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October 18 This Is His Time

Scripture Reading: Psalm 40:13–17

Key Verse: Psalm 40:1

I waited patiently for the Lord;

And He inclined to me,

And heard my cry.

No matter how hard we tried not to let it get to us, it did. The pressure began building and building—deadlines, irritable bosses, difficult children, commitments we made, a delicate family situation. Then, suddenly, we snapped. We showed the world around us that we could not handle it on our own.

Admitting our inability to handle the sometimes overwhelming stress of life is exactly what God wants. Instead of trying to navigate through these rough waters on our own, He wants to see us turn to Him more than ever. This is His moment to shine through us by leading and guiding us to a place of peace. This is His time.

Paul encourages us in Philippians 4:6–7 to not be anxious, but through prayer to tell God about our worries. Why can we tell God about our problems so easily?

First, God already knows what we’re going through, but He still wants to hear it from us. Our admission of frailty oftentimes paves the way for God to work in our lives.

Second, we should tell God about our problems because He knows how to resolve them. We will never experience true prosperity trying to operate on our own wisdom.

And last, God is not surprised by our challenges in life. He knows what is coming, and He knows how to get us through. Who else would be more perfect to talk about our anxieties during a time like this?

Lord, I admit my shortcomings, my anxieties, and my failures. Help me turn them around so that You can be glorified.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 305). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

October 18 Praying for Others

Scripture Reading: Romans 15:29–33

Key Verse: Acts 2:42

They continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers.

Often the phrase “pray for me” is used with a casual air, as a typical closing for talks with other believers when discussing problems or difficulties. There is nothing wrong with using this phrase frequently, of course, but the importance of the request can be lost in the shuffle when it becomes part of the conversational routine.

The apostle Paul never asked for prayer in an offhand manner. When he said, “Pray for me,” he fully expected those who heard his appeal to bring his needs before the Lord in earnestness on a regular basis.

Paul wrote, “Now I urge you, brethren, by our Lord Jesus Christ and by the love of the Spirit, to strive together with me in your prayers to God for me” (Rom. 15:30 nasb). He knew how much he needed the Lord’s direction and protection as he entered potentially hostile regions, rarely knowing what kind of reaction the gospel message would receive.

God does not require your prayers in order to function in others’ lives; instead, He allows your times of communication with Him to be used as demonstrations of His intimate involvement in daily affairs. In Romans 15:32 (nasb), Paul expressed anticipation for the future and his desire to find “refreshing rest” in their company. Part of that mutual joy resulted from the vital connection of prayer, and that is the satisfaction you can receive from prayer for others.

O God, it is a solemn responsibility with which You have entrusted me. Make me faithful to pray for others on a regular basis.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 305). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Hillary ‘closing in on ‘end-stage TDS” | WND

Hillary Clinton has taken “TDS,” Trump Derangement Syndrome, to a new level, according to Twitter news aggregator Twitchy.

“‘She’s completely lost it’: Hillary Clinton’s latest bizarre Russia ravings suggest she’s closing in on ‘end-stage TDS,'” the site said Friday after Clinton claimed Russia will back Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard as a third-party candidate to assure President Trump’s re-election.

In an interview on the “Campaign HQ” podcast hosted by David Plouffe, Barack Obama’s campaign manager in 2008, Clinton also claimed that Green Party hopeful Jill Stein is a “Russian asset.”

The Washington Examiner reported Plouffe and Clinton discussed hurdles the Democratic nominee would face.

They compared the 2020 race to Clinton’s loss to Trump in 2016.

Plouffe asked Clinton about the role third-party candidates, such as Jill Stein of the Green Party, played helping Trump to secure key states in 2016.

Clinton said: “They are also going to do third party again. I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate.”

Clinton didn’t mention Gabbard by name.

“She is a favorite of the Russians. They have a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far. That’s assuming Jill Stein will give it up, which she might not because she is also a Russian asset,” Clinton charged.

