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“For the moment, it’s sufficient enough to note the long-term shortcomings of these two conservative Christian organizations regarding their ability to coalesce or be “together.” They are still chugging along, though, evolved as they are, serving a purpose in the Christian culture. Yet, at the same time, there is a third, fresh, growing alliance within conservative Christianity that not only exists apart from TGC and T4G — it exists with little to no overlap with the present-day forms of TGC and T4G. It exists as its own train, that may or may not be coasting down the same track as the other locomotives (depending on how you interpret the metaphor).”

(Jeremy Howard)  Let’s be open and honest, here. Evangelicalism is a complex world. It’s a sub-culture of what has been called “Christendom,” and it has diverse definitions. Furthermore, there are sub-sub-cultures that exist within Evangelicalism and, as they are studied, the more confusing everything seems to get. One of the sub-sub-cultures of Evangelicalism is conservative Christianity and, today, the conservative Christian network can be difficult for people to navigate, especially as denominations become less important to the average Christian. This article exists to give an overview of that flavor of Christianity, providing an up-to-date analysis of what exactly is going on. It’s a bit sad that things are so political in the church, yet we do well to be aware. Disclaimers: This article is primarily informational, kind of like a reference sheet. I love to attempt to take big concepts and put them in perspective — that’s what I’m attempting to do here. When I make reference to conservative Christianity, I have in mind a faith that is based on a high view of Scripture, presupposing its inspiration and authority. The conclusions drawn here are my own. Some generalizations have been made and if there is any proof that contradicts what I have said here, I’m very much willing to accept it and adjust the article accordingly.

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Progressive (Social Justice) “Christianity”


via The State of the Conservative Christian Union — Christian Research Network

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