Pete Wilson* Joins Tullian Tchividjian, Dustin Boles, and Perry Noble on the *We’re Baaack* Conga Line — The Wartburg Watch Line: Creative Commons

* With a guest appearance by Maurilio Amorim, Pete’s buddy

“Above all, don’t lie to yourself. The man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point that he cannot distinguish the truth within him, or around him, and so loses all respect for himself and for others. And having no respect he ceases to love.” ― Fyodor Dostoevsky, The Brothers Karamazov


Tchividjian, Boles, Noble starting churches for *imperfect* people and hold themselves up as role models

Several days ago, I wrote about Dustin Boles making a return to the pastorate after a well known fail.

Then there is the growing concerns about Tullian Tchividjian reentering the ministry with his second wife Stacie (TT divorced his first wife and had a relationship with Stacie whom he later married). She has also confessed to a rather dubious personal history. He now proclaims that he was not involved in the abuse of women and that all of it was consensual.

Perry Noble started his Second Chance Church after being fired and confessing that he was an alcoholic. Then he seemingly pulled back on that announcement and said he had anxiety issues. He is now divorced.

They spout a common theme of sins, problems, mistakes and short order recovery which makes them perfect role models for the rest of us shlubs. They exhibit a curious silence on their road of repentance. Divorce also enters the picture except for Boles.

Noble, Tchividjian and Boles now proclaim that they are in a position to help other people recover from their problems or sins or mistake (they seem to use all terms) by starting churches emphasizing grace, forgiveness and recovery with a sound track of Kum Ba Yah playing sweetly in the background.

Pete Wilson is reportedly a teaching pastor and small groups pastor at Northridge Church, Plymouth, Michigan while still living in Nashville and working for the A Group

I was contacted by a person at the church. As he/she relayed this information, I was startled, to say the least. I called the church for confirmation but have not received a call back. That usually means that the answer to my awkward questions are “Yes.” However, the information on social media is so extensive that I’m going forward with the story.

I plan to do this story in two parts. This post is about another pastoral failure who has found his way back into ministry in a rather unique way. Basically, Wilson is flying in and out of Michigan, while still maintaining his face at The A Group.

For those who you who do not know about The A Group and Maurilio Amorim, I wrote a post a couple of years ago which some people might find interesting…Pete has been a long time friend of Maurilio and even brought one of his closest Cross Point associates, Jordyn Wilson, along with him when he transferred over there. I’m sure Maurilio would be devastated if Pete left The A Group given that they do a lot of outreach to church organizations..,.

I plan to write more about the new commuting practices of church pastors next week. These ain’t your old timey circuit riders, baby. Relevancy is now the name of the game.

Northridge Church  in Plymouth Michigan.

Northridge Church is lead by Brad Powell. According to one source, he makes all of the decisions about everything. There are reportedly some elders who basically serve as *yes* men although I was told there may have been some mild push back on the hiring of Pete.

It is hard to find out much about the leadership from the website. However Powell shows up front and center. Powell presents himself as a rainmaker, claiming he is waking up the world for Jesus.

Today, NorthRidge is not only revived, but thriving. Under Brad’s leadership, the ministry has flooded the surrounding communities, creating an entirely fresh culture of faith. And because the church continues to grow in impact and influence, Brad remains certain of his and NorthRidge’s mission to Wake the World Up to Jesus.

The bio on his own website for his book reads like a CEO’s vision  for some mid-level company with a jab at the people who were in the church before Brad came to save them from irrelevancy.

If you are a leader seeking a blueprint for change—or a member praying for a miracle—this living example can serve as a springboard for your church. Transitioning NorthRidge Church into a thriving congregation, recently named the Midwest’s “Fastest Growing Church” and “One of the Top 50 Most Influential Churches,” was hard work but eternally worth it. Though once irrelevant and dying, this church is now reaching thousands of people for Christ and providing the hope of renewal to churches around the world.

Given his rhetoric, it is no surprise to me that he decided to bring in Pete. Powell doesn’t care that Pete doesn’t live there. He doesn’t care that Pete left his church in the lurch. Pete knows how to *relate.* Maybe with Pete’s help, Northridge could become the fastest growing church *in the world* and that, folks, is what constitutes a real church.

