Brannon Howse: October 21, 2019 | Worldview Weekend

Topic: Why President Trump is making the right decision to pull U.S. troops out of Syria. What has Turkey done for America in the past? Why is it important for America not to lose the relationship with Turkey? Why should America work to keep Turkey in NATO? While Erdogan, the President of Turkey, is moving Turkey away from a secular government and towards an Islamic government, this is in fact another reason why the U.S. and NATO need to keep turkey on our team. Today Brannon plays some clips from this week’s radio program with host Dr. Peter Pry. WVW Broadcast Network produces and distributes the radio program of Dr. Pry who is a former CIA operations office as well as former high ranking congressional staffer for key military defense committees. Topic: Today’s program reveals why Americans cannot rely on the news from the mainstream media, some so-called evangelical outlets and certainly not the RINO republicans. Topic: Brannon explains why he has red flags and must ask more questions when meeting someone that uses the three words, evangelical, Christian, or gospel. 

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