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Mike Huckabee on the Virus of Sin That is More Dangerous Than the Coronavirus — BCNN1 – Black Christian News Network

Financial relief is finally on the way to many Americans who are struggling due to the COVID-19 crisis. Yet, it will take a lot longer for Americans to recover from the fear the Coronavirus has sparked in many peoples’ hearts.

I take this pandemic seriously and you should as well. But statistically, your risk of getting the virus is still remote and the risk of dying from it is minimal, but there is a virus that we hear almost nothing about these days, and it is absolutely going to touch you. In fact, the death rate from it is 100%.

I speak of the virus of sin; an infection that has been passed on since the beginning of human existence. It’s a virus that we all have and are born with. The Bible says it this way: “All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). And sadly, every single one of us will actually die from it. Again, the message of the Bible is that “The wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23).

That’s pretty dismal and sounds hopeless. But while we can’t stop the earthly consequences of the sin virus, the rest of that verse tells us there is a cure.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.” The cure is blood-based; the blood of a Savior that cures the sin virus for its eternal effect.

I say this not to be preachy, but to remind you that even in the midst of some of the most frightening days of our nation’s history — and while understanding that many will have a hard time of paying bills, holding a job, or finishing school, or visiting elderly relatives — there is hope.

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FEMA Sends Out Emergency Request For 100,000 Military-Style Body Bags And Refrigerated Trucks Anticipating An Avalanche Of COVID-19 Fatalities — Now The End Begins

The Pentagon and FEMA are seeking to provide as many as 100,000 military-style body bags for potential civilian use as the U.S. warns that deaths could soar in the coming weeks from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

You know that feeling you get after you get on a roller coaster, you’re all strapped in and as the car starts to climb up that first hill, it dawns on you that there’s just as much of a chance of getting through it safely as there is you will suffer some horrific fate? According to the United States government, that’s exactly where we seem to be right now on the first day of April as we continue to battle the COVID-19 coronavirus. FEMA wants 100,000 body bags, what does that tell you? That’s a crazy amount of dead people over the next two weeks.

“Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths. Be not wise in thine own eyes: fear the LORD, and depart from evil. It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones.” Proverbs 3:5-8 (KJB)

It tells me that FEMA is expecting a lot of people to die from the coronavirus, it tells me that the Pentagon is expecting a lot of people to die from the coronavirus in April. As of this moment, there are 938,172 global cases of COVID-19 coronavirus, with 47,068 dead, 31,573 in serious condition, and 190,800 people have had it and recovered fully from it. You can view up to the minute coronavirus stats here. In America, there are right now 214,482 confirmed cases, 5,094 deceased, 4,344 serious condition, with 7,637 recovered.

Let’s do a little math to see how many sick people it would take to create the 100,000 dead that FEMA and the Pentagon are calling for. The coronavirus in America has a 2.37% mortality rate, in order to get to 100,000 dead you would need roughly 4,203,847 infected. That is a 16-times increase in new cases between now and the next few weeks. Can it happen? Sure, it could, but will it? That remains to be seen. Take your vitamins, especially C, B Complex, Zinc and D3, get lots of rest and drinks lots of water. Above all, only go out when you absolutely have to. That’s what I’m doing, and I advise you to do the same.

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”Joshua 1:9 (KJB)

We are all on this end times roller coaster together, and there is no getting off of it, the ride is already in motion. The New World Order is forming before our very eyes, and global change is happening on an unprecedented scale. Are you ready for what comes next? The bible says that none of us are guaranteed tomorrow, or even to the end of today. Whatever comes, let’s go through it by giving glory to the Lord, for He is worthy.

Quit ye like men, get something done for Jesus while time remains. That’s what I’m doing. We are on the front lines of the end times, now the end begins. That’s where we are. Let’s see where the ride takes us.

FEMA and Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Body Bags for Civilians in COVID-19 coronavirus Crisis in April

FROM MSN: FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has requested 100,000 body bags, known as Human Remains Pouches, through an interagency group that directed it to the Defense Department. The Pentagon is looking into buying more bags and will draw some initially from a stockpile of 50,000 it maintains, according to two people familiar with the request.

The move is a somber counterpoint to the Pentagon’s highly-praised deployment of two hospital ships to New York and Los Angeles to help alleviate pressure on regional hospitals overburdened by the pandemic. The Defense Logistics Agency’s Troop Support unit manages the Pentagon’s stockpile of the green nylon, 94-inch by 38-inch body bags that are typically distributed to war zones. The unit has been in contact with the current contractor to assess its manufacturing capabilities but hasn’t yet placed a formal order, according to one of the people.

As many as 200,000 Americans are projected to die in the U.S. coronavirus outbreak, a top White House official said Tuesday, even with another 30 days of the most stringent public health restrictions in place. Reviewing the projections, President Donald Trump warned Americans of a difficult period ahead.

“This is going to be a painful two weeks,” Trump said at the White House on Tuesday. “Our strength will be tested, our endurance will be tried.”

The government had not previously shared details on its projections for the spread of the virus, which has so far killed more than 4,400 people in the U.S. and infected more than 200,000.

The Defense Logistics Agency doesn’t yet have a specific delivery date request from FEMA but the agency wants them as soon as they are ready, and the Pentagon is close to agreement with its current contractor on the numbers and time lines, one of the people said.

A FEMA spokesman said the agency is making “prudent planning” for potential future needs, and that includes preparing for “mortuary contingencies” from U.S. states.

Refrigerated Trucks

The pouches may be necessary for some state and local governments but FEMA hasn’t received a shipment yet, the spokesman said. The agency is working with regional and state health and emergency managers to ramp up available assets, the official said, adding that pouches will be distributed to states requesting them.

On Monday, the vice director of operations for the Joint Chiefs of Staff outlined the general Pentagon-FEMA process that’s in place.

The Joint Staff is “in close partnership with them to identify what their needs are,” including “mission assignments” that came in Monday for prepackaged Meals Ready to Eat, and “other supplies,” Major General Jeff Taliaferro said.

The Joint Staff also received “a mission assignment from FEMA for a mortuary affairs support team for New York and we’re in the process of identifying” personnel, he added. Hospitals in places including New York and New Jersey have been securing refrigerated trucks to help hold bodies in areas where capacity for storing them has run out. READ MORE

Coronavirus Kills More in the US Than 9/11

More than 4,000 people in the U.S. have died from COVID-19 and the White House task force estimates it could kill up to 240,000 people.

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Pentagon Seeking 100,000 Military-Style Body Bags as US Warns Coronavirus Deaths Could Soar — The Gateway Pundit

Body moved to a refrigerated truck outside hospital in New York

The Pentagon is seeking 100,000 military-style body bags as the ‘experts’ warn US Coronavirus deaths could soar in the next few weeks.

Bloomberg reported:

The Pentagon is seeking to provide as many as 100,000 military-style body bags for potential civilian use as the U.S. warns that deaths could soar in the coming weeks from the coronavirus pandemic.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency has requested 100,000 body bags, known as Human Remains Pouches, through an interagency group that directed it to the Defense Department. The Pentagon is looking into buying more bags and will draw some initially from a stockpile of 50,000 it maintains, according to two people familiar with the request.

The Defense Logistics Agency’s Troop Support unit manages the Pentagon’s stockpile of the green nylon, 94-inch by 38-inch body bags that are typically distributed to war zones. The unit has been in contact with the current contractor to assess its manufacturing capabilities but hasn’t yet placed a formal order, according to one of the people.

As of Wednesday there are over 200,000 confirmed Coronavirus cases in the US and approximately 4,400 deaths.

Top White House officials scaled back their predictions and said between 100,000 and 200,000 Americans are projected to die from the Coronavirus.

This is down from the 1.7 million American deaths predicted by a key UK scientist which sent the entire country into panic mode.

President Trump this week extended the Coronavirus social distancing guidelines to April 30th and warned it would be a “painful two weeks.”

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Crises, Lockdowns, Family, and Priorities — CultureWatch

All these lockdown measures can be a real plus if it helps us to get our priorities right:

The Corona crisis is radically impacting most of our lives. The lockdowns for example are a novel experience for most of us, and they are giving many folks a bad case of cabin fever. Of course some folks, such as myself, have been working from home for years now, so it is not too bad for some of us.

If I mostly read books, wrote articles and used the internet for my work, little has changed of late. I can cope! And if I can still walk the dogs, get groceries when needed, and perhaps go to a bookstore now and then (one bookshop manager and I agreed yesterday as I bought five new books that bookstores are indeed essential services!), I will get by I suppose.

But on a more serious note, there is a plus side to all this, despite all the downsides. My wife and I were recently talking about some of the positive aspects – chief of which is this: For the first time in a long time for so many families, they are actually spending some time with each other.

Instead of just farming the kids out to day care and to school, mums and dads will actually have to be with their children for some longish periods of time. Maybe for the first time they will really get to know their own kids instead of having them raised by strangers.

And that can only be a good thing. This might be God’s way of shaking us up and reminding us of what really matters – what is really important. Having two parents at work full time for decades on end to make a heap of money to live the good life while the children basically grow up being left to fend for themselves, sitting in front of some screen playing games and dealing with surrogate or virtual family members is NOT something we should be proud of.

While some families did need to have two income earners, and while there can be a place for day care, it has been foisted upon us and we have too easily embraced it. We bought the world’s idea of what really matters. We bought the lie that making more money and having more stuff was the only way to live.

And as a result, our children have suffered. They have been left behind in many ways. And they have so many surrogate parents now, from day care workers to computer screens. Many decades ago social analyst Peter Drucker said this: “We are busily unmaking one of the proudest social achievements in the nineteenth century, which was to take married women out of the work force so they could devote themselves to family and children.”

Now most children in the West are being raised by strangers for so much of their lives. Christians of all people should be quite leery about all this. They should be aware of the fundamental importance of raising children – to “bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4).

