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November 21 Surrendering to God

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:1–5

Key Verse: Romans 12:1

I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that you present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.

When many people hear the word surrender, images of conflict and overpowering forces come to mind. In contrast, the act of surrendering one’s life to God is a beautiful and peaceful experience.

Why then are we so afraid to hand over the reigns of our lives to God’s omnipotent leadership? The answer lies in our self-oriented nature. We live in a world that encourages us to take pride in what we have accomplished and accumulated. The concept of surrendering these things to God is unthinkable for most people.

As a believer, however, God has called you to a higher standard of living. He wants to help you reach the goals that He has set for your life. Yet, in order to fulfill His plan, we must choose to lay our selfish desires before Him.

Until you make this important step toward God, you will find yourself in a state of unrest and uncertainty. However, once you surrender your life to God, He will unleash the storehouse of blessings waiting for you.

In Romans 12, God specifically asks you to present yourself as a living sacrifice to Him (verses 1–2). God wants to guide, direct, and bless you. Do not let disobedience stand in the way of His plan for your life.

Lord, I present myself as a living sacrifice. Help me understand Your good and acceptable will.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (2006). Pathways to his presence (p. 340). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

November 21 Failing to Listen to God

Scripture Reading: 2 Samuel 11:1–12:13

Key Verse: Psalm 52:1

Why do you boast in evil, O mighty man? The goodness of God endures continually.

Imagine you are driving along a narrow two-lane road, and you come upon a warning sign. The sign warns of possible rock slides ahead, and a detour sign points to a good alternate route. Would you ignore the warning sign and drive on?

King David ignored many of God’s warning signs along his path, and he plunged deeper and deeper into sin. He knew that the Lord did not approve of lust, adultery, or murder. But one sin led to another as David deliberately ignored his conscience, which God uses to remind us of His truth.

David had done such a remarkable job of not listening to God that God had to use the bold voice of the prophet Nathan. Perhaps David was puzzled as Nathan began to tell him a story about a poor man’s pet lamb. At the end of the tale, David still did not hear God’s message. Nathan had to spell it out for him: “You are the man!” He then recounted everything David had done and how the Lord felt about his sin.

When David’s ears finally heard the truth, he repented immediately. David said, “ ‘I have sinned against the Lord.’ And Nathan said to David, ‘The Lord also has taken away your sin; you shall not die’ ” (2 Sam. 12:13 nasb).

If you have been turning a deaf ear to what the Lord has been trying to tell you, it is never too late to ask forgiveness and travel on His road.

Dear heavenly Father, sometimes I have ignored warning signs along the way. Forgive me. Put my feet back on the right path.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (1999). On holy ground (p. 340). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

November 21, 2019 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


President Donald Trump, facing lawsuits and political demands to release his U.S. tax returns and other financial information, said on Thursday he will release a statement on his finances before the presidential election, and asserted that it was his call on providing the information.

Democratic White House contenders united in supporting the impeachment inquiry against Republican President Trump at a debate on Wednesday that featured differences on policy details but few of the bitter attacks on one another that marked earlier encounters.

The number of Americans filing applications for unemployment benefits was unexpectedly unchanged at a five-month high last week, suggesting some softening in the labor market. Initial claims for state unemployment benefits were flat at a seasonally adjusted 227,000 for the week ended Nov. 16, the highest level since June 22.

Israel’s president told lawmakers on Wednesday to name a candidate to form a new government after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and challenger Benny Gantz both failed, a move that probably sets the stage for a third election within a year.

Pope Francis condemned on Thursday the exploitation of women and children for prostitution in Thailand, which is notorious for its sex tourism, saying the violence, abuse and enslavement they suffer are evils that must be uprooted.

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said it facilitated the release of 10 Afghan security force members detained by the Taliban and handed them over to Afghan authorities.

Four people were killed and 48 wounded early on Thursday when Iraqi security forces shot live fire and tear gas canisters at protesters near two key bridges in Baghdad, security and medical sources said.

Iran on Thursday began restoring internet access in the capital Tehran and a number of provinces, local news agencies and residents said, after a days-long nationwide shutdown meant to help stifle unrest over fuel price hikes.

Charles Schwab Corp, the largest discount broker in the U.S. financial world, is in talks to buy rival TD Ameritrade, CNBC reported, as profits in the industry come under pressure from a shift to zero commission.

AP Top Stories

The United States announced on Wednesday it will provide Vietnam with another coast guard cutter for its growing fleet of ships, boosting Hanoi’s ability to patrol the South China Sea amid tensions with China.

Mexico’s government said Wednesday it has helped 10 Mexican citizens file lawsuits against Walmart over an August shooting at a store in El Paso, Texas, where a suspected white nationalist killed 22 people.

Philippine police were ordered Wednesday to arrest anyone caught vaping in public, just hours after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte announced he would ban e-cigarettes.

Two gay Saudi journalists who sought asylum in Australia after being threatened at home over their relationship have been held for weeks at an immigration detention center, their lawyer said.

The Russian navy in mid-October 2019 sortied eight submarines in the country’s biggest undersea exercise since the Cold War. The 10 vessels represent around 20 percent of the Russian submarine force. For comparison, the U.S. Pacific Fleet with its roughly 30 subs as recently as 2013 reliably could deploy eight boats on short notice. The U.S. fleet in total operates more than 50 submarines split between the Pacific and Atlantic Fleets.

The Navy has laid the keel for its first new, Flight III DDG 51 surface warfare destroyer armed with improved weapons, advanced sensors and new radar 35-times more sensitive than most current systems, changing attack and defensive options for the surface fleet.

China’s new DF-17 hypersonic missile could penetrate U.S. missile-defense and destroy ports and air-defense systems. The new boost-glide missile, which reportedly can travel faster than five times the speed of sound, could “transform” Beijing’s strategy for dealing with Taiwan.

An Arizona jury on Wednesday found a human rights activist not guilty of harboring two migrants who crossed the U.S.-Mexico border illegally, after the U.S. government prosecuted him for giving them food, water and shelter in the desert.

Nearly three-fourths of transgender and gender non-conforming Americans slain in the last three years were killed with a firearm, according to data published this month by the gun violence prevention advocacy group Everytown for Gun Safety.

The United States is considering withdrawing an armed forces brigade from South Korea if Seoul does not agree to a U.S. demand to contribute more to the cost of stationing troops in the country, a South Korean newspaper reported on Thursday.


Federal executions in the US have been halted over concerns that the method of carrying them out may be unlawful. Five men were due to be executed in Indiana in December and January, after the federal government earlier this year moved to resume executions.

Millions of people in Sydney and Adelaide are among residents across Australia who have been blanketed by bushfire smoke in recent days.

Fifteen-year-old Cameroonian Divina Maloum has won a children’s international peace prize for her work with young people who have suffered extremist violence, particularly in the north of her country. The prize was awarded by Dutch organisation KidsRights, which says it wants children to be recognised for their efforts to improve their own situation. Environmental activist Greta Thunberg also won the award alongside Ms Maloum.


Leading establishment media outlets deleted entire stories Tuesday after they found out figures showing 100,000 children were in immigration-related custody were from 2015, under the Obama administration, not under President Trump’s watch.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Nov. 21, 2019

The Foundation

“It is a happy circumstance in human affairs that evils which are not cured in one way will cure themselves in some other.” —Thomas Jefferson (1791)

‘Schiff Show’ Roundup: Sondland Testimony a ‘Bombshell’ Dud

Sondland “assumed” there was a quid pro quo but had no evidence to back up his claim.

Epstein’s Death: Popular Memes and an FBI Probe

Conspiracy theories aside, there are unusual circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death.

Demo Debate: What Are They Offering?

The fifth presidential debate yielded nothing new — Trump hate and massive government.

New York’s Burgeoning Electricity Crisis

Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s regime is causing major headaches for New Yorkers.

Schiff’s Desperate Pivot to Perjury and Bribery

A strategic overview of the Coup, Part 2.

Beijing’s Espionage

The Chinese “Thousand Talents” program began in 2008 but was not aggressively confronted until 2018.

Sober Bars Help People in Recovery Stay Social

“People need connection once they start a recovery program,” says Paul French.

Video: Both Sides More Sure About Trump Than Ever

Why do polls say that the impeachment hearings fail to convince anyone?