Plouffe confirmed the reference was to Gabbard.

The Russia-Gabbard claim was fueled by a New York Times report.

“She is injecting a bit of chaos into her own party’s primary race, threatening to boycott that debate to protest what she sees as a ‘rigging’ of the 2020 election,” the Times said. “That’s left some Democrats wondering what, exactly, she is up to in the race, while others worry about supportive signs from online bot activity and the Russian news media.”

Fox News reported Clinton’s new “conspiracy theory” is that the Russians are grooming Gabbard.

Twitchy characterized Clinton’s comments as “very interesting.”

“By ‘interesting,’ we mean, of course, ‘bat—- insane.”

Clinton’s newfound antagonism to Russia runs far afield from her time as secretary of state for Barack Obama.

She infamously presented a “reset button” to Russian foreign secretary Sergey Lavrov, expressing the Obama administration’s effort to “reset” America’s relationship with Russia.

Obama, meanwhile, was caught on camera telling Russian President Dmitry Medvedev in 2012 he would have “more flexibility” to work with Russia after his next election.

Medvedev promised, “I will transmit this information to Vladimir,” referring to Putin, who was prime minister at the time.

As secretary of state, Clinton pushed for the overthrow of Muammar Gadhafi in Libya while secretary of defense Robert Gates, the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Vice President Joe Biden were opposed, noted Ted Galen Carpenter, a senior fellow in security studies at the Cato Institute, in a column last month for National Interest.

“Libya joins Iraq and Syria as a classic example of the failed U.S. regime-change strategy,” he wrote.

Source: Hillary ‘closing in on ‘end-stage TDS”

Hillary Believes She’s Entitled to the Presidency Through Political Inheritance | LifeZette

Hillary Clinton believes that since her husband was elected president of the United States and she helped him get there — and by some efforts, helped him run the country with her advice — that she’s the obvious choice for the Oval Office as leader of the country.

Her political blindness has made her a two-time loser,  in my view — and America doesn’t tolerate losers for leaders.

They might support others in “prayer” and “feelings,” but they move on when the country needs a push forward.

A 2020 Hillary Clinton run would be fantastic news for President Donald Trump. In 2016, many people deliberately voted against Hillary. Trump wasn’t Clinton — and that’s what they cared about.

A lot of people have their ideas about what could happen next year, now that former Vice President Joe Biden is vulnerable and heritage-stealing Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has allegedly become the favorite.

In this writer’s view, once undeniable truths come out about Biden during the impeachment process, he will have to drop out — leaving Warren as the frontrunner. Trump will get past the impeachment process unscathed, despite what many in the mainstream media say.

Related: One CNN Staff Member Admits Cable News Network Is ‘Pro-Warren’

With Biden and Sanders out of the way, Trump can focus his attention on Warren. His attacks on her will help entrepreneur Andrew Yang, Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), and Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) rise to almost equal standing with Warren in the polls.

With a level and boring playing field getting too close to the primaries, Hillary Clinton (who’s been strategically getting louder from the sidelines) will enter the race to “save the party” and to “take what she rightfully won.”

Her announcement will be an energetic performance.

All of the news outlets will get on board as instructed. They’ll manipulate the polls to make her the “obvious frontrunner” as they did in 2016.

First Harris will drop — then Booker.

Yang won’t get enough screen time from the news, so he won’t do well in the primaries, forcing him to drop out.

It’ll be a “grueling” competition between Clinton and Warren; Clinton will maintain a slight lead throughout the primaries.

Eventually, Hillary will offer Warren a chance to join forces. Warren will accept and run as Hillary’s vice presidential candidate. They will go for the “feminist super ticket” angle. And thus, we will end up with a repeat of 2016.

Related: Three Dem Squad Members Are Lining Up Behind Bernie

It is inevitable, in my view.

All along, it’s appeared she’s been waiting to see if Democrat candidates implode. I think she’s seriously considering running again.

As a supporter of President Trump, I sincerely hope she does.

