the wearer is restored to the full glory of his state. The LXX. makes the words to be addressed to the attendants, “Clothe ye him in a robe flowing to the feet” (ποδήρη, the word used for Aaron’s priestly garment, Exod. 28:4; Ecclus. 45:8).[5]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2005). The Charles F. Stanley life principles Bible: New King James Version (Zec 3:4). Nashville, TN: Nelson Bibles.

[2] Barker, K. L. (2008). Zechariah. In T. Longman III & D. E. Garland (Eds.), The Expositor’s Bible Commentary: Daniel–Malachi (Revised Edition) (Vol. 8, pp. 755–756). Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan.

[3] Boda, M. J. (2016). The Book of Zechariah. (R. K. Harrison & R. L. Hubbard Jr., Eds.) (pp. 236–238). Grand Rapids, MI; Cambridge, U.K.: William B. Eerdmans Publishing Company.

[4] Jamieson, R., Fausset, A. R., & Brown, D. (1997). Commentary Critical and Explanatory on the Whole Bible (Vol. 1, p. 719). Oak Harbor, WA: Logos Research Systems, Inc.

[5] Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Zechariah (pp. 28–29). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

Am I Really a Christian? | Radical

How do I know if I’m really a Christian? 

That’s an eternally important question, and yet, sadly, it’s one that many Christians struggle to answer. They may not realize that it’s possible to have assurance, or perhaps they’re looking for assurance in the wrong places or in the wrong ways. Thankfully, God doesn’t leave us in the dark when it comes to our standing before Him. He wants His children to know that they belong to Him, which is one of the reasons He gave us the book of 1 John. 

I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life. (1 Jn 5:13)

This brief yet penetrating book gives us evidences of eternal life to look for in our lives. Seeing these evidences should bring assurance and joy to God’s children, which is one of the reasons we’re providing a new (free) resource titled 1 John: Love Made Known Bible Study, At the same time, 1 John offers a much-needed warning to those who lack these evidences of eternal life. It is entirely possible to think that things are okay between you and God when, in reality, you don’t actually have eternal life. There are likely many people in our churches today who fit that description. (Is that you?) Of all the things to be deceived about, nothing could be worse than being deceived about where you will spend eternity.  

Finding a Firm Foundation

The book of 1 John, as well as many other parts of Scripture, teaches that the lives of God’s children should look different from the world. However, this causes some professing Christians to worry about their standing with God because they don’t know how different they should look. Others assume that their standing before God is secure even though they have little or no desire to obey God. To be clear, no follower of Christ is without sin, so we should not expect anything close to sinless perfection prior to Christ’s return. At the same time, those who profess Christ as their Savior and Lord should be characterized by obedience and an increasing hatred of sin. 

Since eternity is at stake, we need to have a firm foundation for our assurance. Consider the false foundations for assurance listed below and identify any that you may be relying on for your standing before God. Remember, these aren’t bad things, but they don’t necessarily indicate that someone possesses eternal life in Christ:

False Foundations for Assurance

  • Religious heritage: growing up in a Christian home or attending a Christian school
  • Church involvement: regularly attending and serving in the church 
  • A moral lifestyle: trying to be a good person and to live with integrity
  • Intellectual knowledge: knowing the facts of the gospel
  • Active ministry: serving others sacrificially or participating in church programs
  • A guilty conscience: feeling bad when you do something wrong
  • Positive thinking: being sincere in your beliefs and assuming that you are right
  • A past decision: remembering a time, place, feeling, or experience when you think you became a Christian

Again, these “false foundations” are not inherently bad, but it is dangerous to base our assurance on them. Gratefully, Scripture gives us true foundations for our assurance. The questions below can help us determine whether we truly possess eternal life: 

True Foundations for Assurance    

  •     Are you trusting in Jesus as the Son of God and Savior of your sin?Are you trusting in your own good works, or are you relying on who Jesus is and what He has done—based on the teaching of Scripture—for your salvation?
  •     Are you obeying Jesus as the Lord of your life? Do you seek to submit your life to Christ by obeying His Word? Does your sin and disobedience bother you?
  •     Are you showing the love of God to others? Do you have a special affection for God’s people, and does your love lead you to care for their needs in practical, and even sacrificial, ways?
  •     Are you experiencing God’s love for you? Do you find yourself comforted and strengthened when you hear of what God has done for you in Christ? Do you long to know and experience more of Christ’s love? 

Answering “yes” to these questions should give us assurance that we have eternal life in Jesus Christ. Of course, each of us has (a lot of) room to grow in each of these areas, so we should be looking for holy direction, not holy perfection. And we should be careful about making our obedience, or even our faith, the basis of our assurance. The basis of our assurance is God’s character and the promises He has given us in the gospel. We rely on Christ’s perfect obedience in place of our disobedience, His death as the payment for our sins, and His resurrection as the guarantee of our own victory over sin, death, and hell. While our faith may be weak and our obedience will always be imperfect, Christ is a sufficient Savior.

Struggling with Assurance

There are various reasons genuine Christians lack assurance of their salvation: exposure to unbiblical teaching on the gospel and/or assurance, a refusal to repent of known sin, an increasing awareness of one’s own sin, a natural disposition that is prone to introspection and melancholy, etc. Such struggles may be short-lived or, for some, they may linger. It’s important to walk through such struggles and questions in the fellowship of God’s people, the church. If you are not a member of a local church, commit to finding one that preaches the gospel and is committed to the authority of God’s Word.  

If you struggle with assurance, ask one of your church leaders or a trusted member of your church to talk and pray with you about it. Continue looking to the promises of God’s Word and meditate regularly on the gospel. Beware of those who tell you not to worry about assurance or who flippantly offer you their own assurance of your standing with God. God often uses others in this process, but it is ultimately the Spirit who must bring assurance. For a good resource on this topic, see Donald Whitney’s book How Can I Be Sure I’m a Christian?: What the Bible Says About Assurance of Salvation.

If you conclude that you have not truly turned from your sin and trusted in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you can ask Him now to forgive your sins and to give you eternal life. (Go here for more on the question “What is the Gospel?”) Speak with a trusted Christian friend or talk to your pastor if you have further questions. Even if you have professed to be a follower of Christ for years, this issue is too important to ignore.


—This article is adapted from the 1 John: Love Made Known Bible Study, which is based on the sermon series titled “Love Made Known” by David Platt. To download a free copy of this Bible study, go here 

David Burnette serves as the editor/writer for Radical. He lives with his wife and three kids in Birmingham, Alabama, where he serves as an elder at Philadelphia Baptist Church.

Dealing with Bias – J. Warner Wallace as a Christian vs. J. Warner Wallace as an atheist (Video) | Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace was interviewed by Stelman Smith of the Unapologetic Apologists and addressed the nature of the atheistic worldview, including the motives that cause us to act badly, deny truth claims and make bad claims. J. Warner also describes his own history as an atheist and how this history has helped him understand and make the case for Christianity. Be sure to visit the Unapologetic Apologists on YouTube.

— Read on coldcasechristianity.com/videos/dealing-with-bias-j-warner-wallace-as-a-christian-vs-j-warner-wallace-as-an-atheist-video/

Revealed: How China is quietly ending Hong Kong protests – YouTube

China has begun a soft crackdown on Hong Kong’s ongoing protests by pushing for boycotts on businesses which encourage them. This market-driven approach emphasizes attrition over confrontation and seeks to ensure that protesting Beijing and its sovereignty in Hong Kong comes at a price. Meanwhile, US national security advisor John Bolton has repeating his warnings to UK about doing business with Chinese tech giant Huawei.

— Read on m.youtube.com/watch

August 16, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump on Thursday defended his handling of the U.S.
economy and trade war with China as recession fears have suddenly cast
doubt on his central claim for re-election – that he has made the economy
great again.

