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August 20 Seeking Peace

Scripture Reading: Psalm 46:1–10

Key Verse: Psalm 46:10

Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

Do you feel peaceful? If you do not, you are probably seeking peace. Most likely, peace is something you desire. As humans, we are all born with a need for comfort and peace. We seek out pleasing relationships, work environments with low stress levels, and comfortable furnishings for our homes. We volunteer at charitable organizations, spend time with loved ones, and attend church services—all in an effort to find true peace. Why, then, do we still feel unfulfilled?

It is because we are working too hard. As we toil and fret, struggle and strive, God is waiting patiently for us to slow down. You see, peace is not something we can achieve; rather, it is something God gives to us when we are ready to accept it.

The writer of Psalm 46:10 said to stop struggling and recognize God’s presence. What a simple and beautiful statement! When you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, Jesus came to dwell inside of you through the Holy Spirit. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our peace, meaning that when you received Him, you also received the gift of His peace.

Do you need a refresher course on what the peace of Jesus feels like? Slow down for a moment. Stop striving and meditate on the person of Jesus. Accept the gift of peace He can bring to your life.

Lord, let me cease striving and meditate on You and the truth of Your Word. I accept Your gift of peace through Jesus Christ.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 243). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

August 20 Intimacy with God

Scripture Reading: Psalm 139

Key Verse: Psalm 139:7

Where can I go from Your Spirit? Or where can I flee from Your presence?

Even though intimacy with God involves a journey that takes place over a lifetime, the Bible teaches that there is never a time when God is unaware of you. He knows all about you—all the good and all the bad—and His love for you remains infinitely the same.

Salvation is just the beginning of a much closer relationship that builds and deepens over time. God is already there, intimately waiting for you to love and respond to Him. The more you grow in your knowledge of Him, the more you will come to understand that God gave everything He had to offer when He gave His Son for you as an atonement for your sins.

The cross where Jesus died is an eternal symbol of His personal care and love toward you. But the work of the Cross does not end at Calvary. It continues in every aspect of life, calling you to leave your old ways—your sin—behind and follow Him with an intimate, loving desire.

Only through intimacy can He teach you to view life with hope and compassion. This is especially needed today when there is so much discouragement. Never be discouraged. Jesus Christ is your strength and your sure hope. He overcame the jeers and insults of man so that He might prove His love to you. All that you could ever need or long for is within Him. Will you trust Him for that today?

Lord, my heart cries out for intimacy with You. All that I need or long for is in You. I want to know You in the power of Your resurrection and the fellowship of Your suffering.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 243). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Video: Jon Voight Praises Donald Trump as ‘Greatest President of This Century’ | Breitbart News

With a caption reading, “Jon Voight’s message of peace and love,” Voight also slammed liberals and the “radical left” for their hate and “extreme anger” over the president.

“This is not peace,” The Oscar-winner said in the Sunday video. “This is not love. This is hate among the radical left. No amount of book smart will show the given policy of what truth stands for. Truth is a powerful emotion. Love … is what we should be voting for.”

Jon Voight’s message of peace and love. pic.twitter.com/XHQTjtqsBx

— Jon Voight (@jonvoight) August 18, 2019

“And I must say that we — the Republican Party — have voted for renewal, for a place of safety, a community where all can have peace,” Voight added. “But this is war among the left. They have hate. It’s like a venom. No words of God, no words of love, but a radical emotion of hate.”

The Ray Donovan star went on to heap high praise on the president.

“I’ve said this many times and I’m saying it again. From the deep truths of my heart and soul, President Trump is a man of truths, love, and justice for the American people and also for the people of a sacred place, Israel. Not only does he love our country, the United States of America, but he has a love for the people of all nations.”

“Let us pray for peace. Let us pray for this country that President Trump will take on four more years of his strength, devotion, knowledge of truths,” he continued. “And all that doubt and have extreme anger toward President Trump, may they be shown differently, that President Trump is the greatest president of this century.”

“Let us take a stand for liberty and justice for all,” Voight concluded. “God bless.”

This is not the first time Voight has declared Trump’s greatness. In May the actor compared Trump to Abraham Lincoln and insisted that “every” political move Trump has made has been correct.

Source: Video: Jon Voight Praises Donald Trump as ‘Greatest President of This Century’

Trump Wins Again As Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Finally Forced To Apologize To Native Americans For Pretending To Be An Indian — Now The End Begins

Appearing at the Native American Presidential Forum in Sioux City, Iowa, on Monday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren apologized for having made unfounded claims of tribal descent.

Elizabeth Warren for nearly 3 years now has protested over, and over and over again that she was not lying when she claimed native American ancestry. She went so far as to even make a mockery of Indian culture by taking a DNA test that made her a laughing stock when it showed she has 1/1,024 Cherokee DNA in her system. She even lied about it to get a sweet gig at Harvard that was only available to ‘people of diversity’.

But now here in 2019, when she is actually running for president, she decided to finally say what Trump has been saying all along and admit she clung to the lie of Native American ancestry for all this time. Warren has no chance of actually winning, for that matter neither do any of the other Democrats running, but it was nice to see Trump proven right once again. So does this mean she has to give back the nearly half million of dollars in salary that Harvard paid her to be an “American Indian” professor? 🤔

Elizabeth Warren apologizes to Native Americans: ‘I am sorry for harm I have caused’

FROM YAHOO NEWS: “Like anyone who’s being honest with themselves, I know that I have made mistakes,” Warren said before her speech. “I am sorry for harm I have caused. I have listened, and I have learned a lot.” Her apology was greeted with applause. Warren was introduced by Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., one of two Native American women in Congress.

Warren, who was born in Oklahoma, had self-identified as part Cherokee in the past, based on what she now concedes was family legend. Although Harvard once listed her as a minority faculty member for statistical purposes, she never sought membership in the tribe. Many tribes, including the Cherokee Nation, zealously guard tribal identity and are offended by casual, unsupported claims of descent.

In October 2018, in response to President Trump’s “Pocahontas” taunts, she released the results of a DNA test that showed a minuscule amount of Native American ancestry, some six generations in the past. She privately apologized to the Cherokee Nation for the DNA test.

The controversy threatened to engulf her campaign at its launch, but the Massachusetts senator weathered it, releasing detailed policy proposals while steadily rising in the polls.

An Iowa Starting Line-Change Research poll released last week showed Warren leading among likely Democratic Iowa caucus-goers with 28 percent, 11 points ahead of both former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, who were tied for second. It was a 16 percent bump from Warren’s support in a similar poll in May.

And while Biden still leads in most national polls, Warren has worked her way into second in the most recent Quinnipiac (21 percent, to Biden’s 32) and Fox News (20 percent, to Biden’s 31) surveys.

At a rally in New Hampshire last week, Trump told supporters that he could “revive” the Pocahontas attack against Warren if she becomes the nominee. “Don’t worry, we will revive it,” the president said. “It can be revived.”

