January 23, 2020 Truth2Freedom Briefing Report (US•World•Christian)


Democrats planned to plow ahead on Thursday at U.S. President Donald
Trump’s impeachment trial with their arguments for removing him from
office, but Republicans showed no signs of softening their resistance to
the Democratic case.

Some members of the U.S. Senate hearing President Donald Trump’s
impeachment trial, a proceeding following decades-old precedent, said they
welcomed at least one of the chamber’s anachronistic rules: a ban on

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu denounced Iran on Thursday as
“the most anti-Semitic regime on the planet”, telling world leaders at a
Holocaust memorial event that Israel would always defend itself against
those seeking to destroy it.

China put millions of people on lock down on Thursday in two cities at the
epicenter of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed 17 people and infected
more than 630, as authorities around the world worked to prevent a global

China’s aviation regulator said on Thursday passengers will be able to
receive full refunds on their flight tickets nationwide starting on Friday
due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Singapore on Thursday confirmed its first case of a new strain of
coronavirus that has killed 17 and infected more than 630 people in China,
the health ministry said.

Vietnam’s health ministry said on Thursday that two Chinese citizens in the
Southeast Asian country had tested positive for coronavirus, but were in
“good condition”.

An Indian nurse working at a hospital in southwestern Saudi Arabia has been
infected by the coronavirus amid an outbreak that has killed 17 people in
China, India’s minister of state for external affairs said on Thursday.

Hundreds of Central Americans crossed the Guatemalan border into Mexico
early on Thursday, testing the Mexican government’s resolve to stem the
movement of people north under pressure from the United States.

Diversification is crucial to ensuring a country’s security in the rollout
of 5G mobile technology and shunning one supplier completely risks being
counterproductive, German Chancellor Angela said on Thursday.

AP Top Stories

A man who fell ill in Mexico on Monday following a December trip to Wuhan,
China, is under observation as a potential case of the coronavirus, the
respiratory virus that has killed at least 17 people worldwide.

Donald Trump will be the first president to attend the annual anti-abortion
rally March for Life, the White House has confirmed.

A Tennessee inmate has chosen the electric chair for his scheduled
execution next month, opting like four other inmates in little more than a
year for electrocution over the state’s preferred execution method of
lethal injection.

California Governor Gavin Newsom, stepping up his bid to enlist U.S.
government help to combat homelessness, has urged the Trump administration
to open up surplus federal property for construction of more low-cost
housing across the state.

A man who served nearly three decades in prison for a triple killing in
Philadelphia in what prosecutors called a “perfect storm” of injustice was
freed after a judge threw out his conviction.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had his phone hacked for months and gigabytes of his
private data stolen, according to a forensic analysis cited in a UN report
published on Wednesday. The primary suspect in the hacking: Saudi Crown
Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who he was exchanging WhatsApp messages with.

About a dozen militants from the terrorist group al-Shabab launched a
surprise attack against a Kenyan military base housing US forces earlier
this month, according to new details in a New York Times report published


The number of police killings in Rio de Janeiro reached a record high last
year, officials say, amid controversial hardline measures to tackle
violence. Police killed 1,810 people, an average of five per day, the
highest number since official records began in 1998.

Brazilian prosecutors have filed charges including murder in relation to
the collapse of a dam a year ago that killed at least 250 people.

A community in Ivory Coast has partnered with UNICEF to transform landfill
waste into bricks for schools. The classrooms cost almost half the price of
conventional building materials and can be built using just a hammer. Since
2018, plastic waste has been turned into 26 classrooms.


Although Chinese state media claims at least 300 people have been infected
by the disease, named 2019-nCoV, the Imperial College estimates that there
could be well over 1,700 cases.

The city of San Antonio has spent over $300,000 in legal fees since the
City Council voted last March to prevent Chick-fil-A from opening a
restaurant in the San Antonio International Airport.

Mid-Day Snapshot · Jan. 23, 2020

The Foundation

“For the same reason that the members of the State legislatures will be unlikely to attach themselves sufficiently to national objects, the members of the federal legislature will be likely to attach themselves too much to local objects.” —James Madison (1788)

Impeachment Trial Day 2: Democrats Impeach American Voters

Schiff argues removal is necessary because Dems can’t trust the people to vote Trump out.