Even the old 1969 song by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young spoke about the need to “teach your children well.” Scripture of course has long taught this. A classic passage on this is Deuteronomy 6:4-9. It says this:

“Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your might. And these words that I command you today shall be on your heart. You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when you lie down, and when you rise. You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontlets between your eyes. You shall write them on the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

Christian parents should be the primary teachers of their children, and those who disciple them. Hoping that an hour a week in Sunday School will somehow immunise them from the values and beliefs of the world is just foolish. It takes time and effort to ‘train up a child in the way they should go’ (Proverbs 22:6), and parents are the ones commanded by God to do this.

Those who think that the secular state and secular school system will not have a deleterious impact on their children are simply dreaming. The education system in the West today is overwhelmingly a secular left indoctrination system. Especially targeted are children with conservative and Christian beliefs.

The Christian satire site Babylon Bee recently got this exactly right with an article entitled “Teachers Urge Government To Reopen Schools Before Students Learn To Think For Themselves”. Here is the full piece:

Teachers at government schools have raised their concerns that the recent closure of their institutions will have a damaging effect on students. In particular, the nation’s educators are worried that the longer the schools are closed, the more likely it is that students will begin thinking for themselves, learn life skills away from the government school system, and realize how much more they learn at home.

“We must reopen as soon as possible — before they regain their ability to have independent thoughts,” said New York 4th-grade teacher Ms. Jenny Mudd. “This is an urgent crisis. We realize we have to do our part to prevent the spread of the virus, but we must also prevent the spread of unapproved ideas. There’s a balance there.”

“Reopen the schools before it is too late.”

Sure enough, studies have already shown a strong correlation between everyone being homeschooled and a concerning spike in independent thought. Students who have been away from the government school system for even a week stop feeling depressed and anxious all the time and even show a shocking increase in the ability to form thoughts and ideas not approved by the government.

Teachers have further pointed out that parents aren’t properly equipped to indoctrinate their children with government propaganda. “I went to school for eight years to be able to do this,” said Portland kindergarten teacher Ms. Pinkerton. “Parents just don’t have the experience of stuffing kids’ heads full of a statist worldview seven hours a day like I do.” babylonbee.com/news/teachers-warn-parents-arent-properly-equipped-to-indoctrinate-children

Yes, that pretty well nails it. At least one well-known American gets this right, and he has taken a lot of flak for it. As one news report states:

A flurry of comments from media talking heads arose following a White House appearance of Mike Lindell, owner of MyPillow, who encouraged people to go back to reading the Bible. Lindell is utilizing his Minnesota-based factory, normally used to make pillows and sheets, to make 50,000 face masks per day for healthcare workers and others at no cost during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During his remarks from the Rose Garden, Lindell urged Americans to pray and prioritize their families. He also praised President Donald Trump effusively for his handling of the disease outbreak and said that Election Day in 2016 was a chance for the United States to turn back to God.

“God gave us grace on November 8, 2016, to change the course we were on,” Lindell said. “God had been taken out of our schools and lives, a nation had turned its back on God. I encourage you to use this time at home to get back in the Word. Read our Bibles and spend time with our families.” http://www.christianpost.com/news/my-pillows-mike-lindell-mocked-for-comments-at-white-house-on-faith-amid-covid-19.html

Mike is 100 per cent right. Let me finish with a quote making the rounds on the social media of late. It is said to be by C. S. Lewis from his 1942 book The Screwtape Letters. But I do not believe these are his words. I certainly cannot find anything like it in that book. But the point the quote raises is worth running with nonetheless:

Satan: “I will cause anxiety, fear and panic. I will shut down business, schools, places of worship, and sports events. I will cause economic turmoil.”

Jesus: “I will bring together neighbors, restore the family unit, I will bring dinner back to the kitchen table. I will help people slow down their lives and appreciate what really matters. I will teach my children to rely on me and not the world. I will teach my children to trust me and not their money and material resources.”

So if you find yourself “stuck” at home and are a bit out of joint about it, please do not waste the valuable opportunity you now have to reconnect with your children, your spouse, and your loved ones. Eventually the virus will pass and the economy will come back to life, and then you can get back to what you were doing.

But for now please let this be a chance to get our priorities right, and to deal with what matters the most: our own family.

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Social Distancing…. — The Last Refuge

Would you live behind the wall?  The democrat-socialist vision of Utopia? The end result from years of communal indoctrination?  The Walls of governmental safety?   Where would you want to live?  It’s been almost a decadesince we first asked the question.

You might not have to make the choice, but progressive-socialists are ensuring your children or grandchildren are going to have to decide…. Where is the best hope for their dreams, inside the walls or outside? How will liberty and freedom be defined, and considering the direction, where will it be located in the future? Think about it…..

Where would you choose?

Where will your grandchildren choose?

Behind the wall you could live ten years longer.  Does it matter?

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The Comprehensive Plan To Implement Global Governance In Our World — Absolute Truth from the Word of God

Brothers and sisters in Christ, did many of you have a quickening in your spirit when the Covid-19 Pandemic seemingly burst onto the world scene? Was there a constant troubling feeling that you were not being given facts and truth about this insidious virus?

This was the Holy Spirit within you, speaking truth, but not in a way that would jar you or knock the breath out of you.  He wanted you to know that in the midst of this chaos, that He was there with you. He was reminding you of how the story of our planet ends and who wins the battle.

God is in control. How many times have we said that, but do we believe it?


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God.  All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.  And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it” (John 1:1-5).

Our Lord is the Creator of the Universe. We who belong to Him, know Him and Trust Him implicitly.

We know that in the end times, the system of the Beast will come to fruition. In order for the man of sin (Antichrist) to rule and deceive the world, there must be a One World Government in place.

Brethren, it seems that we are now on a fast track to actually experience this part of Bible prophecy which we always thought was somewhere down the road – certainly not now.

I’ve written much about the United Nations and “Global Warming” which they conveniently changed to “Climate Change.”  But that imaginary threat to the world just never seemed to accomplish what the U.N. intended.  It was a ruse to control the world’s economies with outrageous and overbearing regulations.


I’ve heard so many say that it’s not fair to conclude that China created this monster virus in one of their bioweapon labs in Wuhan. Well, I’m here to tell you that I believe beyond a doubt that Xi Jinping of China cooperated with the globalists and did exactly as he was told.

Didn’t you think that it was strange that just a couple of weeks ago, Jinping was making speeches in which he spoke his desire to “lead” the the one world government?

Life as we knew it is GONE

Brethren, Covid 19 was the plan to bring this world to a dead stop.  Has it not? Every nation on the planet is paralyzed.  What you will read and hear and see in the rest of this article is TRUTH.

I am not writing this to scare or alarm any of you. In the 5 years I have been writing, I have warned the readers about the powers that be in the U.N. and the Illuminati; and their plans bring Global Governance to our world.

It is here.

Watch John Haller’s Prophecy update on this subject

John and I spent hours discussing these events today. We were trying to make sense out of the website which I will post in this article.  John sent me both the Globalist website and also the video which must be watched to truly grasp what is happening.

First, I want the reader to watch a video in which a sister in Christ explains what is happening. It’s vitally important to watch the video – it is only 30 minutes long. This sister, who worked for Fema and DHS had to disappear to keep herself alive. She lost her family, her home – everything.

Here is the Globalist Website which our sister in the video walks you through, and explains what you are seeing and how to navigate through the site.

From intelligence.weforum.org


Brethren, Covid-19 was the ultimate plan to prepare our world for Global Governance.  It is a “diabolical” plan.  Well, of course it’s diabolical; Satan has led these crazed globalists every step of the way. After all, it is Satan’s man who will one day enter the world stage to take his place as Leader of the One World Government: ANTICHRIST.

What are we to do now?

We are to trust God as always.  We are to use the knowledge we have received from the website to share with unbelievers. Perhaps when some of them see in front of their faces WHAT is truly happening behind the scenes, and are shown Bible Prophecy – maybe that is what will wake up some who have not believed.

I am going to be praying that the Lord would open the door for me to share this with my daughter.  She must know why all of this is happening.

Please know that I am not saying that we will wake up tomorrow and be under the thumb of the One World Government. It’s a process and we are seeing exactly what led to us to this point.

God bless all of you.  I am praying for His peace to reign in our hearts.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


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Anyone you meet could be infected: How faith empowers us to face the unknown — Denison Forum

By now you’ve seen the prediction that the US death toll from COVID-19 could rise above 100,000 people. We could see 2,214 deaths a day at the nation’s peak in two weeks.

One of the most difficult dimensions of this disease is the degree to which it can be transmitted by people who show no symptoms.

The director of the CDC was asked this week if his agency has learned anything new about the virus in recent weeks. He stated that “a significant number of individuals that are infected remain asymptomatic. That may be as many as 25 percent. That’s important, because now you have individuals that may not have any symptoms that can contribute to transmission, and we have learned that in fact they do contribute to transmission.”

He added that those who develop symptoms are “shedding significant virus . . . probably up to forty-eight hours before [they] show symptoms.”

In other words, every person we meet could infect us with a deadly virus, whether they know it or not. And we could have the virus while being asymptomatic and infect others.

I am not aware of an analogous medical condition to this. More Americans die from heart disease and cancer than any other causes. However, neither can be “caught” from someone who doesn’t know they have the condition.

To find an historical parallel, we need to go back more than a century.

“Fear moved ahead of the virus” 

According to the CDC, “The 1918 influenza pandemic was the most severe pandemic in recent history.” It is estimated that around 500 million people—one-third of the world’s population—became infected with the virus. The number of deaths is estimated to be at least 50 million worldwide, with about 675,000 in the US.