Warren’s appearance at the two-day forum comes following her release of a plan to help Native Americans. Eight other Democratic presidential candidates, including Sanders and Julián Castro, are scheduled to appear. Earlier Monday, Marianne Williamson drew applause at the Native American when she vowed if elected to remove the portrait of Andrew Jackson from the Oval Office. READ MORE

Elizabeth Warren Apologizes To The Native American Community

Associated Press reporter Jonathan Lemire, NBC News correspondent Carol Lee, Move On’s Karine Jean-Pierre, and Politico’s Jake Sherman on Senator Elizabeth Warren apologizing to Native Americans, saying she’s made mistakes and is sorry for the harm she caused.

POCAHONTAS: President Trump On Candidate Elizabeth Warren

via Trump Wins Again As Elizabeth ‘Pocahontas’ Warren Finally Forced To Apologize To Native Americans For Pretending To Be An Indian — Now The End Begins

Ron Paul: Trump Trade War “Not Root Cause Of Downturn”, The Fed Is! | ZeroHedge News

While the establishment is desperate to ensure President Trump (and the nationalist deplorables) is “obviously” to blame for whatever bad things happen in the global economy, Ron Paul brushes aside the smoke and mirrors to get to the real driver of economic boom and bust for decades – The Fed!

Via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

Stocks fell last week following news that the yield curve on Treasury notes had inverted. This means that a short-term Treasury note was paying higher interest rates than long-term Treasury note. An inverted yield curve is widely seen as a sign of an impending recession.

Some economic commentators reacted to the inverted yield curve by parroting the Keynesian propaganda that recessions are an inevitable feature of a free-market economy, whose negative effects can only be mitigated by the Federal Reserve. Like much of the conventional economic wisdom, the idea that recessions are caused by the free market and cured by the Federal Reserve is the exact opposite of the truth.

Interest rates are the price of money. Like all prices, they should be set by the market in order to accurately convey information about economic conditions. When the Federal Reserve lowers interest rates, it distorts those signals. This leads investors and businesses to misjudge the true state of the economy, resulting in misallocations of resources. These misallocations can create an economic boom. However, since the boom is rooted in misperceptions of the true state of the economy, it cannot last. Eventually the Federal Reserve-created bubble bursts, resulting in a recession.

So, recessions are not a feature of the free market. Instead, they are an inevitable result of Congress granting a secretive central bank power to influence the price of money. While monetary policy may be the prime culprit, government tax and regulatory policies also damage the economy. Many regulations, such as the minimum wage and occupational licensing, inflict much harm on the same low-income people that the economic interventionists claim benefit the most from the welfare-regulatory state.

The best thing for Congress and the Federal Reserve to do after the bubble bursts is to let the recession run its course. Recessions are painful but necessary if the economy is going to heal from the damage done by government’s inflate-tax-borrow-spend-and-inflate-some-more policies. But Congress and the Fed cannot resist the cries to “do something.” So, Congress spends billions on wasteful “economic stimulus” plans and bailouts of politically influential corporations. Meanwhile, the Fed tries to “prime the pump” via new money creation, restarting the whole boom-and-bust cycle.

This is not to say that no one would experience economic difficulties in a free market. Businesses and even whole industries would still close because of changing consumer tastes, new competitors offering superior products, or bad business decisions. There may even be bubbles in a free market as some investors misread fads as permanent changes in consumer preferences. But periods of downturn would be shorter, and most would only affect specific industries rather than the entire economy.

President Trump’s imposition of tariffs (which are a form of taxes on American consumers) has been particularly harmful. The tariff war has not just raised prices on imported consumer goods. It has also cut off markets for export-reliant businesses, such as manufacturers that import materials used to construct their products.

The trade dispute with China may be the event that pushes the US economy into a major recession or even a depression. However, the trade war is not the root cause of the downturn. The next recession, like every recession since 1913, will come stamped “Courtesy of the Federal Reserve.” The only way to end the boom-and-bust cycle and restore peace, prosperity, and liberty is to end the welfare-warfare state, repeal the Sixteenth Amendment, and audit then end the Fed.

Source: Ron Paul: Trump Trade War “Not Root Cause Of Downturn”, The Fed Is!

UN-accountable: Case Study in Systems Analysis and Ministerial Accountability ~ Part 3, Industrial Complex — Spiritual Sounding Board

In terms of the number of people Tullian Tchividjian was responsible/accountable to at some level during that five-year period [2012-2016] … there were over 150 individuals in at least 10 institutions who had direct connections with Tullian Tchividjian as his superiors, peers, or subordinates. And yet, it seems nobody could keep him from his two extramarital sexual involvements he has already admitted to (after they were discovered or disclosed), or from his reported predatory/seductive behavior patterns, or from his reported multiple failures to tell the full truth.

Why? What was happening (or not happening) here with accountability? What dynamics were going on with the individuals and institutions involved, such that someone with what turned out to be such distinctive (in my opinion) patterns of deception, manipulation, and seduction could get by for so many years before his sins were evident?1

Quick Links to the Series and Other Key Resource Pages:

An Infographic on Tullian Tchividjian’s Pursuit of Women and a Public/Publication Platform 

Tullian Tchividjian – Partial Timeline of Alleged Clergy Sexual Abuse and Spiritual Abuse

Resource Bibliography on System Issues Related to the Tullian Tchividjian Situation

Part 1 ~ Systems, Systemic Abuse, and Repentance as a Systems Transformation Process

  • Introduction to Case Studies
  • 1-1. Systems and Systemic Abuse
  • 1-2. Systems Transformation through Repentance and Conciliation
  • 1-3. What Does it Take on Both Sides for Remediation Actions to Work?

Part 2 ~ Three Real-World Examples of Systems Remediation / Repentance

  • 2-1. Example #1 ~ Eerdmans Publishing: A Project/Product with Individual and Institutional Impact
  • 2-2. Example #2 ~ The Holistic, Systems Example of the Mennonites: Dealing with Sexual Harassment and Abuse by Top Denominational Theologian, John Howard Yoder
  • 2-3. Example #3 ~ A Social-Cultural-Political System Example: Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Post-Apartheid South Africa

Part 3 ~ Elements in the “Industrial Complex” System Surrounding Tullian Tchividjian

  • 3-1. Introduction
  • 3-2. Introducing the Concept of an “Industrial Complex”
  • 3-3. Going a Level Deeper – And Listing Connections to Tullian Tchividjian
  • 3-4. Summary: The Key Problem That the Research Details Demonstrate
  • 3-5. For Those Interested in More

Part 4 ~ Types of Accountability and Patterns for How They Were Avoided

  • 4-1. A Four-Fold Framework for Accountability
  • 4-2. Tullian Tchividjian’s Responses to Systems of Accountability
  • 4-3. Subverting the System
  • 4-4. For Those Interested in More

Part 5 ~ Where Accountability Systems for Tullian Tchividjian Broke Down or Broke Through

  • 5-1. Introduction
  • 5-2. Summary of Opportunities for Accountability
  • 5-3. An Appeal for a Genuine Repentance Process
  • 5-4. An Appeal for Generosity
  • 5-5. Case Study on Accountability ~ Reference Sections
    • About the Reference Sections …
    • 5-5a. Academia, Seminaries, Training Programs
    • 5-5b. Associations and Networks
    • 5-5c. Businesses, Brands, Events; Media and Marketing Platforms
    • 5-5d. Ministry Platforms
    • 5-5e. Philanthropic Enterprises

Part 6 ~ Updates: 2018 and 2019

*     *     *     *     *     *     *

Breaking chain

“Broken Chains” masthead designed by Ryan Ashton.