Putting Prayer Back in Schools

“We honor the foundational link between freedom and faith in our country,” Trump says.

Denver Post Fires Writer for Stating Scientific Fact

The popular columnist criticized the AP stylebook for its leftist propaganda on gender.

Banning Conversion Therapy to Placate the Rainbow Mafia

Utah becomes the 19th state to ban what used to be a widely accepted practice.

The Virginia Model for a Constitutional Confederation of States

Where there is no clear constitutional authority for congressional legislation and taxes, what should be the consequence for such dereliction?

Virginia 2A Rally Attendees Pick Up Trash After Peaceful Event

“They picked everything up and made it look nice,” a Richmond resident observed.

Video: Impeachment: The Worst-Case Scenario Is the Best We Can Hope

Is the situation for the country, the Congress, and the Constitution that dire?

Video: Who Decides What Is an Abuse of Power?

From Fast and Furious to DACA to the IRS, “The … Left always gets to define the narrative,” says Allen West.

Video: Jordan Peterson Educates Climate Activist

“People who don’t have their own houses in order should be very careful before they go about reorganizing the world.”

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Thursday News Executive Summary

March for Life, whistleblower shenanigans, unions, Keystone approved, and more.

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Notable quotables from David Harsanyi, Matt Walsh, Adam Schiff, and more.

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Headlines – 1/23/2020

President Vladimir Putin, US Vice President Mike Pence land in Israel

Putin hopes visit in Israel will advance bilateral relations between countries

In apparent gesture, Netanyahu to meet Pence at Jerusalem embassy

Pelosi: Israel, US are two nations which share the same destiny

Kushner, Berkowitz cancel trip to Israel due to weather – Now, the peace plan is yet again thrown into limbo

Hosting Macron, Abbas says he hopes France will recognize Palestine

Abbas’s office fumes at Netanyahu, Gantz for pledging Jordan Valley annexation

UN Envoy Warns Israeli Leaders Annexation ‘Would Be a Devastating Blow’ to Peace Prospects

After Netanyahu vows major West Bank annexations, Bennett urges: ‘Do it now’

Holocaust Forum and U.S. Election Give Israel the Perfect Stage to Push Jordan Valley Annexation

At ‘historic gathering,’ Rivlin swears leaders into fight against Jew-hatred

Macron tells Rivlin ‘anti-Semitism not different from anti-Zionism’

Holocaust scholar’s speech to world leaders: Anti-Semitism destroys your nations

Most American Adults Don’t Know Six Million Jews Died in Holocaust, Pew Poll Finds

Cat Videos and Auschwitz? The Perils of Using Social Media to Discuss the Holocaust

Yad Vashem: Why Poland won’t be attending Holocaust memorial

Yad Vashem calls Ukrainian president’s snubbing of Holocaust forum ‘odd’

Jerusalem braces for traffic chaos as city hosts largest ever diplomatic eventEgypt said involved in ‘intensive efforts’ to rein in Hamas, end balloon attacks

Committee sets January 30 as start for Netanyahu immunity hearings

Jordan passes draft law to ban Israeli gas imports

UN chief Guterres urges political solution to end Syria conflict

Up to 40 Syrian soldiers killed, 80 wounded in Idlib attack: Ifax

Lebanon faces economic ‘catastrophe’ says new PM Diab

‘We Are Not Going To Leave’: Iraq’s Protests Escalate

Iran could withdraw from 2015 nuclear deal in dispute with West: Official

Bloomberg: I opposed Iran deal, but the way Trump left it was wrong

Macron vows to go tough on Iran as Rouhani warns Europe not to violate nuke deal

Iran must not acquire nuclear weapons: French president Macron

Iran will never seek nuclear weapons: President Rouhani

US Iran envoy Brian Hook threatens Ghaani with same fate as Soleimani

President Trump minimizes concussion-like injuries in Iraq attack as merely ‘headaches’

