Top Weekly Stories from for 09/21/2019

Mob That Brutally Plundered Victims on Streets of Downtown Minneapolis Arrested   Sep 17, 2019 05:43 pm

(Fox News) — Minneapolis police report 20 people have been arrested, 18 of them charged, in connection with two brutal mob-style robberies caught on tape in viral videos. The suspects range in age from 15 to 27 and were charged with various counts of robbery relating to two vicious robberies in August in which mobs surrounded young men and beat them…

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Seminary Students Repent to Plants, ‘Confess’ and ‘Sorrow in Prayer’ to Vegetation in Chapel Ceremony   Sep 19, 2019 09:28 am

In a story that would seem to be some kind of satire, a seminary where students gathered together during a chapel ceremony to “confess,” “grieve” and “sorrow in prayer” toward an assortment of potted plants laid out on the floor, actually took place as a part of an activity that, school officials say, was done to “atone for the harm” caused by climate…

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Teen Hoodlums Beat Down Victims in Downtown Minneapolis Streets, Push Robberies Up 53 Percent   Sep 15, 2019 05:40 pm

(CityPages) — Police say it’s called “finessing.” Packs of teens begin their late-night hunts in downtown Minneapolis, looking for lone drunks, people distracted by cell phones, prey that won’t fight back. One person will strike up a conversation with a target. A moment later, the victim will be jumped, punched, and kicked into the pavement by the…

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California Legislature Passes Resolution Blaming ‘Religious Groups’ for Homosexual, Trans Suicides   Sep 18, 2019 10:37 am

The California legislature continues to take more steps to counter Christianity, and religion in general, with is recent passage of ACR 99. The resolution — which is a direct affront on the Biblical teachings pertaining to sexuality and the need for men to repent, believe the gospel and follow Christ — blames “religious groups” for the “disproportionately…

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Kim Kardashian Claims Blasphemous Husband Kanye West is ‘Born Again,’ Started ‘Sunday Service’ to ‘Heal Himself’   Sep 15, 2019 12:42 pm

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is claiming that her husband Kanye West, who has come to be known for profane and bizarre behavior — and who released the blasphemous rap album “Yeezus” in 2013 — is “born again” and “saved by Christ.” The statements were made during an interview on The View this past Friday as Kardashian explained the origin of her husband’s…

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Police: Thousands of Aborted Babies Found in Home of Former South Bend Abortionist   Sep 14, 2019 09:14 pm

Law enforcement officials are stating that 2,246 preserved aborted fetuses were found in the home of now deceased abortionist, Ulrich Klopfer, who formerly murdered children at Women’s Pavilion in South Bend, Illinois. Klopfer, who died earlier this month on September 3, was keeping the remains of the murdered children in his home for unknown reasons. “he state…

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Arizona Supreme Court Rules Christian Artists Cannot Be Forced to Make Same-Sex Wedding Invitations in 4-3 Decision   Sep 17, 2019 01:10 am

The Arizona Supreme Court in a 4-3 decision has ruled in favor of Phoenix-based Brush & Nib Studio, a small business that refused to produce homosexual wedding invitations. “The rights of free speech and free exercise, so precious to this nation since its founding, are not limited to soft murmurings behind the doors of a person’s home or church, or private…

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Purdue Rejects Push to Prohibit Chick-fil-A From Opening on Campus: ‘We Would Not Be Practicing Inclusion’   Sep 15, 2019 01:00 pm

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — Officials at Purdue University have rejected a push by some students and staff to abandon plans to include Chick-fil-A in a new residence hall that will open next year, stating that it would not be “inclusive” for the university to exclude the popular fast food restaurant. “We would not be promoting choice and freedom by depriving thousands…

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Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster ‘Pastor’ Permitted to Mock God During ‘Invocation’ at Alaskan Assembly Meeting   Sep 20, 2019 10:26 am

A man wearing a colander on his head was permitted to offer the opening “prayer” on behalf of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster during a local government meeting in Alaska on Tuesday, which is the latest act of mockery by the self-proclaimed “pastor” following a court ruling. The self-identifying “Pastafarian,” Barrett Fletcher, cited the various…

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Dutch Lawmaker Wants Assisted Suicide Extended to Elderly Who Have ‘Had Enough’ of Life   Sep 15, 2019 06:53 am

Photo Credit: Melodi2/ (Christian Today) — A Dutch lawmaker is preparing to make a fresh push in parliament to radically extend the Netherlands’ assisted suicide laws to older people who feel they have “had enough” of life. Pia Dijkstra, a member of the Democrats 66 party, wants to introduce legislation to the Dutch parliament early next year…

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