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 Rep. Matt Gaetz Slams Taxpayer-Funded Testing Using Aborted Fetuses and Laboratory Animals — The Gateway Pundit

Republican Representative Matt Gaetz has responded to a new report from taxpayer watchdog group White Coat Waste Project and Pro-Life San Francisco that found millions of dollars are being spent on disturbing tests combining live animals and aborted fetus remains.

Rep. Gaetz told the Gateway Pundit that the findings have bolstered his commitment to fighting against these “unnecessary” and “inhumane” experiments.

“As a staunch pro-life advocate and animal welfare supporter, I’m disgusted that taxpayers are still being forced to pay for sick and twisted experiments in which human baby parts from elective abortions are crudely implanted into lab animals that are then also killed and dissected. These disturbing new revelations about NIH-funded human fetal tissue research on animals have bolstered my commitment to fighting against this unnecessary and inhumane practice that harms the most vulnerable among us in society.”

While the Trump administration has stopped funding the Internal National Institutes of Health (NIH) experimentation that used aborted human fetal tissue, White Coat Waste and Pro-Life San Francisco uncovered $115 million in taxpayer funds being used for another 200 projects by other groups using aborted fetuses for their testing.

“In other bizarre Frankenstein study funded by taxpayers, UCSF implanted intact reproductive tracts from 9.5 to 22-week-old human fetuses, including from a pair of aborted twins, into mice dosed with synthetic estrogen,”  the groups wrote in a joint op-ed for the Washington Examiner.

Also responding to the findings, Senator Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Doug Stafford told the Gateway Pundit that taxpayers should not be funding these horrors.

“This is important work by White Coat Waste and Pro-Life San Francisco to shine a light on the expensive and gross experimentation being done with animals and fetuses. Taxpayers should not have to fund these types of tests that sound like something out of a Mary Shelley novel,” Stafford said.

The aborted fetuses are taken from university-affiliated hospitals and harvested for research. While the experiments sound like something out of a horror movie, there is huge money in the bizarre and cruel tests.

“At the University of California-San Diego (UCSD), faculty received nearly $400,000 in taxpayer funds this year for experiments that involve implanting thymus glands from aborted human babies into mice. The mice with human fetal glands were also injected with human fetal liver cells from 17-20-week-old human fetuses. The mice were then killed and dissected. This project has received $2.7 million in taxpayer largesse since 2012 and is scheduled to run through late 2020,” their exposé continued.

In another example of their testing uncovered by the two groups, the USC took kidney tissue from 8 to 18-week-old human fetuses and spent $2.3 million in federal grants comparing it to kidney tissue of fetuses cut from mice.

According to a PEW Research poll, 52% of Americans oppose animal testing, and a Fox News poll found that 49% oppose testing using aborted fetuses.

“Most Americans oppose animal testing as well as human fetal tissue research. Nobody wants to be forced to pay for this any longer. In a time of such divisiveness in Washington, it’s refreshing that Republicans and Democrats, animal-lovers and pro-lifers, can agree that Uncle Sam should not be wasting tens of millions in taxpayer dollars on disgusting human fetal tissue experiments on animals that we don’t like, want or need,” Anthony Bellotti, founder and president of taxpayer watchdog White Coat Waste Project told the Gateway Pundit.

via  Rep. Matt Gaetz Slams Taxpayer-Funded Testing Using Aborted Fetuses and Laboratory Animals — The Gateway Pundit

August 20 Stop Sinning

Scripture reading: Galatians 6:7–10

Key verse: Psalm 139:3

You comprehend my path and my lying down,

And are acquainted with all my ways.

Have you ever wondered if you can get away with sin? At some point, each of us has thought, Well, I’ll just do it; I know God will forgive me. Or maybe our thought processes have gone like this: No one will find out; it won’t matter.

The truth is, God knows much more than we like to think He does. Not only is He aware of our sin; He also knows the attitudes of our hearts and is familiar with all our ways. Even before we do something wrong, He knows all the details (Ps. 139:3).

Yet God who is rich in mercy promises to forgive and restore each person who admits his failure. This is the wonder of His grace. You don’t have to worry if He will continue to love you. He has promised to love you with an eternal love.

Part of God’s loving you is allowing you to face the consequences of your mistakes. God does not wash His hands of you. If you have fallen into sin and call out to Him, He responds with love, forgiveness, and hope.

After healing the disabled beggar, Jesus said, “Sin no more, lest a worse thing come upon you” (John 5:14). God is not waiting to rain down fire from heaven on those who disobey Him. However, He does expect you to heed His warning and turn from sin. Lay aside everything that would keep you entangled in darkness and separated from His love.

Dear Lord, help me lay aside all that would keep me entangled in sin and separated from Your love. Examine my heart. Reveal my secret sins.[1]

[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 243). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

There are many things we know without the benefit of science — The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Christianity isn’t anti-science, but it is anti-scientism. ‘Scientism’ is the belief that science is the only way to know anything. But there are many things we know without the benefit of science at all, like logical and mathematical truths (that precede scientific investigations), metaphysical truths (that determine if the external world is real), moral and ethical truths (that set boundaries for our behavior), aesthetic truths (like determining beauty) and historical truths. Christians believe that science can tell us many important things, but not all important things. How could science possibly tell us anything meaningful about the historicity of Jesus or the historical reliability of the Bible? —J Warner Wallace (from, Quick Shot: “Christianity is anti-science”)

via There are many things we know without the benefit of science — The Poached Egg Christian Worldview and Apologetics Network

Conservative Leaders Publish Letter to Google Demanding Explanation About Conservative Censorship — The Gateway Pundit

Conservative leaders including Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe, Media Research Center President L. Brent Bozell, LifeSiteNews.com Editor-in-Chief John-Henry Westen, and many others have released a letter that they sent to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and members of Congress demanding an explanation about conservative censorship by the Big Tech giant.

The letter is in response to a August 14 document leak published by Project Veritas.

Read the letter in full:

Read more: Conservative Leaders Publish Letter to Google Demanding Explanation About Conservative Censorship — The Gateway Pundit

Elizabeth Warren Scrubs Campaign Website Of Native American DNA Results — The Gateway Pundit

After claiming for nearly 40 years that she was Native American, Sen. Elizabeth Warren decided to take a DNA to prove it.

That didn’t work out so well.

In October 2018, shortly before she entered the race for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, Warren released the results. They showed she may have had an American Indian ancestor — six to 10 generations ago. That means she’s anywhere from 1/64 to 1/1,024 American Indian. To put those terms into percentages, that means she’s between 1.562 percent and .0924 percent Native American. So that means she’s anywhere from 98.437 percent to 99.9 percent white.

