Boundary Stones and Slippery Slopes: A discerning look at Jen Wilkin, part 3

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

Part 1: Introduction and Method
Part 2: Jen Wilkin’s teaching in the “Menstruation Video”
Part 3: Is Jen Wilkin a Complementarian?

In Part 1 I introduced this three-part series with some of the things I enjoy about Jen Wilkin, and also discussed how I go about reviewing a nationally known teacher’s doctrine, teaching, and lifestyle. In part 2 I took a look at Mrs Wilkin’s now-infamous menstruation eisegesis lesson, and this part 3 I will look at whether she actually lives out her proclamation that she is a complementarian woman, some other discernment issues, and conclude part 3 with a look at what the Lord means when He says do not move the boundary stones.

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