Jim Jordan: Americans want to know who’s ‘going to jail’ | WND

Americans want to know “when someone’s going to jail” over the Democrats’ Trump-Russia and Hillary Clinton email scandals, says a key Republican member of the U.S. House.

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who previously charged that majority House Democrats are abusing their power to attack President Trump, appeared on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” Monday.

He asserted Democrats are obsessed with taking out the president and says they should shift their focus to two scandals that have been at the center of American politics in recent years.

“When you’re solely focused on going after the president you can’t do what’s best for the country. And that’s been the problem with the Democrats,” he said.

Fired FBI director James Comey and two-time failed presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton need to be investigated, he said.

“Jim Comey … is the guy solely responsible for putting the country through three years of this saga that we have now lived through,” Jordan explained.

The congressman said the Democrats unsuccessful broadsides against the president have included hearings with former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and historic Watergate personality John Dean, and a two-year investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“The Michael Cohen hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted. The John Dean hearing didn’t work out the way they wanted and of course, the Bob Mueller hearing and that investigation didn’t work out the way they wanted,” Jordan told “Fox & Friends.”

“But that doesn’t stop them. They’re going to continue to push this ridiculous impeachment narrative,” he added. “When they’re focused on this warrantless impeachment inquiry, you’re not getting done the things we need to be doing, like fixing the border situation — dealing with … the intellectual property theft of China. Things we’re supposed to deal with on the Judiciary Committee.”

The Justice Department’s inspector general in August found Comey violated FBI policy by leaking sensitive government information. And he was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans for his handling of the Hillary Clinton email case.

Earlier this year, Jordan charged top Democrats in the House were “obsessed” with the president.

In a letter, he accused Democratic House Oversight Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings of executing a secret Memorandum of Understanding with other House Democratic chairmen to target President Trump.

Jordan, the ranking member on the Oversight Committee, said Cummings kept Republicans in the dark as he coordinated the MOU with House Financial Services Chairwoman Maxine Waters and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

“You did not consult with Republican Members of the Committee or allow Members to consider and debate the terms of your MOU before executing the MOU with Chairwoman Waters,” Jordan wrote.

Jordan also accused Cummings of a “grave abuse” of congressional authority, calling on the Democrat to use it “responsibly.”

He said Americans can see that the Democrats’ actions are “clouded by their obsession with attacking the president and the first family.”

Source: Jim Jordan: Americans want to know who’s ‘going to jail’

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