A Trump administration plan to cut legal immigration by poor people will
likely result in sicker children, more communicable diseases and greater
homelessness in the United States, according to immigrant advocates and the
federal government’s own analysis.

U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib on Friday said she would not visit her
family in the West Bank as planned despite a reprieve by the Israeli
government allowing her visit.

North Korea launched at least two short-range ballistic missiles on Friday,
South Korea’s military said, shortly after Pyongyang described South
Korea’s president as “impudent” and vowed that inter-Korean talks are over.

A blast at a mosque in southwest Pakistan killed four people on Friday and
wounded more than 20, police said, adding the death toll could rise.

Portugal’s fuel-tanker drivers will suspend a five-day-old strike that led
to fuel rationing at filling stations and negotiate with employers in
government-brokered talks, their union said on Friday.

Greenland on Friday dismissed the notion that it might be up for sale after
reports that U.S. President Donald Trump had privately discussed with his
advisers the idea of buying the world’s biggest island.

Benchmark U.S. Treasury yields rose from three-year lows on Friday as
investors evaluated how far damage from the U.S.-China trade war will
spread, after the inversion of a key part of the yield curve this week
raised fears of a U.S. recession.

An Iranian tanker caught in the standoff between Tehran and the West could
sail free from British territory Gibraltar on Friday, unless a last-ditch
push by the United States succeeds in dragging the saga back into court.

U.S. homebuilding fell for a third straight month in July amid a steep
decline in the construction of multi-family housing units, but a jump in
permits to a seven-month high offered hope for the struggling housing

AP Top Stories

A riot at a California prison sent eight inmates to local hospitals
Wednesday, officials said. Fifty more inmates suffered minor injuries.

A coalition of 13 U.S. states sued President Donald Trump’s administration
on Wednesday, seeking to block a new rule that would drastically reduce
legal immigration by denying visas to poor migrants.

Astronomers said that they observed the supermassive black hole closest to
Earth glowing with “unprecedented brightness” – and they aren’t quite sure

Thousands of people, many waving Pakistani and Kashmiri flags, protested
outside the Indian High Commission in London on Thursday in support of the
disputed Himalayan region of Kashmir.

India will begin restoring phone lines in Kashmir on Friday evening, a top
official said, after a 12-day blackout following the stripping of the
region’s autonomy.

Communist-run Cuba has imposed price controls on goods and services ranging
from lemons and pork to haircuts and taxi fares in what it says is an
effort to tame inflation as it increases state wages and pensions.

Japan’s new emperor on Thursday spoke of “deep remorse” over the country’s
wartime past, in his first speech to mark the end of World War II since his
enthronement in May.

Amateur climbers will be banned from scaling Everest under tough new
proposals unveiled by Nepal in the wake of a spate of deaths on the world’s
highest peak.

A third of U.S. adults are so stressed by the prospect of mass shootings
that they avoid visiting certain places or attending certain events,
according to a new survey from the American Psychological Association (APA)
and the Harris Poll.

The U.S. added four Chinese nuclear entities to a trade blacklist, accusing
them of helping to acquire advanced U.S. technology for military use in

Boeing Co has pushed back the entry into service of an ultra-long-range
version of its forthcoming 777X wide body, the U.S. plane maker said on
Wednesday, as it grapples with fallout from the 737 MAX crisis and engine
issues with the 777X.


Zimbabwe’s main opposition group has called off anti-government protests in
the capital Harare at the last minute, after failing to overturn a police

The Democratic Republic of Congo has suffered a setback in its efforts to
contain a year-long outbreak of Ebola, with a new area reporting its first
cases. The local authorities in South Kivu province said a mother and her
child had tested positive for the virus. The woman has since died.

Turkey’s military pension fund has reached a tentative deal to buy British
Steel out of insolvency. The Turkish Armed Forces Assistance Fund (known as
Oyak) says it plans to take over British Steel, which employs 5,000 people,
by the end of the year.

A French climber known as “Spiderman” has scaled a Hong Kong skyscraper and
put up a banner urging peace in the city rocked by political unrest. The
57-year-old, known for climbing tall buildings worldwide, said his stunt
was an “urgent appeal for peace”.


An Illinois law requires public schools to incorporate information about
the “roles and contributions” of LGBT people when teaching American and
state history. Signed into law earlier this month, the legislation will
take effect July 2020.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Aug. 16, 2019

The Foundation

“The people are not to be disarmed of their weapons. They are left in full possession of them.” —Zacharia Johnson (1788)

WaPo Shock Report: Sociopathic Criminals Try to Kill Cops!

The collective Demo and Leftmedia solution? Disarm law-abiding citizens. What could go wrong?

Israel Bars Entry of Anti-Israel Reps. Omar and Tlaib

Prime Minister Netanyahu evokes Israel’s law banning foreigners who promote the BDS movement for his decision.

‘The Squad’ Rakes in Outside Cash

Freshmen Democrats’ campaigns are being bankrolled by outsiders. Will that be reflected in votes?

Have We Entered a New Arms Race With Russia?

If nothing else, the period of nuclear control has come to an abrupt end.

Philadelphia Cops Taunted as Their Cohorts Are Gunned Down

“Onlookers were seen taunting and throwing things at Philadelphia police … amid a wild shootout.”

Planting a Seed: Is a Red-Meat Tax on the Menu?

A European consulting firm is floating the idea of a sin tax targeting red meat.

Stuck on Stupid

The next election is going to define what type of country we want to be going forward.

Video: Serial Felon Shoots Cops, Left Screeches Gun Control

Anthony Brian Logan exposes the Left’s hypocrisy on firearms, law enforcement, and race.

Video: America’s Big Issue With the Environment

In the 1970s, Americans were told about a global-cooling crisis that would bring a new ice age.

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Friday Top News Executive Summary

Omar and Tlaib’s BDS fallout, Trump’s Greenland ambition, Democrat gun grabbers, and more.

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News – 8/16/2019

Former Epstein Bodyguard Warns Journalist: ‘Don’t Put Yourself in Trouble’
When asked about his thoughts surrounding Epstein’s mysterious prison cell suicide, the bodyguard dropped a bombshell.“Somebody helped him to do that,” he said. When pressed on this answer, Zinoviev refused to say anything further, only that the line of questioning was going “too deep.” This wasn’t the only warning the Russian would give.

FBI agreed to ignore Hillary evidence, docs reveal
The Justice Department drafted an agreement with the lawyer for Clinton and top aide Cheryl Mills, Beth Wilkinson, that limited the scope of the investigation, according to the documents, which were obtained through a FOIA request by attorney Ty Clevenger. The agreement prevented the bureau from examining evidence of the infamous BleachBit deletion of some 33,000 emails on Clinton’s unauthorized and unsecure server, the Gateway Pundit reported. The FBI essentially agreed to perform an investigation in which it wasn’t allowed to examine key evidence.

Epstein Autopsy Finds Evidence He May Have Been Murdered
Among the bones broken in Epstein’s neck was the hyoid bone, which in men is near the Adam’s apple. These breaks can occur in those who hang themselves, particularly if they are older, according to forensics experts and studies on the subject. But they are more common in victims of homicide by strangulation. Even Jonathan L. Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, admitted that a hyoid break is more commonly associated with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging.

Christian Missions Change Direction: The Task Of Reconverting The West
This move of the Gospel from the West to the South and the East could be one of the largest scale fulfillments of the Great Commission since Jesus first gave it. Yet, as a fascinating piece in The Economist explains, the direction of the flow of Christian missions has now largely reversed. As it did, the geographic center of the faith also shifted.

A Powerful Response To The Chorus Of Christian Leaders Renouncing Their Faith
John Cooper, lead singer for the Christian band Skillet, posted a powerful response on Facebook to the growing number of Christian leaders who have renounced their faith in recent weeks. The most notable of late was Joshua Harris ( I Kissed Dating Goodbye) and Hillsong songwriter Marty Sampson. We now have a church culture that learns who God is from singing modern praise songs rather than from the teachings of the Word.