In The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History, John Barry describes the 1918 outbreak as a pandemic that “would kill more people than any other outbreak of disease in human history.” He notes that the influenza’s victims “died with extraordinary ferocity and speed.”

According to Barry, “In 1918 fear moved ahead of the virus like the bow wave before a ship. Fear drove the people, and the government and the press could not control it.” He notes, “Terror rises in the dark of the mind, in the unknown beast tracking us in the jungle. The fear of the dark is an almost physical manifestation of that. Horror movies build up the fear of the unknown, the uncertain threat that we cannot see and do not know and can find no safe haven from.”

However, as he adds, “In every horror movie, once the monster appears, terror condenses into the concrete and diminishes. Fear remains. But the edge of panic created by the unknown dissipates.”

“Religion has often been denounced as escapism” 

Xenophobia has been defined as “fear of the unknown.” It is especially debilitating when it causes us to feel that we’ve lost control of our lives.

That’s how many people feel today. These are the most anxious days of my lifetime. Even the terror attacks of 9/11, as horrific as they were, directly affected only a small percentage of Americans. The Great Recession, as frightening as it was, did not threaten us physically.

Much of what we fear with COVID-19 is the unknown: How bad will it get? What will life be like when the pandemic is finally over? Will it take the life of someone I love? Will I die?

The wrong answer is escapism, denying the reality of this crisis.

Frederick Buechner: “Religion has often been denounced as escapism, and it often is. To deny the prevalence of pain in the world and the perennial popularity of evil. To abdicate responsibility for them by assuming that God will take care of them very nicely on his own. To accept them as divine judgment upon the sins especially of other people. To dismiss them or to encourage others to dismiss them by stressing the promise of pie in the sky. To pretend . . . that there’s no such thing as death. To maintain your faith by refusing to face any nasty fact that threatens it. These are all ways of escaping reality through religion and should be denounced.”

However, as Buechner notes, “The desire to escape is not always something to be denounced, as any prisoner or slave could tell you. Jesus said, ‘If you continue in my word, you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free’ (John 8:31–32). Free from sin, he explained when they pressed him. Free from imprisonment within the narrow walls of your own not all that enlightened self-interest. Free from enslavement to your own shabbiest instincts, deceits, and self-deceptions. Freedom not from responsibility, but for it. Escape not from reality, but into it.”

Buechner closes: “The best moments we any of us have as human beings are those moments when for a little while it is possible to escape the squirrel cage of being me into the landscape of being us” (all italics his).

Some wise advice 

In the biblical text Buechner quotes, Jesus first invites us to “continue in my word” so that we can be “truly [his] disciples” (John 8:31). This means to live biblically. Refuse what Scripture refuses and do what it commands. In the face of what you do not know, do what you know to do.

Then your Lord will make sure you “know the truth” you need to know, and it will “make you free” to love him and others, free to trust him and help others trust him, free to know him and make him known.

A wise mentor once encouraged me to “stay faithful to the last word you heard from God and open to the next.”

What is the last word you heard from your Lord?

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April 1st The D. L. Moody Year Book

They that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.—1 Timothy 6:9.

THINK of Balaam. He is generally regarded as a false prophet, but I do not find that any of his prophecies that are recorded are not true; they have been literally fulfilled. Up to a certain point his character shone magnificently, but the devil finally overcame him by the bait of covetousness. He stepped over a heavenly crown for the riches and honors that Balak promised him. He went to perdition backward. His face was set toward God, but he backed into hell. He wanted to die the death of the righteous, but he did not live the life of the righteous. It is sad to see so many who know God, miss everything for riches.[1]


[1] Moody, D. L. (1900). The D. L. Moody Year Book: A Living Daily Message from the Words of D. L. Moody. (E. M. Fitt, Ed.) (p. 67). East Northfield, MA: The Bookstore.

April—1 The Poor Man’s Evening Portion

And this is the name wherewith she shall be called, the Lord our righteousness.—Jer. 33:16.

My soul! the subject of thy morning meditation would not be complete, if thy personal interest in it were not taken into the account; and, therefore, let thy mind be led forth, this evening, in sweet contemplation upon what the Holy Ghost hath said in this scripture, by his same servant the prophet, concerning the Church of Jesus. If Jesus be called “the Lord our righteousness,” and be, as he is well known to be, the husband of his people, surely his wife shall be called by her husband’s name. She shall be called so, because it is her husband’s name: “the Lord our righteousness.” And as he became sin for her when he knew no sin, so she, when she knew no righteousness, shall, by virtue of her union and relationship with him, be righteousness, even the righteousness of God in him. (2 Cor. 5:21.) Now, my soul, seeing that these things are certain, sure, and unquestionable, do thou follow up the transporting meditation in every way, and by every way, and by every consideration, in which the blessedness of it is confirmed and assured. Married to Jesus, thou hast an interest in all he hath as Mediator, as the glorious Head of his body, the Church, “the fulness of him that filleth all in all.” And, indeed, it is such a union and oneness as nothing in nature can fully represent, “For he that is joined to the Lord is one spirit.” (1 Cor. 6:17.) It infinitely transcends the marriage union, which is only in nature, and at death is dissolved; for this union is spiritual, and continues for ever. Hence Jesus saith, “I will betroth thee to me for ever.” (Hos. 2:19.) Never lose sight of this high union, and the infinitely precious blessings to which, by virtue of it, thou art entitled; and while thou art called by his name, see that thou hast a conformity to his image. A union of grace should be manifested by a union of heart. What thy Jesus loves thou shouldst love, and what he hates do thou hate; let his people be thy people, and his God and Father thine also. And from being one with him in heart, in mind, in sympathy and affection, receiving life from him, living on him, and being in him, then will he be every thing to thee, of grace in this life, and of glory in that which is to come. Precious Lord and husband of thy people, thou art made of God to me, and all thy redeemed, “wisdom, righteousness, sanctification, and redemption; that, according as it is written, He that glorieth, may glory in the Lord!”[1]


[1] Hawker, R. (1845). The Poor Man’s Evening Portion (A New Edition, p. 96). Philadelphia: Thomas Wardle.

April 1, 2020 Evening Verse Of The Day

6  Your throne, O God, is forever and ever.
The scepter of your kingdom is a scepter of uprightness;
7  you have loved righteousness and hated wickedness.
Therefore God, your God, has anointed you
with the oil of gladness beyond your companions;

The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). (Ps 45:6–7). Wheaton, IL: Crossway Bibles.

You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, your God, has set you above your companions by anointing you with the oil of joy (v. 7). The person designated as ‘God’ in the previous verse is now marked off from him by the reference to ‘your God’. This passage has to be considered along with other messianic passages in the Old Testament. In the descriptions of the Angel of the Lord he is represented as being God himself, and yet at the same time he is distinguished from God. In verse 6 the king is God, while here in this verse he has been given by God an exalted position over his companions. These companions are probably other kings. This king is distinguished from them by the fact that his character is different. He is noted for his love of righteousness and his punishment of evildoers, and consequently God has given him special blessings. The anointing with oil is probably a figurative way of saying that God has blessed him with happiness. It should not be equated with the anointing at a coronation.[1]

6–7 The throne of David is assured by covenant (v. 6). The throne of David was God’s trust to the descendants of David. Each king on David’s throne was reminded that he was king by “divine right” (vv. 6–7). But the Lord expected the sons of David to establish the throne (cf. 1 Ki 2:12, 46). The establishment of the throne was guaranteed by the active pursuit of justice and righteousness. The “scepter of justice” was a royal symbol of his authority to establish a rule of integrity based on the laws of God rather than on the whims or dictates of the king (cf. 67:4; 75:3; 89:14; 96:10; 98:8–9; 99:4; Isa 9:7; 11:4–5; see J. P. J. Olivier, “The Sceptre of Justice and Ps. 45:7b,” JNSL 7 [1979]: 45–54). In his deep love for “righteousness,” he opposes all forms of “wickedness.” God’s rule will be established on earth (v. 7; cf. 11:7; 33:5; 99:1–4). Our Lord, as the descendant of David, inherited the royal throne (cf. Heb 1:8–9). As the “Son” of God, his kingdom is everlasting.[2]

45:6–7. This previous section accordingly focused on the preeminence of the divine King to all others—whether men or angels—which is precisely the intended point in Heb 1:8–9, where the culminating thought of this section, in Ps 45:6–7, is cited. The phrase Your throne, O God is the key and indicates that the King who is being addressed is God. While it might be possible to understand v. 6 in the sense “Your throne is divine” or “God is your throne,” the traditional understanding (Your throne, O God) is best for several reasons. Both in the verses before and after v. 6, the second person “you” predominates, and those uses refer to the King (see v. 1). When the King is referred to in v. 6 as being upon His throne, He is then called “God,” suggesting that this King is divine. Then, in v. 7b, when God is clearly referred to, the psalmist uses the third person (Your God [He], has anointed You), thus distinguishing God from the (divine) King. In v. 7, the phrase God, Your God is instructive after the use of God in v. 6. While the King may be divine, He must not forget that God is still His God. Implicit here is a distinction between the divine King Messiah and the divine Father.