That’s pretty white.

But Warren said the results proved her case, and the mainstream media went along with her. After the DNA results were released, CNN posted a story headlined, “Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test with ‘strong evidence’ of Native American ancestry.” The Daily Beast’s headline called it a big win with a story headlined, “Elizabeth Warren Fights Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ Taunt With DNA Test Proving Native-American Roots.”

Now, though, Warren must be having second thoughts. She’s deleted the DNA results from her campaign website, which had been posted until Sunday.

“CNN reported Sunday that the campaign planned to scrub sections of Warren’s website dealing with her heritage as part of a reboot of her campaign. The change appears to have been made by Monday, though the content remains viewable on the Internet Wayback Machine,” the Daily Caller reported.

Warren has been cashing in on the Native American claim for years. She listed herself as Native in the Association of American Law School Directory, and according to The Boston Globe, she “had her ethnicity changed from white to Native American at the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where she taught from 1987 to 1995, and at Harvard University Law School, where she was a tenured faculty member starting in 1995.”

Some critics — including President Trump — say she got the Harvard slot by claiming to be American Indian. “Harvard Law School in the 1990s touted Warren, then a professor in Cambridge, as being Native American,’” CNN reported last November. “They singled her out, Warren later acknowledged, because she had listed herself as a minority in an Association of American Law Schools directory.”

A 1997 Fordham Law Review article identified the Democrat as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color.” Warren even submitted recipes to an American Indian cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow,” which was released in 1984 by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She signed her entries “Elizabeth Warren — Cherokee.”

Trump has hammered her over her claims that she is Native American, dubbing her “Pocahontas.”

“She said she was Indian,” Trump said at his rally in Cincinnati last month. “And I said that I have more Indian blood than she does, and I have none. I’m sorry.”

“And we drove her crazy. That’s a good thing, not a bad thing. And she went out and she had a blood test done and it came out 1/1024th. He says somewhere back there hundreds of years ago there may have been an Indian — or it may have been a statistical error ‘cuz it was so small,” the president said.

“Everything she did was a fraud,” Trump said. “She got into colleges, she got teaching jobs, she said she was of Indian heritage, it turns out to be a lie. So Elizabeth Warren really has a big lack of credibility,” he said.

via Elizabeth Warren Scrubs Campaign Website Of Native American DNA Results — The Gateway Pundit

Biden’s Own Brain Surgeon Defends Biden’s Brain – ‘He’s as Sharp as He Was 31 Years Ago’ — The Gateway Pundit

Biden’s brain is functioning perfectly. Just ask Biden’s brain surgeon.

Joe Biden’s brain surgeon Dr. Neal Kassell defended the 76-year-old Democrat presidential candidate and said Biden is “as sharp as he was 31 years ago.”


Dr. Kassell performed surgery on Biden over 30 years ago after the Democrat pol had two brain aneurysms.

Kassell dismissed fears that Biden’s mental faculties are declining, despite evidence to the contrary.

Biden’s gaffes aside, the Democrat candidate has been slurring his words, generally looks lost and even claimed he was Vice President in February of 2018 when the Parkland mass shooting happened.

We saw the same type of coverup from Hillary Clinton’s camp.

Hillary Clinton’s camp said anyone questioning her health were ‘conspiracy theorists’ even though she was thrown into her Scooby mobile after fainting.

“I am going to vote for the candidate who I am absolutely certain has a brain that is functioning,” Kassell told Politico. “And that narrows it down to exactly one.”

Biden’s physician also said, “Vice President Biden is in excellent physical condition.”

Biden is just as sharp and just as healthy as a 40-something; don’t believe your lying eyes.

via Biden’s Own Brain Surgeon Defends Biden’s Brain – ‘He’s as Sharp as He Was 31 Years Ago’ — The Gateway Pundit

Author of Report on Google Search Manipulation Corrects Hillary Clinton After Her False Tweet Slamming the President — The Gateway Pundit

After President Donald Trump took to Twitter to share information from a report that found Google manipulated from 2.6 million to 16 million votes for Hillary Clinton in 2016 Election, the former First Lady took to Twitter — with lies that have now been brutally debunked.

The failed presidential candidate took issue with Trump’s tweet about the report, though the report was written by one of her fans.

In response, Clinton claimed that “the debunked study you’re referring to was based on 21 undecided voters. For context that’s about half the number of people associated with your campaign who have been indicted.”

However, the study was not debunked and was not based on 21 undecided voters, at all.

The author of the report, Dr. Robert Epstein, responded to Clinton on Twitter with some facts that she may find inconvenient for her narrative.

“I’m a big supporter, BUT… my 2016 monitoring findings were based on an analysis of 13,207 election-related searches, along with the 98,044 web pages to which the search results linked. The pro-Hillary bias was significant at the .001 level,” Dr. Epstein responded, along with a link to his report.

Epstein didn’t stop there, he also wrote that though he’s a fan and hates correcting her, “to my knowledge no credible authority has ever ‘debunked’ either my 2016 and 2018 election monitoring projects or my controlled studies on internet influence.”

Epstein even tweeted out a photo of him and Clinton, and wrote about his disappointment in her “blatant lies.”

via Author of Report on Google Search Manipulation Corrects Hillary Clinton After Her False Tweet Slamming the President — The Gateway Pundit

Pro-Life Activist Abby Johnson Tells Us Why She Is Sending ‘Unplanned’ to Every Abortion Clinic in America — Faithwire

Abby Johnson is on a mission to tell the masses about the sordid reality of abortion and to offer a way out for those still embroiled within the industry.

Once the youngest clinic director at the nation’s leading abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, Johnson is now a fierce pro-life advocate with a story like no other. Her testimony is so astonishing that it was made into the feature-length movie, “Unplanned,” which has been shaking the pro-abortion crowd to its core ever since its release back in February.

“Unplanned,” based on Johnson’s book of the same title, is also enjoying incredible commercial success — not only has it taken three times its budget at the box office, but the DVD version is now flying off the shelves.

With such a vast reach across the globe, Johnson is determined to continue her pro-life mission through the work of her non-profit, “And Then There Were None,” and share a message of hope with as many as possible. Those efforts have led her to send a copy of the movie to every abortion clinic in America, expectant that it will impact lives and change hearts.

“When the movie came out, we sent tickets to every abortion clinic in the country, and we wanted to do the same for the film when it came out on DVD,” Johnson told Faithwire. “We often send notes of encouragement and love into abortion clinics, offering workers a way out, and by sending the film into the clinics, we hope to throw a lifeline to workers who maybe need that extra push to leave.”

Along with the movie, Johnson’s organization will send a letter to the workers at each clinic — not to shame them for what they do, but to graciously offer them a way out.

“We want them to know that they are loved and that there is help if they need it,” she said. “Love is the only way we are going to end abortion.”

Speaking of the heart-level impact the movie can have on those involved in the abortion industry, Johnson noted they screened it to many former clinic workers, and the impact was profound.