Don’t change your DNA at home, says America’s first CRISPR law
The law appears to take aim at a California resident, Josiah Zayner, whose Oakland company, The Odin, sells genetic-engineering supplies to amateurs online. He won notoriety in 2017 when he filmed himself injecting CRISPR into his own arm. “It’s obviously targeting me,” says Zayner, an outspoken biohacker also currently under investigation by California Department of Consumer Affairs for practicing medicine without a license.

Israel Bans Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from Entering the Country Ahead of Upcoming Trip
Top Israeli officials made the message clear on Thursday: Radical Democrat Reps. Ilhan Omar of Minnesota and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan will not be allowed into the country for a planned visit, according to the Times of Israel. And their reasoning was brutally simple. “We won’t allow those who deny our right to exist in this world to enter Israel. In principle, this is a very justified decision.”

Abby Johnson’s Pro-life ‘Unplanned’ Movie Rockets to #1 on Amazon
“Unplanned,” a movie which recounts the life of a woman who left behind a job as a Planned Parenthood abortion manager, has become not only a box office success but it became the number one DVD in Amazon sales on its first day of sales this week.

Exclusive: Burning of Red Heifer Takes Place in Preparation for Third Temple
A major step was made towards reinstating the Temple service: after an intensive study into the practical details, an actual heifer, albeit not a red one, was burned in precisely the manner that will enable the Jewish people to be purified.

The Demonic Influence of Serial Killers
Judging from the just-released writings of Connor Betts – the killer in Dayton, Ohio – the “adversary the devil” devoured his soul and drove his deadly rampage. His writings chronicle how he pledged his life to Satan. They include: A Satanic pentagram with the words “Hail Lucifer.” He declared himself a servant of “evil incarnate.” And in an ominous foreboding to his victims, he wrote: “Take all you can, slaves eternal, slaughtered for Satan.” He also tweeted, “I’m going to hell and I’m not coming back.” But Betts is not the only serial killer to carry out the plans of the devil.

IDF officer reprimanded for investigating Hezbollah’s flagship tunnel
One of the architects of the IDF’s Operation Northern Shield…reprimanded by IDF Chief Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi after he crossed into Lebanon via one of the tunnels without informing his superiors…Rafi Milo, who served as the commander of the Galilee Division until earlier this week, took several troops with him as he investigated the tunnel until the entrance of Hezbollah’s flagship tunnel in the southern Lebanese town of Ramiyeh.

North Korea snubs peace talks with South Korea over war drills
North Korea has rejected any further talks with South Korea, calling its decision “completely the fault of South Korea’s actions”. It issued a statement in response to a speech by South Korea President Moon Jae-in on Thursday. Meanwhile, early on Friday North Korea test-fired two missiles into the sea off its eastern coast, the South Korean military said.

Iran oil tanker: Gibraltar orders release of Grace 1
Gibraltar has freed an Iranian oil tanker detained last month on suspicion of sanctions-busting, despite a last-minute plea by the US authorities. The UK territory received written assurances from Iran that the ship would not discharge its cargo in Syria. Grace 1, carrying Iranian oil, was stopped by Royal Marines on 4 July, triggering a standoff with Tehran.

Israel bars Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from visiting
Israel is blocking two US Democratic lawmakers, who are prominent critics of the Israeli government, from visiting. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib were due to visit the occupied West Bank and East Jerusalem next week. Both have supported the boycott movement against Israel, but Israeli law allows supporters of the campaign to be banned from visiting.

Philadelphia shooting: Mayor calls for gun control
The mayor of Philadelphia has joined growing calls for gun control after a shootout in his city left six officers injured as they served a drug warrant. “Our officers need help,” said Mayor Jim Kenney. “They need help with keeping these weapons out of these people’s hands.” A gun battle broke out between police and a gunman on Wednesday, leading to a seven-hour stand-off.

North Korea fires two missiles into sea in SIXTH weapons test in just a month amid US tensions
NORTH Korea has fired two missiles into the sea in yet another bullish weapons test – the SIXTH in just a month. It comes amid anger in Pyongyang at ongoing US-led military exercises with South Korea – which the North views as a rehearsal for invasion. And there is growing frustration in Kim Jong-un’s regime at stalled talks between the US and North Korea over his weapons programme.

Chinese military personnel parade near Hong Kong border: AFP
Thousands of Chinese military personnel waving red flags paraded at a sports stadium in a city across the border from Hong Kong on Thursday, an AFP reporter witnessed. Armoured vehicles were also seen inside the stadium in Shenzhen, with the event taking place as concerns build that China may intervene to end 10 weeks of unrest in Hong Kong.

Scientists Detect New Repeating Signals From the Depths of Outer Space – Report
One of the astronomers involved in the signal search effort expressed hope that this discovery might encourage other astronomers to “point their telescopes” at the sources of the newly discovered signals. Astronomers studying the enigmatic signals emanating from space, the so called fast radio bursts (FRB), have recently detected eight new repeating FRBs, bringing the total known number of such signals known to 10…

Nearly 25 Percent of Babies Aborted in England, Wales in 2018
Nearly a quarter of babies are aborted in England and Wales, shocking new statistics reveal.

According To The Feds, 19 Million Acres Of Farmland Went Un-Planted With Crops This Year
…this is the largest number that the USDA has ever reported for a single year, and it is nearly 17.5 million acres greater than last year’s final tally of less than 2 million acres.

Banana-targeting fungus may cause ‘apocalyptic scenario’ for the fruit
It might be time to say goodbye to bananas. It might also be time to panic. An “apocalyptic” scenario for the most popular type of banana may be unfolding in Latin America. A strong and incredibly hard to stop fungus has been spotted in the area.

Record-breaking hailstone in Colorado: ‘Big hail like this can easily kill people’
Monster hail fell from the sky and hammered areas of the central United States on Tuesday, shattering a state record. Earlier on Tuesday before the storms developed, AccuWeather Extreme Meteorologist Reed Timmer warned that Colorado’s state hail record could be in jeopardy given the intensity of the storms that he saw developing.

Extreme monsoon rains in western India and Myanmar, more than 250 people killed
Extreme monsoon rains hit western India and Myanmar in early August 2019, causing dramatic flooding and landslides and leaving at least 258 people dead.

554-year-old Boys’ Cathedral Choir Sued for ‘Gender Bias’
A 9-year-old girl is suing a centuries-old Berlin boys’ choir, arguing that her bid to join was only rejected because of her gender, in a case that has sparked debate over equal rights versus artistic freedom.

Sorry, climate change fanatics: Turns out, Greenland’s glaciers are actually growing
If you buy into the climate change narrative, you might think that Earth’s glaciers are melting. And if you buy into total climate insanity, you might even think that the melting glaciers are one day going to flood most of the planet. But the latest research shows that Jakobshavn, once the fastest-melting glacier on Earth, is now growing. No longer receding inland, new measurements show that Jakobshavn’s ice is thickening and advancing towards the ocean.

The NFL Strikes A Deal With Luciferian Music Star Jay-Z Using The National Football League To Promote Social Justice Program ‘Inspire Change’
About 12 years ago, I started noticing that one of the songs that the NFL on its Monday Night football program started playing was AC/DC’s ‘Highway To Hell‘, needless to say I switched channels or left the room when that was happening. Flash-forward to 2019, and we have the NFL announcing its new social justice program ‘Inspire Change‘, and they have partnered with Luciferian hip-hop mogul Jay-Z to bring it about. I wonder, is this a good thing or a bad thing, hmm? Let’s take a look and see if we can figure it out.