Humor Video: Cancel Culture in the Middle Ages

Cancel culture is as ridiculous as a Monty Python witch hunt, says … The New York Times?

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Headlines – 11/21/2019

Arab League to hold emergency meeting over US support for Israeli settlements

Vatican Says Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process at Risk After U.S. Move

No government: Gantz returns mandate to president – Blue and White leader fails to form coalition

Israel on Verge of Unprecedented Third Election After Lieberman Refuses to Endorse Prime Minister

Making unhappy history, Knesset enters 21-day grace period for forming coalition

Commentary: Israel’s Attorney General Must Decide on Netanyahu Before the Next Election

Defying Netanyahu, Likud lawmaker calls for early leadership primaries

Accusing Netanyahu of stealing election, Gantz launches campaign for another

Gantz said to blame Lapid, right-wing flank in his party for coalition failure

Signaling 3rd elections, Liberman accuses Gantz and Netanyahu of thwarting unity

Left, right, ultra-Orthodox unite in denouncing Liberman’s ‘anti-Semitic’ speech

ADL survey: 25% of Europeans anti-Semitic, East European bigotry rises sharply

US Jewish man stabbed, critically hurt, outside synagogue in upstate New York

NYC witnessing Alarming Rate of Antisemitism

Jerusalem to host largest-ever event on anti-Semitism; Putin, Macron to attend

Jewish Democratic Council ad calls Trump the ‘biggest threat’ to Jews

Sanders gets applause at debate for call to treat Palestinians with dignity – he would also be tougher on Israel

Sanders Says U.S. Must Rethink Israel Policy, Biden Slams Saudi Arabia in Democratic Debate

Netherlands Cuts Aid to Palestinian Authority Over Terrorist Salaries

Israel closes PA-funded TV station, Palestinian education office in Jerusalem

Israel Border Police Officer Indicted for Shooting at Palestinian ‘For the Fun of It’

France: We are committed to Israel’s security – urges Iran to refrain from destabilizing actions in Syria following IDF air strike on Iranian targets near Damascus

Russia Outs Israel and Jordan in Syria-Iraq Border Strike

‘You aren’t immune’: Israeli Defense minister threatens Iran leaders after Syria strikes

ISI satellite company releases photographs of the IDF attack against the Iranian Quds Force headquarters in Syria

Turkish drone strike kills, injures civilians in YPG-controlled Syrian area: Media

At Least 15 Dead After Attack on Displaced Persons Camp in Syria’s Idlib

More than 1,000 killed in Syria airstrikes since April, say monitors

Assyrians fear forced displacement as clashes drag on in north Syria

Pentagon: President Trump’s order to withdraw troops from Syria allows ISIS to rebuild

Iran’s Rohani Declares Victory Over Nationwide Protests That Reportedly Saw Over 100 Deaths

Iran has claimed ‘victory’ after protests. So why is the internet still off?

Rouhani warns rioting will not be tolerated, says Iran forced to cut fuel subsidies

Pentagon says Iran’s missiles unrivaled in Middle East

US deploys more troops to Saudi to counter Iran

Saudi King Blames Iran for ‘Chaos,’ Says Strikes Failed to Hurt Kingdom’s Development

Saudi Arabia welcomes US ending sanctions waiver for Iran’s Fordow

Iranian newspaper suggests targeting US, Saudi ‘strategic facilities’

Saudi Arabian King Salman says oil policy aimed at promoting market stability

Two protesters killed in renewed clashes with security forces in Baghdad

White House holding up $100M in Lebanon aid, official confirms

Students lead protests in Lebanon as President Aoun set to speak

Egyptian exile who sparked protests launches opposition movement

U.S. considers pulling up to 4,000 troops from South Korea: Chosun Ilbo

Chinese FM says US bill aims to ‘destroy Hong Kong’

Chinese investors are sinking cash into Hong Kong’s stock market as protests escalate

Protesters stay holed up on Hong Kong campus, surrounded by riot police

Colombia to close its borders in attempt to contain mass protests

At Least 6 Killed As Political Turmoil Continues In Bolivia

Bolivia government proposes election bill as its seeks path to peace

Report: Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to resign and run for US Senate

Ambassador drags Pompeo deeper into Trump impeachment

U.S. diplomat Sondland says he followed president’s orders on Ukraine

Sondland implicates top officials on Ukraine, but says he ‘never heard’ quid pro quo from Trump

Sondland Throws Mike Pence Under Bus, Says He Knew of Quid Pro Quo Concerns

‘Never happened’: Pence denies speaking with Sondland about ‘conditional release’ of Ukraine aid

White House says testimony of US envoy Gordon Sondland in impeachment hearing “completely exonerates” President Donald Trump

Sondland hearing exposes impeachment inquiry as ‘thoroughly corrupt and tyrannical’: Mark Levin

FBI seeks interview with CIA whistleblower

‘Act one of today’s circus is over’: Nunes mocks Democrats at end of morning impeachment hearing

Justice watchdog cites investigative management challenges ahead of pending report on FBI’s Russia probe

Graham: DOJ watchdog’s FISA report will be released Dec. 9

Amid impeachment drama, Senate helps Trump move U.S. courts to the right

Democratic White House candidates unite on impeachment in most polite debate yet

Trump campaign trolls Democrats with flyover ads by debate site: ‘Socialism will destroy Atlanta jobs’

The Federal Reserve is looking into developing a digital currency in the US, Powell confirms

6.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Chaloem Phra Kiat, Thailand

5.7 magnitude earthquake hits near Chaloem Phra Kiat, Thailand

5.4 magnitude earthquake hits near Puerto Madero, Mexico

Sabancaya volcano in Peru erupts to 28,000ft

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 23,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 20,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 20,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 15,000ft

Fuego volcano in Guatemla erupts to 14,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 13,000ft

Nevados De Chillan volcano in Chile erupts to 12,000ft

Ebeko volcano in the Kuril Islands erupts to 10,000ft

Hail storm carnage in Canterbury with Timaru bombarded and Christchurch in the firing line

Catastrophic bushfire conditions in Australia, over a dozen temperature records smashed

Evangelical PM slams Israel Folau for linking Australia wildfires to God’s wrath

California’s largest utility has started shutting off power again to thousands of customers

Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease Has Killed Hundreds, Possibly Thousands of Deer in Iowa

Miami-Dade Under Mosquito Borne Illness Alert After Another Case Of Dengue Fever Detected

New Brunswick: Next vaccination bill won’t back down from dropping non-medical exemptions, Cardy says

Humans put into suspended animation for first time

New census data: About 1 million same-sex households in US

Why Aren’t Christians Speaking Out Against Growing Trend of ‘Drag Queen Story Hours’?

Christians turn to artificial intelligence to stop porn use

Scientists decode human thoughts and emotions using MRI and computer analysis

How Kanye West put Joel Osteen’s prosperity gospel back under the spotlight

Inside the bloody cartel war for Mexico’s multibillion-dollar avocado industry

Apostasy Watch

Chip Brogden – Grace is a Man

Jordan Standridge – How to Share the Gospel With Atheists

Female pastors will only lead a church into apostasy

Woke Southern Baptist Bureaucrats Move To Crush Local Church Rebels. Rebels Fight Back

Prominent Black Preacher Says He’d Rather Go to Hell than Heaven With White People

Teacher Defends Drag Queen Makeup Class: Parents ‘Don’t Know What’s Best’ for Their Children

Judge Strikes Down Trump Pro-Life Rule Protecting Doctors From Being Forced to Do Abortions

Church builds huge baby Jesus statue — that looks like Phil Collins

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“A simple layman armed with Scripture is to be believed above a pope or a council without it…” – Martin Luther

KANYE WEST: You Said You Were My Brother – But Now I See Another – I See You in the Revel – And Dancin’ With the Devil — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

I was duped.

And Yes – the title is my own attempt at rap. (I have always hated that music)

When I first heard that Kanye West came out with an album called “Jesus is King” and read all of the hype that Kanye really did repent and was born again, I admit that I was very skeptical.

But then a well known pastor from Calvary Chapel made some statements that I admit, really affected and influenced my initial reaction. The pastor spoke about thinking back to when we were “baby” Christians and how we didn’t make good choices and how it was a process to continue to mature in Christ.

He spoke of looking at all of the lyrics to the songs on “Jesus is King” and how these songs were glorifying to God.