Remember this: Hillary won 57 counties in the entire United States, while Trump won over 3,000. That is why there’s an electoral college.

Otherwise, New York City and California would dictate our presidents no matter what the vote. The Founding Fathers were brilliant.

Trump is doing his job the best he can for our country.

His problem is that the Democratic leadership won’t let him.

They have fought him on everything he has tried to do: safeguard our country, protect legal citizens, and so much more.

All the Democrats have done is spend taxpayers’ money on investigation after investigation of Trump. If anyone needs to “do your job,” it’s these Democratic leaders who willfully neglect their oaths of office.

Hillary Clinton has been rejected twice by Americans. There is a reason she’s been rejected twice.

She is part of the swamp — and she is not anointed to high office, in spite of the media that protect her shenanigans.

This piece by Wayne Dupree originally appeared in The Political Insider and is used by permission.

Source: Hillary Believes She’s Entitled to the Presidency Through Political Inheritance

Hillary Clinton Pitches Conspiracy Theory That Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein Are Russian Assets | ZeroHedge News

Hillary Clinton is still peddling election-related conspiracy theories, this time hinting that 2020 Democratic contender Tulsi Gabbard is being ‘groomed’ to split the Democratic vote as a third party candidate, thus handing the election to President Trump.

Speaking with former Obama 2008 campaign manager David Plouffe on his podcast, “Campaign HQ with David Plouffe,” Clinton said – without mentioning Gabbard by name: “I’m not making any predictions but I think they’ve got their eye on somebody who is currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate. She’s the favorite of the Russians.”

Of course, that’s “assuming Jill Stein will give it up – because she’s also a Russian asset,” Clinton continued.

Earlier in the interview, Clinton hinted that the Trump 2020 campaign is still in “contact with the Russians,” and that “we have to assume that since it worked for them, why would they quit?”

“Donald Trump is Vladimir Putin’s dream,” Clinton added. “I don’t know what Putin has on him – whether its both personal and financial, I assume it is. But more than that, there’s this bizarre adulation Trump has for dictators.”

Clinton also insisted that Russia “did affect the outcome of the election” in 2016, despite the DOJ concluding otherwise.


Source: Hillary Clinton Pitches Conspiracy Theory That Tulsi Gabbard, Jill Stein Are Russian Assets

‘Russians’ are grooming Tulsi Gabbard, hints Hillary Clinton (& by the way, Jill Stein’s ‘totally’ a Russian asset too) | RT – Daily news

Seemingly determined to both keep herself relevant and the specter of ‘Russian collusion’ alive, Hillary Clinton has come out and (to nobody’s surprise) claimed that everyone she doesn’t like on the left is a Russian asset.

“I’m not making any predictions, but I think they’ve got their eye on someone who’s currently in the Democratic primary and are grooming her to be the third-party candidate,” Clinton said in a podcast interview this week. “She’s the favorite of the Russians.”

While she did not mention Tulsi Gabbard by name, the Hawaiian congresswoman has been accused of disloyalty to America since day one of her presidential campaign, for the “crime” of criticizing the US sponsorship of anti-government rebels in Syria and calling for increased dialog with Moscow.

When asked whether Clinton was talking about Gabbard, a Clinton spokesperson later told CNN “if the nesting doll fits,” doubling down on the Russian imagery.

As for how exactly “the Russians” are grooming Gabbard, Clinton pointed to “a bunch of sites and bots and other ways of supporting her so far,” seemingly oblivious to the fact that the ‘Russian bots sowing discord’ theory is a thoroughly debunked smear.

Not content to stop at Gabbard, Clinton also accused the Green Party’s Jill Stein of being in the Kremlin’s employ. “Yeah, she’s a Russian asset,” Clinton added. “I mean, totally.” The fact that a small number of voters Clinton believed herself entitled to opted for Stein in 2016 was proof enough for her.