“When we showed ‘Unplanned’ to former abortion workers, every single one of them said that this is their story, that so many parts of the movie resonated with their own experiences, and that they felt they could show the film to their family and friends and say ‘look, this is what it was like,’” she told Faithwire, noting, “it’s important for these workers to know that they aren’t alone, that so many other people know what it’s like and what they have gone through, and that healing is possible.”

“Of course, we want them to know that they can leave their jobs and we can help them find new, life-affirming ones,” Johnson noted.

Johnson shared that she has already seen workers turn their back on the ghastly industry after watching the movie. Indeed, on her website, a tab in the top right-hand corner simply reads “Work at PP?” — the information contained there serves one purpose — to help workers get out of the abortion business.

“No one grows up wanting to work at an abortion clinic,” the page declares. “Let us help. Let me help. Contact our ministry through ‘And Then There Were None’ and we can help you get out.”

But does this actually happen? Have abortion workers literally walked out of their job after having their eyes opened by “Unplanned?”

“Oh yes!” Johnson exclaimed. “We have had workers see the movie and call us. We have helped several who came through our ministry after seeing Unplanned. We have given them help with their resumes, have accompanied them on healing retreats, and have counseled them and prayed with them.”

“I think this is only the beginning of abortion workers leaving their jobs at the clinics and finding healing,” she added.

Find out more about “Unplanned” here, and for more info about Abby’s organization, “And Then There Were None,” go here.

via Pro-Life Activist Abby Johnson Tells Us Why She Is Sending ‘Unplanned’ to Every Abortion Clinic in America — Faithwire

Confronting Neo Paganism Part 1 — TruthXchange

Revolutionary Times

We are living in a most disorienting time, especially since someone said that orientation is knowing where the East is! When I came to the States in 1964, the threat from the East was not spiritual but material—atheistic Marxism and a fear of the disappearance of religion altogether, predicted by Ludwig Feuerbach,[1] Karl Marx, and Sigmund Freud. The 1960s Death of God theology seemed to represent in North America the final triumph of secular humanism.[2] In 1967, the sociologist Peter Berger did note the “overall decline in the plausibility of Christianity,”[3] but what few saw, including Berger,[4] was also the demise of secular humanism. In 2008, in an article entitled “Secularization Falsified,” Berger had changed his mind. Religion had not been declining. On the contrary, in much of the world there has been a veritable explosion of religious faith.[5]
What had created this unexpected situation? Philosopher David Harvey believes he knows: “The moral crisis of our time is a crisis of Enlightenment thought.”[6] And “assumptions of secular humanism” have been undermined by Postmodernism.[7] “The irony is delicious,” says theologian Don Carson. “The modernity which has arrogantly insisted that human reason is the final arbiter of truth has spawned a stepchild that has arisen to slay it.”[8] An informed observer called this postmodern critique “a rage against humanism and the Enlightenment legacy.”[9]
Postmodernism had brought an end to secularism in the oddest of ways. The French thinker, Lydia Jaeger, notes that “L’irrationalisme postmoderne est, en fait, l’ultramodernité: la modernité poussée jusqu’à ses conséquences logiques extrèmes”[10] (Postmodern irrationalism is in fact ultra modernity, that is, modernity pushed to its logical extreme consequences).For her, the ultimate contribution of autonomous reason (postmodernism) is the lucid observation that reason has no reasonable, objective grounds on which to stand. Such deconstruction raises a serious question: where does Postmodernism lead our culture? The answer I propose represents the body of this article. Many now believe that grounds for existence can only be found in the irrational, in the age-old metanarrative of pantheistic Oneism.
[I am proposing to use two relatively neutral, descriptive terms, Oneism and Twoism, in order to avoid applying a narrow theological system that only a few of us could affirm. These terms seek to express the only two bedrock options found in Romans 1:25: either the worship and service of creation understood as closed, homogeneous system, or the worship and service by creation of the transcendent ontologically other Creator].
Perhaps, we should have seen this spiritual tsunami coming. Instead, we treated the New Age as the latest, more or less harmless religious sect, which would go the way of the hoola hoop. We failed to hear the vast implications of Lennon’s Imagine and Dylan’s The Times They Are A ’Changin. In fact, the “Yellow Submarine” was taking us to another “planet,” the zodiacal Age of Aquarius.
These changin’ times have, in one generation, radically transformed how popular culture thinks about sexuality, the family, gender roles, marriage, abortion, pornography, American history, the dating of history, the names of national holidays, the use of the Constitution, free speech, globalism, education, environmentalism, psychology and religious unity. A Roman Catholic theologian, Richard Grigg, in his book When God Becomes Goddess: The Transformation of American Religion, (1995),[11] reassures us that religion in America will not disappear but is in the “process of transformation.” “…[S]ignificant elements of traditional religious belief and practice are passing away, but a new kind of religiosity is poised to take its place.”[12] Since, of course, there are only two kinds of “religiosity,” this “new kind” would be Oneism.
This “new religiosity” maintains the fiction of progress, but as C. S. Lewis remarked: “Pantheism is congenial to our minds not because it is the final stage in a slow process of enlightenment [as it often claims], but because it is almost as old as we are.”[13] In its present iteration, this ancient ideology denigrates theism as out-of-date, dysfunctional, and blame-worthy, and triumphantly declares itself to be our future. The Jungian mystic and counselor to Hillary Clinton in the White House, Jean Huston, has provocatively declared: “Other times in history thought they were it. They were wrong. Now is it.”[14] Joseph Campbell before his death in 1987 was asked: “Do you still believe that we are at this moment participating in one of the greatest leaps of the human spirit”? He answered: “The greatest ever.”[15] How did we get to this moment of Oneist triumph?

Ideological Revolution

The coherent ancient ideology of Oneism comes in a number of interlaced forms that together constitute a formidable construction of a “new” seductive worldview for our contemporary culture.

A. The Hinduization of the West

In the Sixties, spiritual globalism took a leap forward as Eastern Oneism continued its invasion of Western culture. Though Vivekananda had already made the trip West in 1893, and many had followed him, the Sixties saw a whole series of Indian gurus make their mark on the student generation. The “Fab Four” met the Maharishi, and popular culture was introduced to the “wisdom of the East.” In August 2009, Newsweek announced that “We are all Hindus Now,” meaning that the Western soul has been profoundly and definitively altered—a change that spiritual observer, Philip Goldberg, in his book American Veda[16] compares to the Great Awakenings of the 18th century.
Many of the architects of modern spirituality, such as Aldous Huxley, Joseph Campbell, and Huston Smith, were converts of Vedanta. Campbell and Smith were introduced to the culture thanks to the Bill Moyers PBS video series, Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth. Campbell, mentor of George Lucas and inspiration of the Star Wars movie series, had an enduring friendship with the guru Jiddu Krishnamurti, and Hinduism became the overarching theme of Campbell’s work. Huston Smith was a MK (missionary kid) in China who converted to Buddhism and became a leading authority in the history of religions. No one can underestimate the influence in the West of the Dalai Lama, from the same Eastern spiritual tradition. It is doubtless true to say that the key New Age leaders and their present disciples all claim some form of Vedantic enlightenment.
Hindu terms have entered Western consciousness. Everyday conversation includes words like karma, mantra, mandala, yoga (practiced by 18 million Americans), and avatar (Hindu term meaning incarnation). James Cameron in his film Avatar invites viewers to give up the biblical worldview in favor of Oneism. Mindfulness is now proposed as a valid Psychological method by recognized experts in the field of psychology as a way of reducing stress. Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love, convinces many, including Julia Roberts, who played the lead in the movie version of the book, and became a Hindu, that you can eat great food, have all the sex you want, as long as you master Indian meditation and reject the God of Theism.[17] The secular Jew and Hindu convert, Goldberg, notes that the Roman Catholic mystics, Bede Griffith, Wayne Teasdale, Thomas Merton and Thomas Keating were all deeply influenced by Eastern religion, and that Centering Prayer is “the highest level of Indian spirituality.”[18] Interestingly, their major influence has been seen in Christianity since the Sixties when Vatican II officially recognized the mysticism of pagan religions as a valid form of spirituality for Christians.[19]