By that time, I was feeling like a hypocrite.  I felt that my knee-jerk reaction to Kanye was very wrong.  Was this a teaching moment from the Lord for me? I thought it might be. That is when I wrote the article about the angels singing because of Kanye’s conversion.

I did say that we would have to watch, wait and see; but that we should think the best of someone until we see a reason or reasons to doubt their verbal confession of faith in our Lord Jesus.

A friend who is also a writer tried over and over to help me to see that Kayne West was fooling the masses and had fooled me.  He wasn’t angry with me – he simply wanted to show me that I had been deceived.

Yesterday I read my friend’s  latest piece on Kanye and the Lord used it to open my eyes to the truth.  I had been bamboozled by a man who just saw a “Come to Jesus” moment as another way to bring in millions of dollars.

I will be using the article in its entirety. I am grateful to the Lord for using my friend to open my eyes to Truth.

From nowtheendbegins.com


Just eight days before Kanye West took the stage at Lakewood Church to perform his Sunday Service with false teacher Joel Osteen, Kanye was on the other side of Houston as one of the headliners at a hip-hop festival called Astroworld run by Travis Scott who is dating West’s sister-in-law Kylie Jenner. Travis Scott is a longtime and hardcore satanist, and his yearly Astroworld festival is filled with all sorts of bottom feeders from the pit of Hell. Think I exaggerate? Think again.

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.” 1 Thessalonians 5:22 (KJV)

Another one of the headliners of AstroWorld 2019 was Marilyn Manson, who needs no introduction, one of the most evil and reprobate performers in the music world ever.  Among the many numbers performed by Manson, you might be interested to know that he sang one of his hits called ‘Antichrist Superstar’ as he burned a Bible in front of cheering and frenzied fans. This is the very same AstroWorld  show that Kanye West lent his name to and performed at. Still think that Kanye West is a “baby Christian”? He’s not, he’s a stone cold deceiver.

The AstroWorld Festival was created by Travis Scott, baby daddy to Kylie Jenner and soon the be brother-in-law-to Kanye West, and this is the second year in a row for its production. AstroWorld feature an unbelievable assortment of the dirtiest, filthiest and openly satanic hip-hop music you could possibly imagine. Yet Kanye West hasn’t spoken a word against it, and was one of the main performers at this year’s show. What are we to make of that? Is this the type of  music a born again Christian could make? No, no, a thousand times no as DL Moody used to say. A true born again Christian wouldn’t even attend a show like this much less be one of the main acts. If you want to see how much of a satanist that Kanye’s future brother-in-law is, take a look at this, but pray first because it’s nasty.

Why do you think that so much of the music in Kanye West’s Sunday Service is so dark and gothic sounding? He performed on the stage at Lakewood church for 2 hours on Sunday night and they were all dressed in black and other dark colors on a very dim stage. Why? Take a look at this video you will know why.

Kanye West Used The All-Seeing Eye Of Horus Stage Set At Lakewood Church

So Kanye West brought his travelling Sunday Service road show to Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church on Sunday night, and by all accounts it was a rousing success. But not in any of the accounts I have come across thus far make any mention of the odd styling of the stage set used. From ground level it appears to be a well-lit and professionally choreographed stage set, but when the camera shows us the birds-eye view, we see a completely different story. What do we see? The all-seeing Eye of Horus that is so beloved by the Hollywood Illuminati, smack dab in the middle of the Jesus Is King Sunday Service. Hmm, I wonder how that happened? 🤔

I will say it again, once more and louder for all you lukewarm Laodiceans out there. Kanye West perform at a hip-hop show run by satanists where Marilyn Manson sang ‘Antichrist Superstar’ as he burned the Bible onstage. And Kanye did that a mere 8 days before bragging about his “christianity” with Joel Osteen. Watch these two videos about Travis Scott and his Astroworld Festival, and if after all this you still think that Kanye West is saved, maybe you’re not.

Travis Scott: The Forbes Interview

AstroWorld 2019 Highlights

This is AstroWorld 2019 as created by satanist Travis Scott, watch this at your own risk. It is filled with profanity-laced language, and loud, evil sounding satanic music. If you start watching at 1:33:35 you will see Travis Scott introducing his future brother-in-law Kanye West, and the filthy language doesn’t stop. Watch as Kanye West leads the crowd in singing along with the evil, filthy lyrics. The frenzied crowd shouts “Yeezy!, Yeezy!” as Kanye receives their worship. AstroWorld is the real Sunday Service that deceiver Kanye West is selling. 


Okay brethren, have you seen enough to convince you that not only was Kanye West NOT born again – but from all appearances in what he has been doing and saying and rapping; he is serving the devil BIG TIME.

I know that Geoff said that those who were believing Kanye, were Laodiceans and not born again.  I know that I am a blood washed, born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.  But what happened here is a good lesson for all true brothers and sisters in Christ.

The lesson I learned is first of all to listen to the Holy Spirit within me – HE told me from the start that Kanye was a fake.

But I was temporarily deceived by the evil one. The devil can use any of us – just like he did here:

 From that time forth began Jesus to shew unto his disciples, how that he must go unto Jerusalem, and suffer many things of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and be raised again the third day. Then Peter took him, and began to rebuke him, saying, Be it far from thee, Lord: this shall not be unto thee. But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men” (Matthew 16:21-23).

So Satan used even Peter and the Lord Jesus had to rebuke and cast Satan away from Peter.

Thank you Lord for using my friend to open my eyes to TRUTH!

Of course we should pray that Kanye comes to the truth.  Right now I am not very optimistic about this – but God can certainly do anything He wants to do.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


via KANYE WEST: You Said You Were My Brother – But Now I See Another – I See You in the Revel – And Dancin’ With the Devil — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

November 21 God Is at Work

Scripture reading: Psalm 107:1–21

Key verses: Philippians 2:7–8

But made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men. And being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself and became obedient to the point of death, even the death of the cross.

In his book Making Sense Out of Suffering, Peter Kreeft asserts:

The most oft-repeated teaching of Jesus is the paradox that the poor are rich, the weak are strong, the lowly are exalted. It is the point of the Beatitudes, of the Sermon on the Mount, of most of his parables; it is illustrated by his whole life, by the incarnation, the kenosis, the emptying. “He emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men. And being found in human form He humbled himself and became obedient unto death, even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:7–8).

This is the radical counter to the wisdom of our age, of any age. The fundamental dictum of nearly all modern psychologists is to love ourselves, to accept ourselves as we are, to feel good about ourselves. When we obey this wisdom of the world, God has two choices. He can either let us stay in that state and run the risk of becoming contented, respectable, self-righteous Pharisees; or else he can mercifully slap us out of it with a dose of suffering, frustration, and discontent with ourselves, and thus move us on to a new state …

Only when we are dissatisfied, only when we are weak, only when we are failures in ourselves, can God come in.

Adversity is God’s choice tool in molding you into a person of tremendous potential. In difficult times, He is at work.

You are at work in me, O Lord. I can rejoice in that today despite the circumstances of my life. I praise You![1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (2000). Into His presence (p. 340). Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

November 21, 2019 Afternoon Verse Of The Day

23:12 I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread. How a person lives reflects what a person loves, because actions follow values. Job’s heart is devoted to God, so his behavior is directed according to God’s way. By his commitment to God’s words, Job evidences that he values God’s wisdom more than even his daily food (cf. Prov. 8:10–11). Job lives a godly life because he loves God and all that God says.[1] †

23:12 — “I have treasured the words of His mouth more than my necessary food.”

If we turn away from the Lord when hard times hit, where will we find hope, or peace, or truth? God’s Word is an immovable anchor in times of storm, and living bread for dying men and women.[2]

23:12 I have treasured the words of his mouth Eliphaz instructed Job to set God’s word in his heart (22:22). Here, Job responds that he has treasured God’s words more than his own well-being.[3]

Ver. 12.—Neither have I gone back from the commandment of his lips. Professor Lee rightly observes that this declaration “takes it for granted that, at least, some precepts of God had been revealed before this time” (‘Book of Job,’ p. 370). There were “commandments” which Job recognized as having proceeded from God, and “words” which he looked upon as being the utterances of his mouth. This is strong evidence of a primeval revelation which, if not reduced to writing, had, at any rate, been handed down by tradition to Job’s day. Gen. 3:14–19 and 9:1–7 may afford the true explanation of this difficulty. I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food. This is scarcely strong enough. Job says, “I have treasured up, taken to myself, and preserved the words of his mouth,” either “more than my necessary food” or “more than my own law.” If the former rendering be preferred, there is no need of explanation; if the latter, we must regard “my own law” as meaning “the law of my own mind, my own will, the will of the natural man” (Cook).[4]

[1] Estes, D. J. (2013). Job. (M. L. Strauss, J. H. Walton, & R. de Rosset, Eds.) (p. 142). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Books.