Spare a thought for poor Hillary Clinton, seeing reds under the bed ever since her own presidential aspirations nosedived almost three years ago. Though special counsel Robert Mueller’s two-year investigation found no “collusion” between the Trump campaign and Moscow, and though allegations of ‘Russian interference’ in the 2016 election have been based on little more than hearsay and innuendo, Clinton continues to insist that Vladimir Putin denied her the presidency.

Since November 2016, she’s surfaced occasionally to blame others for her own loss, alternately pointing the finger at Putin, Bernie Sanders, misogyny, the FBI and WikiLeaks. The conspiracy theory that Russia somehow convinced voters to plump for Jill Stein is a favorite of hers, though. Even husband and former President Bill Clinton has floated the theory publicly before, telling a crowd in New York last year that Stein was the “preferred alternative of the Russians,” again with zero evidence.

Source: ‘Russians’ are grooming Tulsi Gabbard, hints Hillary Clinton (& by the way, Jill Stein’s ‘totally’ a Russian asset too)

‘5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian’ by Julie Roys — Istoria Ministries Blog

The Christian Post is a wonderful way to keep up on current events and news from a Christian world-view. I’d highly recommend my readers follow The Christian Post.
Recently, a woman named Julie Roys wrote an op-ed for The Christian Post entitled 5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian. In recent years I’ve come to admire Julie for her leadership in the Christian church at large and her courage in confronting abusive leaders in specific churches. Her writing and speaking is also quite insightful.
I wish all my young readers, especially millennials, would take the time to read Julie’s Christian Post editorial. For convenience, it is replicated in full, with credit and without edits here on Istoria Ministries Blog.

5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian

by Julie Roys
Jesus confronted the money-changers and challenged believers to give to the needy. But, would he support socialism?

Increasingly, Americans think he would. In fact, a recent Barna poll found that more Americans think Jesus would prefer socialism (24%) than those who believe he would prefer capitalism (14%). The other 62% responded neither or not sure, but the poll still reveals a disturbing trend.

Last Saturday, Micah Conkling, a Christian writer and podcaster, argued on my radio program that socialism is the political and economic system that best fulfills the Golden Rule. Not surprisingly, Conkling is a Millennial, the most pro-socialist generation America has ever known. According to a recent Reason-Rupe survey, 53% of Americans under 30 view socialism favorably, compared to less than a third of Americans over 30. Similarly, Gallup found that 69% of those under 30 said they would be willing to vote for a socialist presidential candidate.

I understand why Millennials are wary of the current system. They’ve witnessed a consistently declining economy; one of the most partisan eras in American history; the fall of the twin towers; and a war predicated on weapons of mass destruction that were never found. I agree with them that our political system desperately needs reform. But, socialism is not the answer. Though it may sound compassionate and Christian, it’s actually antithetical to everything Christianity teaches.

Here’s why:

1. Socialism is Based on a Materialistic Worldview

According to socialists like Bernie Sanders, the greatest problem in the world is the unequal distribution of wealth.

His website declares: “The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time.”

This betrays a fundamentally materialistic worldview, which is the basis of socialism.

To socialists, all that really exists is the material world. In fact, Karl Marx, the father of socialism/communism, invented the notion of dialectical materialism — the belief that matter contains a creative power within itself. This enabled Marx to eliminate the need for a creator, essentially erasing the existence of anything non-material.

To socialists, suffering is caused by the unequal distribution of stuff — and salvation is achieved by the re-distribution of stuff. There’s no acknowledgment of spiritual issues. There’s just an assumption that if everyone is given equal stuff, all the problems in society will somehow dissolve.

This worldview contradicts Christianity, which affirms the existence of both a material and a non-material world — and teaches that mankind’s greatest problems are spiritual. The Bible says the cause of suffering is sin and salvation is found in the cross of Christ, which liberates us from sin. Because of sin, though, there will always be inequalities in wealth. As the parable of the talents shows, those with good character tend to accumulate more; those with bad character may lose everything they have. Yet, even if we are unable to accumulate wealth, Christianity teaches that we can still have an abundant life. That’s because our quality of life is not determined by how much stuff we have, but by our relationship to Christ.