US Army Discloses New Details About Hypersonic Weapon
RCCTO officials told the military blog that one experimental LRHW prototype would be ready by 2023 for testing…

Headlines – 8/16/2019

Dagan to Netanyahu: Stop AIPAC’s false claims Israel supports two-states

Israel announces US lawmakers Omar and Tlaib will not be allowed to visit

Citing their support for BDS, Israel blocks entry to Tlaib and Omar

Netanyahu: Omar, Tlaib’s ‘Sole Objective’ for Trip Was to ‘Harm Israel’

Spurning lawmakers, Netanyahu loses the Democrats he never thought he had

Trump backs decision to bar lawmakers, claims he didn’t press Israel

Pelosi: Barring lawmakers beneath Israel’s dignity; Rubio: Decision is a mistake

Banned congresswomen call decision ‘insult to democracy’ and a sign of weakness

AIPAC and other Israel-backers rebuke Israeli decision to bar Omar and Tlaib

Top Jewish Leader Slams Israel’s Ban Of Omar, Tlaib: ‘Democracies Do Not Hide’

In climbdown, Israel says Tlaib can enter to visit her Palestinian family

Cop injured in Jerusalem stabbing attack; 2 assailants shot

Israelis Worry More About the Economy than Hamas and Iran

Syria says ‘hostile target’ shot down near Iran-linked base

US said coordinating secret Iran talks between Israel, Emirates

Gibraltar allows release of Iranian tanker despite US detention request

US threatens to ban visas for released Iran tanker crew

Iranians struggle with U.S. sanctions as currency hits all-time low

India to ease clampdown in Jammu and Kashmir in next few days

S. Korea says N. Korea has fired more projectiles into sea

N.Korea rejects S.Korea Moon’s dialogue pledge, says it will never have talks

Sweden detains man on suspicion of plotting ‘terrorist crime’

Russia Signs Deal to Send Navy to Venezuela After ‘Unacceptable’ U.S. Moves

Correctional Officer Allegedly Drove Pickup Truck Into Group of Peaceful Protesters: He ‘Ran Us Over’

5 injured in Philadelphia shooting one day after violent standoff

Gun control groups to hold rallies in 50 states and spend almost $1 million on ads against GOP senators

Trump vows to ‘always uphold the Second Amendment’ amid ongoing talks on gun laws

Ivanka Trump and her brother Don Jr. are staking opposite sides in the gun control debate — and the president calls Don Jr. his ‘gun expert’

Trump blames mass shootings on mentally ill, calls for more mental institutions

Trump has expressed serious interest in buying Greenland: report

Asian markets move higher as China announces plans to help economy

The recession question we should be asking isn’t ‘when’ but ‘how bad?’

Trump, banking on strong economy to win reelection, frets over a possible downturn

Biden allies float scaling back events to limit gaffes

Amazon’s Rekognition software can now spot fear – tech is also getting better at estimating a person’s age

Anti-surveillance clothes foil cameras by making you look like a car

UPS Has Been Delivering Cargo in Self-Driving Trucks for Months And No One Knew

Virgin Galactic reveals futuristic outpost for space tourism

5.3 magnitude earthquake hits near Ceva-i-Ra, Fiji

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Jarm, Afghanistan

5.0 magnitude earthquake hits near Coquimbo, Chile

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 24,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 21,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemala erupts to 15,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 14,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

1 dead as Severe Tropical Storm Krosa strikes Japan with flooding rain, strong winds

Downpours to aim at Delhi after monsoon kills hundreds and displaces over 1 million

Grapefruit-size hailstone in Colorado breaks state record

Whopping 18 inches of hail accumulates in parts of Michigan

Scientists confirm July set new global heat record

Fears of public health emergency as drug deaths hit record levels for England and Wales

Planned Parenthood warns it will withdraw from Title X if court doesn’t intervene

Florida Appeals Court Rules in Favor of Abortion Law Requiring 24-Hour Waiting Period

Why Some Doctors Purposely Misdiagnose Patients

Film claims group plotted to infect black Africans with HIV

The 1975’s Matt Healy protests against Dubai anti-gay laws with kiss

Apostasy Watch Daily News

Rejecting the Birthright of Jacob and Going the Way of Esau

Smelling in the Spirit?

James MacDonald Signals Return to Ministry In Facebook Post

The story of a cult that slowly moved from manipulation to menacing and eventually to murder

Light of the World: Mexican church holds gathering amid sex crimes scandal

CBS Applauds Iceland for “Eliminating” Down Syndrome By Aborting Babies Who Have It

Mike Ratliff – The Express Image of God

We’re Looking for the Harrisburg, PA, Pastor Born With Polio That Todd White Healed!

Why Netflix Decided to Spotlight a Little-Known Christian Sect — and How the Group Is Defending Itself

Southern Baptists Put Lifeway Profit Above China’s Persecuted Christians

Former Arkansas pastor charged with 2 counts of rape

Oklahoma Youth Pastor Charged With Raping Underage Girls

Federal sex crime charges filed against Ohio pastor Cesar Guerrero

Illinois Governor Mandates LGBT History Curriculum for Public School

Elizabeth Warren Wants Taxpayers to Fund “Gender Reassignment” Surgeries

Google Staffer Releases Documents Exposing Massive Censorship of Pro-Life, Conservative Web Sites

Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood Calls Ambulance for Eighth Patient this Year

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther

08/15/19 Transformation — ChuckLawless.com

READING: Psalms 35-37, Romans 7

In my opinion, one of the most powerful displays of the gospel’s power is its ability to transform our emotions. I’ve seen sad people find joy, discouraged people find hope, worried people find peace, bitter people find forgiveness, and gloomy people find delight. It’s as if God reaches into our heart, changes it, remakes it – and then allows us to show that change on our face. Even when we face struggles, the peace of God is beyond our comprehension.

Hence, today’s words from the psalmist grab my attention. From a negative perspective, we read “do not be agitated” (Psa 37:1, 7, 8) and “refrain from anger and give up your rage” (Psa 37:8). From the positive, we are to “trust in the Lord and do what is good” (Psa 37:3), “take delight in the Lord” (Psa 37:4), and “be silent before the Lord and wait expectantly for him” (Psa 37:7). The expectations might seem too difficult to attain – don’t fret, don’t get angry, but instead trust, take delight, and wait silently – except that God really does transform every part of us. Because of His transforming power, we can, and must, truly love Him with all our heart, our soul, and our mind.

Today, I challenge you to spend the day just singing God’s praises. Even if it feels like you’re losing every battle, you’re on the winning side if you’re a follower of Christ.

PRAYER: “Father, I praise You for who You are and for what You’ve done. Let me sing of You today.”

TOMORROW’S READING:  Psalms 38-40, Romans 8:1-17

via 08/15/19 Transformation — ChuckLawless.com

Stop Indoctrinating our Children (Indoctrination on Race and “Social Justice” – Indoctrination About Islam – Indoctrination on Gender – Anti-Trump Indoctrination)| Frontpage Mag

New Center pamphlet features the horrors.

Editor’s note: The same “progressives” who have made American higher education into indoctrination chambers for cultural Marxism, identity racism and other anti-American ideas are now targeting our K-12 public schools. For instance:

  • At the Edina School District in Edina, Minnesota, all employees, even bus drivers, must take “Equity and Racial Justice Training” instructing them that “dismantling white privilege” is at the core of the district’s mission. They must acknowledge their racial guilt, and embrace the district’s “equity” ideology.
  • To enhance “cultural diversity,” students at Maryland’s La Plata High School were ordered to copy the Islamic creed “Shahada” which states in part, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” One worksheet distributed by the school states, “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”
  • As part of transgender instruction in Rocklin Academy in Rocklin, California, a male kindergartener was reintroduced to classmates as a girl. A first grader at the school was sent to the principal’s office after she called the student by his given name on the playground – apparently unaware that the five year old had changed gender.

These horror stories are not exceptions to the rule. As our important new pamphlet (co-authored by Sara Dogan and Peter Collier), Leftist Indoctrination In Our K-12 Public Schools, shows, they are happening every day in schools all across our country. You can access this work which provides crucial documentation of the indoctrination crisis in our schools here or read the full text below.

