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October 26 Experiencing God’s Best

Scripture Reading: Psalm 138:1–8

Key Verse: Psalm 138:8

The Lord will perfect that which concerns me;

Your mercy, O Lord, endures forever;

Do not forsake the works of Your hands.

As we make decisions every day, our choices determine the quality of our lives. This is why it is very important to seek God’s guidance in order to experience His best. How do we discover God’s best? The answer is two-fold. We must first realize that God’s way is the best way, and then we must learn to listen to His voice.

Realizing that God’s way is better than our way is a difficult process for many of us, because we like to think that we can figure things out on our own. We pridefully tell ourselves that we don’t need help from anyone else as we struggle and toil with burdens and decisions. Yet we must understand that God longs to help and bless us. There is truly no one who knows our needs better than He does.

When we understand these things, our spirits are fertile ground to receive His guidance and instruction. We begin to welcome the promptings of the Holy Spirit and to find practical insight for our daily lives as we read God’s Word.

A true indicator of hearing God’s voice will be a new and complete sense of peace. Jesus said that He gives peace “not as the world gives” (John 14:27), but a peace that passes understanding (Philippians 4:7). His peace, therefore, must be the governing force of each decision we make.

Choose to let the peace of God guide you in your next important decision, while keeping in mind that God’s best will far exceed any good thing you could create on your own.

All of history tells the story of those who let You guide them, Lord, and those who didn’t. Help me open the pages of my life to Your instruction.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 313). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

The Article on Which the Church Stands or Falls — Ligonier Ministries Blog

If you don’t have justification by faith alone, you don’t have the gospel. In this brief clip, R.C. Sproul looks at the article on which the church stands or falls.

This Reformation Month, watch a short video every day on the history and insights of the Protestant Reformation. And don’t forget that for this month only, you can request your free digital download of R.C. Sproul’s video teaching series Luther and the Reformation plus the ebook edition of The Legacy of Luther, edited by R.C. Sproul and Stephen Nichols at ligm.in/Reformation. Offer ends October 31, 2019.


The doctrine of justification by faith alone is the article upon which the church stands or falls. The article that is so important that he said, that if we lose it, we lose Christianity. If you don’t have the doctrine of justification by faith alone, you don’t have the gospel, and if you don’t have the gospel, the church has no reason to exist. The church itself ceases to be a church and falls into apostasy because it is the article that answers the question, what must I do to be saved?

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October 26 Are You a Good Listener?

Scripture Reading: James 1:21–25

Key Verse: James 1:22

Be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.

Are you a good listener? One young man became so perplexed over his inability to remember, he decided to tape much of what was told to him. He even went so far as to keep a tape recorder in the car to record his thoughts and prayers to God. In our fast-paced world, many of us may find ourselves desiring to follow his example.

However, the mind’s ability to remember, process, and code information is amazing. Yet researchers tell us we use very little of the brain’s capacity to think, reason, and recall past events. Even if you feel that you are a poor listener, God can change that.

Your brain is like a muscle; the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Memorizing Scripture increases your ability to think and reason. Doctors agree that when you force the brain to activity, even if it has been injured, it will seek a way to get the task done. Truly we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

An important part of being a good listener is making sure you have a teachable spirit. If you have a closed mind to God’s Word, or if you are passive in your spiritual outlook, chances are, you will retain very little of what God is saying.

Ask the Lord to make you sensitive to His voice. Plan your spiritual activity to include times spent in prayer and seeking His will for your life. If your greatest desire is to know Him, He will give you the desires of your heart.

Father God, make me a good listener. Give me a teachable spirit that is open to Your Word. Make me sensitive to Your voice. Deliver me from spiritual passivity.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 313). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

October 26 Strength to Obey

Scripture reading: 1 Samuel 3:1–10

Key verse: 1 Samuel 3:10

The Lord came and stood and called as at other times, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel answered, “Speak, for Your servant hears.”

God uses a variety of methods to get our attention. Sometimes He’ll give us a restless spirit. At other times He can get our attention through a word from a fellow believer, through tragedy, through unanswered prayer, through disappointment, and through financial difficulty, among other ways.

Whatever method God chooses to bring you within His will is perfect and is born of His love. He can see not only your present but also your future. He has plans for you and will keep you in precise accordance with those plans if you obey Him.

When you cease traveling on the path He has chosen for you, God has to get your attention. He may use one method today, another next week, another next year. Yet He always acts out of love and never out of whim, anger, or vindication. Your response, then, should be to examine every single area and circumstance of your life and ask the Lord to clarify what He is trying to show you and how He wants you to proceed.