Algeria to host foreign ministers on Libya crisis

Libya’s Haftar moving towards a military victory as Europe pushes for peace

Saudi Arabia asks US to remove Sudan from terror list

Jeff Bezos hack: UN experts demand probe of Saudi crown prince

The Jeff Bezos hacking allegations destroy the myth of a new Saudi Arabia

At least 15 killed as fighting intensifies near Yemen’s capital

Trump wants ‘significant’ drop in Taliban violence before ‘meaningful’ talks

Brexit bill clears final UK parliamentary hurdle ahead of January 31 exit

Brexit: UK has ‘crossed Brexit finish line’, says Boris Johnson

Schiff warns of Russian attack on US mainland, as Day 2 of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial concludes

Democrats launch first salvo at Trump impeachment trial, say U.S global standing at stake

Democrats appeal for GOP help to convict ‘corrupt’ Trump

Sen. Josh Hawley: Nadler basically accused senators of treason before Chief Justice Roberts admonished him

U.S. senators on ‘digital detox’ as they hear Trump’s impeachment trial

Trump breaks daily tweet record as Senate hears opening impeachment arguments

Opening of Trump impeachment trial draws 11 million TV viewers

Warren Proposes New DOJ Task Force Dedicated to Retroactively Investigating Trump Admin ‘Violations’

Seattle is the first area in the US where residents can vote via smartphones

Google and Apple Clash Over Web Browser Privacy

Is secondhand screen time the new secondhand smoking?

6.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Tanaga Volcano, Alaska

5.6 magnitude earthquake hits near Ust’-Kamchatsk Staryy, Russia

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 strikes near Kirkagac, Turkey

5.2 magnitude earthquake hits near Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake hits south Iran

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits near Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands

5.1 magnitude earthquake hits Southeast of Easter Island

Klyuchevskoy volcano on Kamchatka, Russia erupts to 22,000ft

Popocateptl volcano in Mexico erupts to 22,000ft

Sangay volcano in Ecuador erupts to 22,000ft

Reventador volcano in Ecuador erupts to 19,000ft

Sakurajima volcano on Japan erupts to 11,000ft

Sangeang Api volcano in Indonesia erupts to 10,000ft

Winter storm in Spain caused surge that ‘ravaged’ major delta area

3 American firefighters killed in C-130 crash while battling Australian wildfires

Australians warned of possible deadly spider “bonanza”

‘Unprecedented’ locust swarm devastating several countries in Africa fueled by multiple weather factors

Experts estimate at least 4,000 people infected with coronavirus and cases could reach UK

Pandemic fears grow as China virus toll rises to nine

China warns the deadly Wuhan coronavirus is ‘mutating’ and could spread further, with over 2,000 people tested after being close to those infected

China closes off large city of Wuhan to stop spread of deadly virus

Snakes Could Be the Original Source of the New Coronavirus Outbreak in China

Doctors just found a scary new drug-resistant ‘superbug’ bacteria

US drinking water contamination with ‘forever chemicals’ far worse than scientists thought

Trump proclaims National Sanctity of Human Life Day on 47th anniversary of Roe v. Wade

Trump to become first president in history to speak at March for Life

State Department considers fighting ‘birth tourism’ with tighter travel restrictions for pregnant women

Utah Becomes Latest State To Ban Discredited LGBTQ ‘Conversion Therapy’

This year, at least six states are trying to restrict transgender kids from getting gender reassignment treatments

Apostasy Watch

Go2020 — A Pack of Wolves with a Global Vision for the NAR One World Religion

You Don’t Need a Pope To Interpret The Scriptures!

Megachurch Pastor Humiliates Mother from Pulpit, Boots Her from Congregation for “Noisy Child”

Wilkes County pastor charged with 115 sex offenses involving minors

NFL Quarterback Aaron Rogers Questions How Anyone Could Believe in God

Utah bans conversion therapy for LGBTQ children

Trump Grants Texas Request to Defund Planned Parenthood, Fund Real Women’s Health Care Instead

Trump to be first president to attend March for Life

Abortions Have Fallen 20% Since 2000 and 50% Since 1980 as More Babies are Saved

Virginia Democrats Push Legislation to Make Criticism of Government Officials a Criminal Offense

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