7 Sep 2019 – Rapture Ready News

Is China The New ‘Evil Empire’?
During the Cold War, the Soviet Union was the enemy of the West, and President Ronald Reagan had the moral courage to identify it as the “evil empire,” which arguably sped up the fall of Soviet-led communism by a decade or more. However, communist China did not fall. Slowly and anonymously in the shadow of Russia and Iran, the Chinese have been building their might. Could China be emerging as the new evil empire today?

US Health Officials Report 3rd Vaping Death, Repeat Warning 
U.S. health officials on Friday again urged people to stop vaping until they figure out why some are coming down with serious breathing illnesses. Officials said they had identified 450 possible cases, including at least three deaths, in 33 states. The count includes a newly reported death in Indiana.

Tempers Flare Over Fukushima Plan To Dump Radioactive Water In Ocean
South Korea has fired off a letter to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to express concerns over a Japanese plan to release radioactive water into the ocean which has been collected since the 2011 nuclear disaster, according to NHK.

Saints QB Drew Brees Under Fire For Appearing In Video Promoting ‘National Bring Your Bible to School Day’ By ‘Anti-LGBTQ’ Focus On The Family
The battle lines are drawn now, people, and clearly defined. Drew Brees found himself in hot water today because he made a video promoting National Bring Your Bible To School day, in a video produced by Focus On The Family. Read the story below to get all the details, but know this. From this point forward, standing for the Bible is now considered ‘hate speech’ because the Bible is against the LGBTQ+P for Pedophile Movement. 100%.

Hurricane Dorian Clobbers the Carolinas, Virginia; Residents Stranded on Outer Banks 
As Hurricane Dorian made landfall along North Carolina’s Outer Banks as a Category 1 storm Friday morning, powerful winds and storm surge had major impacts on the coastline, especially on Ocracoke Island, where serious flooding inundated buildings and stranded residents who chose to ride out the storm.

GEORGE SOROS is Lobbying Lawmakers to Take Your Guns
There is no other way to say it: politicians and the elitists are coming for your guns. If they can get them from you and convince you to turn them over willingly, they will do so with propaganda.  But don’t expect that to be the end of it.

Go For ‘Woke’: Children’s Book Publisher Promotes Bisexuality, Political Activism At School Fair
A national publisher of children’s books has refocused its marketing on a hot new trend: diversity. But it’s not tackling the subject on its own. As Scholastic gears up for back-to-school presentations with its book fairs, the publisher is teaming up with a nonprofit coalition that promotes “diverse books.”

Typhoon “Lingling” heading toward North Korea, landfall expected September 7
Typhoon “Lingling,” known as Liwayway in the Philippines, formed September 1 in the Western Pacific Ocean as the 14th named tropical storm of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season. The storm is now closing in on the Korean Peninsula with the landfall expected in North Korea around 08:00 UTC, September 7.

9/11 & The Road To America’s Orwellian Hell
“When you consider the potential effect of a terrorist attack against the privacy of an entire population, there has to be some trade-off…”

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