[2] Stanley, C. F. (2005). The Charles F. Stanley life principles Bible: New King James Version (Job 23:12). Nashville, TN: Nelson Bibles.

[3] Barry, J. D., Mangum, D., Brown, D. R., Heiser, M. S., Custis, M., Ritzema, E., … Bomar, D. (2012, 2016). Faithlife Study Bible (Job 23:12). Bellingham, WA: Lexham Press.

[4] Spence-Jones, H. D. M. (Ed.). (1909). Job (p. 392). London; New York: Funk & Wagnalls Company.

November 21 The Quest for Intimacy

scripture reading: Matthew 19:16–22
key verses: Matthew 22:37–38

Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the first and great commandment.”

To experience genuine intimacy with Christ, you must be willing to lay down your love for the things of this world. This doesn’t mean giving up peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. But it does mean your desire for God and His fellowship exceeds your friendship with the world. God wants to bless you, yet blessings must never become what you seek above the Blesser.

  1. W. Tozer commented on the quest for intimacy:

There can be no doubt that this possessive clinging to things is one of the most harmful habits in the Christian life. Because it is so natural, it is rarely recognized for the evil that it is. But its outworkings are tragic.

We are often hindered from giving up our treasures to the Lord out of fear for their safety. This is especially true when those treasures are loved relatives and friends. But we need to have no such fears. Our Lord came not to destroy but to save. Everything is safe which is so committed.

The rich young ruler found in Jesus what he had been looking for all his life (Matt. 19:16–22). However, in his heart his material possessions outweighed the need to follow Christ.

You may have given yourself to the Lord, but have you laid aside your love and desire for the world’s riches? The greatest obstacle to knowing God is self–love. Make sure you don’t fall prey to it.

O Lord, purge me of desire for riches of this world. I know You are able to keep all I commit into Your hands. In You, I have found the greatest treasure.[1]


[1] Stanley, C. F. (1998). Enter His gates: a daily devotional. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers.

21 november (1858) 365 Days with Spurgeon

Samson conquered

“And she said, The Philistines be upon thee, Samson. And he awoke out of his sleep, and said, I will go out as at other times before, and shake myself. And he wist not that the Lord was departed from him. But the Philistines took him, and put out his eyes, and brought him down to Gaza, and bound him with fetters of brass; and he did grind in the prison house.” Judges 16:20, 21

suggested further reading: Colossians 2:1–8

Do any of you wish to be backsliders? Do you wish to betray the holy profession of your religion? My brethren, is there one among you who this day makes a profession of love to Christ, who desires to be an apostate? Is there one of you who desires like Samson to have his eyes put out, and to be made to grind in the mill? Would you, like David, commit a great sin, and go with broken bones to the grave? Would you, like Lot, be drunken, and fall into lust? No, I know what you say, “Lord, let my path be like the eagle’s flight; let me fly upwards to the sun, and never stay and never turn aside. Oh, give me grace that I may serve thee, like Caleb, with a perfect heart, and that from the beginning even to the end of my days, my course may be as the shining light, which shineth more and more unto the perfect day.” I know what is your desire. How, then, shall it be accomplished? Look well to your consecration; see that it is sincere; see that you mean it, and then look up to the Holy Spirit, after you have looked to your consecration, and beg of him to give you daily grace; for as day by day the manna fell, so must you receive daily food from on high. And, remember, it is not by any grace you have in you, but by the grace that is in Christ, and that must be given to you hour by hour, that you are to stand, and having done all, to be crowned at last as a faithful one, who has endured unto the end.

for meditation: The best way to guard against backsliding is not to keep still, but to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3:17, 18).

sermon no. 224[1]


[1] Spurgeon, C. H., & Crosby, T. P. (1998). 365 Days with Spurgeon (Volume 1) (p. 332). Leominster, UK: Day One Publications.

Biden & Son Milked Ukraine for $16.5 Million, Part of $7.4 BILLION in Obama-Linked Laundering

An indictment drawn up by Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General against Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky claims that Hunter Biden and his partners received $16.5 million for their ‘services’ – according to Ukrainian MP Alexander Dubinsky of the ruling Servant of the People Party.

US-China tensions could lead to a conflict worse than First World War, Henry Kissinger warns — RT World News

Left unchecked, the brewing rivalry between China and the United States could spark a conflict more devastating than the First World War, former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger has cautioned.

The veteran diplomat and controversial geopolitical thinker told attendees at the New Economy Forum, organized by Bloomberg Media, that tensions between Washington and Beijing could be resolved if “both sides try to overcome” their differences.

“It is far from being too late for that, because we are still in the foothills of a cold war,” he said during the conference on Thursday.

He warned, however, that de-escalation between the world’s two largest economies was “essential” in order to avoid disaster.

If conflict is permitted to run unconstrained the outcome could be even worse than it was in Europe. World War One broke out because a relatively minor crisis could not be mastered.

The former diplomat said that he hoped that ongoing trade negotiations between the US and China would facilitate broader cooperation. The trade talks are “a small beginning to a political discussion,” Kissinger noted.

 Also on rt.com

China vows to ‘fight back’ against new US legislation aimed at ‘destroying Hong Kong’

Washington and Beijing are at odds over a number of heated issues. A tit-for-tat tariff war has been exacerbated by a dispute over the South China Sea, over which Beijing claims full sovereignty. The two countries also continue to quarrel over the ongoing protests in Hong Kong. China has repeatedly accused the US of providing support to the increasingly violent demonstrations, an allegation which Washington firmly denies. This week the US Congress passed a bill aimed at monitoring human rights in the semi-autonomous territory.

— Read on www.rt.com/news/473974-china-us-conflict-kissinger/

Rethinking National Security: CIA and FBI Are Corrupt, but What About Congress? — Strategic Culture

The developing story about how the US intelligence and national security agencies may have conspired to influence and possibly even reverse the results of the 2016 presidential election is compelling, even if one is disinclined to believe that such a plot would be possible to execute. Not surprisingly perhaps there have been considerable introspection among former and current officials who have worked in those and related government positions, many of whom would agree that there is urgent need for a considerable restructuring and reining in of the 17 government agencies that have some intelligence or law enforcement function. Most would also agree that much of the real damage that has been done has been the result of the unending global war on terror launched by George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, which has showered the agencies with resources and money while also politicizing their leadership and freeing them from restraints on their behavior.

If the tens of billions of dollars lavished on the intelligence community together with a “gloves off” approach towards oversight that allowed them to run wild had produced good results, it might be possible to argue that it was all worth it. But the fact is that intelligence gathering has always been a bad investment even if it is demonstrably worse at the present. One might argue that the CIA’s notorious Soviet Estimate prolonged the Cold War and that the failure to connect dots and pay attention to what junior officers were observing allowed 9/11 to happen. And then there was the empowerment of al-Qaeda during the Soviet-Afghan war followed by failure to penetrate the group once it began to carry out operations.

More recently there have been Guantanamo, torture in black prisons, renditions of terror suspects to be tortured elsewhere, killing of US citizens by drone, turning Libya into a failed state and terrorist haven, arming militants in Syria, and, of course, the Iraqi alleged WMDs, the biggest foreign policy disaster in American history. And the bad stuff happened in bipartisan fashion, under Democrats and Republicans, with both neocons and liberal interventionists all playing leading roles. The only one punished for the war crimes was former CIA officer and whistleblower John Kiriakou, who exposed some of what was going on.

Colonel Pat Lang, a colleague and friend who directed the Defense Intelligence Agency HUMINT (human intelligence) program after years spent on the ground in special ops and foreign liaison, thinks that strong medicine is needed and has initiated a discussion based on the premise that the FBI and CIA are dysfunctional relics that should be dismantled, as he puts it “burned to the ground,” so that the federal government can start over again and come up with something better.

