1 Apr 2020 – Rapture Ready News

Is This What’s Behind Italy’s Outrageous 10% Mortality Rate From COVID-19?
The flu season might hold the key…

Prisoners Dig Mass Graves
NEW YORK CITY is offering prisoners at Rikers Island jail $6 per hour — a fortune by prison labor standards — and personal protective equipment if they agree to help dig mass graves on Hart Island, according to sources with knowledge of the offer. Avery Cohen, a spokesperson for the office of Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed the general arrangement, but said that it was not “Covid-specific,” noting that prisoners have been digging graves on Hart Island for years.

Massive forest fire breaks out in Sichuan, at least 19 dead, China
A huge forest fire broke out in southwestern China’s Sichuan province at 07:51 UTC (15:51 LT) on Monday, March 30, 2020. As of Tuesday, March 31, authorities confirmed 19 fatalities, including 18 firefighters and one farmer guide. The blaze has spread across 1 000 ha (2 471 acres) in the Liangshan prefecture.

Cold outbreak intensifies while spreading across east-central Europe
As wintry conditions continue to linger across the Balkan Peninsula, the cold outbreak is expected to intensify while spreading across east-central Europe on March 31, 2020. Long-range models suggest that this might be one of the last cold snaps of such strength for the season, which could again result in widespread damaging frosts.

Suicides in India Prompt One State to Consider Prescriptions for Alcohol
Kerala, India, is considering the introduction of alcohol on prescription after two men took their life over the weekend after reportedly suffering withdrawal symptoms, a product of alcohol purchase bans passed to impose a Chinese coronavirus quarantine.

French Leader Emmanuel Macron Announces That He And Donald Trump Have Agreed To Have Global Response To The COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak
For the past two weeks, the world has been united by our common bond of having to deal with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak. Some countries have done OK, and other have not. Here in America, we have been walloped in places like New York, California and Washington state. Another common bond we all seem to be sharing is the absolute hysterical levels of fear and panic that world governments have shown. The COVID-19 coronavirus has made cowards of us all, and it just may be the shot-in-the-arm globalism was patiently waiting for.

Idol Worship Abounds As Italian Air Force Flies The ‘Blessed Sacrament’ And Statue Of The Virgin Mary Over Cities In Italy Hit By The COVID-19 Coronavirus
The bible tells us that in the time of the great Tribulation, idol worship will be at an all-time high, and as God sends judgment after judgment, the lost people on earth turn to thier idols and statues for protection. None comes, of course, statues can’t hear you or answer you. We are not in the Tribulation now, but anyone can see that God is sending global judgment right now as a warmup, and what do we see lost people doing? Flying statues of the Virgin Mary over areas hit by the COVID-19 coronavirus, in the foolish and vain hope that the ‘blessed virgin‘ will send them a blessing.

HAIL, SATAN? After Aligning Themselves To The Progressive Left Movement, The Satanic Temple Is Experiencing Explosive Growth And Popularity
Satanism is becoming so popular in America that a new documentary at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival in Utah called ‘Hail, Satan?‘, and it will endeavour to show you that people over at  The Satanic Temple are just misunderstood good guys. How are they pulling off that trick? Easy, by aligning their message with the message of the Progressive Left in Washington, DC.

UBS: Does Anyone Know What Is Happening?
Economic data is likely to become increasingly unreliable as a result of the coronavirus lockdown. We know the global economy will be bad. We will not know, with much accuracy, just how bad.

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