To purchase the pamphlet, $3 each or $1 for orders of 25 or more, click here. 

To learn more about the Freedom Center’s Stop K-12 Indoctrination campaign, click here

One of the most dangerous developments of the last few decades has been the subversion of our universities by radicals who in the 1960s first tried to burn them down and then, after this strategy of destruction failed, decided to get on the tenure track to take them over. Their generational long march succeeded, possibly beyond their wildest expectations. With the exception of a few rear guard actions by brave conservative students, American higher education is now an indoctrination center for cultural Marxism, identity racism and other anti-American ideas. 

But the left’s demolition project is not yet complete. To make the victory complete, it must take over all of American education, including the schooling of our youngest and most vulnerable students.  This effort is now well advanced as radical leftists use their control of the university Ed schools and the teacher unions as a base to extend their ideological campaigns into the K-12 system.  Their shock troops include teachers, administrators and textbook publishers and feature “theorists” such as former Weatherman Bill Ayers (who reinvented himself as an eminent Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Illinois when his days as a terrorist had ended) who provide the manuals on “teaching for social justice” that target teacher training programs and ultimately children as early as kindergarten for radical indoctrination.

The effects of this systematic effort to radicalize K-12 education are being felt in school districts all over the country.  No corner of the classroom is immune from indoctrination.  Young students learning arithmetic are given thought problems involving homelessness and the percentage of “undocumented workers” subjected to heartless deportation proceedings.  Social studies is now a race, gender and climate change-obsessed curriculum designed to frighten rather than educate.  In the hands of leftist teachers, America is a nation of victims rather than a nation of immigrants. 

Some concerned parents and educators appalled by this new regime have reported educational horror stories that should concern every citizen.  The following give a sense of the scope and intensity of the onslaught our youngest and most vulnerable students face after the school bell has sounded. 

Indoctrination on Race and “Social Justice”

*On February 1, 2018, Vermont’s Montpelier High School flew the Black Lives Matter flag for the month of February to mark Black History Month in response to pressure from the Racial Justice Alliance, a student group at the school where 18 of 350 students are African American. 

*A teacher at Norman North High School in Oklahoma was recorded by a student stating in class,  “To be white is racist, period.”  The teacher who made the comment was white. Despite being part-Hispanic, the student who taped the teacher and her family took offense at the comments. “Why is it ok to demonize one race to children that you’re supposed to be teaching a curriculum?” her father wondered.

*Students in a literature composition class at Aloha High School in Aloha, Oregon were given a “White Privilege Survey” to complete as homework. The assignment included such questions as “I can go shopping alone most of the time, pretty well assured that I will not be followed or harassed” and “I can turn on the television or open to the front page of the newspaper and see people of my race widely and positively represented.”  A school district spokeswoman attempted to excuse the exercise by stating that the class covers current issues including race and that the goal is for students to “gain empathy, understanding and to build bridges,” but the father of one student in the class stated, “The way this survey is read, it almost wants to like, shame you for being white.”

*Highlands Elementary School located in Edina, Minnesota—one of the state’s highest ranked  elementary schools based on standardized tests—has instituted several initiatives on racial inequality and social justice. Kindergarten classes, for instance, spend weeks participating in the “Melanin project,” which involves, among other things, coloring images of their hands which were attached to a banner reading “Stop thinking your skin color is better than anyone else’s!”  Meanwhile, first graders were to write poems about social justice and fourth and fifth graders participate in a performance project that links the anti police and racially divisive Black Lives Matter movement with peace.  The principal’s page on the website of Highlands Elementary School in Edina, Minnesota, effusively praises Black Lives Matter and reproduced the entry on the BLM’s own website which states, “We are committed to disrupting the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages.’”  The  school principal also reported on her page that “students of color” had experienced 291 “microaggresions” in a 90 day period, meaning that they had been encouraged by the school’s racialized atmosphere to convert imagined slights all around them into instances of white racism and to inform on their fellow students.   

*Teach for America is partnering with the organization EdX to craft a six-week online course for middle school teachers called “Teaching Social Justice through Secondary Mathematics.”  A course overview states “This education and teacher training course will help you blend secondary math instruction with topics such as inequity, poverty, and privilege…” Ideas for sample math lessons include instruction on “Unpaid Work Hours in the Home by Gender” and “Race and Imprisonment Rates in the United States.” There is no lesson on violent crime rates by race so the inevitable conclusion is that if more blacks are incarcerated than their proportion in the population, white racism must be responsible.  

*In February 2017, teachers and staff serving in the Rochester City School District in upstate New York received an email stating that February 17 would be designated “Black Lives Matter at School.”  The email urged staff to purchase a “Black Lives Matter at School” T-shirt and included links to leftist websites featuring propaganda about why the phrase “all lives matter” is racist. The email explained that educational goals for students will include “Understands inequities based on race”; “Affirms that the lives of people of color matter”; and “Believes that we all have a responsibility to work for equity.” In other words the lesson is that inequalities are solely the result of racism, with differential abilities, application and individual talent playing little or no role in social outcomes.

*In January 2017 an activist group within the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers called the Caucus of Working Educators launched an optional lesson plan for the city’s kindergarten-to-12th grade students that included six days of “social justice action.”  Children in lower grades were required to work on   “The Revolution Is Always Now” coloring book; older students had science lessons about the biology of skin color. The focus in all classrooms was on imbuing children with a heightened awareness of “white privilege” while fostering feelings of racial resentment and guilt. Teachers were also encouraged to wear Black Lives Matter T-shirts.  Some Philadelphia teachers objected to such blatant politicization in the classroom, not to mention its racist overtones. One English teacher caused controversy by stating, “I don’t think kids should be taught that Western society is perpetrating a war on black people.” 

*At Highlands Elementary School in Edina, Minnesota, one of the publications principal Kate Mahoney touts for younger students in her space on the school blog is an A-B-C book titled A is for Activist.  The pages feature text such as this: “A is for Activist.  Are you an Activist?  C is for Creative Counter to Corporate Vultures.  T is for Trans. X is for Malcolm. As in Malcolm X.”

*The Edina School District’s employees must take “Edina School District Equity and Racial Justice Training: Moving from a Diversity to a Social Justice Lens.” This includes bus drivers, who are instructed that “dismantling white privilege” is “the core of our work as white folks,” and that working for the Edina schools requires “a major paradigm shift in the thinking of white people.” Drivers were exhorted to acknowledge their racial guilt, and embrace the district’s “equity” ideology.

*In October 2016 2,000 Seattle educators wore Black Lives Matter shirts at their schools in a district-wide action. The event was organized by Social Equality Educators, a group of Seattle teachers.  At Chief Sealth International High School, dozens of educators and students gathered outside the building and held up banners and signs that said  “Black Lives Matter” and “We Stand Together” with logos in the shape of a clenched fist. 

Indoctrination About Islam

*In May 2017, the San Diego Unified School District (SDUSD) inaugurated an anti-Muslim bullying campaign developed in conjunction with the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). CAIR is part of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist network and was named as an “unindicted co-conspirator” by the U.S. Department of Justice in a 2007 case brought against the Holy Land Foundation, which funneled money to Hamas. The San Diego campaign will include giving teachers and administrators new calendars showing Muslim holidays, creating “safe spaces” for Muslim students, and including lessons on Islam in the curriculum which emphasize prominent Muslims in history. No such educational programs exist to teach students about Judaism, although religious hate crimes against Jews are eight times greater than those against Muslims. 

*Students at La Plata High School in Maryland were ordered to copy the Islamic creed “Shahada” which states in part, “There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah.” Students were also made to memorize and recite the Five Pillars of Islam. Two weeks of class time were devoted to instruction in Islam while only one day was reserved for Christianity—which was portrayed in a negative light. One worksheet distributed at the school stated “Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian.”

