Weekend Snapshot · Aug. 24, 2019 – Top Stories This Week

Demos’ 2020 Strategy — Recession

Some important context is missing from the revised jobs numbers for 2018.

New York Times ‘1619 Project’ Is Revisionist History

The Times says that slaves arriving in 1619 is the date of our “true founding,” not 1776.

Birthright Citizenship and Detaining Illegal Aliens

One change to detention rules and one mulled change President Trump would like to make.

Greenland Would Be a Good Buy

The world’s biggest island is strategically important, and Trump is smart to consider it.

Sanders the Alchemist Offers $16T Green New Deal

Bernie promises to replace the fossil-fuel industry with 20 million renewable-energy jobs.

Leftmedia Uses ‘Ecofascism’ Charge to Protect Ecofascism

The Washington Post distorts the meaning of terms to attack the “far right” after mass murders.

Transgender Fascism

The appalling story of an Illinois family’s encounter with a school district’s Rainbow Mafia.

Trump Cautions Jewish Voters Who Support Democrats

His comments on Jewish loyalty highlight the growing problem of leftist anti-Semitism.

Dems Feign Backing Away From Medicare for All

The unpopularity of Sanders’s socialist health plan has Democrats realizing that it’s not a winning policy.

Dems Use Mass Shootings as Pretext for Gun Confiscation

The renewed push for an “assault weapons” ban is both wrong and mendacious.

Today’s Meme

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Today’s Cartoon

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Quote Of The Week

“Trump has been strongly pro-life, strongly pro-American, strongly pro-Israel, strongly pro-capitalism, and he has pushed back against the freedom-robbing regulatory state. He cut taxes and he left evangelicals alone. He didn’t sue the nuns. He doesn’t want our guns. Voting for Trump is not ‘trading Christian values for political power.’ It’s voting in self-defense against the radical, evangelical-hating left and hoping for the best — and getting more than expected.” —Bryan Preston


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