One might object that no monotheistic Jewish poet would ever use “God” in the full sense of the word for a king of Israel. But the psalmist could speak of this King’s “splendor” and “majesty” (45:3) as well as God’s magnificence and grandeur (96:6; the same words are used in both passages). Likewise, the psalmist could speak of the King’s proclivity to support “truth” and “righteousness” (45:4, 6) as well as God’s same activity (33:5; 99:4; Is 61:8); the King’s ability to judge uprightly (Ps 45:6b) as well as God’s ability to do the same (67:4; 99:4); and this King has a throne that is eternal (45:6), just as God does (10:16; 93:2; 145:13). It seems reasonable that the king who is extolled in Ps 45 might be the Davidic King, presented in Ps 45 as divine.[3]

6–7. Here we find Christ returned from the holy war, and sat down on the seat of the Conqueror. And we have God the Father speaking to this glorious Mediator, this triumphant king in Zion, and declaring the eternity and righteousness of his kingdom. Reader, do not forget, in this view of the Lord Jesus, that what is here said of him, and to him, is as Mediator: not as God only, but as God in Christ; the union of the manhood with the Godhead, to whom, as Jesus said himself, all power is given, in heaven and in earth; Matt. 28:18. It is of unspeakable importance to preserve alive in the mind this view of Christ’s throne: the felicity, salvation, and everlasting welfare of the whole Church, depends upon it: Rev. 3:21. And observe what a confirmation of this blessed truth we have in what follows: He loved righteousness, and hated iniquity. Of whom but the One chosen out of the people is this declared, to whom God spake in vision, even his Holy One, Christ as man, as well as Christ as God? for it is by the union of both in one person, that he is Christ. Psalm 89:19. Hence the Spirit, which was given, not by measure, unto him, was poured out upon him above, or for, his fellows; also, that he might be the first born among many brethren, and in all things might have the preeminence. What blessed scriptures these are, and how sweetly do they illustrate and explain each other! Hence, in this light, thus beholding Christ as the Mediator, is it to be considered, and in no other could it be said, that God is his God, from whom this anointing came, who hath set him as his King in Zion, and as a Priest upon his throne, and as the Prophet of his people. John 3:34. Exod. 30:30, 31. Psm. 133:2. Rom. 8:29. Coloss. 1:18. Psalm 2:6. Zech. 6:13. Deut. 18:15. 1 Sam. 2:35. Acts 3:22.[4]

Vers. 6, 7. Thy throne, O God, is for ever and ever.—The kingdom of Christ, an everlasting kingdom, and ruled with perfect justice and equity:

  1. Show that Zion’s King is God.
  2. He is expressly called God in Scripture (Isa. 9:6; Rom. 9:5).
  3. Such attributes are ascribed to Him in Scripture as are competent to God only.

(1) Eternity (Micah 5:2).

(2) Immutability (Hebrews 1:10).

(3) Omniscience (John 21:15; 2:24, 25).

(4) Omnipresence (John 3:13).

  1. Divine worship, which is due to God only, is to be performed unto Him (Heb. 1:6; Ps. 2:12; 45:11; John 5:22, 23).
  2. Works are done by Him which none but an infinitely powerful agent can perform (Col. 1:16; John 11:25).
  3. The lasting and permanent nature of the kingdom of Christ.
  4. General observations.

(1) Our Lord Jesus has an essential kingdom, which is that absolute supreme power and authority which He exercises over all creatures in heaven, earth and hell (Ps. 103:19).

(2) He has a kingdom and throne of grace (Ephesians 1:22).

(3) The kingdom of grace or the Church of Christ may be considered either as set up and administered in the world, or as set up in the hearts of men.

(4) He has a throne and kingdom of glory.

  1. This kingdom is to endure for ever.

(1) Observe some things more generally concerning the perpetuity of the Church. The kingdom of our Lord Jesus was from everlasting in design; the King Himself is from everlasting, an eternal and mutable King; yea, He was chosen King of Zion from everlasting (Ps. 89:19). It will continue through all succeeding ages and generations. Though the kingdom of Christ, considered as to its present form of administration in the world, consisting in the preaching of the Word, the dispensation of the sacraments, will come to an end; these ordinances being no further necessary, once that the saints are perfected; yet, substantially considered, it shall be for ever and ever (Ps. 89:35, 37).

(2) Show in some particulars that the Church is for ever and ever. As the King is for ever and ever, so are the subjects of His kingdom (Rom. 5:17). They are all united to Him, and death cannot dissolve that union. When they have served their generations in this world according to His will, He will make them fixed pillars in His Father’s house above (Rev. 3:12). The laws of the kingdom are for ever and ever. The treasures of the kingdom are for ever and ever. These are the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph. 3:8). The revenue of the kingdom is for ever and ever. The united praises of the saints is the revenue of the kingdom (Ps. 146:2). The charter of the kingdom is for ever and ever (Isa. 54:10; Tit. 1:2; Rev. 4:3).

III. Show that the kingdom of our Lord Jesus is ruled in the most just and equitable manner.

  1. There is a righteous Prince upon the throne. He came to the throne in a just and righteous manner; it was by the appointment of God the Father (Ps. 2:6).
  2. The laws of the kingdom are right.
  3. Our Lord Jesus effectually promotes and advances the spiritual welfare and advantage of His true subjects by all His dispensations toward the Church.
  4. The sceptre of the kingdom must be right; for the King “loves righteousness, and hates iniquity with a most perfect hatred”; and elsewhere the psalmist saith, “The righteous Lord loveth righteousness.”
  5. The sceptre of Immanuel’s kingdom will appear to be a right sceptre when it is considered that the King not only loves righteousness, but is perfectly in case to act according to the desire of His heart.
  6. Use—
  7. Of information.

(1) We may see what a weighty and important work it was to redeem the Church, gather her from among the world lying in wickedness, wrest her out of the hand of Satan, rule and defend her from all her enemies, when none but an infinite Person was equal to the undertaking.

(2) We may see the dignity, safety and happiness of all the true subjects of Christ. It is their highest dignity to have Him for their King. Their life and safety lies in their union with, and relation to Him.

(3) See how absurd and impious it is to oppose the kingdom and interests of Christ, and molest His true subjects. “The sceptre of His kingdom is a right sceptre,” and therefore to oppose His rule and government is in the highest degree both sinful and dangerous.

(4) Is the sceptre of Christ a sceptre that is right? then we may see how unbecoming His subjects it is to quarrel with, fret and repine at any of His dispensations, either toward the Church in general, or themselves in particular.

(5) We may see that those who are determined by grace to give up themselves to Christ, to be saved by Him, and serve Him, are not such fools as the world takes them to be. He is managing all things in His kingdom for the advancement of His own glory, and the real good of His subjects, whether for the time they see him to be doing so or not.

(6) Hence, see the need we have of faith to believe that Zion’s King is doing all things well, even when His way is in the sea and His paths in the deep waters.

(7) Is the sceptre of Immanuel’s kingdom a right sceptre? then see how much it concerns all the subjects of His kingdom, to endeavour to imitate their King in acting a faithful, just and righteous part in their places and stations toward Him, one another, and all with whom they have occasion to be conversant.

(8) We should be constantly upon our guard against judging rashly about any part of Christ’s management in His kingdom that may for the time appear unaccountable to us (Acts 1:7).

  1. Of trial and examination. It concerns you, therefore, to try whether you be among the true subjects of Christ or not; and if you are really so, Zion’s King has the throne of your hearts; He possesses the highest room there, and Satan is dethroned (Luke 11:21). You are in some measure acquainted with spiritual light and liberty.
  2. Of exhortation.

(1) We exhort you who are the true subjects of Zion’s King to be thankful to God for erecting a kingdom of grace in the world, and particularly that He has set it up in the Gentile world (Isa. 24:16).

(2) We exhort all who are yet enemies to Zion’s King, young and old, poor and rich, to consider the sinfulness and danger of continuing in that condition. (T. Bennet.)

Ver. 7. Thy God hath anointed Thee with the oil of gladness above Thy fellows.—The gladness of Jesus:

This is our exceeding joy—the gladness of Him who loved us and gave Himself for us. Yet it is not a matter of which we often think. The Man of Sorrows is much more familiar to us than the Saviour anointed with the oil of gladness. He was the saddest of men, but He was also the gladdest. This is not contradictory. The capacity for grief is the measure of the capacity for gladness. The depth is the height. He who never sinks never soars. The keen sensitiveness to sorrow is also and necessarily the keen sensitiveness, in every healthy soul, to joy. The perfect human nature of our Lord, having every faculty developed perfectly, had this in its completeness—the faculty of gladness.

  1. In the character of Jesus Christ there was nothing that marred or lessened in any wise His gladness. We are rent and torn by a score of distractions. It is as if the strings of the soul were some of them broken, and some were all unstrung; and on the others a dozen diverse players to contend for mastery. What a strife and horrid discord is life with many.
  2. Think, too, of the sources of gladness in Himself. All the beatitudes were His and His perfectly. And all the fruits of the Spirit—love, joy, peace and all the rest, all of them the elements of a perfect gladness.
  3. Then think of His gladness arising from His relationship alike to heaven and earth. “The Child grew and waxed strong in spirit; filled with wisdom; and the grace of God was upon Him.” And yet again, says St. Luke, “the Child increased in wisdom and stature, and in favour with God and man.” The perfect love of heaven and earth meet in Jesus. Count up all sources of gladness; there is none that can compare with the consciousness of God’s favour. To walk hand in hand with Him is Paradise restored.

(1) And He grew in favour with man. Never was any so gladdened with the love of earth as was our blessed Lord and Master. Whilst it is true that the world hated Him, and the Pharisees and Scribes took counsel against Him; yet it is also true that the inner circle of His acquaintance yielded Him a devotion such as none else ever knew. Men and women, and little children gladdened the heart of Jesus. And we can help to make Him glad. We do so when we bring to Him our gratitude, and love and trust. Think of the gladness of His youth. He was no melancholy boy of whom we read that He grew in favour with men; no mysterious dreamer whom none could understand. Never, surely, was there upon the earth a sunnier boyhood than that of the holy Child of Nazareth. Take the story of the wedding at Cane of Galilee. Take another instance—“In that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit and said, I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because Thou hast hid these things from the wise and prudent, and hast revealed them unto babes.” The word means literally that He “danced for joy.” It is an instance of a joy which could not either be restrained or uttered. And the source of it may well suggest the thought that it was not a single or exceptional event in His life. Then, think of the gladness of Jesus in His work—its purpose, its objects, the poor; His fitness for it, His power in it; see His miracles. See the parables of Luke 15 as showing His joy. (Mark Guy Pearse.)

