Tony Evans Incites Disunity and Division, Encourages Protest of ‘Dove Awards’ — Christian Research Network

“If evangelicals are so intent on finding ‘black leadership’ they need to look right past Tony Evans. Not only is he a Pelagian, inclusivist, and limited theist, but he is leading young black men into anger and resentment, making racial reconciliation next to impossible. That’s not the kind of leadership that should be sought.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Instead of using his platform to promote unity and reconciliation, Tony Evans has capitalized on the color of his skin to sow seeds of discord in American evangelicalism. He is now encouraging the racist, divisive protests against the Dove Awards by Social Gospel proponents, Lecrae and Kirk Franklin.

As reported at Reformation Charlotte, Lecrae and Kirk Franklin are boycotting the Dove Awards (it’s basically the Christian Grammys) for editing out of Franklin’s 2016 award speech several comments that were racist and anti-police. Franklin politicized his speech and chose to blame white people in general for the deaths of Philando Castile and Walter Scott, who were shot by white police officers.

Franklin is a filthy-mouthed Democrat and pro-abortion advocate. Lecrae is a Social Gospel preacher who’s sold out any ounce of credibility to become like the world, fitting in warmly among the lost hip-hop culture. Both are protesting the Dove Awards under the Critical Race Theory badge of “diversity.”



Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”

via Tony Evans Incites Disunity and Division, Encourages Protest of ‘Dove Awards’ — Christian Research Network

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