B. The Return of Gnosticism

If you can speak of the Easternization of the West, you can also speak of the Gnosticization of the West.[20] The discovery in 1945 of the Nag Hammadi Library gave scholarship its first direct knowledge of ancient Gnosticism. The Gnostic documents became popularly known because of their translation in 1977 and, more recently, because of their use by Dan Brown in his mega best seller The DaVinci Code. James Robinson, like Hans Jonas, who saw Gnosticism as an ancient form of existentialism,[21] presented these newly found texts as an attractive, timeless “answer to the human dilemma.”[22] Robinson declared that the Gnostic library had much in common with three movements.

  1. Gnostic texts have “much in common with primitive Christianity.” This affirmation has given life to the New “Progressive” Christianity, which argues that the Gnostic gospels prove that original Christianity was interfaith, a notion most Americans find acceptable.
  2. Gnostic texts have “much in common with eastern religions and with holy men of all times.” This affirmation fits well with the Easternization of the West.
  3. Gnostic texts have “…much in common with…the counter-culture movements coming from the 1960’s.”[23]

Gnosticism became a cultural phenomenon through the influence of C. G. Jung, who was deeply influenced by it. Jungian psychology has introduced a form of Gnosticism into the Western psyche via the notion of the all-powerful subconscious.[24] Joseph Campbell said of Jung: his works “have inspired…an astonishing number of the leading scholars of our time.”[25] James Herrick sees the importance of Jung “less for his psychoanalytical theories than for a “closely related set of religious ideas, some of which are at the center of the New Religious synthesis, like Gnostic and occult ideas about the divinity of the individual, spiritual gnosis, and paranormal reality.”[26] Someone has called Jung the psychologist of the 21st century.[27] One writer on Jung says without overstatement that Carl Jung is the Father of Neo-Gnosticism and the New Age Movement.[28] A contemporary philosopher, Richard Wolin, Distinguished Professor at the Graduate Center, City University of New York, believes that “…since the 1970s Jung’s influence on spiritual currents of the New Age movement has been enormous. It may only be a slight exaggeration to say scratch a witch and underneath you will find a Jungian.”[29]
The modern expert on Gnosticism, Kurt Rudolf, rightly sees that Gnosticism is not spiritual dualism but “dualism on a monistic background.”[30] That is, while espousing a radical dualism between the flesh and the spirit, it affirms the primordial unity of all immateriality and expresses a yearning for the restoration of that essential non-material unity. Gnostics, like modern day Eastern spiritualists, long for the ultimate experience of “non-dual” reality and dismiss theists as dualists. Help comes to the postmodern deconstructed world not through reason but through unreason. Jung: “the distinguishing mark of the Christian epoch, and its highest achievement, has become the congenital vice of our age: the supremacy of the word…necessary at a certain phase of man’s development, it has a perilous shadow side.”[31] “The missing center of the mandala of the global community is [mystical] consciousness of the Self in the process of individuation,”[32] that is, joining the opposites in a non-dual synthesis. Humans are connected by a vast psychic force, the collective unconscious.
Jung calls Christian orthodoxy “systematic blindness” in insisting that God is outside of man, unaware of “this inner deity revealing itself from the depths of the soul.”[33] But who is this divinity? In his The Seven Sermons to the Dead, Jung following the ancient Gnostic myth, elevates Abraxas, half man, half beast, as a God higher than both the Christian God and Devil, that combines all opposites into one Being, including Christ and Satan, God’s “light and dark sons,” and the male-female androgyny.[34] Jung’s Depth Psychology seeks to be the world’s final, unitary religion.[35] Little wonder Jung’s recent biographer, Richard Noll sees Jung as the new Julian the Apostate, who, in the 4th century, turned the empire back to paganism. Says Noll, the only difference is that “Jung has succeeded where Julian failed.”[36]

C. Pagan Mythology

All these movements are deeply related. The Jungian channeler, Jean Houston, mentioned above, believes our present society is in a state both of “breakdown and breakthrough…what I call a whole system transition, …requir[ing] a new alignment that only myth can bring [emphasis mine].”[37] Houston follows the example of the Jungian, Joseph Campbell, and his message concerning The Power of Myth.The myth Houston proposes for the reconstruction of our world is the ancient Egyptian myth of Isis, the goddess of the underworld.[38] A reviewer states: “Jean Houston’s work sparkles like a jewel whose inner fire is capable of drawing the participant out of the temporal world into the eternal realm of myth and archetype, the abode of the soul.”[39] Again, the answer is mythos not logos. As well as working both with the Clintons and President and Mrs. Carter, Jean Houston has been an advisor to UNICEF and, since 2003, she has worked with the United Nations Development Program, training leaders in developing countries throughout the world in the “new field of social artistry,” actually helping young leaders to access their indigenous pagan myths.

D. Perennialism

The unveiling of Gnosticism, of Indian Vedanta and of many forms of ancient Nature mythology in contemporary culture evidences the surfacing of a long-existing esoteric, occult spirituality known among the cognoscenti as “the Perennial Philosophy.” Peter Occhiogrosso, author of The Joy of Sects, a 600-page encyclopedia of world religions, argues that a deep level of agreement exists between the many religions, though their proponents may not see it or speak of it. He likens this Perennial Philosophy to an underground well that feeds each religious stream.[40] Joseph Campbell combines Jungian archetypes and mystical spirituality in his The Hero with a Thousand Faces to express the complimentary notion that all human civilizations have the same mono myth(with only minor differences in details).[41] Integral thinker Dr. Roger Walsh’s work, Essential Spirituality: the Seven Central Practices, (John Wiley & Sons, 2000) identifies what the world’s wisdom traditions have in common, and his The World of Shamanism: New Views of an Ancient Tradition (Llewellyn Press, 2007), asserts shamanism to be the world’s most enduring healing and religious tradition.[42]
The Gnostic Bishop Stephan Hoeller, of the Ecclesia Gnostica of Los Angeles, agrees. The Perennial Philosophy is but another term for Gnosticism, whether ancient or modern. Ken Wilber, whom we will discuss below, calls his own system a variant of the Perennial Philosophy, as do a highly significant group of spiritual leaders, from Helena Blavatsky, Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, and Huston Smith. Smith, hailed as the greatest living philosopher of world religion, calls himself a Perennialist with a capital P. All have rejected secular humanism. All identify with this ancient pagan tradition and promote it as the hope of the future. One notable perennialist today is Prince Charles, Patron of the Temenos Academy, which is dedicated to the central ideas of the Perennial Philosophy. Charles declares: “Only this great Tradition, in its sacralization of Nature, will solve the environmental crisis of the twenty-first century.”[43]
A decade ago the respected American historian Gertrude Himmelfarb, said: “There has been a culture war and the Left won it,”[44] but the war was also religious, and it has just begun.