The gladness of the Man of Sorrows:


  1. That part of our Saviour’s Joy which is given Him by His Father. He possessed much of this anointing with the oil of gladness even while He was here on earth. He grew in favour both with God and man. Then, His was the joy of doing good. To do as He did must give joy to a benevolent mind. And of being good. And in the consideration that He was doing His Father’s will. And in the glorious prospect. And after He had “endured the cross, despising the shame.” And what joy was His as the risen Mediator. That He had now accomplished a work which He had meditated upon from all eternity. Consider, too, His joy must have been commensurate with the pains which He endured, and how great they were. His joy would arise from the enemies He had overcome, from His having loved righteousness. See His life; the effect of His work. The text adds, “Thou hatest wickedness.” A man’s character is not complete without a perfect hatred of sin. And Christ’s joy is greater than that of all others. Thus did God anoint Him.
  2. The gladness afforded by the Church. The merits, graces, their love, their praise, their prayers, their faith, are like the myrrh, etc., that when He rides in His triumphal chariot He scatters odour all around. He rejoices over the saints as the objects of His choice; and because they have cost Him so much; and they are His workmanship. Let us think how we can make Him glad.

III. Let us be glad in Him. God has made the King glad, and His saints make Him glad; let us be glad too. But let us mind that our gladness is of the right sort. “We will rejoice and be glad in Thee.” (C. H. Spurgeon.)

The oil of gladness:

The anointing received by our Lord was the resting upon Him of the Spirit of God without measure (Isa. 61). Therefore by the “oil of gladness” is meant the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of joy. The whole Trinity is engaged in our salvation. The Father sends the Son, the Son comes, the Holy Spirit anoints Him.

  1. The Saviour’s anointing with gladness. We think more often of our Saviour as the “Man of Sorrows” rather than in connection with gladness. To those who only saw Him outwardly He was the Man of Sorrows, but those who knew His heart knew well that a deep joy abode there. Is there not seen to be happiness in the heart when the noblest motives are paramount and the sweetest graces bear sway?
  2. Our Lord’s gladness which He had in His work, Psalm. 40 tells of Him as saying, “I delight to do Thy will, O my God.” At the well of Samaria His joy in the conversion of the woman He met there made Him quite forget all about His need of food. “I have meat to eat that ye know not of”—so He tells His disciples. Once, indeed, His joy flowed over, so that others could see it, when He said, “I thank Thee, O Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because,” etc. And it is added, “At that hour Jesus rejoiced in spirit.” And so, in their measure, is it with those who are His followers. They also are in like manner anointed with the oil of gladness. “With gladness and rejoicing shall they be brought;” they work for the King with a willing heart.
  3. Note, further, that our Lord had this oil of gladness from His work. He did reap in joy as well as sow in tears. The good shepherd rejoiced when he had found his sheep that was lost. The Saviour looks upon the redeemed with an unspeakable delight. And we may be partakers in this joy of being instrumentally the saviour of others; then you, also, partake of His gladness.
  4. And our Lord has this gladness in this sense too—that His person and His work are the cause of ineffable gladness in others. It fills us with delight only to think of Him. “The very thought of Thee with sweetness fills my heart.” What gladness He created when He was here below. And if the Lord Jesus be with us, we can give joy to others. There are some whose very presence comforts others, their words are so full of consolation and help.
  5. The reason for the bestowal of this anointing upon Him. “Thou lovest righteousness and … therefore God,” etc. There must be perfect holiness before there can be perfect happiness. Sin is the enemy of joy. Let the sinner say what he likes, sin can no more dwell with real joy than the lion will lie down with the lamb. Now, every way Jesus loved righteousness intensely. He died that He might establish it. And those who are in fellowship with Him are anointed also. The holy oil was forbidden to be placed upon a stranger to God’s holy house; and upon man’s flesh it could not be poured, because man’s flesh is a corrupt and polluted thing. So, then, because He is righteous Himself, and because He makes others righteous, Christ has received this anointing.

III. The manner of the operation of this, this oil of gladness upon us. Now, does the Holy Spirit give us gladness?

  1. Because we are anointed “kings and priests with God, and we shall reign for ever.”
  2. We are consecrated to the Lord. We are not our own, we are bought with a price.
  3. By this oil we are qualified for our office (1 John 2:20).
  4. The Spirit of God heals our diseases. The Eastern mode of medicine was generally the application of oil, and certainly the Holy Spirit is a healer to us. What wounds and bruises have been healed with this oil.
  5. Thus, also, we are supplied and softened. So was it with the body when oil was applied to it, and softness and tenderness of heart are the work of the Holy Spirit.
  6. By the oil of the Holy Spirit we are strengthened.
  7. Beautified.
  8. Perfumed. (C. H. Spurgeon.)

Jesus Christ anointed with the oil of gladness above His fellows:

  1. The fellowship that is between Christ and all true believers.
  2. General observations.

(1) All the fellowship which any of the sons of men have with Christ is founded in union to His person and reconciliation to God through Him.

(2) The fellowship that is betwixt Christ and believers does not constitute an equality between Him and them.

(3) As our Lord Jesus was alone in the work of redemption, having no hand either of man or angel to help Him, as lie tells us (Isaiah 63:3), so He has no partners in the glory resulting therefrom.

  1. Our Lord’s exaltation, here called His being, anointed with the oil of gladness.
  2. Preliminary remarks.

(1) Our Lord’s humiliation made no change with respect to His person.

(2) As His humiliation made no change in respect of His person, so neither has His exaltation. Wherefore, when we speak of His being exalted, He is to be considered not as God absolutely, but as God-man Mediator. It is only as sustaining this character that He could either be humbled or exalted.

  1. Some particulars wherein our Lord’s exaltation doth consist.

(1) It consists in “a manifestation of the glory of His Deity in and through His humanity. As it had been obscured in the humanity while He was humbled, so it breaks out in the humanity when that nature is glorified, as a candle in a dark lantern doth through the transparent crystal, when the obscuring plate is drawn aside.” This is the glory which He prayed for (John 17:5).

(2) It consists in the raising of the human nature of Christ to an inconceivable height of glory; such a height of glory as the human nature united to a Divine Person is capable of, which must be by many degrees superior to what either mere men or angels are capable to enjoy.

(3) View His exaltation as set over against His humiliation (Phil. 2:8–11). In His resurrection He was exalted above the grave; in His ascension He was exalted above the earth; and in His session at the Father’s right hand He was made higher than the heavens, “exalted far above all heavens” (Eph. 4:10).

(4) The exaltation of Christ consists in His being furnished in His human nature with all these gifts and endowments of the Spirit which are suitable and necessary to the glorious condition unto which He is now raised at the Father’s right hand (Acts 2:33; Eph. 4:8).

  1. Inquire why our Lord’s exaltation is called His being anointed with the oil of gladness; or show whence it is that His exaltation did afford Him so much gladness.

(1) His exaltation afforded Him the greatest joy and gladness, being a most infallible proof that God the Father is well pleased with what He has done.

(2) Because then the eternal salvation of an innumerable company of fallen men, for whom He had an everlasting love, was effectually secured. And He was now to sit with the most consummate delight and satisfaction at the Father’s right hand, and see the travel of His soul entering into the joy of their Lord from every quarter under heaven according to the promise (Isaiah 53:11).

(3) Because by His exaltation He was freed from all that labour, toil and sorrow to which He bad been so eminently exposed in His humbled estate.

III. Show in what respects our Lord Jesus may be said to be anointed with the oil of gladness, or exalted above His fellows.

  1. Jesus Christ is anointed above His fellows, in regard He is deservedly exalted to all that glory which He now possesses as Mediator, and that, whether we consider His exaltation as the proper reward of His humiliation or not.
  2. He is exalted above His fellows, in regard His exaltation was effected by His own power, He arose from the dead by His own power (John 2:19). “It was not possible for Him to be holden of death.”
  3. He is exalted above His fellows, in regard His human nature, in virtue of its union with His Divine Person, is capable of possessing an inconceivably greater degree of glory than any of His fellows.
  4. He is exalted above His fellows, in regard His exaltation effectually secures theirs. He has meritoriously procured the exaltation of all His fellows by His humiliation. And when He ascended on high, the everlasting doors were cast wide open, never to be shut again till all His fellows be brought where He is (Ps. 24:7).
  5. Jesus Christ is exalted above His fellows, inasmuch as He is to be the eternal object of their worship and adoration.
  6. Improvement.
  7. Of information.

(1) We may see that the work of redemption as to purchase is a finished work (Heb. 4:10).

(2) We may see that the work of redemption is highly pleasing and delightful to God. It is called “the pleasure of the Lord” (Isa. 53:10). And He has given undoubted evidence that it is so in the glorious advancement of Christ to “His own right hand,” and His appointing him “the Heir of all things.”

(3) We may see that the reproach and ignominy of the cross is entirely wiped away, and the human nature greatly dignified.

(4) We may see with what holy boldness and confidence we may draw near to God.

(5) See what ample security all true believers have for their being exalted in due time. Christ is exalted, and they are already exalted in Him as their Head and Representative (Eph. 2:6), and they shall be exalted with Him in their own persons; He is now “lifted up from the earth,” and “will draw them” after Him. His demand shall be fully answered (John 17:24).

(6) Is Jesus Christ exalted? Then see how vain all the attempts of hell and earth against His work and interest must prove in the issue.

(7) See noble encouragement to all who hear the Gospel to come to Christ for all spiritual blessings.

(8) See the dreadful sin and danger that there must be in despising Christ now that He is highly exalted. When the sin of despising Him in His humbled estate, when He appeared but as a tender plant, and a root sprung out of a dry ground, was so very great, it must still be more highly aggravated now, because the Son of Man is now glorified.

