17 Sep 2019 – Rapture Ready News

In Communist California, the Only Acceptable Excuse to Avoid Mercury/Aluminum-Laden Vaccines Is DEATH! CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE IS THE ONLY SOLUTION!!!
In Communist California, the only acceptable excuse to avoid mercury/aluminum vaccines is DEATH! Mandatory vaccines is just the beginning of a new flavor of governmental tyranny! Gun confiscation is next and history speaks as to what will follow.

California state lawmakers pass bill requiring public universities to offer abortion pill on campus
The California State Assembly voted overwhelmingly to pass legislation to require public universities in the state to offer medication abortion at on-campus student health centers.

Buddhist Monk says all races and religions could live together if it weren’t for Muslims
In Myanmar, Muslims are killing Buddhists and trying to destroy Buddhism in order to create an Islamic State.

Porn Company up in Arms Over NZ Government’s Proposed Porn Bans Designed to Protect Kids
The world’s largest porn provider is strongly opposing moves by the New Zealand Government to protect children from the harmful effects of pornography.  With the average age of exposure to pornography being 11, many are recognizing a need to better restrict access to sexually explicit content.

6 dead, 300 000 ha (741 000 acres) of prime agricultural land destroyed after worst storm in 140 years hit Spain
At least six fatalities have now been confirmed from the harsh weather that has been affecting southeastern Spain since September 11, 2019. Authorities are describing it as the worst storm since 1879 when floodwaters killed over 1 000 in Murcia and Orihuela.

Strong explosion at Sakurajima volcano, Japan
A relatively strong explosion took place at Sakurajima volcano, Aira caldera, Japan at 22:46 UTC on September 15, 2019 (07:46 LT, September 16).

Sarah Silverman Proclaims This Teenager Is Jesus Christ. Someone Call God.
On Saturday, following an appearance on The Daily Show by teenage environmental activist Greta Thunberg, supposed comedienne and genuine leftist Sarah Silverman decided that Thunberg was the reincarnation of someone from long ago:

George Soros is Backing ‘Climate activist’ Greta Thunberg
…”His sense is that she’s been programmed – manipulated no less – to give apocalyptic speeches in front of the great and good, and wonders if her autism is used as an excuse to shut her up at key moments.”

NO WHITES ALLOWED: The Newest Craze On College Campuses Is Barring White People From Having A Voice While Claiming To Be For ‘Diversity And Inclusion’
We live in a time where upside down is considered to be right side up, and Liberals are working hard to prove that statement seven days a week, 365 days per year. Take ANTIFA for example, they claim to be an ‘anti-fascist‘ group who are ‘fighting Nazis‘, yet in reality are themselves a fascist group who use violence, threats and intimidation, like the real Nazis did, to promote their ‘anti-fascist’ message. We see something similar popping up on college campuses all across America as Liberal universities claim to be ‘fighting racism’ by being racist. Welcome to the new idiocy in higher learning.

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