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via Confronting Neo Paganism Part 1 — TruthXchange

Taxpayers are Still Funding Grotesque Frankenstein Experiments Combining Aborted Fetus Remains With Live Animals — The Gateway Pundit

While the Trump administration has stopped funding the Internal National Institutes of Health (NIH) experimentation that uses aborted human fetal tissue, an animal rights organization has teamed up with a pro-life group and uncovered $115 million in taxpayer funds being used for another 200 projects by other groups using aborted fetuses for their testing.

For example, at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), scientists recently used $2 million in government funds to transplant intestines removed from 18-24 week-old aborted fetuses onto the backs of 6 to 8-week-old mice.

These terrifying experiments were uncovered in a joint effort between the animal rights organization White Coat Waste Project and Pro-Life San Francisco.

“In other bizarre Frankenstein study funded by taxpayers, UCSF implanted intact reproductive tracts from 9.5 to 22-week-old human fetuses, including from a pair of aborted twins, into mice dosed with synthetic estrogen,”  the groups wrote in a joint op-ed for the Washington Examiner.

Responding to the findings, Senator Rand Paul’s Chief Strategist Doug Stafford told the Gateway Pundit that taxpayers should not be funding these horrors.

“This is important work by White Coat Waste and Pro-Life San Francisco to shine a light on the expensive and gross experimentation being done with animals and fetuses. Taxpayers should not have to fund these types of tests that sound like something out of a Mary Shelley novel,” Stafford said.

The aborted fetuses are taken from university-affiliated hospitals and harvested for research. While the experiments sound like something out of a horror movie, there is huge money in the bizarre and cruel tests.

“At the University of California-San Diego (UCSD), faculty received nearly $400,000 in taxpayer funds this year for experiments that involve implanting thymus glands from aborted human babies into mice. The mice with human fetal glands were also injected with human fetal liver cells from 17-20-week-old human fetuses. The mice were then killed and dissected. This project has received $2.7 million in taxpayer largesse since 2012 and is scheduled to run through late 2020,” their exposé continued.

In another example of their testing uncovered by the two groups, the USC took kidney tissue from 8 to 18-week-old human fetuses and spent $2.3 million in federal grants comparing it to kidney tissue of fetuses cut from mice.

Freedom Caucus Chairman Rep. Mark Meadows spoke out about the cruel and wasteful studies last year, saying that “my constituents have a problem with is using their tax dollars to buy baby brains and baby eyes to do research when they find it abhorrent.”

According to a PEW Research poll, 52% of Americans oppose animal testing, and a Fox News poll found that 49% oppose testing using aborted fetuses.

Molecular biologist Tara Sander Lee has argued that these tests are not only abhorrent — they are also unnecessary.

“Contrary to popular belief, fetal tissue from induced abortions is not necessary for research and the development of medical treatments. In fact, to date there have been no cures from abortion-derived human fetal tissue. The oft-cited vaccines for polio, measles, and mumps were never produced using human fetal tissue but rather used monkey cells, chicken eggs, and non-fetal human cells,” Sander Lee said in an interview with the Charlotte Lozier Institute about the ethics of these tests.

via Taxpayers are Still Funding Grotesque Frankenstein Experiments Combining Aborted Fetus Remains With Live Animals — The Gateway Pundit

11 Reasons Why So Many Experts Believe That A U.S. Economic Crisis Is Imminent | The Economic Collapse

The numbers are telling us that we have never been closer to the next recession than we are right now.  The storm clouds that were gathering on the horizon are now directly above us, and suddenly the mainstream media is filled with stories about when the next recession will begin and the effect that this may have on President Trump’s chances of winning in 2020.  In fact, there has been so much chatter about this that even President Trump is talking about it.  All over television, experts are breathlessly speculating about when the coming recession will begin, and they are dispensing lots of advice about how people should be preparing for it.

So what evidence has led so many of these talking heads to come to such a conclusion?

Well, the following are 11 reasons why so many experts now believe that a U.S. economic crisis is imminent…

#1 Last week, the “spread between the U.S. 2-year and 10-year yields” turned negative for the very first time in 12 years.  An inversion of the yield curve has occurred prior to every single U.S. recession since the 1950s, and this is one of the most important economic signals that we have seen yet.

#2 U.S. consumer sentiment just fell to the lowest level that we have seen in all of 2019.

#3 74 percent of the economists surveyed by the National Association for Business Economics believe that a recession will begin in the United States by the end of 2021.

#4 U.S. industrial production just slipped back into contraction territory.

#5 The IHS Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index just fell to the lowest level that we have seen since September 2009.

#6 Just like we witnessed in 2008, fear and volatility have returned to Wall Street in a major way.  In fact, so far this month we have already seen the 4th and 7th largest single day point declines in U.S. stock market history.

#7 The total number of bankruptcy filings in the United States has been steadily shooting up, and it rose another 5 percent during the month of July.

#8 Major U.S. retailers continue to shut down more stores, and we have continued to stay on a pace that would break the all-time record for store closings in a single year.

#9 As I discussed yesterday, on a year over year basis U.S. freight shipment volume has now fallen for 8 months in a row.

#10 According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the probability that a recession will happen within the next 12 months is now the highest that it has been since the last financial crisis.

#11 President Trump is suggesting that the Federal Reserve should cut interest rates by 100 basis points and that the Fed should restart quantitative easing as soon as possible.  Both of those moves would be considered to be “emergency measures” that should only happen if a major economic downturn was imminent.

In that list, I didn’t even mention our rapidly escalating trade war with China.  The two largest economies on the entire planet are engaged in an extremely bitter trade dispute, and that alone has the potential to plunge the entire global economy into a very deep downturn.

On the surface, the Trump administration is trying to assure us that everything is going to be just fine, but behind the scenes they appear to be preparing for the worst.  For example, we have just learned that the Trump administration is actually considering pushing for an emergency payroll tax cut

Several senior White House officials have begun discussing whether to push for a temporary payroll tax cut as a way to arrest an economic slowdown, three people familiar with the discussions said, revealing the growing concerns by President Donald Trump’s top economic aides.

The talks are still in their early stages, and the officials have not decided whether to formally push Congress to approve the cut, these people said, speaking on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to disclose internal discussions. But the White House in recent days has begun searching for proposals that could halt a slowing economy.

