Living with uncertainty is worse than being sure of the bad thing

The End Time

By Elizabeth Prata

One of the hardest things in life is not to know what’s coming down the pike. Unpredictability can be enjoyable at times, of course, and it’s sort of a given in life, but it’s different when you don’t know if something bad out there will befall you. That situation usually just leads to stress. … The most stressful scenario is when you really don’t know. It’s the uncertainty that makes us anxious. The same is likely to apply in many familiar situations, whether it’s waiting for medical results or information on train delays.” This is because it’s easier to plan for the future when you know what the deal is, even if it’s bad. (Source)

We are living through a time during the COVID19 pandemic situation where we are facing an uncertain future because we’re fighting an invisible enemy. A microscopic virus is taking down…

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