Lang cites numerous examples of “incompetence and malfeasance in the leadership of the 17 agencies of the Intelligence Community and the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” to include the examples cited above plus the failure to predict the collapse of the Soviet Union. On the domestic front, he cites his personal observation of efforts by the Department of Justice and the FBI to corruptly “frame” people tried in federal courts on national security issues as well as the intelligence/law enforcement community conspiracy to “get Trump.”

Colonel Lang asks “Tell me, pilgrims, why should we put up with such nonsense? Why should we pay the leaders of these agencies for the privilege of having them abuse us? We are free men and women. Let us send these swine to their just deserts in a world where they have to work hard for whatever money they earn.” He then recommends stripping CIA of its responsibility for being the lead agency in spying as well as in covert action, which is a legacy of the Cold War and the area in which it has demonstrated a particular incompetence. As for the FBI, it was created by J. Edgar Hoover to maintain dossiers on politicians and it is time that it be replaced by a body that operates in a fashion “more reflective of our collective nation[al] values.”

Others in the intelligence community understandably have different views. Many believe that the FBI and CIA have grown too large and have been asked to do too many things unrelated to national security, so there should be a major reduction-in-force (RIF) followed by the compulsory retirement of senior officers who have become too cozy with and obligated to politicians. The new-CIA should collect information, period, what it was founded to do in 1947, and not meddle in foreign elections or engage in regime change. The FBI should provide only police services that are national in nature and that are not covered by the state and local jurisdictions. And it should operate in as transparent a fashion as possible, not as a national secret police force.

But the fundamental problem may not be with the police and intelligence services themselves. There are a lot of idiots running around loose in Washington. Witness for example the impeachment hearings ludicrous fact free opening statement by House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (with my emphasis) “In 2014, Russia invaded a United States ally, Ukraine, to reverse that nation’s embrace of the West, and to fulfill Vladimir Putin’s desire to rebuild a Russian empire.” 

And the press is no better, note the following excerpt from The New York Times lead editorialon the hearings, including remarks of the two State Department officers who testified, on the following day: “They came across not as angry Democrats or Deep State conspirators, but as men who have devoted their lives to serving their country, and for whom defending Ukraine against Russian aggression is more important to the national interest than any partisan jockeying…

“At another point, Mr. Taylor said he had been critical of the Obama administration’s reluctance to supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and other lethal defensive weapons in its fight with Russia, and that he was pleased when the Trump administration agreed to do so

“What clearly concerned both witnesses wasn’t simply the abuse of power by the president, but the harm it inflicted on Ukraine, a critical ally under constant assault by Russian forces. ‘Even as we sit here today, the Russians are attacking Ukrainian soldiers in their own country and have been for the last four years…’ Mr. Taylor said.”

Schiff and the Times should get their facts straight. And so should the two American foreign service officers who were clearly seeing the situation only from the Ukrainian perspective, a malady prevalent among US diplomats often described as “going native.” They were pushing a particular agenda, i.e. possible war with Russia on behalf of Ukraine, in furtherance of a US national interest that they fail to define. One of them, George Kent, eulogized the Ukrainian militiamen fighting the Russians as the modern day equivalent of the Massachusetts Minutemen in 1776, not exactly a neutral assessment, and also euphemized Washington-provided lethal offensive weapons as “security assistance.”

Another former intelligence community friend Ray McGovern has constructed a time line of developments in Ukraine which demolishes the establishment view on display in Congress relating to the alleged Russian threat. First of all, Ukraine was no American ally in 2014 and is no “critical ally” today. Also, the Russian reaction to western supported rioting in Kiev, a vital interest, only came about after the United States spent $5 billion destabilizing and then replacing the pro-Kremlin government. Since that time Moscow has resumed control of the Crimea, which is historically part of Russia, and is active in the Donbas region which has a largely Russian population.

It should really be quite simple. The national security state should actually be engaged in national security. Its size and budget should be commensurate with what it actually does, nothing more. It should not be roaming the world looking for trouble and should instead only respond to actual threats. And it should operate with oversight. If Congress is afraid to do it, set up a separate body that is non-partisan and actually has the teeth to do the job. If the United States of America comes out of the process as something like a normal nation the entire world will be a much happier place.

— Read on www.strategic-culture.org/news/2019/11/21/rethinking-national-security-cia-and-fbi-are-corrupt-but-what-about-congress/

21 NOVEMBER 365 Days with Calvin

Glorifying God’s Strange Ways

And when David enquired of the Lord, he said, Thou shalt not go up; but fetch a compass behind them, and come upon them over against the mulberry trees. 2 Samuel 5:23

suggested further reading: Judges 7

There was a reason why God commanded David to go behind his enemies and not to attack them directly. For our faith must be proved in various ways, and if David had always conquered his enemies in one way, he would not have been so keenly aware of the help of God.

There was another benefit in David’s recognizing that God could smite his enemies both from the back and from the front. He could punish them one way now, and another way later, thereby cleverly surprising them. When one means fails us, God has more than a million more in his hand to offer us. That is what David recognized.

Likewise, let us carefully recognize that when God uses different methods that we do not understand with our own minds, we must humble ourselves and adore his wisdom. When he is hidden from us and we cannot see the reason why he acts as he does, we must turn everything over to him and accept as good everything that he declares to be his will. This is how the foolishness of God overcomes the wisdom of the world (1 Cor. 1:25).

When we cannot understand why God does something, we show arrogance in our nature when we presume to be his judges and boldly condemn him. Men have tried all sorts of trickery to find ways to contradict God, but they only remain confounded. Well, then, that is the point: God takes care of his people in such strange ways that we cannot understand why he uses various approaches. But when God’s way seems foolish to us, let us learn to receive with deep sobriety and reverence what we know has proceeded from him.

for meditation: God often chooses to accomplish his will in ways we did not expect and may not like. In such situations, however, we see that it is God who is accomplishing his will, not us. He does not need to follow our plans or obey his council; we must follow his. In this way he keeps us humble and dependent on him. Is there an area of your life where you are struggling with this truth today?[1]


[1] Calvin, J., & Beeke, J. R. (2008). 365 Days with Calvin (p. 344). Leominster; Grand Rapids, MI: Day One Publications; Reformation Heritage Books.

November 21 – Total love — Reformed Perspective

“For if while we were enemies we were reconciled to God by the death of his Son, much more, now that we are reconciled, shall we be saved by his life. More than that, we also rejoice in God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we have now received reconciliation.” – Romans 5:10–11

Scripture reading: Romans 5

The power of God’s love is total, totally depraved we are now totally saved because Christ is a complete Savior. Paul has substituted the word “justified” for “reconciled.” Justification is forensic, legal language. It pictures the believer being declared innocent of all charges. Reconciliation language, on the other hand, comes from the world of personal relationships. “To reconcile” means to bring together or make peace between two hostile parties. The cross makes peace. It destroys sinners and makes us believers. It takes us from the kingdom of darkness and transfers us into the Kingdom of light.

Who belongs to the Kingdom of God? Those who have been washed “by His blood,” that is, those who are presently clean “by the death of His Son” and whose final salvation is “by His life.” Salvation from beginning to end is all in, with, by, and through Christ. By His death, our sins forgiven, we have peace with God. By His life, our righteousness, we have access to God. Because Christ is a whole Savior, our salvation is secure now and forever. Christ is the assurance of faith. If Hewas only a half-Savior, then there would be cause for concern. Our half – have we met our half of the bargain? Have we done enough, loved enough, progressed enough? Our half would rob us of His love, yet because Heis our whole Savior, we have no fear of being cut off from His love in the middle of our Christian life.

Suggestions for prayer

Pray that you would see how much you have been forgiven that you might love more and hate sin more and turn from it.

This daily devotional is available in a print edition you can buy at Nearer to God Devotional. Rev. Jared Beairdis the church planter and pastor of Covenant Reformed Church(URCNA) in Missoula, Montana, USA.

via November 21 – Total love — Reformed Perspective

DHS Database To Hold Biometric Data On 229 Million… By 2022 | Technocracy News

Article Image

The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) expects to have face, fingerprint, and iris scans of at least 259 million people in its biometrics database by 2022. Is there any way to escape the mass surveillance and tracking that George Orwell warned us all about in his iconic book, 1984?

The Orwellian police state is upon us, but don’t expect it to improve at all.  In fact, as George Orwell said: “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

According to a recent presentation from the DHS’s Office of Procurement Operations which was reviewed by Quartz, the 259 million in the database is about 40 million more than the agency’s 2017 projections. In those estimates, the agency expected to have the data of 220 million unique identities by 2022, according to previous figures cited by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a San Francisco-based privacy rights nonprofit.