God got Samuel’s attention through someone else, his mentor, Eli. When finally Samuel understood who was calling him, he told God that he was “listening.” This particular Hebrew word means “to hear with a view to obeying.” Samuel answered with clear intentions to obey, though he had no idea what God would say next. May his response be your model.

Lord, when I hear Your voice, give me the strength to obey, even if I have no idea what comes next.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 313). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

Never Forget a Rodeo Clown Was Fired Over an Obama Mask but Pics of Trump Being Killed Are Apparently Fine

Do you remember the rodeo clown who got fired for wearing a mask of Barack Obama? Yes, it wasn’t too long ago that showing arrant disrespect to the president of the United States was a fireable offense. Oh, how times have changed.

Source: Never Forget a Rodeo Clown Was Fired Over an Obama Mask but Pics of Trump Being Killed Are Apparently Fine

Celebrities admit ‘hypocrisy’ of lifestyle choices in climate debate | RT

In an open letter more than 100 famous figures, including actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Jude Law, called for ‘systemic change to the fossil-fuel economy’. While admitting there’s no escaping celebrities’ heavy carbon footprint – that hasn’t stopped the rich and famous from calling for action.

McLaughlin poll: 52% say impeachment is a ‘stunt’ | WND

A new poll found 52% of Americans consider the Democrats’ impeachment investigation of President Trump a “political stunt.”

The McLaughlin poll, the Gateway Pundit reported, also indicated 47% believe the president should not cooperate and 59% say it’s just a waste of time and the Democrats “need to work with Republicans to solve the nation’s problems.”

Meanwhile, Breitbart reported, Gallup has admitted that its poll indicating 52% of Americans “now support Trump’s impeachment and removal” may have included illegal aliens or non-citizen legal residents.

Gallup also said it doesn’t know how many of the poll respondents were registered voters.

Breitbart noted establishment media have quoted Gallup widely.

Of the 1,526 respondents, only 462, or 30.2%, were Republicans, and only 6% of them favored impeachment and removal, Breitbart also pointed out.

Gallup counted each GOP response as “85% of a respondent.”

Meanwhile, there were 419 Democratic respondents, and they each were counted as 107% of a respondent.

Source: McLaughlin poll: 52% say impeachment is a ‘stunt’

Now Desperate For Campaign Cash, Hypocrite Joe Biden Drops His Opposition To Super PACs — The Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden used to be opposed to super PACs.

Of course, that was before he needed one. His campaign is dangerously low on funds, so he has conveniently changed his position.

Politico reports:

Biden throws his campaign a lifeline

By reversing course and dropping his opposition to super PACs, Joe Biden has all but admitted he’s getting swamped in fundraising.

But it was a strategic retreat that could end up paying big dividends for his cash-starved campaign.

Calls to a half-dozen maxed-out Biden donors Friday revealed that they would gladly dig deeper for the former vice president and contribute to a super PAC that enables them — and corporations — to give and spend unlimited amounts of money.

“Joe Biden has not raised as much money as the others through his own campaign efforts. But you have to understand, that’s basically how it works. Bernie Sanders had, what, 20,000 people at an event in New York? Suppose each one of those people gave $100,” said Joe Cotchett, a major Bay Area bundler for Biden. “Does Joe have the ability to have 20,000 people at a rally right now? The answer is no. But hopefully for Joe, it will come.”

It gets worse. The people Biden is now cozying up to are corporate interests. That should go over very well with his party’s far left base.

The Intercept reports:


JOE BIDEN BEGAN the presidential campaign with a commanding lead in the polls, but questions surrounding his ability to power through the primary, along with relatively weak fundraising, has cast new doubt about his campaign.

In an effort to revive Biden’s prospects, prominent supporters of the former vice president are mobilizing to establish a Super PAC, a bid that the Biden campaign appeared to endorse on Thursday, according to a report in Bloomberg. The move represents a reversal from earlier this year, when Biden rejected support from Super PACs, which can receive unlimited donations from corporations or individuals.

Though Biden has pledged not to take contributions from registered lobbyists, the prohibition appears not to apply to big-dollar organizers of his Super PAC. Among the individuals involved with the effort are several lobbyists for leading corporations and foreign governments.

Biden really has no choice here if he wants to be competitive, but this is going to hurt him.

Especially with the voters he needs to win.

It’s a lose-lose situation.

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