2. Socialism Punishes Virtue

Socialists want to distribute wealth to individuals according to their need, regardless of virtue.

As Karl Marx, famously said, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

However, whenever any institution provides aid, it runs the risk of removing God-designed rewards and consequences. It can punish those who are industrious by making them pay for those who are not. And, it can reward those who aren’t industrious by giving them the fruits of another man’s labor. This is precisely what socialism does.

Interestingly, Marx mooched off others his whole life, and failed to provide for his wife and children.

As Aristotle once noted, “Men start revolutionary changes for reasons connected with their private lives.”

The Bible teaches that aid should be tied to responsibility. First, anyone who refuses to work should be refused aid.

As 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says, “The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat.”

Next, no one should be given aid whose family can provide for him. In fact, the Apostle Paul said that a man who fails to provide for his family is “worse than an unbeliever.” (1 Tim. 5:8) The church also required widows receiving aid to have “a reputation of good works.” (1 Tim. 5:10) So, even in dispensing aid, the church rewarded virtue and discouraged vice. Unfortunately, socialism does just the opposite.

3. Socialism Endorses Stealing

Barack Obama once defended his socialist policies to a little girl by saying, “We’ve got to make sure that people who have more money help the people who have less money. If you had a whole pizza, and your friend had no pizza, would you give him a slice?”

That sounds pretty Christian, right? What Christian wouldn’t endorse sharing your abundance with someone who has nothing? However, Obama wasn’t endorsing people voluntarily sharing their wealth with others; he was endorsing the government forcibly taking a piece of the pie from one person and giving it to someone else. Put another way, that’s saying that if you have three cars and your neighbor has none, the government has a right to take your car and give it to your neighbor. That’s not Christian; that’s stealing!

But, socialists don’t believe in private property. And, some Christian socialists actually assert that the Bible doesn’t either. That’s preposterous.

Both the Old Testament and New Testament unequivocally affirm private property. We can’t even obey the eighth commandment to not steal, unless we accept the notion of private ownership. Nor, can we steward our money as the Bible commands if the state owns our money, not us. So, for an economic and political system to be Christian, it must protect private ownership and allow individuals freedom to allocate their resources according to their conscience.

4. Socialism Encourages Envy and Class Warfare

Socialists demonize the rich, blaming all of society’s problems on them.

Bernie Sanders once posted to his Facebook Page: “Let us wage a moral and political war against the billionaires and corporate leaders on Wall Street and elsewhere, whose policies and greed are destroying the middle class of America.”

Here, Sanders is mimicking Karl Marx, who viewed history as a series of class struggles between the rich and the poor — and advocated overthrowing the ruling class.

Scripture strongly warns the rich and powerful not to oppress the poor.

In fact, Proverbs 14:31 says, “Whoever oppresses the poor shows contempt for his maker . . .”

But, Sanders — and other Leftists, including Hillary Clinton — go far beyond decrying specific acts of injustice. They basically condemn an entire class of people simply for possessing wealth. And, they encourage those who are poor to overthrow them. In fact, Clinton once said the U.S. economy required a “toppling” of the wealthiest 1%.

The rich are not causing all the problems in American society. People like Bill Gates are not acquiring wealth by stealing from the masses. They’re creating great products, which produce wealth, and actually provide jobs for many people. But, even if they were exploiting the poor, nowhere does Scripture support the have-nots demanding money from the haves. Instead, it teaches that we should not covet (Exodus 20:17) and should be content in all circumstances (Phil. 4:11-13).

5. Socialism Seeks to Destroy Marriage & Family

A little known fact about socialism is that, from its beginning, it has sought to destroy marriage and family. Grove City Professor Paul Kengor explains this in detail in his book, Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Marriage and Family. Essentially, what socialism seeks is for the state to replace the family. That way, it can indoctrinate children in its Leftist way of thinking, and remove from them any notions of God and religion.