— Read on http://www.technocracy.news/dhs-database-to-hold-biometric-data-on-220-million-by-2022/

Dems’ self-destructive defense of Biden family corruption – American Thinker

The Democrat prestidigitation is being seen for what it truly is: blatant, very high level corruption during the Obama administration that Dems are trying to ignore, and even worse, condone, while cynically trying to unseat a president for a far less egregious offense.

You know those idealized, perfectly conical shapes small children draw to depict hills and mountain peaks? Well according to the Cambridge Hillwalking Club, the Gaelic term for such a hill or peak so shaped is bidean or bidein. Usually we find depictions of bideins adorning kindergarten walls and refrigerator doors, but in the case of the 2020 Democrat presidential primary, it would seem the poobahs of the party’s congressional delegation seem to view, like small children, their own morally faulted, fissured and distinctly irregular Biden as one of those idealized, perfectly symmetrical bideins to, a pinnacle to be defended against all comers, in spite of a widely televised admission of corruption by Joe, involving himself and his son.If Trump-deranged, impeachment-crazed Democrats were still demonstrating even minor signs of political sanity, one might suppose they would think long and hard before trying to defend such overt dishonesty while simultaneously attempting to impeach the sitting president for a far less serious and less provable act involving largely the same players in the same country. The Democrat leadership is confident that they can pull off this legerdemain because they believe that through their media minions they control the watching eyes of the American public, keeping the rubes focused on fanciful hearings while the Bidens and their corrupt behavior remain hidden by media sleight of hand. Their confidence is easy to understand; Democrats have long enjoyed the luxury of having the coastal, urban, elite media acting as fang-toothed propagandists for the party while hiding behind a hypocritical hijab of pious impartiality.

Joe and Hunter Biden in the 2009 Obama inaugural parade (photo credit: acaben)

But now, the media are no longer making even a token attempt to appear unbiased; their masks have come off and their role as the publicity arm of a single political party is ever clearer to millions more of the American public. Now the Democrat prestidigitation is being seen for what it truly is: blatant, very high level corruption during the Obama administration that Dems are trying to ignore, and even worse, condone, while cynically trying to unseat a president for a far less egregious offense. Dems refuse to accept the reality that acknowledging Joe Biden’s probably corrupt activities bear investigating might mitigate the stench of hypocrisy that now surrounds their impeachment proceedings.

The Democrat leadership may still feel confident that with the media’s one-sided support they can bamboozle the American public with their Capitol Hill hocus pocus, but they would be well advised to pause first and ask themselves:

“Is this the wrong Bidein to die on?”

— Read on www.americanthinker.com/blog/2019/11/dems_selfdestructive_defense_of_biden_family_corruption_.html

Thursday Briefing November 21, 2019 – AlbertMohler.com


 Impeachment Proceedings Continue in the House: Was Gordon Sondland’s Testimony Yesterday a Game-Changer?


 What Exactly Is a Quid Pro Quo? Democrats Drop Latin Phrase in Favor of Words Like “Bribery” and “Extortion”


 There Is No One Beyond Moral Accountability: Prince Andrew Removes Himself from Public Eye after BBC Interview about Jeffrey Epstein





Sondland acknowledges Ukraine quid pro quo, implicates Trump, Pence, Pompeo and others, by Rachael Bade, Aaron C. Davis, Matt Zapotosky


 Sondland Says He Followed Trump’s Orders to Pressure Ukraine, by Nicholas Fandos and Michael S. Schmidt



Adam Schiff, Founding Father, by The Editorial Board


 House Democrats Adopt a Sharper, Simpler Vocabulary, by Sheryl Gay Stolberg


Covetousness and Gratitude | Tabletalk

If gratitude should be our automatic response to grace in the Christian life, then why are we so often ungrateful? What is the root cause of ingratitude? In part, the answer to that question is in the last of the Ten Commandments, where God says, “You shall not covet.” When we first pause to think about this command, we may wonder if it’s too much to say that covetousness is the root of ingratitude. We first may be tempted to think this commandment is one-tenth of the law or that it is the least of the commandments because it comes last. However, we should rather acknowledge that it is the concluding and summative decree of God’s law. When we do, the commandment’s comprehensive character is unveiled.

The Comprehensive Character of Covetousness

The comprehensive character of this commandment shows the way covetousness is often involved when any one of the Ten Commandments is broken. This is clearly seen in several key passages of Scripture. When Paul reflects on the whole law, he uses covetousness to sum it all up (Rom. 7:7). When he warns the Galatians to guard themselves from sin, he speaks of sin as the flesh’s coveting against the Spirit (Gal. 5:17). And when James is giving warnings against the sins of murder, fighting, and quarreling, he shows how coveting is truly at the root of them all (James 4:2).

The Heidelberg Catechism also spells out the comprehensive character of covetousness (Q&A 113). We are told “that not even the slightest desire or thought contrary to any one of God’s commandments should ever arise in our hearts.” This answer clearly is pointing to the fact that when we show ungrateful defiance of any one of the Ten Commandments, the root is covetousness, our desire to place the self above God.

Contentment yields godliness and gratitude in the Christian life.

When we worship other gods, fail to rest and worship on the Christian Sabbath, do not honor those in authority, or struggle with any form of adultery, it is because we are coveting. When we worship the ways of the world, long for a self-serving Sabbath, claim our own authority, or desire our neighbor’s spouse, we are coveting. The comprehensive character of sin unveils how coveting is at the root of all ingratitude toward God.

The Complete Conqueror of Covetousness

The roots of covetousness run deep in our Christian lives. This recognition drives us to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who perfectly combated covetousness and upheld godly contentment with God’s will. During Christ’s temptation in the wilderness, what was Satan seeking but to tempt Him to covet what was contrary to God’s Word? Satan was tempting the Savior in the hope that He would covet food, fame, and the fulfillment of selfish goals (Luke 4:1–13). However, Christ resisted the sin of covetousness to which the first Adam fell prey (Gen. 3:6). He was perfectly content with His Father’s promises; the Living Word had no need for what the devil had to offer. And by uprooting the sin of covetousness, the Lord shows us early in the Gospels how He upheld the entire law for us.

The Contented Christian Life

Understanding covetousness and how Christ conquered sin helps us face and root out covetousness in our own lives as Christians. First, we must put off the old man and destroy the covetousness that is part of our fallen nature. Furthermore, as those alive in Christ, we must also be putting on the new man, one who has contentment rather than covetousness at the root of all things. We who belong to Christ must cultivate contentment in Him, confident that a fruitful harvest is coming.

This true contentment means that we are not longing for the way of the world or worldly pleasure. Rather, we are to be content with the promises of the gospel. This is Paul’s appeal to Timothy (1 Tim. 6:3–11): follow the sound teaching of Scripture that “accords with godliness.” Paul reminds his protégé, “Now there is great gain in godliness with contentment” (v. 6). Paul mentions “senseless and harmful desires and all sorts of evils” to be avoided, and he urges Christians to be content with what they have (vv. 8–9). After saying what Timothy should “flee,” he exhorts him to “pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, steadfastness, gentleness.” Contentment yields godliness and gratitude in the Christian life. In addition, the contented Christian is also expectant, awaiting the King’s return to welcome him into His kingdom forever (Rev. 21–22).

— Read on tabletalkmagazine.com/article/2019/11/covetousness-and-gratitude/

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude | True Woman Blog | Revive Our Hearts

Quite a few summers ago, my son, Matt, who had just moved back home after being away for eight months, came into the kitchen, gave me a huge hug, and exclaimed, “Mom, thank you so much for folding my laundry!”

My first thought was to check his forehead to see if he was running a temperature. My second thought was that he was about to ask for money and was trying to butter me up. But he didn’t look flushed, and the request for cash never came. So in the end, I decided that nothing except sheer gratitude had motivated him. That hug made my day! I felt so pleased that he had noticed what I had done and that he was truly thankful for it.

Gratitude Is Key in Relationships

It’s important to express gratitude. A simple “thank you” shows that we recognize that we’ve received something that the giver was under no obligation to give. It guards against an attitude of self-centeredness and entitlement. And it contributes to an atmosphere of goodwill in the relationship. When there is no gratitude, the giver feels unappreciated and may become discouraged and reluctant to give again.