If the U.S. economy really was “booming”, an emergency payroll tax cut wouldn’t make any sense at all.

But if we are on the verge of a very serious economic crisis, then such a move would make perfect sense.

Of course the U.S. is definitely not the only major economy that is facing serious troubles.  In fact, signs of economic trouble have been emerging all over the globe lately

The economies in Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico and a number of other countries are also showing vulnerabilities, experts say. The uncertainty is exacerbated by fears of the potential financial fallout that could happen if the United Kingdom leaves the European Union in October without first reaching a deal on the terms of its departure.

In particular, developments in Germany are quite troubling.  Their economy actually contracted last quarter, and the German government is “preparing to embrace new fiscal stimulus measures should its economy stumble into a deep recession”

Nearly two weeks after Der Spiegel sent its first trial balloon about the prospects that the German government might crank up its fiscal stimulus if Europe’s largest economy slides into recession (which, as we explained last week, is already on the cusp of doing), the trial balloons have crossed the Atlantic.

Bloomberg reported on Monday that the German government is preparing to embrace new fiscal stimulus measures should its economy stumble into a deep recession, “citing two people with direct knowledge of the matter.”

We haven’t seen talk like this in a very, very long time.  For many people, the extreme pain caused by the economic crisis of 2008 and 2009 has almost faded from memory, but the truth is that many experts believe that what is ahead is going to be even worse.

If everything was going to be just fine, President Trump would not be trying to get the Federal Reserve to make extremely deep interest rate cuts.  In life, what people do is far more important than what they say, and the moves that global leaders are making right now are telling us that huge trouble is coming.

So enjoy the relative stability that we are currently experiencing while you still can, because it looks like it won’t be lasting for too much longer.

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In The U.S., A Transportation Recession Has Already Officially Arrived | The Economic Collapse

A transportation recession often precedes a recession for the entire economy, and while the debate about when the U.S. economy as a whole will plunge into a recession is quite vigorous right now, the truth is that the debate is over regarding when a transportation recession will begin.  Throughout 2017 and most of 2018, U.S. freight shipment volume was booming, and that was a very strong sign that overall economic activity was rising.  But when economic activity begins to decline, freight shipment volume often goes negative, and that is precisely what is happening right now.  In fact, U.S. freight shipment volume has now declined on a year over year basis for eight months in a row

Freight shipments within the US by all modes of transportation – truck, rail, air, and barge – fell 5.9% in July 2019, compared to July 2018, the eighth month in a row of year-over-year declines, according to the Cass Freight Index for Shipments, which tracks shipments of consumer and industrial goods but not of bulk commodities such as grains. This decline along with the 6.0% drop in May were the steepest year-over-year declines in freight shipments since the Financial Crisis

When something happens for eight months in a row, that is definitely a trend, and we haven’t seen declines of this magnitude since the last recession.

And other numbers confirm what the Cass Freight Index is telling us.  For example, ACT Research says that the trucking industry is officially in a recession after “two consecutive quarters of negative growth”

The trucking industry is officially in a recession, according to data tracked by ACT Research.

After months of suggesting a pullback was possible, ACT President Kenny Vieth told FreightWaves on Thursday, July 11 that all metrics his firm tracks meet the technical definition of a recession – two consecutive quarters of negative growth.

Every freight metric we look at has been negative for at least six months,” he said.

Of course it is possible that the transportation industry could pull out of this recession without the U.S. economy as a whole dipping into one, but I wouldn’t count on it this time.

As I have been documenting for months, just about every economic indicator is telling us that big trouble is ahead.

And more bad news just keeps rolling in on a daily basis.  In fact, we just learned that yet another major retailer is shutting down all of their stores

Plus-size women’s clothing retailer Avenue Stores, LLC is shutting down all locations.

On Wednesday, the company announced plans to close all 222 stores across 33 states. Everything from clothing to store fixtures will be sold from locations across America, according to a press release.

Usually major retailers don’t do this sort of thing so late in the year.  If at all possible, there is usually an all-out effort to hang on through the highly lucrative Christmas season, and so things must have been really bad for Avenue Stores to pull the plug here in mid-August.

And all of this is happening even though interest rates are still much lower than the long-term average and the federal government is borrowing and spending money like there is no tomorrow.  According to Wolf Richter, our national debt is up by more than a trillion dollars over the last 12 months…

The US Gross National Debt has jumped by $363 billion in the two weeks since President Trump signed the law that suspended the debt ceiling. This surge pushed the total debt to $22.39 trillion. That’s up by $1.01 trillion from 12 months ago. And these are the good times.

This is emergency level spending, and it has been happening while the U.S. economy has still been relatively stable.

When the federal government borrows money that it does not have and spends it into the economy, that tends to boost overall economic activity and raise GDP numbers.  This was Barack Obama’s favorite economic trick, and Donald Trump has followed right in his footsteps.  But of course in the process we are literally destroying the bright future that our children and our grandchildren were supposed to have.  What we are doing to future generations of Americans is beyond criminal, and all of us should be deeply disgusted by what is happening.

But of course the politicians in D.C. are deathly afraid to do anything about our exploding debt, because if we cut spending to sustainable levels that would immediately plunge the U.S. economy into a horrific recession.  And when bad economic times come, voters tend to vote out the people that are already holding office.

For President Trump, keeping the U.S. economy out of a recession is absolutely critical to his chances of winning in 2020, and he knows it.

His opponents know it too, and that is why many of them are openly rooting for a recession.  For instance, just check out what Bill Maher said on his show on Friday

HBO’s Real Time host Bill Maher made another desperate plea for a recession on Friday, saying that the economic downturn “would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump.”

“So I’ve been saying for about two years that I hope we have a recession,” Bill Maher said. “And people get mad at me, as Sean Hannity thinks I’m actually causing a recession. I’m just saying we can survive a recession. We’ve had 47 of them. We’ve had one every time there’s a Republican president.”

“So, yes, a recession would be very worth getting rid of Donald Trump and these kind of policies,” Maher said after citing a dubious United Nations report that claims a million species are at risk of extinction.

On the other side, President Trump and his team are going to try to make things seem as rosy as possible between now and election day.

So they will keep telling us that everything is just wonderful, and they will keep insisting that a recession is not coming

Top White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said Sunday he does not forecast a recession “at all,” despite warning signs exhibited by the bond market last week.

“First of all, I don’t see a recession at all,” Kudlow told “Fox News Sunday.” “Second of all, the Trump pro-growth program, which I believe has been succeeding – lower tax rates, big rollback of regulations, energy opening, trade reform – we’re gonna stay with that. We believe that’s the heart of the free enterprise. We want an incentive-oriented supply-side economy, providing opportunities for everybody across the board.”

In the end, it really isn’t going to matter who is in the White House.  What is coming to America is going to be extremely painful, and we are about to reap the consequences for decades of incredibly foolish decisions.

How we view reality should never be distorted based on what political party we identify with.  When we willingly choose not to see things objectively, we become very susceptible to deception.

The truth is always going to be the truth, and in our case the truth is not pretty.

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