Friedrich Engels, co-author with Marx of the “The Communist Manifesto,” once wrote that the society he envisioned would be one where “the single family ceases to be the economic unit of society. Private housekeeping is transformed into a social industry. The care and education of the children becomes a public affair.”

Similarly today, Bernie Sanders calls for a “revolution” in childcare and for the government to provide early childhood education beginning with children as young as six-weeks-old. And, he’s a proud supporter of gay marriage — what Kengor calls “communism’s Trojan Horse” to secure the final takedown of traditional marriage.

To socialists, what Bernie describes is a utopia. But, to Christians, it’s a dystopia. That’s because there’s nothing Christian about socialism — and there’s absolutely no way Jesus would ever support it.


Julie Roys is a speaker, freelance journalist and blogger at http://www.julieroys.com. She also is the host of a national radio program on the Moody Radio Network called, Up For Debate. Julie and her husband live in the Chicago suburbs and have three children

via ‘5 Reasons Socialism Is Not Christian’ by Julie Roys — Istoria Ministries Blog

John MacArthur on Beth Moore: “Go Home!” — Pulpit & Pen

Beth Moore is a feminist who is in grave rebellion against God. She travels the country preaching to mixed audiences when the Scriptures are clear, women can’t preach.

In classic John MacArthur fashion, MacArthur pulls no punches and tells her to “go home.”

During a panel discussion moderated by Todd Friel at the Truth Matters Conference this week, MacArthur was asked what he thought about Beth Moore. MacArthur was clear, there is no biblical case to be made for lady-preaching heretics.

The audio has been captured below. The video should be available soon, so check back.

Click to watch.

via John MacArthur on Beth Moore: “Go Home!” — Pulpit & Pen

Recovering the Teaching of the Fathers — Ligonier Ministries Blog

The Reformers were not turning their backs on the church, but recovering its true teachings. In this brief clip, Sinclair Ferguson looks at the authority and clarity of Scripture.

This Reformation Month, watch a short video every day on the history and insights of the Protestant Reformation. And don’t forget that for this month only, you can request your free digital download of R.C. Sproul’s video teaching series Luther and the Reformation plus the ebook edition of The Legacy of Luther, edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols at ligm.in/Reformation. Offer ends October 31, 2019.


You know one of the things particularly Calvin emphasized was—we are being accused of disrupting the traditions of the fathers. The problem is you men do not know the traditions of the fathers.

The Reformers view was not—we are turning our backs on the communion of the church. The Reformers view was—we’re actually recovering the core teaching of the communion of the church. The safeguard is that we read Scripture in the light of Scripture, using Scriptural principles to interpret Scripture. We shouldn’t be blindsided by these picky notions that are eating away at our confidence in Scripture and especially in its clarity. Because that is an area that is so often under attack today.

via Recovering the Teaching of the Fathers — Ligonier Ministries Blog

Why are so many believers looking for more? — Christian Research Network

“Sarah Young of Jesus Calling regularly hears whispers and voices from the other side, so much so she filled a book with His exact words, allegedly. Or two. Or three. If she is hearing from Jesus and writing His words down in quotes, she is writing scripture. Do you believe Jesus Calling is scripture?”

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time) Sufficiency of scripture is an important topic for me as a woman, because so many of the books aimed at women loading the shelves at Christian bookstores, and so many women’s ministries telling us we should be hearing from God or are touting some author’s experience from having heard from God. I listened to Phil Johnson and Justin Peters at the Truth Matters Conference last night. The topic this year is sufficiency of Scripture and by contrast, that we are not hearing personally from God in these days. If one is hearing from God outside of scripture it means the canon is not closed, and it means the scripture we have is not enough, or, isn’t sufficient. But scripture itself declares that it is.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, (2 Timothy 3:16View article →



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