Gratitude is not only important in human relationships, it’s also important in our relationship with God. David, the Psalmist, knew this. He took note of the wonderful things that God did and continually expressed appreciation for them. David said,

Let us thank the LORD for his steadfast love, for his wondrous works to the children of men! And let us offer sacrifices of thanksgiving, and tell of his deeds in songs of joy! (Ps. 107:21–22)

The biblical word for thanksgiving is the Greek eucharistos. Some church traditions use this as the name for the Lord’s Supper—the Eucharist. Eucharistos means “mindful of favors,” “conscious of benefit received,” “grateful,” or simply “thankful.” Giving thanks goes way beyond praying before we eat our food. According to Scripture, it’s one of the very basic disciplines of the Christian life. The Bible commands: “Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving” (Col. 4:2).

Pray with Thanksgiving

Are your prayers full of thanksgiving? Prayers of thanksgiving are somewhat different than prayers of praise or adoration. In praise and adoration, I extol who God is—His wonderful attributes of holiness, love, righteousness, justice, and so forth.

But in thanksgiving, I personalize it. I acknowledge how I benefit from what God has done. I remember His gifts, and I let Him know that I know where all the blessings in my life have come from. All the things I enjoy—life, health, friends, family, and even the beauty of the snow piled like dollops of sparkling cream on the boughs of the pine tree in my backyard—have come from His hand. In recognition of this, I stop what I’m doing, go into the kitchen, give God a huge hug (so to speak), and bless Him by saying, “Thank You so much!”

Worth a Million Thanks

One item sent in for copyright at the Library of Congress was a book written by a whimsical Texas businessman, who intended to hand out copies to his customers and friends. The title of the book was A Million Thanks, and it consisted of the word “thanks” repeated one million times throughout the pages.

How often do we stop to give thanks to God? Once a day? Twice a day? Three times a day? If we were to give thanks to God three times a day, that would amount to about 76,000 expressions of thanksgiving in a lifetime. That’s nowhere near the millions of thanks the Texas businessman was willing to give a customer for just one small favor.

When you awoke and saw the sun shining this morning, did you give thanks?
When you went to your closet and it was full of clothes, did you give thanks?
When you sat down in the kitchen and your children came bounding in, did you give thanks?
When you were driving on the freeway and were cut off in traffic, did you give thanks?

Thanksgiving Is for Us

First Thessalonians 5:18 says, “Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” The American Standard Version translation says, “This is the will of God . . . to you-ward.”

It’s God’s will “you-ward” that you give thanks in every circumstance. You see, when you boil it right down, thanksgiving is not so much for His benefit as it is for ours. It changes us. It helps us stay focused on God and His grace and goodness and the exceedingly abundant riches we have in Jesus. It helps us remain mindful of Him and to live our lives aright. And in the end, that’s what honors Him the most. A life of thankfulness reflects the glory of God.

So let’s make a point to have an attitude of gratitude. Like David, let’s resolve: 

I will give thanks to the LORD with my whole heart: I will recount all of your wonderful deeds. I will be glad and exult in you . . . O Most High (Ps. 9:1–2).

It’s your turn. What are you thankful for? Can you think of ten things? Or twenty? Take a moment to pray and thank the Lord for these things.

November 21, 2019 Morning Verse Of The Day

14 Creation is existential! The intensely personal language to which the psalmist returns (“I” and “my”) complements that of the second section. God is concerned with the individuals he has formed for his purpose. Therefore praise is the proper response to God’s grace of discernment, perception, and purpose. The child of God sees God’s presence everywhere (vv. 7–12) and experiences the joy of God’s watchful eye over him. All God’s “works” are “wonderful,” but the believer, more than any other part of God’s creation, senses that he is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” Though God’s grace toward him is like “knowledge … too wonderful for” him to comprehend (v. 6), he lives with a personal awareness of God’s gracious purpose (“I know that full well”). The psalmist reveals a unique awareness of God’s grace toward him and responds with a hymn of thanksgiving (“I praise you”).[1]

Ver. 14. I will praise Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.Man adoring his Maker:

  1. The expressive declaration—“I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”
  2. The wonders and mysteries of the human frame are little thought of, or understood, by the children of men; yet surely we may say, “The finger of God is here.” Our body is a congeries of wonders from the crown of the head to the sole of the foot. The different parts are so finely, delicately, and exquisitely made that it seems as if the least thing must disjoint, disorder, or derange them. Our life is an affair of beauty, symmetry, utility, and of mystery. The configuration and the construction, the composition and the articulation, the perforations, the compressions, the expansions, the attrition, the compensation, the exhaustion, the restoration, the secretion, and the excretions of the body all prove it to be “fearfully made.” The mouth, the eye, the ear, the head, the brain, and the lungs, with the heart contracting four thousand times in an hour, and sending out with unerring accuracy at every contraction one ounce of blood, are all proof of the fact. The varied apparatus for breathing, for nourishing the system, for moving the limbs, for the reception of aliment, and for the ejection of waste, all demonstrate the truth of the text. The varied secretions of the system, and the gastric juice, all of them being different in consistency, in colour, in taste, in smell, and in their uses in the animal economy; some of them thick, others transparent, some bitter and others sweet, all adapted either to cleanse, to lubricate, to defend, to digest, or to nourish, are so many confirmations of the statement that we are “fearfully made.”
  3. The language of the text also applies to the soul. Man is not only an animal, but also a spirit. That spirit is in the body, but not of it. So different from it, it yet influences it, and is influenced by it. It is lodged in it for “an appointed time,” and then to leave it, to be again reunited indissolubly to it, and there to abide for ever. This is the most wonderful part of man; it is mind, spirit, soul; the breath of God “breathed into his nostrils, and man become a living soul.” The first man, Adam, was made a living soul. Mentally, he is fearfully and wonderfully made. As a spirit he possesses the power to think, to learn, to know; he is capable of intermeddling with all wisdom, of receiving continuous supplies of wisdom and knowledge. What a power is this! It allies us to angels, to Deity! Do we value sufficiently our mental endowment? Are we careful to improve our power of reflection? Do we act as thinking beings—as creatures who must go wrong unless we exercise our minds in relation to the past, the present, and the future?
  4. Socially; we are “fearfully and wonderfully made.” We are linked one to another, all the world round, and from generation to generation. We are ever being brought under the influence of others, and in our turn influence those around us. We may forget it, may doubt it, or deny it, and neglect it, yet it is so; all through our existence, in childhood, youth, manhood, or old age. This influence is being ever exerted, wherever we are, whatever we do, wherever we go—at home, abroad, in quiet or in active life. Oh! how it becomes us to be guarded, lest our being shall be a curse to any immortal spirit instead of a blessing; lest we lead them astray, and cause them suffering here and hereafter; or lest it be thus with ourselves! Let us indeed “watch and pray, lest we lead or fall into temptation.”
  5. Morally, man is “fearfully and wonderfully made.” These natures of ours are distinguished by a moral sense, as well as by a mental power and a social influence. We are gifted with a sense of right and wrong, of which we can never be divested to all eternity. We can understand the difference; can choose the evil and reject the good; or we are at liberty to choose the good and repudiate the evil. The choice is our own act; the praise, the blame our own. We may be driven to choose between conflicting duties; never obliged to choose between criminal acts, or to act criminally at all. We may be virtuous or vicious; range ourselves on the side of heaven or hell; walk with the wise, or choose to be the companions of fools. Do we regard aright this fearful responsibility? Do we live as if thus distinguished from the rest of the terrene creation?
  6. A becoming resolution. “I will praise Thee.” Let us not forget that we have much to praise God for. He is our Maker, He has blessed us with existence, and it will not be His fault if that blessing be turned into a curse. He it is that has so long held our souls in life. He has rightly framed us. He has endowed us with reason, He has favoured us with health, He has provided for our comfort, and supplied our ever-recurring necessities. We should praise Him for His marvellous wisdom, skill, power, and benevolence in thus building our “house of clay”; and endowing us with such mental powers, and for putting us into such social relations with each other, and in blessing us with such astounding spiritual possibilities for time and eternity; fully meeting and providing for the wants of our fallen spiritual natures as He has done also for the physical. We should praise Him for opening up to us through Jesus Christ His Son all the stores of Divine wisdom and knowledge, and giving us through Him free and constant access, “the fulness of the Godhead,” “the unsearchable riches,” the riches of His grace, the treasures of His love, and the immensity and eternity of His love. (Thomas Lord.)

