The Mailbag: SBC Resolution 9- On Critical Race Theory and Intersectionality

Michelle Lesley

Originally published June 17, 2019

2020 Update: A motion will be made at the June 2020 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention to rescind Resolution 9If you are Southern Baptist, I encourage you to serve as a messenger from your church and vote to rescind Resolution 9. Keep abreast of this and other SBC 2020 issues at Founders Ministries. Arrive prepared.

What are your thoughts on Resolution 9 that recently passed at the 2019 annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention?

It seems like every year there’s that one controversial resolution that everybody’s talking about. This year, it’s Resolution 9: On Critical Race Theory And Intersectionality. 

If you don’t know what CRT and intersectionality are, you’re not alone. Far from it, in fact. There’s no way I can fully explain each of them, so I would encourage you to Google the terms and get ready…

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