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Yet, there’s a going-away-to-college question that far too few parents ask or even contemplate: What will my youngster learn in college?

The American Council of Trustees and Alumni provides some answers that turn out to be quite disturbing. ACTA evaluated every four-year public university as well as hundreds of private colleges and universities. That’s more than 1,100 institutions that enroll nearly 8 million students, more than two-thirds of all students enrolled in four-year liberal arts schools nationwide. ACTA’s findings were published in their report “What Will They Learn? 2018-19.” It doesn’t look good.

The ACTA assigned grades tell some of the story. Just 23 (2%) of the over 1,100 colleges earn an A grade; 343 colleges (31%) earn a B grade; 347 (31%) get a C grade; 273 (24%) earn a D; and 134 (12%) colleges earn an F. If you’re thinking that your youngster will get a truly liberal arts education, you are sadly mistaken. It turns out that less than half of the schools studied require courses in traditional literature, foreign language, U.S. government or history and economics. At some colleges, students can fulfill their humanities requirement with a course titled “Global X: Zombies!” A U.S. cultural pluralism requirement can be fulfilled with “The Economics of ‘Star Trek.'” And an arts and Literature requirement can be fulfilled with either the “History of Comics” or “Game Design for Non-Majors.”

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5 thoughts on “What Will They Learn at College? – LewRockwell


    I just met with a college kid from our church back from the summer and he’s at an elite school; he told me his GE was just about how everything is White’s people’s fault. Scary…

    1. Truth2Freedom Post author

      Oh wow 😮 this white man racism stuff is getting out of hand. This is now being promoted heavily in the media and academia.

      1. SLIMJIM

        I think this is so sad and unfortunate. I think real history would reveal racism isn’t just by one race. I think this is such a crazy agenda. I hate the shaming the Left does by saying “You are just white” if you push back the narrative. I’m saying this as an ethnic minority, wrong is still wrong…

      2. Truth2Freedom Post author

        Let’s also not forget about the rampant reverse discrimination and racism.

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