The growth and perfection of the natural man’s body and mind:

  1. The progress of man’s natural and intellectual life from its first principles to maturity.
  2. Practical lessons.
  3. Here, then, you will find, if you have hearts to perceive, overwhelming proofs of the power, the providence, the wisdom, and the goodness of God.
  4. If God has made these wonderful provisions for the formation and growth, the perfection and happiness of man; if He has endowed him with talents for comprehending the excellence of the work and the glory of its Maker, with a principle of self-action, deliberation, and choice of measures, man is bound to employ his parts and properties of body and mind with a special regard to God’s glory, as the main end and purpose of His own creation.
  5. The formation, increase, and maturity of our bodily parts and intellectual faculties, the provisions that are made for their sustenance and development, and the wondrous processes by which they attain to their measure of perfection are strong presumptions of the truth of what the Scriptures teach us of the resurrection of the body: and may be considered as a pledge and assurance that this portion of God’s counsels and prophecies will be fulfilled. (Bishop Bethell.)

Man fearfully made:

  1. The expression imports the dignity of man in comparison with other creatures in this lower world. Man is so made that the sight of him impresses a terror on the beasts of the earth. Many of these are superior to man in strength and activity; and, were it not for this dread of man which is impressed on them, our life would be a state of anxiety and terror. Now, if God has given us dominion over the beasts of the earth, we ought to exercise it with justice and humanity. And if man is made superior to the beasts, he should conduct himself in a manner becoming his natural superiority. Reason is the dignity of man. Then only we maintain our dignity when we act as reasonable beings. If passion and appetite triumph over reason, we lose our superiority to the beast, and become as the horse or mule, which has no understanding.
  2. We are fearfully made, as our frame demonstrates the power, wisdom, and presence of God. Such a wonderful composition as man could not be the effect of chance. It must be the work of an infinite, independent, all-wise Creator. And God demands, “will ye not tremble at My presence? Ye have a revolting and a rebellious heart.” But we need not go out of ourselves. Shall we not tremble at His presence, when we see Him around us, and feel Him within us? He is not far from every one of us. Shall not His excellency make us afraid? Let us fear, love, and obey Him. This is our whole duty.
  3. We are fearfully made, as the Creator has impressed upon us evident marks of our immortality and accountableness. In the present state we find ourselves capable of progress and improvement: but we never rise to the perfection to which, in a longer space, we might attain. Must there not, then, be another state in which we may reach the perfection of which our nature is capable, but which is unattainable here?
  4. In respect of our frailty. Such is the tenderness of our frame, that in this rough and dangerous world in which we live, we are always exposed to casualties and wounds, diseases and death. It may, therefore, with much propriety be said, “we are fearfully made.” Let religion possess our hearts, and peace will attend our path, and hope will brighten our prospect. We may take pleasure in infirmities, for the power of Christ will rest upon us. For us to live will be Christ, and to die will be gain. (J. Lathrop, D.D.)

The fabric of the human body:

Wonderful as a piece of architecture, as Solomon’s Temple was, the fabric of the human body is far more wonderful and far more exquisite in its beauty. It is passing strange that while men can be passionate enthusiasts in the matter of being collectors and students of moths, of first editions of books, or even of postage stamps, such vast numbers of them are content to remain in ignorance of that cabinet of marvels which is nearer to them than anything else, which they carry about with them everywhere, and upon the well-being of which depends not only so much of their comfort, but also the highest effectiveness of their lives. (R. G. A. Bennets, B.A.)[2]

14. “I will praise thee:” a good resolve, and one which he was even now carrying out. Those who are praising God are the very men who will praise him. Those who wish to praise have subjects for adoration ready to hand. We too seldom remember our creation, and all the skill and kindness bestowed upon our frame: but the sweet singer of Israel was better instructed, and therefore he prepares for the chief musician a song concerning our nativity and all the fashioning which precedes it. We cannot begin too soon to bless our Maker, who began so soon to bless us: even in the act of creation he created reasons for our praising his name. “For I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” Who can gaze even upon a model of our anatomy without wonder and awe? Who could dissect a portion of the human frame without marvelling at its delicacy, and trembling at its frailty? The Psalmist had scarcely peered within the veil which hides the nerves, sinews, and blood-vessels from common inspection; the science of anatomy was quite unknown to him; and yet he had seen enough to arouse his admiration of the work and his reverence for the Worker. “Marvellous are thy works.” These parts of my frame are all thy works; and though they be home works, close under my own eye, yet are they wonderful to the last degree. They are works within my own self, yet are they beyond my understanding, and appear to me as so many miracles of skill and power. We need not go to the ends of the earth for marvels, nor even across our own threshold; they abound in our own bodies.

And that my soul knoweth right well.” He was no agnostic—he knew; he was no doubter—his soul knew; he was no dupe—his soul knew right well. Those know indeed and of a truth who first know the Lord, and then know all things in him. He was made to know the marvellous nature of God’s work with assurance and accuracy, for he had found by experience that the Lord is a master-worker, performing inimitable wonders when accomplishing his kind designs. If we are marvellously wrought upon even before we are born, what shall we say of the Lord’s dealings with us after we quit his secret workshop, and he directs our pathway through the pilgrimage of life? What shall we not say of that new birth which is even more mysterious than the first, and exhibits even more the love and wisdom of the Lord.[3]

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WATCH: Shapiro On Chick-Fil-A: ‘They Surrendered To Nasty, Censorious Cancel Culture’ | The Daily Wire

Speaking on Tuesday night with Fox News Host Shannon Bream on FoxNews@Night, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro slammed Chick-fil-A for capitulating to the LGBT activists by saying they would no longer donate to Christian charities such as The Salvation Army and The Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Bisnow reported earlier this week that Chick-fil-A’s charitable actions “will no longer include donating to organizations like the Salvation Army, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and the Paul Anderson Youth Home.” As The Daily Wire reported, “Instead of those Christian organizations, Chick-fil-A told Bisnow, it will give $9M to ‘organizations like Junior Achievement USA to support education, Covenant House International to fight homelessness and community food banks for its hunger initiative in each city where the chain operates,’ the outlet reports.”

Shapiro commented:

It’s completely idiotic, completely idiotic. Chick-fil-A’s, their gross revenue went from $1 billion in 2001 to $10.5 billion this year, and did so despite the fact that the Left has been targeting them since 2013, when they found out that Dan Cathy, who is the CEO of Chick-fil-A, was in favor of traditional marriage. That has not slowed Chick-fil-A’s growth one iota; in fact, that Chick-fil-A decided to bow down before the lords of political correctness and then cut Christian charities out because those Christian charities happen not to support same-sex marriage militantly, is pretty astonishing, and it‘s a horrible sign for our culture if we are really now only going to eat at restaurants where the activities of the restaurants don’t matter, right?

Chick-fil-A will serve anybody, gay, straight, doesn’t matter, everybody is happy to eat a chicken sandwich Chick-fil-A will serve; the real question is if you are going to start boycotting businesses based on the personal views of the owners of the business, well, then we’re going to end up with basically a two-tiered political system in every aspect of American life. And the country can’t last that way. If I literally have to check out the political donation record of the restaurant owner where I go to patronize the burger, I don’t know how we’re going to last as a country this way.

Bream quoted Drew Anderson, GLAAD’s Director of campaigns, stating, “In addition to refraining from financially supporting anti-LGBTQ organizations, Chick-fil-A still lacks policies to ensure safe workplaces for LGBTQ employees and should unequivocally speak out against the anti-LGBTQ reputation that their brand represents.” Bream commented, “So, the Left doesn’t sound satisfied by this move Chick-fil-A’s made.”

Shapiro responded:

Because the Left will never be satisfied. The Boy Scouts did the same thing and the Left went after the Boy Scouts. Once you give an inch to the Left with regard to your fundamental principles, the Left will never stop. If Chick-fil-A believes that they bought off the Left through all of this and that the Left is suddenly going to start switching their dollars over from whatever vegan restaurants they are patronizing to Chick-fil-A, they’ve got another thing coming. Chick-fil-A is not going to win any supporters on the Left and they’re going to lose a lot of supporters on the Right who feel like they surrendered to nasty, censorious cancel culture.

Video below: