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October 3 Good Things in Life

Scripture Reading: Psalm 63:1–11

Key Verse: Psalm 63:1

O God, You are my God;

Early will I seek You;

My soul thirsts for You;

My flesh longs for You

In a dry and thirsty land

Where there is no water.

To earnestly seek the Lord, to long in your innermost being to know more about Jesus Christ, you must set your mind to do so. It is not an experiential moment in which you are waiting for a feeling or an emotion to affirm that the Lord has spoken to you.

Rather, it is an intentional, deliberate, daily effort at humbly and sincerely trying to find out more about God. If you’re going to seek the Lord, you simply must purpose to do it and trust Him to answer your heart’s cry.

The primary ways to learn more about God are to read His Word and communicate with Him in prayer. Perhaps you sometimes feel inundated with admonitions to read the Bible and pray, read the Bible and pray. There is a reason. These vital pursuits must be accomplished in earnest before your understanding of Christ is deepened.

The Holy Bible is a product of the mind and heart of God. It is the principal tool He uses to reveal Himself to us. He communicates to us through His Word and His Holy Spirit, and we communicate to Him through prayer.

Yet you also should consciously determine that in your conversations, Scripture study, church attendance, reading, and service, you will be tenacious in longing to discover His will and His ways. These are all methods in which we learn more about God. These are also the ways in which we are richly rewarded with the truly good things in life.

Lord, just as I set my clocks, tune my instruments, and program my computer, let me also set my mind to seek after You through study, prayer, and contemplation.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 290). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

October 3 Made for Praise

Scripture Reading: Psalm 19

Key Verses: Psalm 19:1–4

The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament shows His handiwork. Day unto day utters speech, and night unto night reveals knowledge. There is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard. Their line has gone out through all the earth, and their words to the end of the world. In them He has set a tabernacle for the sun.

Our Maker designed all creation to be to the praise of His glory. The tiniest pebble and the tallest mountain bear testimony to God’s power and love. Warbling birds, chirping crickets, and croaking frogs all lend their special voices to the chorus.

Those who appreciate nature and the wonders of the environment from a godless perspective cannot fathom their real message. God intended the majesty of creation, even though its manifestations are now flawed by sin, to point us to Him (Rom. 1).

Have you ever been outdoors on a clear night in an open space, where there are no artificial lights to get in the way? You cannot count the thousands of stars in the sky. In that moment outside, your feelings of awe may well up so strongly inside, you are unable to speak.

Psalm 8:1 (nasb) is a wonderful prayer: “O Lord, our Lord, how majestic is Thy name in all the earth, who hast displayed Thy splendor above the heavens!”

O Lord, my Lord, how majestic is Thy name in all the earth, who hast displayed Thy splendor above the heavens![1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 290). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Agglomeration — The Watchman’s Bagpipes

The Good – For Education and/or Edification
The Source of Adventism’s  Physical God.  Reminds one of Mormonism.
Why the Gospel of Thomas is not in the Bible.
Although somewhat lengthy for those who don’t like to read much, Gary Gilley has written an excellent articleabout the state of the Church and how we got here.
Some interesting history, if you take the time to read it all.
Are there really “ten lost tribes” of Israel?
What are demons? A thought-provoking follow-up on the article “Angels Unawares” which I linked to on August 29th.
Good summation of the teachings of Ravi Zacharias. He’s not really a wolf, but there are some questionable things about his teachings.
Bible Study Fellowship now using “vision casting
Wolves and False Teachings
The Gospel Coalition is about a false gospel.
Another reason why Campus Crusade for Christ, a.k.a. CRU, needs to be avoided: they are promoting the occultic false teaching of Enneagram.  The Enneagram has absolutely NO Christian origins. And if that isn’t enough reason to disassociate with CRU, perhaps this isOr thisOr even this!
Rick Joyner: Not only is he  false teacher deluxe, but he is also grossly ignorant of history when it comes to his “vision.”
Just when you thought Bill Johnson couldn’t get any more ridiculous.
This man’s total lack of discernment proves he should not be a pastor. It looks like he’s been “off base” for a very long time, and yet he’s accepted as a Southern Baptist Pastor?!?
Net Church, led by a wolf who does interviews at his “church.” It appears that this takes place before whatever “worship” services they have. This article is focused on his interview of lesbians—who certainly are NOT Christians (at about 28 minute mark), but I thought his blather about a horrid child’s book demonstrated what sort of “pastor” he is. The couple he first interviewed talked about how THEY pastored a church — yes, a woman “pastor.”  They seemed to think heretic Rob Bell is great, but they also have no clue about what a church is for and totally misrepresent Scripture. The whole video (if you have time to spend listening while doing something else) goes to show what sort of wolves pass for “pastors” and what passes for “churches” today. Beware!
The United Methodist Church continues to demonstrate their apostasy and rebellion against God.
A Bible version I just learned about, and it is one to be avoided: One New Man Bible.  Part of the charismatic, Hebrew Roots Movement nonsense.

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Cognitive Dissonance — Monergism.com Blog Feed

Cognitive dissonance is a state of conflict occurring within a person when they hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time. The conflict produces feelings of discomfort which the individual seeks to relieve by convincing himself they do not exist, or by adopting some other type of defensive maneuver to suppress the reality of the contradiction.

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