  1. Of trial.

(1) What experience have you of being “planted in the likeness of Christ’s death”?

(2) All who shall be exalted to a state of glory with Christ are first planted in the likeness of His resurrection (Rom. 6:5).

(3) If you really expect, yea, if you in earnest desire to be where Christ is, you are much concerned about being “made meet” for the glory that is to be revealed.

(4) Does the prospect of your being anointed with the oil of gladness in due time support and comfort your hearts under present discouragements?

(5) All Christ’s fellow, all true believers dearly love Him. They admire His person, and his beauty is incomparable in their esteem. They admire His love, and put the highest value on His righteousness.

  1. Of exhortation.

(1) As to you who are believers. We exhort you to bless God for Christ, who was “delivered for your offences,” etc. Rejoice that Christ is now “anointed with the oil of gladness.” His exaltation is matter of great joy to all His fellows (John 14:28), both on His own account, because all His sorrows are now swallowed up of joy; and on their account, Because He is gone to heaven on their business, and as their Forerunner. He is gone to prepare a place for them, and to prepare them for the enjoyment of it, by His Spirit. We exhort you, while you are at home in the body, and so absent from the Lord, carefully to keep up the correspondence which He settled betwixt Him and all His fellows before He left this world, in respect of His bodily presence (John 14:13). Be exhorted to act faithfully for Christ in your day and generation, place and station in the world. We exhort you to look forward, and press on through all opposing difficulties “toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Lift up your heads, and look out for the day of your complete redemption (Isa. 35:10; John 14:3).

(2) We exhort you, who are yet in a natural state and condition, to lay to heart the sin you stand chargeable with, the misery you are under, and the wrath to which you are exposed. (T. Bennet.)[5]

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April 1 Streams in the Desert

Though he slay me, yet will I trust him.” (Job 13:15.) “For I know whom I have believed.” (2 Tim. 1:12)

“I will not doubt, though all my ships at sea

Come drifting home with broken masts and sails;

I will believe the Hand which never fails,

From seeming evil worketh good for me.

And though I weep because those sails are tattered,

Still will I cry, while my best hopes lie shattered:

‘I trust in Thee.’

“I will not doubt, though all my prayers return

Unanswered from the still, white realm above;

I will believe it is an all-wise love

Which has refused these things for which I yearn;

And though at times I cannot keep from grieving,

Yet the pure ardor of my fixed believing

Undimmed shall burn.

“I will not doubt, though sorrows fall like rain,

And troubles swarm like bees about a hive.

I will believe the heights for which I strive

Are only reached by anguish and by pain;

And though I groan and writhe beneath my crosses.

I yet shall see through my severest losses

The greater gain.

“I will not doubt. Well anchored is this faith,

Like some staunch ship, my soul braves every gale;

So strong its courage that it will not quail

To breast the mighty unknown sea of death.

Oh, may I cry, though body parts with spirit,

‘I do not doubt,’ so listening worlds may hear it,

With my last breath.”

“In fierce storms,” said an old seaman, “we must do one thing; there is only one way: we must put the ship in a certain position and keep her there.”

This, Christian, is what you must do. Sometimes, like Paul, you can see neither sun nor stars, and no small tempest lies on you; and then you can do but one thing; there is only one way.

Reason cannot help you; past experiences give you no light. Even prayer fetches no consolation. Only a single course is left. You must put your soul in one position and keep it there.

You must stay upon the Lord; and come what may—winds, waves, cross-seas, thunder, lightning, frowning rocks, roaring breakers—no matter what, you must lash yourself to the helm, and hold fast your confidence in God’s faithfulness, His covenant engagement, His everlasting love in Christ Jesus.

Richard Fuller[1]


[1] Cowman, L. B. (1925). Streams in the Desert (pp. 101–102). Los Angeles, CA: The Oriental Missionary Society.

Resources for Families during Coronavirus Quarantine — Founders Ministries


We hope this list of resources will be a blessing to you!


via Resources for Families during Coronavirus Quarantine — Founders Ministries

Quarantine Questionnaire: Evidence for God’s Existence from Consciousness — Cold Case Christianity

Take advantage of the quarantine to learn more about the case for God’s existence, the reliability of the Bible and the nature of the Christian worldview

How Consciousness Points to the Existence of God (Video)

This video, excerpted from J. Warner Wallace’s presentation of the evidence for God (from his book, God’s Crime Scene), summarizes the case for Gods existence from consciousness. How does non-material consciousness emerge in a purely material universe? Is “mind” nothing more than “brain”?

Yet Another Way the Existence of Consciousness Demonstrates the Existence of God

If there is a non-material mind ‘outside the room’ of the universe who has created us in His image, our experience of consciousness would make sense.

1. Why does atheistic materialism have difficulty explaining the existence of immaterial “minds”? What do atheists typically reference instead of our “minds”?



2. List a few ways that “brains” are different than “minds”:



3. How does the reasonable existence of “minds” allow us to infer the reasonable existence of “souls”?



4. If we are more than purely material beings, how does this impact our notion of death and eternity?



5. Why is God the more reasonable explanation for the existence of “mind”?



via Quarantine Questionnaire: Evidence for God’s Existence from Consciousness — Cold Case Christianity

April 1 The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible

April 1.—Morning. [Or June 30.]
“Bring forth fruits meet for repentance.”

WE will now return to the Bible narrative.

Judges 2:6–16

¶ And when Joshua had let the people go, the children of Israel went every man unto his inheritance to possess the land. (After a good sermon, the fittest thing is diligent practice.)

And the people served the Lord all the days of Joshua, and all the days of the elders that outlived Joshua, who had seen all the great works of the Lord, that he did for Israel.

Mighty is the influence of good men. Pray that God may preserve to us useful ministers and holy men in the church. They act as anchors to the church, which else might drift into error. How well is it for the good cause that our great Joshua never dies.

8, 9 And Joshua the son of Nun, the servant of the Lord, died, being an hundred and ten years old. And they buried him in the border of his inheritance in Timnath-heres, in the mount of Ephraim, on the north side of the hill Gaash.

The best of men must finish their course in due season: even those who live longest die at last, and so must we.

10 And also all that generation were gathered unto their fathers: and there arose another generation after them, which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.

11 ¶ And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and served Baalim:

12, 13 And they forsook the Lord God of their fathers, which brought them out of the land of Egypt, and followed other gods, of the gods of the people that were round about them, and bowed themselves unto them, and provoked the Lord to anger. And they forsook the Lord, and served Baal and Ashtaroth. (Gross infatuation, to leave the true God for idols, the work of men’s hands.)

14 ¶ And the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel, and he delivered them into the hands of spoilers that spoiled them, and he sold them into the hands of their enemies round about, so that they could not any longer stand before their enemies.

15 Whithersoever they went out, the hand of the Lord was against them for evil, as the Lord had said, and as the Lord had sworn unto them: and they were greatly distressed.

Sin must be chastened in God’s people. Even though others transgress with impunity, the Lord’s chosen shall not. Alas! what misery comes of departing from the Lord.

16 ¶ Nevertheless the Lord raised up judges, which delivered them out of the hand of those that spoiled them. (He was far more ready to deliver them than to smite them. He delighteth in mercy.)

Chapter 2:1–5

AND an angel of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bochim, and said, I made you to go up out of Egypt, and have brought you unto the land which I sware unto your fathers; and I said, I will never break my covenant with you. (Was not this the great angel of the covenant, even the Lord Jesus? Who could use such language but one who is equal with God?)

2, 3 And ye shall make no league with the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their altars: but ye have not obeyed my voice: why have ye done this? Wherefore I also said, I will not drive them out from before you; but they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be a snare unto you. (Their sin was to be their punishment. If we will not smite our sins, our sins will smite us.)

4, 5 And it came to pass, when the angel of the Lord spake these words unto all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voice, and wept. And they called the name of that place Bochim (or weepers); and they sacrificed there unto the Lord. (Tears will not serve, there must be sacrifice also. Blessed are they who with broken heart compass the altar of the Lord. May the Holy Spirit work in each of us a sacred sorrow for all sin. Amen.)

Why, O my soul! why weepest them?

Tell me from whence arise

Those briny tears that often flow,

Those groans that pierce the skies?

Is sin the cause of thy complaint,

Or the chastising rod?

Dost thou an evil heart lament,

And mourn an absent God?

Lord, let me weep for naught but sin!

And after none but thee!

And then I would—O that I might,

A constant weeper be!

April 1.—Evening. [Or July 1.]
“I have chosen you out of the world.”

Judges 3:1–15; 31

NOW these are the nations which the Lord left, to prove Israel by them, even as many of Israel as had not known all the wars of Canaan;

Only that the generations of the children of Israel might know, to teach them war, at the least such as before knew nothing thereof;

Surrounded as they were by warlike nations, the Lord meant his people to be expert in war, and therefore kept them in marching order, by leaving certain nations near at home to be a trouble to them. The church also is meant to be a militant army, and therefore the Lord will not allow everything to go smoothly with us.

Namely, five lords of the Philistines, and all the Canaanites, and the Sidonians, and the Hivites that dwelt in mount Lebanon, from mount Baal-hermon unto the entering in of Hamath.

And they were to prove Israel by them, to know whether they would hearken unto the commandments of the Lord, which he commanded their fathers by the hand of Moses.

¶ And the children of Israel dwelt among the Canaanites, Hittites, and Amorites, and Perizzites, and Hivites, and Jebusites:

And they took their daughters to be their wives, and gave their daughters to their sons, and served their gods. (Ungodly marriages are the source of abounding evil. We must maintain the separated condition of the people of God, or else we shall fall into sin and pierce ourselves through with many sorrows. We are not of the world, and we must not act as if we were.)

And the children of Israel did evil in the sight of the Lord, and forgat the Lord their God, and served Baalim and the groves.