The church even has a performing arts school that gives kids discounts if they sign up friends. And even adults can learn how to cardio hip hop to keep those tickers ticking and the giving units giving.

Here is a tweet showing what good buddies they are. Brad even had his *creative team* put together a rap to welcome Pete to the pulpit or stage or whatever hip thing they call it .

Here is one of many videos of Pete preaching at Northridge.

What does Northridge Church know about Pete?

Pete Wilson and Cross Point Church: Until There is Truth, Lessons Will Not Be Learned

I believed sources that said that Pete left the church without leveling with the elders. There is something I redacted that is now relevant. Months before Pete resigned, he was reportedly living separately from his wife. After putting up with Pete’s stuff, Brandi filed for divorce. I also was told (from a close source) that Maurilio’s wife also went through a divorce at the same time. I know that both of them were heartbroken. I do not believe that either of them were the cause of the divorces.

I do have a question. i would hope that Northridge church members have asked for the truth about Pete’s divorce. Were they told he was divorced?

Pete Wilson Is So Exhausted and Burned Out That He Became the President of the A Group.

Pete told his church, shortly after he returned from his sabbatical, that he was *burned out.*  This prompted all sorts of sympathy posts about pastors and burn out. I call it *baloney.”

Think about it. A pastor who is so burned out, after months of a paid vacation sabbatical that he immediately (3 weeks later) takes a position as the President of a business? A business run by his buddy who needs a nice pastor’s face on his website? Was this job just a happy blessing from God for all of Pete’s hard work? Ask him.

To make matters worse, the church called in Dino Rizzo to comfort the church who lost their *exhausted* pastor. You can read about his history in the post…

When Pete left, he brought along his closest associate, Jordyn Wilson, to work at The A  Group. Another associate, Holly Brown left as well..

Cross Point church experienced a decline in giving and giving after Pete took off

The person who called me said they heard Pete say that he lost all of his friends when this happened. What a shocker…Has anybody asked him why that might be? Did he just pick stupid and mean friends? At least he is still friends with Jordyn but she is quite a bit younger than him…

From what I can see there is no repentance, no truth telling, a divorce which wasn’t discussed much, and maybe some other activities that have not been fully disclosed.  This is what is considered a good resume for a teaching pastor at a church which is changing the *world?*

Sometimes I wonder…church which claim they are changing the world often appear to be conformed more and more to the image of the world I see around me. In my opinion Pete Wilson is no role model and Northridge members should ask lots of questions. Why is their hard earned money is paying for some dude to commute back and forth from Nashville?  Does this sound like a guy who really cares about the people in the church? Also, do the members of this church merely want a guy who can give a *good talk?*  There are cheaper ways to do that. More on that subject on Monday.

So, we have one more guy on the conga line. I cannot wait for the typical, ho hum explanations about forgiveness, grace, restoration, King David and the same, tedious yackity yack. Warning, If it is the typical stuff, commenters will be and should be embarrassed by the lack of depth in the teaching that they have received from these guys.

PS: For Willow Creek followers, guess who else is getting teaching gigs at Northridge?

Steve Carter!!!

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2 thoughts on “Pete Wilson* Joins Tullian Tchividjian, Dustin Boles, and Perry Noble on the *We’re Baaack* Conga Line — The Wartburg Watch

  1. Austin

    There’s something not right about this Pete Wilson guy. By all accounts he cheated on his wife of 20 years and left her and his 3 kids, to be with his 20-something year old secretary. The final nail in the coffin to me coming to this conclusion was his ex-wife, Brandi, posting the lyrics “I hope she cheats, like you did on me” in her Instagram story on the wedding day of Pete and his newest catch.

    Ok fine. Those are his choices. But after doing something like that, having the audacity to preach again, to give sermons to the masses on morality… it just blows my mind. Narcissistic personality disorder? Borderline? Sociopath? I don’t know but I’m not going to be tuning in on Sundays.


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