January 27 The Poor Man’s Morning Portion

27.—He shall glorify me; for he shall receive of mine, and shall shew it unto you. John 16:14.

Some precious souls are at a loss to apprehend how the Holy Ghost makes application of Jesus, and his benefits, to his people. Hence they ask, How am I to know that the righteousness of Jesus, and the blood of Jesus, are applied to me? But be not thou, my soul, ignorant of so important a matter, on the clear apprehension of which thy daily comfort depends. Attend, my soul, to what thy Jesus saith in those precious words; and, under the blessed Spirit’s teaching, the matter will appear abundantly plain. He shall glorify me, saith Jesus. And doth not the Holy Ghost do this in every believer’s view, when he gives the soul to see that all that vast extent of redemption blessings, which the Father treasured up in his dear Son for poor sinners, flow immediately from Jesus? And observe, the Holy Ghost doth not at first show the sinner that all result from the everlasting love and grace, and purpose of God the Father; but he leads the sinner to view them, and receive them as the blessed fruits and effects of Jesus’s meditation; and then opens more fully the glory of the Father in the original design of them, in this precious way, from everlasting. This is indeed to glorify Jesus, and to glorify the Father in him. And how are these blessings applied? The scriptural answer is the best answer:—“He shall receive of mine,” saith Jesus, “and show it unto you.” And doth not that Almighty teacher do all this most sweetly and effectually, when, at any time, he so holds up the Lord Jesus, in all the glories of his person, and in all the beauties of his finished work, as to incline the sinner’s heart so to behold the Saviour as to believe in him, and firmly to rely upon him? Is not the righteousness of Jesus received, and his precious blood applied, when the soul is led to the hearty and cordial assurance, that that righteousness is effectual to justify, and that blood to cleanse from all sin? Yes, precious Jesus! I praise thee for these blessings in thee. I adore thee, thou Holy Spirit, for thy divine teaching concerning them. And I glorify thee, thou Almighty Father, for thine abundant grace and mercy, in the gift of thy dear Son.[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Morning Portion (pp. 21–22). New York; Pittsburg: Robert Carter.

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