Spiritual Formation: What is it, and is it as innocent as it sounds?

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

It’s encouraging for me to hear from women who ask penetrating and insightful questions, and are training their discernment to detect truth from error. Ladies who adhere to sufficiency of scripture, who want to engage with people on the basis of the Rock, and not feelings. I’m so grateful for sisters in the faith.

I received a question about Spiritual Formation. What is spiritual formation, and how do I help a sister who is caught up in it?

Spiritual formation…it’s a New Age practice. The danger is that it sounds like something we should do. There IS such a thing as spiritual formation in the sense that the Holy Spirit in us forms us into His likeness and does so through the means of grace, our prayer, illuminating the scriptures to our mind, sanctifying us through worship and all the rest. But that is not the kind…

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