Adam Schiff Puts Gag Order on GOP Questioning: Live Impeachment Hearings | LifeZette

Chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) told GOP members of the Intelligence Committee on Wednesday morning during a live, televised hearing that he would not permit questions that he does not believe advance his agenda for the committee.

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Various GOP committee members tried to get clarification on points early on in the morning’s proceedings — but Schiff swiftly shut them down.

It’s clear he will not tolerate anyone going off his script.

He also again stated that he would not permit witnesses that Republican lawmakers and members of the committee have requested come before the group.

Witness George Kent led off with a recitation of his family history — and a European history lesson.

Gratuitously complementing Congress, Kent — the deputy assistant secretary of state for Europe and Eastern Europe — compared congressional aid to Ukraine to French and Allied help for America during the U.S.’s War for Independence.

Clearly taking Democrat cues, Kent went after Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal lawyer.

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That seems to be the Democrat message of today’s public hearings: Giuliani did the president’s dirty work.

So they’re going for a guilt-by-association theme in Kent’s opening statement.

It next was Bill Taylor’s turn to share his opening remarks — during which he also mentioned Giuliani.

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And after that, questioning was set to begin by the committee — led off by Schiff, the chairman.

Taylor was the top U.S. diplomat in Ukraine.

Stay tuned for more on these proceedings.

Source: Adam Schiff Puts Gag Order on GOP Questioning: Live Impeachment Hearings

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