Like Him or Not, Trump is Uniquely Suited for Such a Time As This

Absolute Truth from the Word of God


Every article I have ever read by these people has been spot on.  I also love that on every posting they have this:

“Because Without America There is No Free World!

The media and the globalist/Communists are out for Trump’s blood. It is SO obvious – Conservatives and Christians should be able to discern this quickly.

In my opinion, they have no grounds for Impeachment. But that doesn’t matter to the LEFT. Their plan is to keep the “Impeachment” plans going throughout 2020 – right up until the elections.

I’m sure that almost all of them are aware that they don’t have the grounds for Impeachment.  But they have the ears and eyes of the sheeple who believe everything they read and hear.  The Lefties are counting on this. They are so desperate, that they will run a marathon with this “Fake news” right…

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