The 1619 Project: The great progressive diversion | American Thinker

Progressives have to blame large swaths of black America’s lived experience on anything and anyone but themselves. The 1619 Project is just the latest of these diversions.

The New York Times has announced the 1619 Project, and its leftist friends are already lapping it up.  MSNBC hails it

That’s right.  Slavery can no longer be just a stain on our nation’s past.  Leftists are rewriting history to make it our Origin Story.  Without slavery, they would have us believe, America today would be just another third-world hellhole.  Everything good and decent and remarkable and exceptional about America today is a direct result of slavery.  To make this case, they push the founding of America back from 1776 — you know, the Declaration of Independence and all that other “white patriarchy” stuff — to 1619, when the first African slaves arrived on our shores.

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