They grew accustomed to talk of Baal and the thick trees in which he was worshipped; by and by they reverenced the lying vanities of the idolaters, and at last their treacherous memories forgot their God. Beware of sin’s sliding-scale.

¶ Therefore the anger of the Lord was hot against Israel, and he sold them into the hand of Chushan-rishathaim king of Mesopotamia: and the children of Israel served Chushan-rishathaim eight years.

This king reigned at a great distance, but God will find a rod for rebels, even if he sends hundreds of miles for it.

9, 10, 11 And when the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, the Lord raised up a deliverer to the children of Israel, who delivered them, even Othniel the son of Kenaz, Caleb’s younger brother. And the Spirit of the Lord came upon him, and he judged Israel, and went out to war: and the Lord delivered Chushan-rishathaim king of Mesopotamia into his hand. And the land had rest forty years. And Othniel the son of Kenaz died. (Othniel had been brave in his youth, and it is pleasant to hear of him in his old age. If we serve God well in the morning of life, we may be sure that he will honour us before the day is over.)

12 ¶ And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord: (Repetition of sin greatly increases guilt.) and the Lord strengthened Eglon the king of Moab against Israel, because they had done evil in the sight of the Lord. (This time the oppressor was nearer home, and the punishment more severe.)

13 And he gathered unto him the children of Ammon and Amalek, and went and smote Israel, and possessed the city of palm trees.

14 So the children of Israel served Eglon the king of Moab eighteen years.

15 But when the children of Israel cried unto the Lord, the Lord raised them up a deliverer, Ehud the son of Gera, a Benjamite, a man lefthanded. (This man struck a deadly blow at Eglon, and so delivered his country. God will use men of any hind for his work sooner than allow the cries of his people to remain unheard.)

31 ¶ And after him was Shamgar the son of Anath, which slew of the Philistines six hundred men with an ox goad: and he also delivered Israel. (Rough as he was, Shamgar was honoured of God, and his humble weapon is laid up among the most renowned treasures of the Lord’s armoury. God can use us for great purposes, and he will do so, if we have real faith in him, and full submission to his will.)

Beset with darkness, pressed with cares,

To God, in grief, I cried;

His mercy listened to my prayers,

His hand my wants supplied.

Oh, magnify the Lord with me!

His might, his mercies, prove!

How blest his sway! oh, taste and see

How vast, how kind, his love![1]


[1] Spurgeon, C. H. (1964). The Interpreter: Spurgeon’s Devotional Bible (pp. 186–187). Grand Rapids, MI: Baker Book House.

China Claims No New Deaths As Peasant Passes By Shouting ‘Bring Out Your Dead!’ | The Babylon Bee

BEIJING—China has once again claimed no new deaths by coronavirus today, drawing praise from the American media.

President Xi Jinping made the extraordinary claim even as a peasant pushed a cart filled with dead bodies behind him, shouting, “Bring out your dead!” the entire time.

“No, no one is dead,” President Xi assured the media. “We have completely cured everything.” The communist dictator claimed they have cured the virus using sheep’s bladders, which they also use to prevent earthquakes. His scientists also discovered the earth to be banana-shaped.

As he continued to claim everything is perfectly fine in China, the dead collector went from house to house collecting the dead behind him and even assisting when people were only mostly dead and not all dead.

“I said no one is dead!” President Xi insisted.

“He says no one’s dead,” the body collector said to his cart pusher.

“Well, he can’t be trusted,” the cart pusher replied. “He’s not fooling anyone, you know.”

The hapless peasants were then hit on the head with a club and loaded into the cart with the others.

“We apologize for the peasants pushing that cart that was absolutely not filled with bodies,” President Xi said. “Those responsible have been sacked.”

Source: China Claims No New Deaths As Peasant Passes By Shouting ‘Bring Out Your Dead!’

Impeachment Part Two? Congressional Dems Exploring A ‘9/11 Style Commission’ To Investigate Trump Administration Coronavirus Response | The Daily Wire

Congressional Democrats are reportedly in the early stages of putting together a “9/11-style commission” to investigate the Trump Administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, even though most of the nation is still in the midst of fighting the deadly disease.

NBC News reports that “informal discussions” have begun on the possibility of forming up an investigative committee, and that plans are still “very preliminary.” The news organization also says, however, that the planning discussions have settled on at least two specific areas of focus: pandemic preparedness and the Trump Administration’s use of the National Defense Authorization Act.

“One option could be a plan to review the administration’s response in the annual National Defense Authorization Act,” two sources told NBC News. “The review would focus on lessons learned about the government’s preparedness and what the administration could have handled better, they said, adding that the goal would be to come up with a better plan to handle a pandemic in the future.”

With Congressional Democrats at the helm, though, it’s likely the investigation would be a “wholesale examination of the administration’s response” to the coronavirus crisis.

At least one prominent Democrat involved in the first set of impeachment inquiries, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), took to social media Wednesday to tease a possible House investigation, and announced that he’s “working on a possible bill” to create a “nonpartisan commission” on coronavirus.

“After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes,” Schiff tweeted. “Once we’ve recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic. I’m working on a bill to do that.”

In a Washington Post op-ed published Wednesday, Schiff claims that “the U.S. needs to know what went wrong.”

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), who was left disappointed and embarrassed by the Senate’s decision to acquit the president on charges he inked a “quid-pro-quo”-style agreement with Ukrainian officials, trading information on presidential contender Joe Biden for foreign aid, also mentioned the possibility of an investigation on Sunday, in an interview with CNN.

“What did he know, and when did he know it?” Pelosi asked about Trump. “That’s for an after-action review.”

Some Democrats may be getting a jump on an investigation, despite leadership’s pledge to wait until after the coronavirus issue has resolved. The House Oversight and Reform Committee announced last week that it plans to investigate why there was an initial lack of testing for the novel coronavirus, per NBC News.

“The committee’s top priority is the health and safety of the American people, so we have been working to push the administration to identify and fix problems and to share more accurate information with the public,” the committee’s chairwoman, Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) told the outlet. “There is no doubt that the administration has mishandled this entire crisis, and our committee will certainly be engaged in robust oversight to review what happened and how to avoid these mistakes in the future.”

Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CA), suggested on social media that he’d be open to probing whether the Trump Administration declined a request for masks and other personal protective equipment from Michigan’s Democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer.

Whitmer, who first claimed the Trump Administration was instructing vendors not to send items to her state, has since walked back her statements, telling CNN that she meant she was competing with other states for Federal resources from a central stockpile.

Source: Impeachment Part Two? Congressional Dems Exploring A ‘9/11 Style Commission’ To Investigate Trump Administration Coronavirus Response

BREAKING: Classified US Intel Report Reveals China Concealed Extent of Coronavirus, Under-Reported Total Cases and Deaths — The Gateway Pundit

Imagine our shock.

China concealed the extent of the Coronavirus, under-reported total cases and deaths, according to a classified US Intel report.

The intel report was delivered to the White House last week, according to Bloomberg News.

The Coronavirus outbreak began to spread in China’s Hubei province in November or December of 2019, but they have only reported 82,000 cases and just over 3,200 deaths.

The fraudstream media and globalists such as Hillary Clinton have pushed the Chinese propaganda and lies in an effort to attack President Trump when comparing the Coronavirus cases and deaths in the US to China.

Hillary Clinton cheered the searing headlines claiming the US surpassed China in Coronavirus cases, but it’s all propaganda from the CCP.

Bloomberg reported:

China has concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in its country, under-reporting both total cases and deaths it’s suffered from the disease, the U.S. intelligence community concluded in a classified report to the White House, according to three U.S. officials.

The officials asked not to be identified because the report is secret and declined to detail its contents. But the thrust, they said, is that China’s public reporting on cases and deaths is intentionally incomplete. Two of the officials said the report concludes that China’s numbers are fake.

In the Hubei province, home to Wuhan, a city of about 8 million, there were reportedly 3,177 deaths. But massive deliveries of cremation urns to Wuhan have raised new questions about the communist country’s reporting.

“One funeral home received two shipments of 5,000 urns over the course of two days, according to the Chinese media outlet Caixin,” Fox News reported.

“The long lines and stacks of ash urns greeting family members of the dead at funeral homes in Wuhan are spurring questions about the true scale of coronavirus casualties at the epicenter of the outbreak, renewing pressure on a Chinese government struggling to control its containment narrative,” Bloomberg News reported.

Videos of Chinese people falling to the ground are still being posted to social media and hospitals in China are no longer treating Coronavirus patients in order to keep their number of cases down.

via BREAKING: Classified US Intel Report Reveals China Concealed Extent of Coronavirus, Under-Reported Total Cases and Deaths — The Gateway Pundit

The US intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China intentionally misrepresented its coronavirus numbers | Business Insider

Thomas Peter/Getty

  • The US intelligence community has determined that the Chinese government concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in China and gave false statistics to other countries, Bloomberg News reported.
  • Officials transmitted a classified report of their findings to the White House last week.
  • Sources told Bloomberg that the main conclusion of the report is that China’s public reporting of coronavirus cases is “intentionally incomplete.” One official told the outlet the intelligence document found that China’s numbers are fake.
  • China was the epicenter of the novel coronavirus outbreak until recently, when the number of US cases surpassed China’s.
  • US and other western officials have repeatedly expressed skepticism about China’s numbers. Residents of Wuhan, China, where the outbreak originated, have also publicly doubted the government’s reporting.
  • Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories.

The US intelligence community has determined that the Chinese government concealed the extent of the coronavirus outbreak in China and gave false statistics of the total number of positive cases and deaths in the country, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday.

Intelligence officials transmitted a classified report of their findings to the White House last week. Sources told Bloomberg that the main conclusion of the report is that China’s public reporting of coronavirus cases is “intentionally incomplete.” One official told the outlet the intelligence document found that China’s numbers are fake.