*Middle School students in the Maury County School District in Tennessee were ordered to copy the Five Pillars of Islam including the Islamic conversion creed, the Shahada, which states “Allah is the only god” during a unit on world history. Several weeks were spent on Islam and its doctrine compared to the much more limited and perfunctory time spent on Christianity and Judaism. 

*In 2007, San Diego’s Carver Elementary School made special accommodations for 100 Somali Muslims who had transferred from a charter school that had been closed.  The school rearranged recess periods to allow time for Muslim afternoon prayer, added Arabic to its curriculum, and took pork and other non-halal foods off the lunch menu. When these changes resulted in complaints from non-Muslim parents, the school removed the prayer break, but changed the lunchtime schedule so that prayer time was still accommodated.

*In 2015, a Huntington Beach, California teacher taught a class of seventh graders a song to which she had crafted lyrics supporting and romanticizing Islam. The song is set to the tune of Rachel Platten’s “This is my Fight Song.” The lyrics state: “Like how a single faith/can make a heart open/They might only have one God/But they can make an explosion.” A parent brought the song and lesson to public attention after her son came home with a notebook showing a stick figure stating “Believe in Allah! There is no other god.”

*Freshmen at Salem Junior High School in Utah were told by a teacher to get inside the mentality of a terrorist organization like ISIS.  The project worksheet asked students to list “eight reasons why young Muslims join ISIS” and instructed them to create a “terrorism propaganda poster.”

*Third grade students at the Beverly J. Martin elementary school in Ithaca, New York were made to sit through a blatantly one-sided presentation featuring radical anti-Israel activists who told Hamas propaganda lies about the Israeli state. The presentation on “Palestinian human rights” was led by pro-terrorist and radical Israel-basher Bassem Tamimi who videos his own children attempting to provoke Israeli soldiers and Ariel Gold who holds “delegitimizing Zionism” as a personal goal. Full footage of the event was released only after the school district was compelled by a Freedom of Information Act request. This footage revealed that the presentation included a video made by Tamini and featuring his daughter sharing a “message for the world from the Palestinian children.” This “message” states: “We don’t like [that] Israel kill us, kill Gaza, kill Palestinian and we don’t like they to kill us [sic]” and “They [Israel] can’t be terrorists. We don’t like them to be terrorists.” After parent complaints, the full footage was released and the superintendent of the Ithaca City School district issued a Letter of Reprimand stating that the event was “politically skewed” and “inflammatory.”

Indoctrination on Gender

*Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools in North Carolina assigned the book “Jacob’s New Dress,” a story about a boy who prefers to dress like a girl, to all first grade classes. After a teacher launched a complaint which sparked outrage among lawmakers the decision was reversed. Instead, first graders will read “Red: A Crayon’s Story” about a red crayon who views itself as blue. The school board is now attempting to add sexual orientation and “gender identity/expression” to its diversity policy. 

*New health and physical education standards created by the Washington Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) became part of the curriculum for students from kindergarten through high school in the 2017-2018 school year.  It required the teaching of “gender identity” and “gender expression.”  Its goals were summarized as follows:  Beginning in Kindergarten, students will be taught about the many ways to express gender.  Gender expression education will include information about the manifestations of traits that are typically associated with one gender. Cross dressing is one form of gender expression. (One of the books kindergarteners read is “Introducing Teddy.”  In it Errol, a friend of a bear named Thomas, asks why he is sad and Thomas says, “I’m a girl teddy, not a boy teddy” and asks to be called Tilly instead.) Third graders will be introduced to the concept of gender identity.  These children will be taught that they can choose their own gender. Fourth graders will be expected to “define sexual orientation” and taught that they can choose their own. Fifth graders will learn about the relativity of gender roles and why such roles are “social constructs” not inherently related to who we are as male or female human beings, a fundamentally anti-scientific view that ignores the biological fact is that gender is not a choice but genetically determined.  Seventh graders will be expected to “distinguish between biological sex, gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation.” High school students will critically “evaluate how culture, media, society, and other people influence our perceptions of gender roles, sexuality, relationships, and sexual orientation.” 

*Sixth graders at Fox Chapel Middle School in Spring Hill, Florida were given a survey by their teacher that included explicit questions on sexuality and race. Students were supposed to read each of these statements and indicate how comfortable they were with the situation described:

 “A friend invites you to go to a gay bar.”

“You go to the gay bar and a person of the same sex invites you to dance.”

“You discover that the cute young man/woman that you are attracted to is actually a woman/man.”

“You discover your teenage brother kissing a male friend.”

“Your two next door neighbors in your hall are lesbian/gay.”

“Your mother ‘comes out’ to you.”

When some of the children proposed bringing the survey home, the teacher told them not to show it to their parents.  

*A kindergarten class in Rocklin Academy, a prestigious school in Rocklin, California was exposed to transgender instruction without parental notification.  Two children’s books espousing transgender ideology were read to the class.  Also a male kindergartener was reintroduced to his classmates as a girl. Later on, a first grader at the charter school was sent to the principal’s office after a girl accidentally “misgendered” the classmate in what administrators called a “pronoun mishap.” The girl called the student by his given name – apparently unaware that the boy now identified as a girl.

Anti-Trump Indoctrination 

*Before the 2016 election, a teacher in an advanced placement history class at Minnesota’s Edina High School demanded that students known to be Trump supporters explain to the rest of the class why they shouldn’t be considered racist.  The day after the election, many of the teachers at the school were in tears, one telling her students, “Today is worse than 9/11 or Columbine.”

*After the 2016 election, Chicago Public Schools sent students home with a letter bashing Illinois’ Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and President Trump. The letter stated, “Dear Families, Governor Bruce Rauner, just like President Trump, has decided to attack those who need the most help. Governor Rauner and President Trump regularly attack Chicago because they hope to score political points. It is shameful.” 

*A high school art teacher in Seth, West Virginia, wore a profane anti-Trump patch on the back of her jacket during school hours stating, “Tuck Frump” with the T and F highlighted in white. 

*Brainerd High School, a public school in Minnesota, published a 2017 yearbook containing violent and derogatory quotes from students about President Trump. One student stated, “I would like to behead him.” Another commented, “I feel like Donald is very racist and sexist and doesn’t care to give people a chance before knowing them.” Yet another stated, “I don’t like the way he comes off, he seems really rude.” 

*The Wall Township Public Schools in New Jersey ordered a school yearbook to be reissued after at least three photos of students wearing clothing with logos supporting Trump were intentionally altered. Grant Bernardo, a school junior, wore a “Make America Great Again” shirt in his school photo, but the image that appeared in the yearbook was digitally altered to show him in a black T-shirt instead. A photo of a student wearing a Trump logo on his sweater vest was also cropped to erase the logo. And a quote from Trump sent in by the freshman class president to appear on her page also did not appear in the yearbook, although it was confirmed that it was received before the deadline.

*A teacher of sixth-grade English at Paulo Intermediate School in Staten Island, New York assigned students to complete a vocabulary assignment that forced them to insert words in sentences disparaging President Donald Trump. Among the phrases students were asked to complete were the following:

“President Trump speaks in a very superior and _________ manner insulting many people. He needs to be more ________.

“Barack Obama set a ________ when he became the first African American president.”

The teacher was looking for students to insert the words “haughty” and “humble” in the one question and “precedent” in the other. When the father of an eleven-year-old in the class objected to the assignment and refused to have his child complete it, the teacher docked the student 15 points for an incomplete assignment. 

These are not isolated incidents but part of a national pattern.  This leftist indoctrination  in K-12 schools is the daily classroom experience of children  around the country, a concerted assault on the values of the families from which they come as well as on the intellectual integrity of the students themselves.  Under this regime, students are not taught how to think, but told what to think. And what they are told to think is racially divisive, intellectually vulgar, politically partisan, and often unscientific and simply untrue. It is little wonder that after years of such classroom indoctrination, buttressed by forced readings of anti American texts by Howard Zinn and other leftist propagandists, many high school graduates arrive at college seeing the world through the lens of grievance and victimhood, illiterate in basic civics, hostile toward the rich complexity of the American experience, and willing accomplices in the leftist political order that now controls higher education. 

