8 Sep 2019 – Rapture Ready News

Dorian hits Canadian province of Nova Scotia
Hundreds of thousands of people are without power in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia after Dorian made landfall on Saturday.

Project SCoPEx: Bill Gates pursuing a plan to carry out planetary GENOCIDE under the guise of halting “climate change”
SCoPEx is an acronym for “Stratospheric Controlled Perturbation Experiment,” and it’s the name of a new Bill Gates-funded global genocide experiment designed to eliminate most living humans by collapsing the biosphere. The dangerous SCoPEx plan, which is being masterminded by mad scientists at Harvard, falls right in line with the genocidal dreams of communist Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, who recently announced his endorsement for expanding mass abortions across Third World nations in order to achieve accelerated depopulation of brown and black people.

Regardless of Health Conditions and Religious Exceptions, ALL California Children Must Be Vaccinated!
If your California kid wants to go to school, they must get their vaccines. The religious beliefs do not matter. Parental authority does not matter. And the child’s health does not matter, ever. No excuses. Oh, but the 73 vaccines are equally safe. All research to the contrary cannot be used as an excuse to avoid the  vaccines. Welcome to Communist China. One more thing, this insanity only applies to citizens! Here is the rest of this insanity.

Bahamas health official says final death toll could be ‘staggering’ as satellite images show extent of destruction
The official death toll in the Bahamas rose to 43 Saturday, but the nation’s top health official said that the final death toll could be “staggering.”

1 000 extreme rainfall events recorded in the first 12 days of August, India
The Center for Science and Environment (CSE), a research organization in New Delhi, said that there were around 1 000 extreme rainfall events just in the first 12 days of August in India, according to a report released on September 6, 2019.

Typhoon “Faxai” underwent extreme rapid intensification, closing in on Tokyo, Japan
Tropical Storm “Faxai” formed in the Pacific Ocean on September 5, 2019, as the 15th named storm of the 2019 Pacific typhoon season. The system is now closing in on Japan. Landfall is expected near Tokyo on September 8, 2019.

Fabulously Wealthy Televangelist Fraud Benny Hinn Dramatically Renounces The Prosperity Gospel But Is Keeping All The Millions He Made From Preaching Lies And Deceiving People
To me, there is no greater illustration of what Jesus meant when He prophesied about the last days church being “lukewarm” and “full of wealth” than the Charismatic Movement. And in that movement, to me, there is no greater example of a fake, phony, false teacher and preacher con artist than Benny Hinn. After a lifetime of fleecing his followers out of hundreds of millions of dollars, Benny Hinn has now ‘officially renounced’ the Prosperity Gospel. For those of you who can remember the Arsenio Hall Show, this is one of those things that makes you go “hmmm”.

FBI Admits Monitoring Antifa, Leftist Militias Inciting Violence At The Border
An exclusive Yahoo News report revealed Friday that the FBI is monitoring groups protesting at the US Mexico border. The documents disseminated by the FBI field office in Phoenix obtained by the news site revealed that groups are “increasingly arming themselves and using lethal force to further their goals” and are emboldened by the “perceived mistreatment or targeting of immigrants.”

America’s Teens Keep Getting More Unhappy
Nearly 15 percent of American teenagers experienced major depression in 2018, new data show.

Exclusive: Obama’s Deep State Ties to Italians and Their Attempts to Set Up Trump Are Finally Coming to Light
The recent firings of top Italian spies were likely related to Obama and a plot to set up candidate and President Trump in a Hillary email scandal.  We first reported this in May and now it appears this story is finally receiving sunlight!

What??? Ilhan Omar Calls for Biological Warfare Against American Citizens & ICE Agents
Ilhan Omar has expressed her desire for American citizens and ICE agents to be infected with Mumps as an act of open borders biological warfare.

How The Democratic Squad’s Socialist Ideals Ignore All Venezuela’s Warning Signs
Under Venezuela’s socialist policies, its citizens are starving, but what is happening in the country is not being viewed as a warning to the Democratic ‘Squad,’ instead, they continue to push socialism onto Americans.

Bernie Sanders Scorns Bible’s Population Mandate
On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders scorned the Bible’s population mandate to fill the earth.

‘A modern-day Pharisee’: Buttigieg’s evangelical brother-in-law urges him to ‘repent’ of abortion views
The evangelical brother-in-law of Pete Buttigieg called on him to “repent” for using the Bible to justify late-term abortion and claimed the presidential candidate is “weaponizing” Christian teachings to promote a false religion.

IT BEGINS: Amazon Now Testing Payment System Launching Soon At Whole Foods That Scans Your Hand And Allows You To Complete Your Purchase 
Is it a big deal when the world’s largest highest-valued company Amazon, who controls a nearly unimaginably large section of online global commerce, wants to roll out of payment system that scans your hand? If you’re a Bible believer it sure is, and why? Because we know that in the end times, all buying and selling, all of it, will be done via a device like a microchip that will be implanted in the back of your right hand, or in your forehead. The Bible calls it the Mark of the Beast, and now Amazon wants to move that timeline a giant step forward with their latest technology.

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