China was the center of the novel coronavirus outbreak until recently, when the number of US cases surpassed China’s. The World Health Organization declared the novel coronavirus, which causes a disease known as COVID-19, a pandemic on March 11.

As of April 1, 885,687 people across the globe have been infected and 44,216 have died.

China has publicly reported 82,361 confirmed cases and 3,316 deaths, according to a database from the Johns Hopkins University. Comparatively, the US has 190,089 positive cases and 4,102 deaths, and it is now the global epicenter of the outbreak.

The novel coronavirus outbreak originated in China’s Hubei province in the city of Wuhan. As more and more people began getting sick, China’s communist government implemented strict lockdown procedures and ordered residents to stay inside while officials raced to contain the spread of the virus.

Bloomberg reported that there’s been significant doubt of China’s reported statistics on its coronavirus cases, and that the Chinese government has repeatedly changed its methodology to track cases.

For instance, the report said, for weeks Chinese officials excluded asymptomatic people from being counted as positive cases and only revised that measure on Tuesday, adding more than 1,500 asymptomatic cases to its total count.

US officials have repeatedly accused China of covering up information about its coronavirus cases and of spreading disinformation as the virus continues to spread.

China was “the first country to know about the risk to the world from this virus. And they repeatedly delayed sharing that information with the globe,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said at a news briefing last week.

“This data set matters,” Pompeo reiterated on Tuesday, adding that the strategy for how to combat the virus “depends on the ability to have confidence and information about what has actually transpired.”

Chinese officials have refuted the allegations, and Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said after Pompeo’s comments that China had been transparent and shared accurate information with the US and other countries.

Dr. Deborah Birx, a State Department immunologist who is one of the faces of the White House coronavirus task force, also suggested there was a discrepancy in what China reported and what the actual numbers were.

The medical community used China’s data to gauge the scope of the disease, Birx said, and said the initial conclusion was that the outbreak was serious but smaller than expected.

But “I think probably we were missing a significant amount of data,” she said, “now that what we see happened to Italy and see what happened to Spain.”

Almost a week has passed since a case of the novel coronavirus has been reported in Wuhan. Coronavirus cases are flattening off across China, Reuters reported on Monday.

But some Wuhan residents also believe that government officials have not accurately counted the number of deaths from the coronavirus.

A truck driver in Wuhan delivered about 5,000 urns to a single funeral home over two days last week, according to the South China Morning Post, which cited a Caixin magazine report.

The Caixin report, according to SCMP, “purportedly showed 3,500 urns stacked on the floor of the funeral home.”

The official death toll in Wuhan “can’t be right … because the incinerators have been working round-the-clock,” one resident, who identified himself by his surname, Zhang, told Radio Free Asia.

“So how can so few people have died?” Zhang asked.

According to RFA, some city residents said on social media that Wuhan’s funeral homes were “handing out 3,500 urns every day.” RFA’s reporting, which could not be independently verified by Insider, said at the current rate, about “42,000 urns would be given out” between March 23 and April 5, when a traditional grave-tending festival begins.

A resident who identified himself by his surname, Mao, also alleged the official death toll was wrong.

“Maybe the authorities are gradually releasing the real figures, intentionally or unintentionally, so that people will gradually come to accept the reality,” Mao told RFA.

Source: The US intelligence community has reportedly concluded that China intentionally misrepresented its coronavirus numbers

Sen. Cruz Raises Notion That Coronavirus Accidentally Escaped From Lab In China — The Gateway Pundit

Sen. Ted Cruz on Wednesday raised the notion that the coronavirus sweeping across the world was accidentally released from a laboratory in China.

The Texas Republican said there was research being done on viruses in a lab just a few miles away from a “wet market” in Wuhan, where Chinese officials say the virus emerge, allegedly from people eating bats on other exotic animals.

“We know that at that facility, they were researching highly, highly infectious diseases including coronaviruses – including coronaviruses that [derive] from bats,” Cruz said on Fox Business Network. “And so they’re researching the exact same type of disease that became this pandemic.”

“There is a very natural question to ask of well, did somebody make a mistake? Were they studying this virus and did it escape accidentally, and is that part of why the communist government in China tried so hard to cover this up?” Cruz said, adding that it seems “plausible, if not likely” the virus was being studied the lab.

“The natural inference, if there’s [an] outbreak right next to where they’re studying this virus is well somehow it escaped, presumably accidentally,” he said. “We don’t know that, but China doesn’t want that question answered for the world to know.”

But an analysis of SARS-CoV-2 says otherwise, a group of researchers said last month. They compared the genome of the new coronavirus with the seven other coronaviruses known to infect humans and drew a clear conclusion: “Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus,” they wrote in the journal Nature Medicine.

“The overall molecular structure of this virus is distinct from the known coronaviruses and instead most closely resembles viruses found in bats and pangolins that had been little studied and never known to cause humans any harm,” the researchers wrote.

Still, rumors spread quickly that the virus emerged from a lab.

The Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology in February put out a directive titled: “Instructions on strengthening biosecurity management in microbiology labs that handle advanced viruses like the novel coronavirus.”

It turns out that in all of China there is only one such lab, the New York Post writes. “And this one is located in the Chinese city of Wuhan that just happens to be . . . the epicenter of the epidemic.”

That’s right. China’s only Level 4 microbiology lab that is equipped to handle deadly coronaviruses, called the National Biosafety Laboratory, is part of the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

What’s more, the People’s Liberation Army’s top expert in biological warfare, a Maj. Gen. Chen Wei, was dispatched to Wuhan at the end of January to help with the effort to contain the outbreak.

According to the PLA Daily, Gen. Chen has been researching coronaviruses since the SARS outbreak of 2003, as well as Ebola and anthrax. This would not be her first trip to the Wuhan Institute of Virology either, since it is one of only two bioweapons research labs in all of China.

The Post also said some lab workers who do tests on animals later cash in by selling those creatures to local markets.

“Instead of properly disposing of infected animals by cremation, as the law requires, they sell them on the side to make a little extra cash. Or, in some cases, a lot of extra cash. One Beijing researcher, now in jail, made a million dollars selling his monkeys and rats on the live animal market, where they eventually wound up in someone’s stomach,” The Post said.

via Sen. Cruz Raises Notion That Coronavirus Accidentally Escaped From Lab In China — The Gateway Pundit

The Media’s Hatred Of Trump Is Endangering Lives — The Federalist

The Media’s Hatred Of Trump Is Endangering Lives

The news media’s disdain for Trump has always led to reporting that is misleading, but during a pandemic it can also be deadly.

From the beginning of the Wuhan virus outbreak many in the media have been playing a dangerous game in which their objective has been to make President Trump look as bad as possible. What else is new? If something bad is happening, its Trump’s fault. Stub your toe? Forget your keys? Woman turned you down for a date? Look hard enough and you can find how Trump caused it. CNN’s Jim Acosta might even ask him about it.

Remember when Trump mentioning the promise of hydroxychloroquine as potential treatment was treated as him selling snake oil to the American people? Now the New York Times reports it helped victims in a study. Remember when a man died because he and his wife ate fish tank cleaner because Trump told them to? Now it turns out she’s a big donor to Democrats.

When the President and Vice President began holding daily briefings to inform the American people of what was going on, the media spent most of its energy focused on minor rhetorical differences in how Trump and Drs. Anthony Faucci and Deborah Birx described what was going on instead of the vital information the briefings provided.

When the American people saw through the pundits like a poorly made piece of two-way glass, the President’s approval numbers spiked. So what was the reaction of the heroes in much in the news media? To make fabulous and fabricated claims that Trump’s briefings were to dangerous to be shown live because the President of the United States cannot be trusted.

Oh, but you know who could be trusted? The communist Chinese government. We were regaled with stories about how China gave the world valuable time through it’s efforts to contain the virus. Later we were told that our own cases had surpassed that of China. But, then we learned yesterday from Dr. Brix, and today from US intelligence that China has been lying like a cheap toupee.

Every time the Chinese said anything the media treated it with the credulity of a not very bright cocker spaniel chasing a tennis ball that somebody pretended to throw. And why? Because the better the communists looked the worse Trump did. Now these same pundits who weren’t saying boo in January and February are revising history to pretend they did.

A big reason for this is that many in the news media now view themselves as victimized heroes protecting America from its elected president. Sure, health care workers and police officers and firefighters are doing pretty good work, but the media is sure to remind us of the important role they play standing up like David to Trump’s Goliath. For many, it has become their entire career.

Let me put this bluntly, the tact that the Trump-loathing scribes and bobbleheads have taken towards the president is dangerous and will cost American lives. When they urge us not to believe him and by extension the White House, they are urging people to doubt the very information meant to protect them. When they decide not to air the White House briefings, they are hiding important information from Americans in peril.

The job of the news media is not to be the ally of the president. But it is also most certainly not to be his sworn enemy. Casting irresponsible and unfounded doubt on the government of the United States while cheering China like a crazed crowd at a pingpong tournament is unbelievable malpractice. It leaves people confused and misinformed in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

The pundits are quick to point out that, unlike in China and other communist regimes, they are free to report and ask whatever tough questions they want. That is absolutely true, and part of what makes ours the greatest country in the world. But it also comes with responsibility. In a free society their duty to the people is to tell the truth, even when it doesn’t fit the narrative they have created to explain everything.

Recent polls show trust in the media entirely underwater. And still they can’t see the extent to which they have abused and lost the trust of the American people. The only good news is that in their constant hapless game of whack-a-mole their hammer consistently falls on an empty hole, only for Trump’s head to pop out of another one. I would say we should hope for better, but they have shown us who they are and there is no reason to believe they are capable of change.

via The Media’s Hatred Of Trump Is Endangering Lives — The Federalist