Weekend Snapshot · Sept. 7, 2019 – Top Stories This Week

The Left’s Next Target: ‘Christian Nationalists’

The Left’s latest straw man to label patriotic Christians as “haters.”

Dems’ Assault on the Second Amendment

Their claim of wanting to uphold Americans’ right to bear arms is simply not genuine.

Walmart’s Vacuous Virtue Signal

Banning its ammunition sales will do nothing to prevent the next homicide with a gun.

Another ‘Weak Month’ of Job Growth?

The biggest problem is that small businesses can’t find enough qualified workers.

Dems Pan Nuclear Power, Tout Wind, Solar

While wind and solar don’t live up to the hype, nuclear is very under appreciated.

Democrats Turn Up the Heat on Climate

A seven-hour CNN town hall provided 10 presidential candidates a platform for radical demands.

50 Years of No-Fault Divorce Has Taken Its Toll

Marriage was badly damaged long before “progressives” demanded that it be redefined.

The ‘Gay Gene’ Guessing Game

A new genetic study claims that homosexuality is determined by multiple DNA factors.

Communist Chinese Gov’t Fears a Free Hong Kong

Withdrawing the extradition bill is good, but it may be simply an attempt to restore order.

Mattis: Obama and Biden Empowered ISIS

The former defense secretary says Obama let his ideology overrule his military advisers’ expertise.

Today’s Meme

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Today’s Cartoon

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Quote Of The Week

“A gun ‘buyback’ is not a thing. The govt can’t buy back something they never owned. The govt never owned my firearms. A gun buyback is a misnomer for forced gun confiscation by the govt.” —Liz Wheeler


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