Combatting the Assault on K-12 Schools

The David Horowitz Freedom Center has historically taken a leadership role as an early warning system for America on the radical subversion of American higher education.  It uses that experience in a new campaign designed to make K-12 schools places of objective and unbiased education rather than indoctrination.  The goal of this campaign is to secure legislation in 50 states that would create a “Code of Ethics for K-12 Teachers” that would enforce traditional rules of fairness and non-partisanship in our public school systems. Among other things, the Code forbids teachers from taking partisan political positions in the classroom which include endorsing candidates or pending legislation; introducing controversial material not germane to subjects being taught; engaging in actions which impede access of military recruiters or federal law enforcement authorities to the school site; advocating either side of public controversies; segregating students by race or singling out one racial group as responsible for the sufferings or inequities of other racial groups. 

In short, the Code of Ethics for K-12 teachers we have designed forbids teachers from using their classrooms as a bully pulpit for political, ideological, racial, or religious indoctrination, or attempting to use the authority of the classroom to support one side of a public controversy.

The Code, in other words, is a reassertion of the common sense principles—presenting unbiased educational materials in an unbiased way—that guided American public education from the time of the one-room schoolhouse of the 18th century until radicals began their assault on the contemporary K-12 classroom.

Teachers in violation of the Code would be subject to penalties such as probation, suspension and loss of their teaching licenses. This Code has the potential to stop the leftist assault on our schoolchildren in its tracks.

Translating the Code into Action

The public may have become inured to the radicalization of higher education, whose appalling absurdities have become so notorious that they are now the stuff of nighttime comedy routines. But while parents may feel that the universities are at least temporarily beyond repair, they continue to be heavily invested in our public schools. It is our belief that when the public learns about the stranglehold “progressives” are trying to obtain on K-12 curriculum it will be outraged and demand action.

But while public awareness is important, stopping the indoctrination in our schools ultimately requires a legislative solution.  The Code of Ethics will ban the abuses without infringing First Amendment rights. (It has already been thoroughly reviewed by First Amendment lawyers.) 

The Freedom Center campaign to implement the Code will identify legislators on education committees of states across the nation who are concerned about the conversion of our public schools into indoctrination centers for leftist politics and racial views, and willing to draft and introduce statutes based on our Code of Ethics. We are simultaneously identifying think tanks and public policy organizations in those states to collaborate in generating public awareness about this issue and promoting this legislation.

We are now working with concerned legislators in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Texas and other states.

The subversion of our K-12 public schools is already well advanced.  It is imperative that parent groups and concerned organizations initiate a counter-offensive to turn back this determined effort to make our schools into academies for leftist ideologies and anti- Americanism.  The Center’s Code of Ethics for K-12 Public Schools will educate the public about the extent of the threat to our educational system and our essential liberties and carry the fight directly into the political and legislative arena.

A Code of Ethics for K-12 Schools

[The following Code of Ethics for K-12 teachers forbids teachers from using their classrooms for political, ideological, or religious advocacy. Teachers in violation of the Code would be subject to penalties such as probation, suspension and loss of their teaching licenses.]

Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility For Educators in K-12 Public Schools

  Whereas the purpose of public education in America is to produce knowledgeable and competent adults able to participate as informed citizens in the democratic process;

Whereas education in a democracy is best served by teaching students how to think, not telling them what to think;

Whereas our country is divided over many issues affecting its citizens;

  Whereas it has been established through surveys that a majority of K-12 teachers discuss controversial issues in their classrooms;  

  Whereas it has been established that some teacher training institutions, teacher licensing agencies, state education departments and professional teacher organizations have condoned and even encouraged this behavior under the guise of “teaching for social justice” and other sectarian doctrines;  

  Whereas time spent on political or ideological indoctrination takes time away from instruction in the academic subjects taught by public educational institutions including the foundational subjects of mathematics, science, English, history, and civics and prevents students from receiving the best possible public education as funded by the taxpayers of this state;

  Whereas parents and taxpayers have a right to expect that taxpayer resources will be spent on education, not political or ideological indoctrination;   

Therefore be it resolved that this state’s [board of education or other relevant regulating body] will promulgate clear regulations and enforcement mechanisms for appropriate professional and ethical behavior by teachers licensed to teach in this state; that these guidelines shall make it clear that teachers in taxpayer supported schools are forbidden to use their classrooms to try to engage in political, ideological, or religious advocacy.

  At a minimum, these regulations shall provide that no teacher is permitted during class time or while otherwise operating within the scope of employment as a teacher in a public educational institution to do the following:

     (1) Endorse, support, or oppose any candidate or nominee for public office or any elected or appointed official regardless of whether such official is a member of the local, state, or federal government;

    (2) Endorse, support, or oppose any pending, proposed, or enacted legislation or regulation regardless whether such legislation or regulation is pending, proposed, or has been enacted at the local, state, or federal level;

     (3) Endorse, support, or oppose any pending, proposed, or decided court case or judicial action regardless of whether such court case or judicial action is at the local, state, or federal level;

     (4) Endorse, support, or oppose any pending, proposed, or executed executive action by an executive branch agency of the local, state, or federal level;

     (5) Introduce into class any controversial subject matter that is not germane to the topic of the course being taught; 

     (6) Endorse, support, or engage in any activities that hamper or impede the lawful access of military recruiters to campus;   

    (7) Endorse, support, or engage in any activities that hamper or impede the actions of state, local, or federal law enforcement;

    (8) Advocate in a partisan manner for any side of a controversial issue, defined as an issue that is a point in electoral party platforms at the national, state or local level. To ensure that students have the resources to make up their own minds on such issues, teachers must provide them with materials supporting both sides of the controversy, and present those views in a fair-minded non-partisan manner. Teachers may express their opinions on these matters but only in such a manner that students understand that they are free to make up their own minds and to disagree with the teacher without incurring any penalty for doing so.

     (9) Segregate students according to race, or sin-gle out one racial group of students as responsible for the suffering or inequities experienced by another racial group of students 

The regulations promulgated pursuant to this act shall apply to all teachers at public educational institutions, tenured and non-tenured. Moreover, the regulations shall contain clear guidelines for enforcement and provide penalties for violations, up to and including termination. The state’s [board of education or other relevant regulating body] shall provide written notification to all teachers, parents, and students of their respective rights and responsibilities under the regulations promulgated pursuant to this act and shall provide at least three hours of annual continuing teacher education instruction to teachers to instruct them regarding their responsibilities under said regulations.

Moreover, we call on the state’s professional teacher organizations and unions to voluntarily adopt an educators’ code of ethics and professional responsibility that incorporates the above principles and specifically prohibits teachers in K-12 schools from using the classroom for political indoctrination.     

Peter Collier is the Vice- President of Programs and Co-founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center

Sara Dogan is the National Campus Director for the David Horowitz Freedom Center. She has written numerous articles and reports about academic freedom, classroom indoctrination, and anti-Semitism on campus.

— Read on www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/269721/stop-indoctrinating-our-children-frontpagemagcom

Fitzgerald Video: When Schools Promote Terror — Frontpage Mag

Editor’s note: Below is Sean Fitzgerald’s new video, “Schools Promote Terrorism,” which exposes a subversive PBS curriculum which encourages students to empathize with terrorists. The video was created in conjunction with the Freedom Center’s Stop K-12 Indoctrination campaign. To read our new pamphlet on this issue, “Leftist Indoctrination in Our K-12 Public Schools,” click here or order your own copy here.

via Fitzgerald Video: When Schools Promote Terror — Frontpage Mag

August 15 For the love of God (Vol. 2)

1 Samuel 5–6; Romans 5; Jeremiah 43; Psalm 19


psalm 19 is one of the precious gems of the Psalter. It has three sections. The first delights in the wordless disclosure of God in the universe (19:1–6); the second exults in the clarity, perfection, and wealth of God’s written revelation (19:7–11); after a transitional verse (19:11), the third section portrays the appropriate response of the believer, a response full of self-examination and godly resolve.

