August 17, 2019 Evening Verse Of The Day

3. Declare his glory among the heathen. Additional terms are adduced to commend the salvation spoken of. It is called his glory and his wonders; which is equivalent to saying that it was glorious and admirable. By such titles the Psalmist would distinguish it from any deliverances which had formerly been granted, as indeed there can be but one opinion, that when God appeared as Redeemer of all the world, he gave a display of his mercy and of his favour, such as he never vouchsafed before. This salvation it was impossible, as I have said, that the Gentile nations could have celebrated, had they been left without it. The words teach us that we can never be said to have rightly apprehended the redemption wrought out by Christ, unless our minds have been raised to the discovery of something incomparably wonderful about it.

For Jehovah is great, and greatly to be praised; he is terrible above all gods.

For all the gods of the nations are vanities; but Jehovah made the heavens.

Strength and honour are before him; power and glory are in his sanctuary.[1]

Ver. 3.—Declare his glory among the heathen. Publish God’s praise, not only in Israel, but to the ends of the earth. Let all mankind hear the joyful news (comp. Pss. 2:8; 47:1, 8; 138:4). His wonders among all people; rather, among all the peoples; i.e. “all the nations of the earth” (see ver. 7).[2]

3. “Declare his glory among the heathen.” His salvation is his glory, the word of the gospel glorifies him; and this should be published far and wide, till the remotest nations of the earth have known it. England has spent much blood and treasure to keep up her own prestige among barbarians; when will she be equally anxious to maintain the honour of her religion, the glory of her Lord? It is to be feared that too often the name of the Lord Jesus has been dishonoured among the heathen by the vices and cruelties of those who call themselves Christians; may this fact excite true believers to greater diligence in causing the gospel to be proclaimed as with a trumpet in all quarters of the habitable globe. “His wonders among all people.” The gospel is a mass of wonders, its history is full of wonders, and it is in itself far more marvellous than miracles themselves. In the person of his Son the Lord has displayed wonders of love, wisdom, grace, and power. All glory be unto his name; who can refuse to tell out the story of redeeming grace and dying love? All the nations need to hear of God’s marvellous works; and a really living, self-denying church would solemnly resolve that right speedily they all shall hear thereof. The tribes which are dying out are not to be excluded from gospel teaching any more than the great growing families which, like the fat kine of Pharaoh, are eating up other races: Red Indians as well as Anglo-Saxons are to hear of the wonders of redeeming love. None are too degraded, none too cultured, none too savage, and none too refined.[3]

96:3 His glory … nations. The glory of the Lord is more than just His majestic splendor. It includes all of the reasons for admiring and praising Him, such as His acts of creation (cf. Ps 19:2) and redemption (v. 2). all the peoples. See note on Ps 67:3.[4]

96:3 The declaration to the nations anticipates the spread of the gospel (Luke 24:47; Acts 1:8; see note on Ps. 22:27).[5]

96:3 his marvelous works. God’s acts in history provide marvelous events for which to praise Him, e.g., He “made the heavens” (v. 5).[6]

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