Brannon Howse: August 21, 2019 | Worldview Weekend

The Tavistock Method & Psychological Campaign to Convince You to Surrender (Part 4) As we have learned in this series, the Tavistock Institute learned that if you put enough stress on a subject in a group setting you could stress them out to the point they would let go of their moral compass and convictions. Topic: Are democrats in Minnesota and other states, brainwashing elementary children to be sexually active in order to groom them as sex slaves? The Minnesota legislature voted in the spring of 2019 to include the book “Its Perfectly Normal” in its state-wide Comprehensive Sex Education program. The book contains such graphic illustrations that it is a violation of the Minnesota obscenity laws to show the images online or on television. A state prison refused literature related to the book because it deemed the material to be a violation of obscenity laws. Yet, the book is for fourth grade children. Why would such a book be presented to children if not for the specific cause of stressing out the child, embarrassing the child, and then breaking down natural walls of innocence and inhibition so they might let go of their convictions and thus be successfully set up for brainwashing? Topic: The book is promoted by Planned Parenthood and includes the promotion of abortion. Are the democrats pushing this book on America’s elementary school children doing so because they receive money from Planned Parenthood for their election and re-election and Planned Parenthood makes their money from abortions? Topic: We take your calls. 

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