Brannon Howse: August 22, 2019 | Worldview Weekend

The Tavistock Method & Psychological Campaign to Convince You to Surrender (Part 5): A perfect example of how people are duped, compromised, and converted by the psychological warfare of the cultural Marxists. In today’s broadcast, Brannon uses an April 2019 article from the New York Times in which a liberal, social justice, liberation theology (Marxism mixed with Christianity for what Brannon coined ‘Marxianity’) professor from Danny Akin’s Southeastern Southern Baptist Seminary is interviewed. The article explains how White, Southern Baptists are eager to prove they are not racist Trump supporters by inviting black professor and black liberation theology proponent Walter Strickland to their church to speak. Strickland is a proponent of black theology author, James Cone. Yet, Strickland admits that he does not mention the name of Cone to those to whom he speaks. Brannon explains that the scenario laid out in the New York Times is proof the cultural Marxists are winning. First the cultural Marxists label Christians and conservatives. Secondly, the Christians and conservatives shrink in fear of the label. Thirdly, they jump through the hoops set up by the cultural Marxists in order to prove they are not deserving of the label to which they have been assigned. Yet, by complying to the wishes and re-education of the cultural Marxists, they actually validate the label given to them by the cultural Marxists. Finally, by going through the re-education requested by the cultural Marxists, they end up being converted to the values, policies, and group consensus of the cultural Marxists. Topic: What does the data collection being conducted in America’s schools and implementation of the REAL I.D. have to do with the Tavistock Method?   

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