08/23/19 Blessed to Bless — ChuckLawless.com

READING: Psalms 67-69, Romans 13:1-14:12

The Lord has been incredibly good to me. I could start listing the blessings He’s given me, and I’d still be writing for hours. What the psalmist reminds me today is that God blesses me NOT for myself, but for the sake of the nations. He makes His face shine upon us “so that [His] ways may be known on earth, [His] salvation among all nations” (Psa 67:2).

In fact, the writer of psalm 67 bookends the psalm with this reminder, ending the song with “May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him” (Psa 67:7). In between the bookends, he twice offers this refrain that shows us the goal of God’s blessings: “May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you” (Psa 67:3, 5). He blesses us so the nations would “be glad and sing for joy” (Psa 67:4).

So, I must think today about how I use the blessings God gives me to help get the gospel to the peoples of the world. It’s easy, frankly, for me to give to my local church that then gives a portion of our offerings to missions. My question really is whether I give sacrificially for the nations; the question I must ask myself is, “Do I give only out of the abundance of God’s blessings, or do I give until I feel the reality of the sacrifice?” God has given so much to me that I don’t want to give only minimally to Him. I want to give well so the nations sing for joy.

PRAYER: “Lord, thank You for Your blessings. I commit to giving more to Your work for the sake of people around the world.”

TOMORROW’S READING:  Psalms 70-73, Romans 14:13-15:13

via 08/23/19 Blessed to Bless — ChuckLawless.com

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