If ancient Israel was sometimes inclined to worship the created order—sun, moon, stars—our generation is more inclined to marshal arguments that make them the product of impersonal forces and nothing more. Both stances are abominations. Owing to our culture’s prevalent philosophical commitment to naturalism, the powerful evidence of intelligent design is marginalized until we can no longer see the obvious: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (19:1). The paradox of wordless utterance is delightful, as is the vision of irrepressible speech: “Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world” (19:2–4).

But it is in connection with his written self-disclosure that the covenant name of God, Yahweh (“the Lord” in many of our English Bibles), appears seven times (19:7–11). The six predications (19:7–9) overlap somewhat, but together they project a vision of written revelation that anticipates the even fuller exposition of Psalm 119. One of the striking things about these six affirmations is that several of them are not merely abstract. The text not only says something about the words of God, but about their function in the lives of those who absorb them and follow them. For instance: “The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy” (19:7): that is so, but the psalmist does not leave things there. Precisely because the Lord’s statutes are trustworthy, they serve to make wise the simple. Again: “The precepts of the Lord are right” (19:8)—a point strengthened in the next verse: “The ordinances of the Lord are sure and altogether righteous” (19:9). But that is precisely why they give joy to the heart (19:8): we are dealing with the Lord’s righteous precepts and ordinances, so they are never corrupt or manipulative.

What these two spheres of revelation demand is more than awe in the face of transcendent power, and more than personal delight in the personal, talking God—but both. Indeed, the appropriate response is repentance and faith, and zealous prayer that God himself would purify us within and make our words and meditations pleasing in his sight (19:12–14).[1]

[1] Carson, D. A. (1998). For the love of God: a daily companion for discovering the riches of God’s Word. (Vol. 2, p. 25). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Books.

Docs: Nellie Ohr involved with ‘spreadsheet’ claiming Trump-Russia links – WND

Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele

New government documents obtained by Washington watchdog Judicial Watch reveal that Bruce Ohr, the now-demoted Department of Justice official who worked hand-in-glove with Russia “dossier” creator Christopher Steele to foster claims of collusion against then-candidate Donald Trump, actually had a spreadsheet tying Trump to all kinds of Russia interests.

The documents are the latest obtained by Judicial Watch in its ongoing campaign to reach inside the deep state in Washington and discover who under the Barack Obama administration did what – apparently using government resources including intel agencies like the FBI – to first try to prevent Trump’s election, and if he won, undermine him by throwing nonstop allegations and investigations at him during a presidency.

The new documents obtained by Judicial Watch show Bruce Ohr, who was a key go-between serving up fantasies created by Steele, a former British spy with his own Russian connections, to the anti-Trump individuals in the Obama administration, promoted to the Department of Justice scandals “obtained through his wife Nellie Ohr.”

She worked for Fusion GPS, which was paid by the Hillary Clinton campaign and hired Steele to create to “dossier” against Trump.

The information Ohr promoted included “A spreadsheet that tries to link President Trump to dozens of Russians,” Judicial Watch reported.

“These documents show a crazed DOJ-FBI effort to use the Clinton spy ring at Fusion GPS, namely Nellie Ohr, to smear President Trump – even before he was sworn in as president,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “Clinton campaign operative Nellie Ohr may as well as have had a desk at the Justice Department.”

Judicial Watch released 330 new pages of documents showing Bruce Ohr, who was demoted from his post as U.S. Associated Deputy Attorney General in 2017, talking up his wife’s information.

“On December 5, 2016, Bruce Ohr emailed himself an Excel spreadsheet, seemingly from his wife Nellie Ohr, titled ‘WhosWho19Sept2016.’ The spreadsheet purports to show relationship descriptions and ‘linkages’ between Donald Trump, his family and criminal figures, many of whom were Russians. This list of individuals allegedly ‘linked to Trump’ include: a Russian involved in a ‘gangland killing;’ an Uzbek mafia don; a former KGB officer suspected in the murder of Paul Tatum; a Russian who reportedly ‘buys up banks and pumps them dry’; a Russian money launderer for Sergei Magnitsky; a Turk accused of shipping oil for ISIS; a couple who lent their name to the Trump Institute, promoting its ‘get-rich-quick schemes’; a man who poured him a drink; and others,” Judicial Watch reported.

Judicial Watch explained Bruce Ohr also emailed himself a document, in 2016, called “Manafort Chronology,” which also came from his wife at the Democrat campaign-linked Fusion GPS.

That details Manafort’s interactions with Russians and others.

“FBI interview reports from December 5 and December 12, and December 20, 2017, show that Bruce Ohr ‘voluntarily’ gave these anti-Trump and Manafort materials, created for the Clinton campaign by Fusion GPS, to the FBI,” Judicial Watch reported.

And then, within days, “Bruce Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, forwarded text messages to him that she’d sent to her ‘colleagues,’ where she refers to the Steele dossier as the ‘yellow rain dossier’ and the ‘yellow showers dossier.’”

Nellie Ohr, at that time, “speculates that Department K of the Russian intelligence service FSB ‘would be a pretty good candidate for listening in on Hillary,’” the report sa9id.

And when a friend of Nellie Ohr sent her a leftist article “touting the Steele dossier’s claim that an alleged deal between Russian oil company Rosneft and Trump supporter Steve Schwarzman constituted a ‘high crime of treason worthy of impeachment,’” she immediately sent it to the FBI.

That “friend” was Kathleen Kavalec, a former state department worker who four months earlier had determined Steele was not “credible.

Additionally, the new documents reveal DOJ prosecutor Lisa Holtyn emailed Bruce Ohr “to see if he could connect her as well as prosecutors Joe Wheatley and Ivana Nizich with his wife, Nellie Ohr, as she could be a ‘great resource’ for them,” Judicial Watch explained.

“He replies, ‘I’m sure Nellie would be delighted to speak with them. I’m pretty sure there is no conflict of interest since they aren’t paying her or anything like that.’”

Judicial Watch obtained the records through its August 2018 Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed against the Justice Department after it failed to respond to a May 29, 2018, FOIA request.

The fight is over what apparently was a concerted campaign by those in the Obama administration to submit false information to federal courts to get permission to send government spies to observe the Trump campaign in 2016.

The overarching goal apparently was to prevent his election, or to destroy his presidency with investigations and impeachment talk should he win. They’ve pursued that strategy diligently, and although their FBI special counsel investigation by Robert Mueller failed to find any Trump campaign collusion with Russia, the president’s opponents then switched to claiming obstruction of justice and of late have been demanding the president be punished for “racism.”

Of note, the genesis of that entire attack on Trump now is under investigation not only by the top of the FBI, but also a prosecuting attorney, and their reports are expected to be out within weeks. Already, it’s been revealed that James Comey, fired FBI chief, was referred for charges, although the DOJ declined at this time to file any.

Judicial Watch noted that several months ago it got documents showing that Bruce Ohr in his January 2018 preparation to testify to the Senate and House intelligence committees wrote to a lawyer about “possible ethics concerns.”

Bruce Ohr forwarded the email to Nellie Ohr, working at Fusion GPS, the Hillary Clinton campaign-Democratic National Committee vendor who compiled the anti-Trump dossier.

Documents also have shown Bruce Ohr stayed in contact with Steele even after Steele was fired by the FBI for revealing to the media his job as an FBI informant.

Further, Judicial Watch uncovered that Ohr received a total of $42,520 in performance bonuses during the Trump/Russia investigation.

— Read on www.wnd.com/2019/08/docs-nellie-ohr-involved-with-spreadsheet-claiming-trump-russia-links/