11 Nov 2019 – Rapture Ready News

“Too Many To Count”: The Global Persecution Of Christians
“It’s easy to go about our lives and forget that in places like Nigeria, Iran and North Korea being a Christian can often lead to death…”

Roman Catholic Churches Celebrating ‘Gay Pride’ Masses
Catholic dioceses in the United Kingdom have begun to host LGBTQ “Pride” Masses, events designed to welcome homosexuals into the church and combine gay pride with the Eucharist and other Romish sacraments.

Aged 90 and still taking cocaine — increase in older people admitted to hospital with drug’s effects
Pensioners aged 90 and over are being admitted to hospital after taking cocaine. Ten nonagenarians were admitted with mental disorders “due to the use of cocaine” last year, compared with two a decade ago, NHS Digital figures reveal.

Just as we suspected, climate youth puppet Greta Thunberg is controlled by George Soros
She’s all over the news these days, but 16-year-old Greta Thunberg isn’t homegrown or grassroots. Her climate schtick is completely a product of George Soros and Company, which feeds Thunberg her lines as she traipses around the world pretending to have come up with all this climate hysteria on her own.

Chaos In Bolivia After President Morales Resigns, Claims He Was Victim Of A Coup
Morales stressed that his resignation does not mean that the socialist case is defeated. “It is no betrayal. The struggle continues. We are a people.”

Dr. Mercola videos are now on Brighteon.com; Mercola unleashes damning video exposing Google’s racketeering and anti-trust FRAUD against health publishers
 Three years ago, I sounded the alarm over Google censorship, warning the natural health community that Google was sidling up with Big Pharma and would begin de-listing all natural health search results, effectively blacklisting most natural health content.

Unseasonably cold Arctic airmass, snow and freezing rain with gusty winds across the central and eastern U.S.
A significant early-season Arctic airmass will produce areas of snow and freezing rain, and gusty winds across the central and eastern U.S. into next week. Widespread snow from the Plains to the Northeast could fall as far south as Tennessee, with the heaviest snow likely to fall from upstate New York to northern New England. Numerous cold temperature records will be possible. The counterpoint to these wintry conditions will be continued warm temperatures in the West with air stagnation issues in the interior Northwestern states.

Scots face ‘baffling’ list of 21 sexualities to choose from in 2021 census including gynephilic and skoliosexual
BARMY officials have drawn up a “baffling” list of 21 sexualities for Scots to choose from in the 2021 census.

IT’S A CULT: Huge Six Story Mural of Disgruntled Teen Greta Thunberg Staring Down on the Masses Is Going Up in San Francisco (VIDEO)
How dare you!A HUGE six-story mural of lecturing teen activist Greta Thunberg is going up in San Francisco near Union Station. It’s a cult.

Caught On Video: Hong Kong Protester Shot By Police During Morning Clashes; Hang Seng Tumbles
Hong Kong police opened fire and hit at least one protester on Monday, the SCMP reported, as chaos erupted across the city, and the Hang Seng index tumbled.

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